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Tonight is AEW’s latest PPV offering, in the form of All Out. The show marks the company’s first PPV event with fans in attendance since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the host-site of Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida will hold around 15% of their capacity with fans in the arena. 3 of the 4 company’s titles will be on the line, tonight, culminating with Jon Moxley defending the AEW World Championship against the brash #1 contender, MJF.

Before the show begins, let’s see what tonight has in-store...

AEW World Championship - Jon Moxley (C) vs MJF


AEW Tag-Team Championships - Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (C) vs FTR


AEW Women’s Championship - Hikaru Shida (C) vs Thunder Rosa


21-Man Casino Battle Royale


Mimosa Mayhem Match - Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy


Broken Rules Match - Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara


Tooth & Nail Match - Britt Baker vs Big Swole


8-Man Tag-Team Match - The Dark Order vs Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky & The Natural Nightmares


Tag-Team Match - The Young Bucks vs Jurassic Express


Tag-Team Match - Private Party vs Alex Reynolds & John Silver (Buy-In Pre-Show)



You can watch the ‘Buy-In’ Pre-Show, in it’s entirety, below!

Dasha Kuret and Tony Schiavone talk us through the night’s card and we see several video packages highlighting tonight’s PPV before we get into our first of two matches on the Buy-In Pre-Show...

  • Match - Joey Janela (with Sonny Kiss) vs Serpentico (with Luther)

Janela attacks Serpentico during his entrance and the bell rings as this match is officially underway. Janela lays in the offense early and it looks like he’s on a mission after Chris Jericho beat him down, this past Wednesday night on Dynamite. Serpentico flashes some really nice highflying offense, goes for a couple of quick covers, but to no avail. Janela then hits a Death Valley driver, goes for a cover but Serpentico kicks-out at 2. Luther then grabs Janela’s legs but Sonny Kiss lays Luther out and Janela follows it up with a baseball slide which completely takes Luther out of the matchup and Janela is able to hit his patented flying elbow drop from the top rope for the 1-2-3 and the victory.

Result - Joey Janela defeats Serpentico

We then get right into our second and final match of the Buy-In Pre-Show...

  • Match - Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs Private Party (Marq Queen & Isaiah Kassidy)

Marq & Isaiah of Private Party pour in the offense early and often in this one, showing off a solid mix of high-flying and double team offense before Silver is able to stymie the aerial assault from athletic Kassidy with a few nice soccer kicks to the mid-section, adds in a running knee, goes for the cover but Kassidy is able to lift the shoulders up before the 3-count to keep his team alive. Silver tags-in Reynolds who applies a headlock but Kassidy rolls out of it and makes the hot-tag to Marq who takes both Reynolds & Silver out, goes for the cover but Silver makes the save and breaks-up the pin, tags himself in and drills Marq with a vicious front-suplex, goes for the cover but Marq kicks-out which forded a frustrated Silver to tag-in Reynolds. Reynolds & Silver hit Marq with double spinning-back elbows, a running knee to the face & a German suplex, Reynolds follows it up with a cover but Marq somehow kicks-out. Kassidy comes back in the ring, tosses Reynolds out who tagged in Silver before he was thrown-out and Private Party hits the Gin-n-Juice on Silver for the 3-count and the win as the Buy-In Pre-Show comes to an end.

Result - Private Party defeat Dark Order

The PPV begins with the commentary team of Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone run-down the card of the evening, which features 3 title matches, a 21-man Battle Royal, a Broken Rules match, a Tooth and Nail match, an 8-man tag match and a tag-team match that has potential future title implications but it’s time for our opening contest of the evening...

  • Tooth and Nail Match - Britt Baker vs Big Swole

Big Swole and a referee arrive to Britt Baker’s dentist office in a limousine and head inside where Swole finds Reba and hits her over the head with a clipboard and goes on the search for Baker. Swole goes searching through several rooms and offices before Baker sneaks up on her and hits her with a tray and starts throwing down punches on a downed Swole. Baker & Swole brawl throughout the office and Reba comes out of nowhere and helps Baker best Swole down. Baker hits Swole with a nasty DDT on top of a dumpster and tries to throw Swole into it but Swole tosses Reba into it and fights off Baker who then attacks Swole with a pair of crutches before running back into the office where Baker nails Swole with a swinging neck-breaker, goes for the cover but Swole kicks-out and they continue the brawl throughout the office. Baker hits Swole with a super-kick and then Baker attempts to inject novocaine into Swole but the needle ends up getting pushed into Baker’s right leg and renders her motionless. Swole hits Reba with the ‘Dirty Dancing’ as well as Baker’s diploma then puts Baker to sleep with laughing gas for the win.

