It's Wednesday, you know what that means...

Tarzan Boy is blasting as Jurassic Express enters and we start off with the tag team battle royal! FTR will not be in the match and are replaced by John Silver and Alex Reynolds of the Dark Order. The Inner Circle arrives, along with a prediction from Sammy Hagar. The Acclaimed come out to upstage them with one of Caster's raps. Needs more fire on them bars, son...

The Young Bucks come out and attack everyone, giving superkicks along the way. The entire team has to be thrown out of the top rope to be eliminated. Isiah Kassidy goes for a splash and everyone moves out of the way. Silver eliminates Hager! Reynolds is also eliminated, as is Matt Jackson. Anthony Bowens is eliminated by the Inner Circle. Luchasaurus (sans horns) kicks everyone around with a tail whip. The dinosaur choke slams Nick Jackson and throws out Stu Grayson, but he gets eliminated by Evil Uno and Silver. MJF throws out Evil Uno. Darius Martin blocks the Silly String and throws out Marq Quen. Silver suplexes Santana and Ortiz but they return the favor and throw him out. Nick Jackson takes down the Inner Circle with a series of kicks. He throws out Ortiz and superkicks Santana out of there. 

The Good Brothers show up and distracts Nick but eliminates Kassidy, and MJF throws out Nick! He and Jericho mocks their pose. MJF throws out Jungle Boy and poses. Caster grabs MJF for Sammy Guevara but he thrust kicks Caster. However, Caster throws out MJF, only for Darius Martin to eliminate Caster! Guevara and Martin almost fall out but Jericho knocks Guevara off the top rope. It's down to Le Champion and Martin, who hits the legend with a drop kick but as he tries to hit Jericho, he hits him with a Judas Effect to take him off and win the match. [***] Pretty solid match with an interesting result. 

We're back with Tony Schiavone in the ring to introduce TNT Champion Darby Allin and Sting. Next week he has to defend the title against a returning Joey Janela. Taz gets on the screen and says they're locked out of the building for what they did last week. Then how did they get a mic? Anyway, they tell Darby that they will be here next week. Sting grabs the mic and says he'll be there as well. 

Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa's not waiting for Justin Roberts' intro and she instantly goes after Reba and eventually Baker catches her. Arm lock by Rosa until Baker gets the rope break. Flipping senton putting Britt in the corner gets a two count. Chops in the corner by Rosa but she misses the splash, allowing Baker to take advantage. She knocks Rosa out of the ring with a thrust kick. However, Rosa hip tosses her as we go picture in picture. We're back and Rosa hits a Death Valley Driver on the entrance steps. Double kick into Baker whose sitting in the corner. Baker rolls her up for two and hits the slingblade. Thrust kick to the face by Baker! Pin gets two. Back breaker by the doctor gets two. Rebel provides Baker the glove. Trying to fight off the Lockjaw but Rosa gets out. Stomp by Baker and she goes into the Lockjaw but Rosa rolls out of it. Back body drop. DVD by Rosa gets two. Rosa gets an STF but Reba comes out and pulls the turnbuckle, getting the referee to move her out. They go into the corner with the exposed turnbuckle and Baker trips her into it! She applies the Lockjaw and Rosa is knocked out. [***] Great match with a somewhat sloppy finish with the trip into the turnbuckle. 

We're in the back and Tony is interviewing Matt Hardy and a dressing Hangman Page. He says that he's not being a tag team and is not signing a contract. Hardy says that they have a match set up against Chaos Project. He asks him to do it for what happened to -1 last week at the hands of Chaos Project. 

Hangman Page/Matt Hardy vs. Chaos Project

Serpentico goes after Hardy and gets knocked down for his troubles. Page with a shooting star press after a blind tag for two. Tag to Hardy who hits and elbow into the arm of Serpentico. Luther comes in as Hardy hits the side effect. Chops in the corner into an Irish whip. Double splash and sandwiches his own partner for a one count. Slam by Luther Serpentico up top and misses the Swanton Bomb. Tag to Page and he cleans house. Fallaway slam into a spinebuster for two. Hardy dumps out Luther and Page hits a spinning elbow. Luther breaks up the Buckshot Lariat attempt. He tries a cannonball attempt and misses on the outside. Page gets back on the top...BUCKSHOT LARIAT! Hardy tags himself in and gets the three count. [**] Standard tag match but the storyline is the bigger takeaway here. 

