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This is the lineup for tonight. Check back regularly for updates! 

We got Excalibur and Taz on the mic doing commentary, with Dasha Gonzalez doing the ring announcements. 

Low Rida/Fuego Del Sol (making their AEW debut) vs. SCU is the first match of the evening. Kazarian gets the lockup and controls the match with the Russian Leg Sweep. Tag to Sky who takes down Low Rida for a two count. Rida with the reversal and shooting star press for a one count. Tag to FDS but he eats a chop from Scorpio. Dropkick by FDS gets one. Tag to Low Rida but they miss-communicate on the charge and Frankie gets the hot tag. They clear FDS out of the ring and hit the S-C-U Later for the 3 count. [*1/2] A quick squash, and as always Scorpio Sky is a cut above the rest

Lee Johnson vs. 5 of the Dark Order, who used to be Alan Angels. Before the match, Brodie Lee and the nameless advisor welcomes Angels to the group. We see 10 (Preston Vance) with his arm in a sling because he has to have surgery. Match starts and Angels charges Lee with a flurry of fists. Whip into the ropes and he hits the chop. Johnson gets the hip toss and dropkicks 5 to the ground. 5 goes outside where Lee follows him and he is thrown into the ringpost. 5 continues his attack by hitting Johnson's arm on the apron. Mid-rope dropkick for a two count. Lee tries to fight him off but 5 hits the back drop for two.  Discus clothesline by Johnson followed by a guillotine arm drop. Single leg kick to 5 and Lee throws him outside, followed up by the suicida. They go back in the ring, where Lee hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for two. 5 gains control with the top rope guillotine and the DDT on the apron. 5 brings him back in the ring where he hits a double boot to the spine of Lee Johnson and covers him for the 3 count. [**] I like the character development of Alan Angels, although I think they should have given more clarification of how he joined the Dark Order prior to this match. That said, he has a great moveset which could serve him well as he's a part of a group.

Musa/Brady Pierce vs. Santana and Ortiz of the Inner Circle are next. Taz with the great point that Musa was part of Mike Tyson's entourage during his melee with Jericho two weeks ago. Quickly Ortiz hits Musa with a head to the mid-section and gets him in a wristlock. Scratch to the back followed by the lariat. He puts his gloves on and throws Musa outside and hits him with a powerbomb. Pierce comes in and gets sent over the top as he charges. Santana planchas both guys. Chops by Santana to Musa. Tag by Ortiz and his IC partner double stomps Musa while talking smack to Pierce. He comes in and tries to charge Santana but eats a dropkick. Tag to Ortiz and they break him down with chops. Pierce gets some momentum but misses the moonsault. Musa comes in but is attacked in the corner. Santana with the moonsault of his own on the duo. Streetsweeper finishes it. [**] The heel duo made quick work of the jobbers. 

As QT comes up to Brandi and Dustin he tells the elder Rhodes that he doesn't have to wrestle tonight since he'll be in singles action. QT says that Allie made them T-shirts, which is his image standing larger over the other two members of the Nightmare Family. 

Pineapple Pete, who has recovered from the Judas Effect from Jericho, teams up with Anthony Catena vs. the Butcher and the Blade. B&B come in with no remorse and dominate Catena with a series of stomps and slams. PP gets in a little offense but Blade hits him with the running boot. Full Death Driver gets the three count [*] Squash City as the get ready to face FTR on Dynamite.  

Zack Clayton vs. QT Marshall w/Allie who joins the commentary team. Brandi and Dustin reluctantly wear the t-shirts and joins them eventually. She puts over QT and ignores questions about Butcher and the Blade. He takes Clayton to the outside with some clotheslines and when QT falls outside Allie leaves the booth and checks on him. Clayton tells Allie to go to the back. He goes back in and levels QT with a charging clothesline of his own along with a suplex for a two count. As Allie roots her man on, QT fights back with a missile dropkick but Clayton reverses it. He goes to remove the turnbuckle but Brandi admonishes him. QT charges and hits Clayton but also Brandi, knocking her down. We'll see what the TNT Champion thinks about that. Flatliner finishes it. [**1/2] Clayton looked really impressive in his debut. I'm still not buying this QT angle though. 

