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Excalibur and Taz are on the commentary booth as we get started. There are several matches on the card, including the return of Darby Allin!

The first match is Rache Chanel taking on the AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida. It was surprisingly a back and forth match with the champ missing the opportunity to get the win early, even with Chanel combing her hair in the middle of the ring. However, as it continued Shida was able to use her striking ability to hit the running elbow and then the Falcon Arrow to finish it off. With the division in flux due to several injuries, it is imperative for AEW to have their champion look strong, especially with the threat of Nyla Rose and her manager Vicki Guerrero making their presence known on last week's episode of Dynamite. 

The next match is Kip Sabian vs. Corey Hollis. Sabian allows him to get a few moves in, especially an impressive twirling backbreaker. However as he heads for the corner splash, Kip reverses it and hits a Death Valley Driver/Faceplant combo for the win. 

Dasha is on the TIAA Field and talking with the Nightmare Sisters, who are training with Dustin Rhodes. Brandi talks about the importance of training together, but Allie says that they should focus strictly on winning, and cuts the interview short.

Brady Pierce and Sabby, who previously wrestled in NXT, are tagging up against the Best Friends. Trent and Sabby start off first and the rookie throws down the veteran Trent. They lock up again and get into a shoving match until Trent hits him in the knee. Rear arm smashes by Trent followed by a backdrop for a two count. Tag to Chuck and Sabby tags in Pierce. Headlock by Chuck and he follows with a chop to the chest. Body press by Chuck and he tags in Trent, and they hit a double team elbow. Trent throws Pierce the corner and chops him. Tag to Chuck who hits the hammerlock. Pierce with the spinebuster and tag to Sabby. They take turns hitting Chuck in the corner away from his partner. Throw into the ropes and Sabby hits the dropkick. Pierce goes after Trent but misses! Tag to Trent and he hits a chop, followed by a sick backdrop. Tag to Sabby by Pierce and he hits Trent with the rear elbow. Whip into the ropes and Trent elbows him. Sabby gets up and Trent hits him in the back of the head with a dropkick for a two count. Pierce tries to interfere but is knocked down by Trent. He goes back into the ring, and Sabby powerslams him! Tag to Pierce and he goes after him with a series of punches. Trent tags in Chuck and they each throw their opponents out of the ring. They bring Pierce back in, and they hit the Strong Zero for the win! It will be interesting to see where Best Friends fit in the tag team picture after losing their title opportunity a few weeks ago. 

Next up is Ricky Starks vs. Will Hobbs, who has been seen escorting Dr. Britt Baker as security on Dynamite. Absolute takes off the chain and here we go. Hobbs uses his strength to throw Starks into the corner. Suplex by Hobbs. Starks rolls out of the ring but Hobbs comes after him. Kick to the head by Starks and he kicks him in the head. Back in the ring, Starks goes up top and dropkicks Hobbs, following up with mounting punches. Hobbs gets up and pushes him in the corner and hits the impressive spinebuster. Powerslam by Hobbs and then he tries to throw Starks into the corner. Reversal into a neckbreaker by Starks. Running knee, followed by the drop suplex for the three count! Absolute Starks with the victory, and he has ran off plenty of wins on Dark to warrant some shine on Dynamite. 

Maybe against this guy, Scorpio Sky as he takes on Aaron Solow, who makes his AEW debut. Sky enters this match at 21-10, the most wins in AEW to this date. The bell rings and Solow takes control with a wristlock, before Sky shows off his impressive athleticism to roll out of it and get a lock of his own. Trip up by Sky into the armbar. Solow punches his way out of it until Sky throws him in the ropes with the gut punch, followed by the Russian Leg Sweep. Solow tries to get the headlock but Sky elbows out of it and hits the dropkick. Clothesline by Sky followed by the kick to the chest of Solow. He tries for another clothesline but Solow reverses it and get an impressive stomp. As he tries to pick him up Sky hits the TKO for the victory! 

Next we have Diamante making another appearance against KiLynn King. Diamante and King have a relatively solid match, showing some impressive reversals and submissions, using a mat based style in their attempt to take control. Diamante throws her into the corner and begins to chop King, until she is rolled up for a near fall. King gets the advantage by using her length with a series of boots, but once Diamante hits the Canadian (Puerto Rican) Destroyer, that is all she wrote as she gets the win. She might be a player in the women's division as it is noticeably thin at the moment. 

Robert Anthony is taking on the returning Darby Allin. Anthony is wearing the Danny Havoc shirt, who was a friend of his and Jon Moxley. Allin enteres the ring, sans skateboard. He stares at Taz, who is none too pleased. Anthony tries to overpower Allin by throwing him in the corner and intimidating the paint-faced challenger, but he hits a Destroyer to gain advantage! He throws Anthony on the outside and tries to attack. Suplex drops Allin on the barricade. He throws Allin back in the ring and gets the surfboard. He drops Allin with a toss around the ring. Anthony takes him to the corner and drops him with a knee. Backbody drop attempt is reversed by Darby into an armbar. They battle to the outside where Anthony takes advantage and tosses Darby into the ground. As Allin gets up he hits a modified Coffin Elbow drop on the apron and brings Anthony back in. Cutter to Anthony, then another Coffin Drop Elbow for the win! 

After the match here comes Brian Cage who attacks Darby. When Anthony tries to interfere, he is attacked by Ricky Starks! Starks throws him out of the ring and helps Cage to suplex Darby to the ground. Taz says he will reveal more about the partnership (?) tomorrow on Dynamite.

The final match of the evening is The Butcher and the Blade taking on Peter Avalon/Brandon Cutler, still looking for their first win. The heel duo start off with the Manhattan Drop on Avalon. They trade shots on Avalon in the corner. The Librarian tries to escape but is continuously punished by the Butcher. Hot tag to Cutler who gets off an impressive array of kicks. Legdrop to Blade but he botches the moonsault. Suicida to Butcher while tagging Avalon. Frogsplash gets two! Rear knee drop by Avalon while Cutler gets the blind tag. While the ref reprimands Cutler, Avalon grabs the book and hits the Butcher. However, it is all for naught as the Blade knocks out Avalon and they hit Full Death for the three count. 

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