Result - Big Swole defeats Britt Baker

  • Tag-Team Match - Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy) (with Marko Stunt)

Luchasaurus lays some heavy offense into Nick Jackson as soon as the match begins before Nick gets the better of the big-man with some solid strikes before Lucha is able to ground him with some power-counter offense which forces Nick to tag-in his brother, Matt and Lucha tags-in Jungle Boy who then trade-off some really good fast-paced offense and exchange close pin-fall attempts before Matt takes control of the match over Jungle Boy before Marko Stunt trips Nick off the apron which prevents Matt from tagging him in and Jungle Boy makes the tag to Lucha who is able to get the better of Matt until Nick recovers and assists his brother in taking down the big man but Jungle Boy evens the odds, Lucha hits Matt with a diving-press, goes for the cover but Nick makes the save. Lucha and Matt trade some heavy strikes in the center of the ring and Jungle Boy hits Nick, who’s on the outside of the ring, with a springboard dive and Lucha follows it up by taking out both Matt & Nick with a moonsault to the outside. Matt recovers then drills Marko Stunt with an absolutely vicious super-kick before he & Nick go for the Meltzer Driver but Lucha makes the save, Jungle Boy hits Nick with a nasty power-bomb, goes for the cover but Matt makes the save and rolls out of the ring then Lucha tries to hit a diving moonsault on the outside of the ring but Nick is able to move out of the way and Lucha takes out the AEW superstars and staff who are standing on the outside of the barricade at ringside and Matt & Nick drill Jungle Boy with a double ‘Super Kick Party’ for the win.

Result - Young Bucks defeat Jurassic Express

  • 21-Man Casino Battle Royale

Trent, Christopher Daniels, Jake Hager, The Blade and Rey Fenix begin this one with a future AEW World Championship match on the line. Fenix, Blade & Hager lay some offense into Trent and Daniels as the 3-minute timer wanes down for the next set of 5 men to enter this matchup. Participants must be thrown over the top-rope and both feet must hit the floor to be eliminated. The 3 heels continue the attack on the 2 faces in the ring as the timer expires and the next group to join the fray are Kazarian, Will Hobbs, Chuck, Santana and Ortiz. Hobbs eliminates Blade, Hager eliminates Daniels and everyone else is just kind of going at it as the next group enters which includes Billy, Pentagon, Brian Cage, Ricky Starks & Darby Allin. Darby comes flying in with a skateboard & drills Brian Cage in the face who just eliminated Billy, Ortiz eliminates Chuck, Darby eliminates Fenix and the next group enters which includes Eddie Kingston, Shawn Spears, Sonny Kiss, Lance Archer. Sonny eliminates Hager, Cage eliminates Sonny, Trent eliminates Santana, Archer eliminates Trent and Ortiz and the final entrant is about to join...and it’s Matt Sydal (FKA Evan Bourne in WWE)! Sydal drills Spears with a flying knee and now the true match can begin as all 21-men have entered the match. Kazarian tosses out Pentagon, Blade throws out Kazarian, Darby hits a nasty cutter on Cage then tosses out Starks. Darby’s then dragged out of the ring by Starks who beats the hell out of him but Darby’s still in the match since he didn’t go over the top-rope. Starks throws Darby and a body bag in the ring. Cage retrieves thumbtacks from the bag, dumps them in the body bag, puts Darby inside and zips it shut and throws him out of the ring, eliminating Darby Allin. Sydal eliminates Spears, Hobbs plants Sydal with a nasty spine buster, Archer throws Hobbs down and Cage and Archer start throwing down the heavy offense on each other. Cage & Hobbs both get eliminated by Archer after they were fighting on the apron & Archer pushed them off. We’re now down to Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, Matt Sydal and Lance Archer. Sydal eliminates Butcher and Kingston eliminates Sydal and it’s down to Eddie Kingston and Lance Archer. Kingston and Archer fight on the apron while Kingston is seated on the top turnbuckle and Archer grabs Kingston by the throat and tosses Kingston out of the ring for the win.

Result - Lance Archer Wins

  • Broken Rules Match (Last Man Standing Match) - Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara

Matt Hardy is standing in the tunnel that connects Daily’s Place and the Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium as Sammy pulls up in a golf cart and runs Hardy down but Sammy drives it into a pile of boxes and falls out of it and Hardy goes right on the attack. Hardy & Guevara are fight atop some scaffolding and Guevara tosses Hardy off of it and goes through a table below and bounces off the concrete floor. Referee, Aubrey Edwards throws up the X signaling for medical personnel to come tend to Hardy but he keeps getting up and falling down as the match is apparently over as we cut back to commentary where JR, Excalibur & Tony Schiavone say they’ll provide updates as soon as they get them but we then see Hardy still going after Sammy and the bell rings so apparently this match is still going on. Hardy & Guevara brawl to the staging area where they climb some more scaffolding and are about 20-feet high and Hardy chucks Guevara off of it and Guevara goes crashing through the stage and doesn’t answer the 10-count from referee, Aubrey Edwards and Hardy picks up the win.

