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Thoughts and prayers to the family of Shad Gaspard and to 411 Wrestling's Larry Csonka...

We have a great night of wrestling on AEW Dark as the road to Double or Nothing continues! Excalibur and Taz are on commentary as Dasha is doing the ring announcements. 

Dani Jordyn vs. Hikaru Shida is our first match of the evening and we see Dani hand Dasha her burn book...wonder how someone gets their name in there, but I digress. Shida shows up sans kendo stick that Nyla Rose whacked her upside the head with on Dynamite last week. They lock up and trade shoulder blocks until Shida brings her down with force. Hiptoss by Jordyn but Shida boots her in the jaw. Backbreaker onto Jordyn and Shida takes her on the ring apron. Running knee to the face by Shida and she starts talking trash. She went for a shoulder charge but Jordyn hits a top rope DDT for two! Bridge armbar by Jordyn but Shida fights off with forearm strikes. Kick to the midsection by Jordyn misses and Shida charges into the corner with a knee strike and a missle dropkick from the top rope, only gets a two count. Suplex by Shida countered into a waistlock by Jordyn. Step up enzuguri by but Jordyn gets up to throw a German Suplex. Shida quickly gets up and hits a running knee strike but only gets a two count. Jordyn hits her with the right hand and charges again but Shida gets another knee strike, Falcon Arrow (SHE DONE THE DEAL!) and gets the three count. [**3/4] Impressive bout where Jordyn looks like she could be a player in the women's division.  

Clutch Adams makes his AEW debut vs. QT Marshall. Interesting how they still note that QT is part of the Natural Nightmares. QT is wearing the rib tape that he suffered at the hands of Lance Archer two weeks ago. They lock up and go into the corner.  They break up and Clutch turns his back to QT, only to get hit in the face with a forearm smash. QT working the shoulder but Adams whips him into the corner and hits some stomps. QT reverses it and delivers some Flair-like chops. Into the ropes and the crossbody attempt by Adams is reversed into a slam by Marshall. Adams sends him outside but QT gets up and charges but eats a knee to the gut for one. Adams stomps on the ribs and then a slingshot suplex but gets one. QT is laboring as he clutches the ribs. Shots by QT in the corner but Adams whips him to the other side of the ring. Elbow smash by QT and he drops a charging Adams to the outside. Clothesline brings Adams back into the ring. Dusty-like punches by QT but Adams kicks him in the gut. Flatliner by QT but Adams moves him into the corner with a bull rush. Adams takes off the straps. He picks up QT in a fireman's carry but QT with the Cutter for the win! [**] It was a match, nothing special but it was good to see QT still selling the ribs from two weeks ago. Puts Lance Archer over even more. 

Jason Cade vs. Marko Stunt. Stunt high fives Dasha and waves to absolutely no one. Cade laughs as they lock up but Marko comes out firing with shots like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story." He uses the ropes for a sunset flip into an uppercut knee strike. Splash into the rope misses but avoids Cade's charge. Diving knee drop for two. Cade asks for a break and hits Stunt in the eyes. He throws Stunt into the corner and lays some shots into him. Forearm smash and a knee lift into the sternum of Stunt. Marko's nose is busted open and tries to fight back but Cade gets an elbow smash. Whip into the corner and a running elbow by Cade. He puts Marko on the ropes and hits a flip DDT for two! Fireman's carry but Marko hits a hurricanerana and then a mid rope suicida. He throws Cade back into the ring and charges but Cade gets an elbow smash. On the top rope, Marko hits the Razor's Edge and then the 450 splash for the victory! [***] This was Marko's best match in AEW and credit to Cade for selling as Marko used his speed to his advantage. 

Musa & Lee Johnson vs. Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc is next. Sabian starts off with Lee Johnson as they lock up. Takedown by Sabian but Lee reverses for a two count. Wrist lock by Kip and he tags in Jimmy who lays some gut shots and some stomps in the corner for good measure. Musa comes in and shakes Jimmy's hand. What a gentleman. Forearm cheap shot by Havoc and so much for chivalry. He tags in Kip and Sabian gets a headlock. They botch the leapfrog but Kip recovers with a leg lariat. Musa throws him into the corner and the shot to midsection leads to a dropkick. Tag to Lee and they hit a uppercut combo. Flying dropkick gets a one count. Kicks to the midsection by Kip and he rakes the eyes while the ref is distracted. Tag to Jimmy and he gets a fishhook. Elbows to the neck. Whip into the ropes and he tags Kip who gets another headlock and tag to Kip who rakes the eyes again of Musa. He fights off with gut punches but Kip with the knee smash to the gut. Tag to Havoc and he holds him up for a knee smash but gets only a two count. Suplex by Jimmy and he starts biting the ear of Musa. Definitely getting ready for Iron Mike's appearance next Saturday. Musa fights off the kick attempt and back elbows Kip. Tag to Lee Johnson and he takes on both men with elbow smashes and suplexes Havoc. Running heel kick gets a two count. Flipping clothesline (Rainmaker) by Havoc and the Fisherman suplex finishes it for the London combo. [**] A few botches hurt the overall match but Kip and Jimmy are really coming on strong for a tag team. 

