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An exciting night of action on AEW Dark. There are several matches on the card, including the debut of Brian Pillman Jr. as he takes on Shawn Spears. Exaclibur and Taz join us as we get started right away. 

Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Shawn Spears is the first match and starts us off! Pillman makes his entrance, followed by Spears w/Tully Blanchard. Pillman has only been in the business for two years and was a star in MLW. Tully with the mask on and telling the cameraman to practice social distancing. The bell rings and chants of "Pillman" go up as they lock up. Wristlock by Spears takes down Pillman, but he rolls out of the way and gets a nice kick to the face. Kick in the corner by Spears, followed by knife edge chops. Pillman counters and misses the dropkick, but gets another one on the second attempt. Spears comes back in and hits him in the kidneys. Chops again in the corner to Pillman. Forearm smash by Pillman but Spears dropkicks him then goes outside to stomp on him some more. He puts Pillman's head on the steps and steps on him. Spears throws him back in the ring and chokes him. Pillman gets up and chops him, misses the clothesline and hits the flying forearm. Charge into the corner by Brian and he tries for the back bodypress and misses. C4 finishes the match as Spears gets the win. After the match Tully puts something in the black glove of Spears and he hits Pillman with it. 

Big Swole vs. Rache Chanel is next, and apparently the models from last week's Fyter Fest didn't have anywhere to go. Chanel is sporting the merchandise as she enters the ring. Swole controls most of the match with headlocks and shoulder takedowns. Big roundhouse by Swole in the corner until Chanel hits the swinging neckbreaker on the ropes for a one count. She works the sleeper on Swole and we see the Roll Model herself Dr. Baker in the audience. Swole gets off some clotheslines, a nice headbutt and then a back elbow. Blue Thunder Bomb, knee strike then Dirty Dancing into a pump kick for three. 

Alex Marvez with Allie and Brandi talking about Fight for the Fallen. As the ladies keep yelling at each other, Dustin comes in and tells Allie not to do to QT Marshall what was done to him years ago. 

Frankie Kazarian vs. Luther. With a win Kaz will join Cody, Kenny Omega and Scorpio Sky as the only 20 match winners in AEW. Kaz takes control with arm drags and a nice hurricanrana. Luther uses his agility to hit the leg lariat and a double underhook suplex. They trade punches until Kaz brings him down, charge knocks down Luther. Apparently they botch the bodypress attempt but Kaz recovers and avoids the charge. Kaz takes him up top and rolls him up for a three count. 

Joe Alonzo, Brady Pierce, Tony Donati & Faboo Andre vs. Butcher/Blade and the Lucha Brothers in eight man tag team action. Lucha Bros start off with a nice wheelbarrow combo on Donati. Blade gets tagged in and throws Alonzo. Butcher comes in and chokeslams him before all craziness breaks loose. Nice brainbuster kick combo by Blade and Fenix. Splash kick from the top rope by Pentagon Jr. ends it quickly. 

Will Hobbs vs. Orange Cassidy. Hobbs is making his AEW debut. Hands in the pockets of Freshly Squeezed and Hobbs mocks him. Forearm smash by OC and that wraps it up. 

Michael Nakazawa vs. Shawn Dean. If you've seen one Nakazawa match you know how this goes. He pulls out the oil, pulls something out of his underwear, stuffs it in his opponent's face. Gets the three count. Moving on. 

Serpentico vs. Scorpio Sky. Scorpio takes control with the headlock takedown until Serpentico gets up and chops him into the ropes. Sky works back with the Russian Leg Sweep and the Sky High Dropkick. Backbreaker into a hold by Sky. Serpentico throws him out of the ring and hits a plancha. Going back in, he attacks Sky with mounting punches. He goes up top and then drops down with a knee. Sky finally regains control with another dropkick and forearm takedown. Rising knee to Serpentico and the cutter gets two. Serpentico fights back with a somersault from the outside. Kick to the face by Serpentico gets a two count. He misses the knee strike from the top rope, Sky hits the TKO for three! 

Brandon Cutler/Peter Avalon vs. Dark Order of Evil Uno and Stu Grayson.  They cult group double team the librarian. Cutler tries to help Avalon fight back with an impressive array of splashes. However, Grayson catches him with a chokeslam and Uno hits him with an elbow in the corner. Avalon comes back in and gets a moonsault for a two count. Leva trips up Grayson and Avalon attacks when he goes after his valet. She slaps the other members of the Dark Order and we get the typical "everyone stand in one spot while a guy hits them from the top rope" deal. In the ring Avalon gets a tornado DDT and Grayson almost gets the pin. However, Grayson clothelines Cutler out of the ring, while Uno is being attended to by a trainer. Backbreaker by Grayson gets the win. 

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