Result - Matt Hardy defeats Sammy Guevara

  • AEW Women’s Championship - Hikaru Shida (C) vs Thunder Rosa

In what is a dream match for a lot of the IWC, Shida and Thunder Rosa stare each other down as the bell rings and this one is official. Rosa hits a nice takedown & lays into Shida with a few punches as Rosa shows off her MMA background. Rosa then controls the balance of the beginning of the match before Shida throws Rosa out of the ring and drills her with her patented running knee but then Rosa follows suit and plants one on Shida. Rosa puts it on Shida with some heavy offense on the outside of the ring before tossing the Champion back in the ring where Shida reverses momentum and applied a rear-naked choke but Rosa once again flashes her MMA background with a nice counter and tosses Shida into the corner. The pair engage in some solid mat-wrestling for a bit before Shida drills Rosa with a running knee strike. We’re treated to some nice grappling exchanges between the two before Shida nails Rosa with a falcon arrow, goes for the cover but Rosa kicks-out at 1 and they go right back to some nice grappling exchanges and Shida blasts Rosa out of nowhere with a running knee to retain her title.

Result - Hikaru Shida defeats Thunder Rosa, And STILL AEW Women’s Champion

  • 8-Man Tag-Team Match - Dark Order (Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall, Scorpio Sky & Matt Cardona

Brodie & Dustin start this one off but the other 6 men are brawling outside of the ring while the 2 big-men eventually spill outside of the ring as well and Brodie tags-in Uno and Dustin lays into him before tagging in QT who also lays into him before making a quick tag to Sky who also lays into him and then he also makes a quick tag to Cardona who does the exact same as his 3 teammates just did but then he goes for a cover, Uno kicks out and Cardona tags-in QT as Uno slips out of the ring and sneaks back in and gets the tag to Grayson who tosses QT into the corner and tags in Cabana who drills QT with some heavy elbows and tags in the leader of the Dark Order, the TNT Champion, Brodie Lee who just rag-dolls QT around the ring. The heels control the balance of the match before Anna Jay and Brandi rush the ring and immediately roll out of it and start brawling on the outside. Back in the ring, all 8 men hit a nice spot of their own before Dustin rolls up Cabana for the shocking win.

Result - Dustin Rhodes, QT Marshall, Scorpio Sky & Matt Cardona defeat The Dark Order

After the match, Brodie Lee berates Colt Cabana and walks out with the rest of The Dark Order but Evil Uno stays back and consoles Colt before heading to the back.

It’s then announced by Tony Schiavone, that this Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, Dustin Rhodes will challenge Brodie Lee for the TNT Championship.

  • AEW Tag-Team Championships - Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (C) vs FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler)

In what is expected by almost everyone to be the match of the night, the AEW Tag Title match gets underway. My feed went out for a brief moment and as it comes back Dax & Page are in the ring engaging in a grappling exchange before Dax tags-in Cash who then locks in an abdominal stretch on Page, Cash tags Dax back in & Page rolls him up but Dax is able to kick out after a distraction from Cash delayed the count. The teams exchange in a brief back & forth before Omega hits a terminator on both Cash & Dax and follows it up with a missile drop kick on Cash, goes for the cover but Cash kicks-out at 2. We then get treated to some beautiful, classic tag-team offense from both teams before the challengers zone-in on Omega’s right knee and really make a concerted effort to brutalize that knee. Page then nails Dax & Cash with a swanton bomb on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Page world over Cash for a moment before Dax gets dumped outside of the ring while Page hits a flying back suplex on Cash from off the top-rope, goes for the cover but Cash kicks-out at 2. Page & Omega go for the last shot but Omega accidentally hits Page with the v-trigger after Cash ducks out of the way, Cash & Dax hit the mind-breaker on Page but Page kicks-out at 2 & a half but Cash & Dax hit ANOTHER mind-breaker on Page and get the win. We have NEW AEW Tag Champs.

Result - FTR defeat Kenny Omega & Hangman Page, And NEW AEW Tag-Team Champions

Cameras then follow Kenny Omega all the way out to the parking lot as he walks by the Young Bucks and tells them he’s done...and tells them that they’re either with him or they’re with Page...Omega then gets in a car and drives off.