They announce the participants for the women's eliminator tournament. Sadly, no Tessa Blanchard on the U.S. side. 

Alex Marvez is with Chris Jericho and MJF as they celebrate their win tonight. They enter the locker room and Guevara says that they feel that they're always collateral damage. He walks out of the room. MJF says it's time they have a conversation as Wardlow escorts the camera man out of the room. 

Wedding time!

Jerry Lynn is escorting Penelope Ford that Father James Mitchell? They had a wedding, and Orange Cassidy was in the cake. That's all that happened. Moving on.

Shaq answered Cody Rhodes' challenge at Inside the NBA last week. He showed off his finishing move, the Black Tornado which is...a Judas Effect?

Eddie Kingston vs. Lance Archer: Lumberjack Match

They go right at it, throwing each other out, with the lumberjacks going at one another as well. We go picture in picture early. 

We're back and Archer counters the exploder with the full nelson slam for a two count. Bunny comes in to interfere and Kingston hits the spinning back fist off the Blackout attempt, however Lance rolls out of the ring. Meanwhile Jake Roberts DDTs Angelico on the outside. Exploder suplex gets one. Butcher & Blade come in with a table but here comes Bear Country to even the odds. Lance takes him to the top and hits the Blackout for the win. [*] Underwhelming for two great competitors such as these guys. 

FTR says that Jurassic Express complained and got them suspended from the battle royal tonight. Tully said that all they want is a championship match. Dax says they're not bad men, but what would bad men do? They have Marko Stunt with them and he's bound and gagged. 

Kenny Omega/Good Brothers vs. Jon Moxley/Death Triangle

Don Callis joins JR, Excalibur and Tony on commentary. Pac and Karl Anderson start off with a series of counters. Tag to Doc Gallows and Pac tag in Moxley and he starts with a series of punches which didn't impact Gallows as he delivers one of his own. Sit down doesn't work and Moxley hits some knees. Anderson tags in and Pac comes in with an elbow of his own. Fenix with the shooting star presses as he helps out. Pac goes up top but Omega pushes him down. The heels triple team Pac in the corner. He fights out of it and hits a snap suplex. Tag to Moxley and he hits some clotheslines on Anderson. Suplex gets two. He throws Anderson out and hits the tope suicida to the outside. He throws Omega into the barricade as we go picture in picture.

We're back in and Gallows is attacking Moxley with punches in the ring. Moxley reverses it into the figure four. The Good Brothers double team Moxley but he breaks out of the Magic Killer attempt. Anderson misses the splash attempt. Tag to Omega and same to Fenix who hits the hurricanrana to Omega and the kick to Anderson. Diving reverse to Gallows. He hits a beautiful cutter to Anderson for two. Omega comes back in and they exchange chops. He goes on the ropes but Omega kicks him off. Snapdragon by Omega! Big Boot by Gallows for two. Pac tags in and he kicks down Gallows and one to the face for a one count. Big boot again by Gallows who tags in Anderson and they triple team Pac with a triple body drop but Moxley breaks it up. V-Trigger by Omega. Pac kicks out of the One Winged Angel attempt and its time for the faces to get some offense in. Back body drop by Pac and Omega kicks out at two. 

Tag to Moxley and he gets a sleeper on Omega. Slugfest ensues as they hit each other with strikes. Knee by Omega as Gallows comes in and cleans house. Fenix throws him out and hits a diving somersault on the outside. Omega hits a paradigm shift of his own but Pac breaks it up with a Red Arrow. Fenix tags in and hits a flying kick for two. Anderson gets a spinebuster and the heels triple team, knocking the faces out of there. Magic Killer to Fenix ends it. [***]

After the match Lance Archer comes out and attacks the Good Brothers, but as Moxley is about to go after Omega, someone in a mask shows up and attacks Moxley. They take off the mask....and it's KENTA!!! 

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