Shawn Dean vs. Fenix. We see the Captain has his own t-shirt now as Fenix gets the grand entrance complete with pyro. They lock up and Fenix gets the rear wristlock. Dean fights off and gets a headlock of his own. Dropkick by Dean but Fenix with a beautiful rope assisted dropkick. Mounting punches into elbow strikes. He gets the arm crossbreaker but Dean grabs the ropes for the break. Whip into the ropes and Fenix lays chops into him. Dean counters with the suplex attempt but instead hit a running knee smash. Fenix goes outside and Dean with the high-flying plancha! He chops Fenix and goes back into. Fenix calls for Dean to charge at him so he does and eats a suicida for his troubles. Back in the ring, Fenix gets a headlock and then a top kick to the head. Dean tries to charge at him again but Fenix flips at him and goes right into a powerbomb! It only gets a one count. Kick to the ground by Dean but Fenix with the spinning heel kick. Muscle Buster finishes it. [***] Fenix is without a doubt AEW's most exciting wrestler, but he needs to dial down the moves in extended squash matches like this. Save them for the PPV.

Jon Cruz vs. Luther. Luther, still mad at last week's loss to Jimmy Havoc, immediately goes to work with slaps and chops on Cruz. Whip into the ropes and Luther hits the boot. Charges into the corner and he hits the big boot. Takes Cruz to the outside and slams him onto the concrete. Bringing Cruz back in, Luther drags him into the corner and gets the backbreaker slam into an extended stretch. He lets go and throws Cruz into the corner but eats a running kick. Forearm smash by Cruz but Luther fights him off. Pickup into a reverse suplex. Luther with the Steiner Recliner and the quick tap out. [*] Squash City: Population Jon Cruz.

Ryan Rembrandt & Mike Reed vs. Private Party. Isaiah Kassidy starts off with RR. RR gets a wristlock and then dropkicks him to the ground. Tag to Mark Quen and they hit a double team hurricanrana. Rembrandt comes in and eats a dropkick. Chops by Quen to RR and he throws him into the ropes. Rembrandt holds his feed and eats a kick for his troubles. Kassidy comes in to fight off the double team. RR gets a northern lights suplex and goes for a wristlock. Tag to Rembrandt and he clotheslines Quen for a two count. Tag to Reed and he hits Quen with a knee smash. Quen avoids the second knee smash and tags Kassidy who comes in like a house on fire. Elbow to Reed and sends him outside. Splash by Kassidy to the duo. Back in the ring Kassidy tags in Quen. Elevated drop kick for two. Rembrandt comes in and breaks up another two count. Quen with the rope assisted knee drop. Senton splash by Quen and that's all she wrote. [**] Despite the botch, Private Party continues to show their incredible talent. 

Alan Angels vs. Sammy Guevara. Sammy doesn't lock up but instead lays on the top rope. Angles talks trash and he eats a slap. Headlock by Guevara into a gutwrench suplex. Wristlock by Angels and Guevara reverses it but is pushed down. Leapfrog by Sammy and hits the dropkick. Knee smashes by Sammy and he chops Angels for the two count. Sammy turns his back and Angles hits a knee smash into a dropkick for a one count. He mocks Sammy's pose. Sammy misses the elbow drop and eats a fist. Angels goes to the ropes for a springboard and is dropkicked by Sammy. He places Angles on the ropes and hits the leg drop onto the neck. Stomps to the arm of Angels by Sammy. Suplex by Guevara and he keeps it elevated for several seconds. Top rope by Sammy and he decides to drop down but Angels grabs his wrist to hit him with a chop. Missed kick by Angels and Sammy with the spinning elbow. GTS finishes it for Sammy [**] A decent match but nothing special.

Serpentico, making his AEW debut vs. Darby Allin. Darby throws his coat at Serpentico and immediately goes to the headlock. Serpentico fights him off with the wristlock. Darby chops him off and gets the elevated hip toss. As Referee Aubrey Edwards tries to break them up in the corner, Serpentico rakes him in the eyes and throws him to the outside. Whip into the steel steps. He throws Darby back into the ring for the pin but only gets a two count. Allin fights it off with punches but Serpentico forces him into the corner and goes for a top rope cutter. Serpentico charges and Darby fires off some shots and throws him into the corner. Up top, Darby hits the suplex for a two count. Whip into the ropes and Serpentio catches him. Darby is thrown outside but Serpentico misses with the charge. Darby goes up top and hits the coffin drop elbow. He throws Serpentico into the ring and gets the Reverse Flip for the three count. [***] Serpentico has potential and could be a player but Darby is showed a mean streak that could be something to watch going into the Casino Ladder Match. 

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