  • Mimosa Mayhem Match - Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy

As Cassidy and Jericho make their entrance, we see an enormous vat of Mimosa by the ring and ring announcer Justin Roberts announces that the winner will be decided when someone has throw their opponent into the vat that’s filled with Mimosa or a traditional pin-fall or submission, but there won’t be any rope breaks, count-outs or disqualifications. The bell rings and the match is underway, Cassidy charges at Jericho who ducks out of the way and drills him with a code-breaker, goes for the cover but Cassidy kicks-out at 2 and then the match immediately spills outside of the ring and the two lay in with some heavy offense in this no-DQ encounter. Jericho chucks Cassidy through a table and they continue the brawl on top of the platform that’s holding the vat of Mimosa. Cassidy is barely standing next to the vat but he leaps back in the ring and hits a cutter on Jericho, goes for the cover but Jericho kicks-out at 2 then locks-in the walls of Jericho. Cassidy has his patented turn of momentum but Jericho stymies it with a code-breaker as Cassidy jumps off the top-rope, Jericho goes for the cover but Cassidy kicks-out at 2 & a half. A frustrated Jericho then tries to toss Cassidy over the top-rope into the vat of Mimosa but Cassidy escapes & hits a pair of flying elbows that knocks Jericho off of the top-rope into the vat of Mimosa for the win.

Result - Orange Cassidy defeats Chris Jericho

After the match, commentary announces that AEW Full Gear will take place on Saturday, November 7th LIVE on PPV.

It’s now time for our main event of the evening...

  • AEW World Championship - Jon Moxley (C) vs MJF (with Wardlow)

We get proper Championship match entrances and then introductions from ring announcer, Justin Roberts, the bell rings and this main event for the AEW World Championship is officially underway. Commentary reminds us that if Jon Moxley uses the ‘Paradigm Shift’ he will relinquish his title to MJF. The challenger hits a nice takedown on the Champion before Moxley reverses momentum and MJF plays a game of chicken and runs around the ring and keeps sneaking in and out of it then Moxley gets sick of it and hits MJF with an outside dive and starts brutalizing the challenger on the outside of the ring. Moxley starts ripping at the fingers of MJF and throws around a bunch of the MJF 2020 signs that are around the barricades, ringside. Moxley gets MJF back in the ring and applies a sleeper hold but MJF rolls out of it for a cover but the champion kicks-out at 2. MJF then transitions into an arm-bar but Moxley powers out and tosses MJF over the top-rope but MJF returns the favor and tosses Moxley out of the ring and the Champion is heavily selling a left-arm injury. Back in the ring, MJF focuses on the injured left arm of Moxley, applying several different holds on it but Moxley again powers out but MJF is able to drag him down by the injured arm yet again, goes for a quick cover but Moxley kicks-out. The action spills outside the ring and Moxley catapults MJF into the steel ring-post and it gashes MJF open pretty badly. Back in the ring, Moxley is on the attack, plants MJF with a neck-breaker, goes for the cover but MJF keeps his championship aspirations alive for the moment as he kicks-out at 2. The brawl again spills onto the outside for a moment before Moxley tosses MJF back into the ring and hits MJF with a really nice Gotch-style pile-driver, goes for the cover but MJF again kicks-out at 2. An incensed Moxley starts biting the open wound of MJF on his forehead as the challenger writhes in pain. The pair engage in a brutal back & forth for a moment and after a couple of close pin-falls by each of the competitors, Moxley yells in MJF’s face and MJF spits in the face of Moxley who nearly goes for the Paradigm Shift but as he thinks better of it, MJF locks-in the Salt of The Earth arm-bar to the injured left arm of Moxley but the Champion crawls over to the ropes and is able to get his leg on the bottom rope to save his title for the time-being. MJF hits the Heatseeker on Moxley, goes for the cover but Moxley is able to lift his shoulders at 2 & a half. MJF goes for another Heatseeker but Moxley lifts MJF and plants him with a reverse pile-driver, goes for the pin but MJF kicks-out at 2. Both men struggle to their knees in the center of the ring and trade slaps, punches, elbows ad head-butts before MJF hits the Cross-Rhodes on Moxley, goes for the cover but Moxley is able to kick-out at 2. Wardlow throws the Dynamite Diamond into the ring which catches the referee’s attention but Moxley uses the distraction to hit the banned Paradigm Shift and gets the 1-2-3 and retains his title.

Result - Jon Moxley defeats MJF, And STILL AEW World Champion

That’s a wrap for AEW All Out!

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