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Excalibur and Taz are on commentary with Justin Roberts doing the ring announcements. 

We start off with a tag team called "The Capital Vices," making their AEW debut, and they're wearing Freddy Krueger gear. OK. Joining them is Jon Cruz. They will be facing the Jurassic Express. Jungle Boy starts it off against some guy named Money. He controls the action with the hiptoss before Money tags in Cruz. Marko Stunt comes in and kicks him down. Tag to Luchasaurus who tosses his partners onto Money as his partner Sin comes into the ring to eat some knees from the dinosaur. As Cruz comes in he eats a spin kick from Marko, whose chokeslam attempt is rebuffed by Capital Vices. Tag to Luchasaurus who shows him how it's done. Shooting star press for a two count. Sin comes in and gets a headbutt for his troubles. Tail whip into the facebuster. Tag to Jungle Boy who hits the Tiger Suplex for two. Cruz is tagged in and Luchasaurus/Jungle Boy hits a variation of the Snapshot for the three count. 

Next up is Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler taking on SCU (Daniels and Kazarian). They trade hip tosses until SCU takes control with reversals and splashes. Avalon tags in Cutler and he attacks Daniels with an elbow smash. Daniels counters with a chop. Cutler gets a splash into a two count. Cutler gets diverted by Leva Bates while Avalon splashes Cutler. They attempt a double team but Daniels avoids their attack and hot tag to Kazarian. 450 splash for two.  Tag back to Daniels and they combine for the tag until Cutler. The Celebrity Rehab finishes it. 

Big Swole taking on Dani Jordyn. Swole looked great as she controlled the match with swift kicks to the abdomen and then hits the Tornado DDT for the three count. 

Time for the return of the Murderhawk Monster as Lance Archer takes on David Ali. He throws Ali into the corner and punishes him with the elbow smashes. He hits the Blackout and picks him up at two, only to use the claw slam for the three. 

Musa and 'The Captain' Shawn Dean taking on the newly formed tag team of Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss, who formed their team in a video vignette on last week's episode of Dynamite. Kiss uses the Kiss Missile dropkick to start it off and avoids the bridge from Dean. Tag to Janela who hits a top level dropkick and his new partner uses a double team combo. As Musa comes in, Lance Archer comes out yelling at Janela, only to be stopped by Jake Roberts. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Dean and Musa comes in with a legdrop for two. Tag to Janela who drops both opponents and hits the senton. Charging splash in the corner and tag to Kiss who goes for the Axe Kick. Hurricanrana by Janela, tag to Kiss for the split leg drop from the top rope gets the three. 

Red Velvet, making her AEW debut, is tagging with Kenzie Page against Brandi Rhodes and Allie, who is joined by the Natural Nightmares. Allie sticks Page with a cheap shot elbow as the bell rings. She aggressively goes after Page, much to Brandi's dismay. Page fights back with punches of her own and tags Red Velvet, who is introduced with a swinging neckbreaker. Tag to Brandi, who throws and elbow in the corner for two. Velvet throws her in the corner and Brandi hits the drop uppercut. Velvet throws Brandi into Allie and dropkicks her for a near two count. As QT checks on his girl, who is lying on the ring ropes. Tag to Page who hits the facebuster and they throw Brandi into the corner. Allie still not able to tag. Slingblade by Brandi but Velvet hits the boot kick. Allie tags her unknowingly as Brandi gets the spear. Ref doesn't count it because Allie is the legal person, so she comes in and places her foot on the Velvet for the three count. After the match the ladies get into a shoving match as Brandi walks off. 

Next up is Lee Johnson vs. Shawn Spears, who is accompanied by Tully Blanchard. Spears is wearing the black glove that was gifted to him a few weeks ago. They lock up, and a series of reversals follow into hip tosses by both combatants. Elbow by Spears into the corner and he blocks the Irish whip attempt by Johnson. He throws Spears out of the ring and goes for the suicida but eats and elbow from the Chairman. Spears puts him in the tree of woe on the apron and kicks him in the head. Throws him back in the ring and Spears uses the glove to place the claw on Johnson. Single leg dropkick by Big Shotty and an elbow charge in the corner. Up top goes Johnson and Spears catches him with a Sharpshooter for the submission. 

Time for some more tag team action as Brady Pierce & John Skyler takes on the original members of the Dark Order, Stu Grayson and Evil Uno. They are joined by the other members of the cult. Uno and his partner charges after Skyler in the beginning and rebuffs the counter attempt. Tag to Stu who lays in some stomps to Skyler. Tag to Pierce and they double team Evil Uno in their corner. Grayson breaks it up as the Dark Order takes advantage. Senton splash by Uno and they place the Fatality for the three count. 

Griff Garrison makes his debut against Jimmy Havoc. As Havoc comes in he utilizes his array of finger breaking moves to control the match. Stomps to the head of Mr. Garrison and trails him outside. As Griff tries to fight back with some uppercuts of his own, Havoc throws him back into the ring and hits the Japanese Arm Drag. Garrison goes for the superkick but misses and Havoc hits the Rainmaker then the DDT for the victory.

Next up is Skyler Moore vs. Penelope Ford. She is joined by her fiancee Kip Sabian and their dog. The opponents hip toss one another. Moore takes Penelope's foot but the heel breaks the hold. Sidelock takedown by Ford. Whip into the corner and Moore hits the gutwrench suplex for a near two count. However, as she goes to pick up Penelope for a dropkick, Ford hits the springboard cutter off the ropes. Fisherman suplex finishes it off. 

Time for the final match of the event as Scorpio Sky takes on Robert Anthony, who took Jon Moxley to the limit last week on AEW Dark. Sky takes control as Anthony tries for a waistlock takedown. Both opponents are working each other with headlocks and hammerlocks in the beginning. Sky reverses his momentum and brings Anthony down. Sky avoids Anthony's spinning elbow and dropkicks him to the ground. Shades of Jim Brunzell. Anthony surprises him with the Death Valley Driver for a two count. Anthony misses the clothesline and Sky hits the TKO for the three count!

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