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We have a stacked card on AEW Dark! Nine matches on the show, including Brian Cage as he prepares for his Fyter Fest match against Jon Moxley. Excalibur and Taz are on the commentary as The Human Suplex Machine puts over his tutelage Brian Cage, who has the first match tonight. 

Brian Cage vs. Robert Anthony. While Anthony tries to get in some quick punches, he's quickly overpowered by Cage as he hits the buckle bomb and then Drill Claw City for the finish. 

Musa & David Ali vs. SCU (Kazarian/Daniels) is our next bout. Musa and Ali got off the early attack by jumping the former tag team champions as they tried to get off the schneid. However, Daniels hits the Blue Thunder Bomb and brings in Kaz who takes advantage with a series of forearms and clotheslines. After taking out Musa, SCU sets up the Best Meltzer Ever and gets the pin. 

Griff Garrison and his 'Ivy League MVP' Titantron takes on 'The Murderhawk Monster' Lance Archer, accompanied by Jake Roberts. Archer decides to bring in another scrub from the back (how does he find these guys) and takes a series of punches from Griff. However, Garrison goes for one too many spears and eats a wicked spear from Archer. They exchange chops until Archer decides that's enough and slams him to the ground. Charges into the corner after Griff but the motivated Garrison kicks him. Unfortunately, it matters nothing as Archer gets the Blackout and the Claw slam into the mat for the three count. 

Joey Janela vs. Sonny Kiss vs. John Silver/Alex Reynolds of the Dark Order. This was an exciting match with several counters by the Dark Order combo, but it changes when Janela hit a plancha to force them to the outside. They finished it off when they hit the Death Valley Driver/Legdrop for the victory. Tomorrow night the Jersey duo will face Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana. 

KiLynn King vs. Mel, who makes her return to AEW since February. Right off the bat King tries to go for the lower leg of Mel, but the former Nightmare Collective member hits a wicked clothesline to bring King to her senses. King goes for a crossbody and then misses the dropkick. Pop Up powerbomb by Mel finishes the match. 

Pineapple Pete is back in the house as he faces "The Chairman" Shawn Spears, who is accompanied by Tully Blanchard and his black glove. Chants of Pineapple Pete in the stands as the combatants engage in a series of headlocks. Pete fights him off until Spears hits a quick Blue Thunder Bomb. As Tully distracts the referee, Spears slips something in the black glove and knocks out Pete and covers him for the win. 

Lee Johnson vs. Scorpio Sky. This very athletic match starts off with both guys delivering hip tosses. Sky changes the course with an aerial dropkick. Elbow to the head of Johnson, followed by a knee strike to the back of his shoulder blades. Knee breaker to Johnson for a two count. Lee begins to get back in the match with a scissors kick and then a plancha. However when he goes up to the top rope, Scorpio catches him and hits the TKO for the victory. 

Six-man tag action as Jurassic Express vs. Luther, Serpentico and Max Caster. This match was full of counters as the heels attack Marko Stunt and take him to the outside, while Serpentico and Jungle Boy engage in the ring. Luchasaurus clears house and then with no explanation Luther and Serpentico leave Caster to his fate. Jungle Boy uses the STF for the submission and the win. 

Final match of the night as it's Peter Avalon vs. Orange Cassidy. Avalon starts off with a side headlock takedown. He had the advantage until Freshly Squeezed places his hands in his pockets and then goes to work by showing off the agility. Avalon kicks him on the outside of the ring apron as OC flirts with Leva Bates. Back in the ring Cassidy avoids the dropkick and takes Avalon's head into all four ringposts. Tornado DDT only gets a two count. Up top, he gets the crossbody but Avalon reverses it for a two. Elbow smash misses and Orange Cassidy hits a flying forearm for the win. 

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