Sonny Kiss vs. Christopher Daniels. They lock up and CD gets the headlock into the ropes. Powerslam for two. Kiss gets a reverse flip and toss into a headlock of his own. Shoulder block by Kiss into an Irish Whip. They exchange punches as Kiss gets a one count. Whip into the ropes and Kiss hits the somersault slap but Daniels reverses it with a fallaway slam. Daniels whips Kiss into the post. Back body drop by Daniels for a two count. Suplex by Daniels for a two count. Kiss beings to punch Daniels and throws him into the ropes but Daniels gets an STF. Punch by Daniels and he continues to do so until Referee Aubrey Edwards breaks it up. Kiss takes advantage of it with momentum by dropkicks and a splash onto Daniels for a two count. Slam by Kiss and a shooting star press for two. Frustrated, Kiss goes for a discus punch but Daniels brings him down with a slam but gets rolled up for two. Kiss kicks him in the head and goes up top. Hurricanrana gets two. They exchange punches and Kiss brings Daniels down. Kiss goes for one more punch but Daniels hits the Angels Wings for the three count. [**3/4] This was a pretty good match. Kiss and Daniels have great chemistry. I would like to see Kiss in a program to see what he could really do in a bigger match environment. 

Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler vs. the Jurassic Express of Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus. Stunt and Avalon start us off but he tags in Luchasaurus who back chops Avalon. He tags in Cutler who charges the dinosaur but misses. He charges and kicks Luchasaurus. Whip into the ropes and a slam for a two count. Headbutt by Luchasaurus and he slams Cutler to the ground. Tag to Stunt who is leg-dragged by Cutler into Avalon. Dropkick by Stunt and he hits the hurricanrana. Avalon takes him to the top rope and throws him down. Mounting punches by Avalon. Collision by the combatants and the hot tag to Luchasaurus. He throws Cutler and knees Avalon. Back body slam by Luchasaurus. Cutler breaks up the Goozle as they double dropkick Luchasaurus as well as dropkicks Stunt. Cutler is thrown to the outside but Avalon with a tornado DDT to Luchasaurus for two! He takes Luchasaurus down with a hurricanrana and Cutler follows up with a sunset flip on the tag for two. Double knee kick to Luchasaurus but he no sells it and picks up Avalon, throwing him out of the ring. Cutler jumps on the apron and tries to get a hammerlock. Avalon rolls up Luchasaurus for two. Stunt goes in and they double chokeslam Avalon. Luchasaurus with the shooting star press for the three count [***] A very entertaining match. I get that they want to push this "search for the first win" angle for Avalon/Cutler, but I think they got way too much offense on Luchasaurus, who needs to be as protected as possible. 

Robert Anthony vs. AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. Before the match, Brian Cage comes out to join Taz at the commentary booth. Just a bit of note, Anthony and Moxley have history together from their training days. Anthony comes out in some Captain Marvel gear. The Champ through his usual entrance. They lock up and Anthony gets a wristlock but Moxley reverses it. He breaks it up and shrugs. Waistlock takedown by Moxley but Anthony gets the ropes for the break up. Leg whip for a one count. Headlock by Mox and Anthony reverses it. Mox goes to his corner. He comes back with a ground and pound attack as he gets the leg scissors. Wristlock by the champ and throw to the outside. Mox gets off a suicida before throwing Anthony back in the ring. Boots in the corner and the dragon suplex for a one count. Leg lock by Moxley to the knee of Anthony who fights it off. Single leg Boston Crab but Anthony grabs the ropes. Great leg takedown by Mox and he throws him down with the suplex. He puts Anthony in the corner and bends his back into the corner. Single leg grapevine on the outside. He brings in Anthony for a double stomp but misses. Anthony with a surfboard for a two count. Chops into the corner by Anthony. He charges but misses and Mox hits him with the boot. Neutralizer attempt is reversed into a back drop into a Death Valley Driver by Anthony for a two count! Paradigm Shift by Moxley reversed by Anthony into a charge. He goes to the top for a body press but Moxley reverses it. He gets the Texas Cloverleaf and Anthony taps. [*] Great psychology for the submission, however...

Dear AEW, let's have a little conversation shall we? This is your WORLD CHAMPION, the face of your entire brand. He is booked to face his opponent in a few weeks for the title, and the last thing that he needs to have is a match in which he has to take 12 minutes to put away a jobber. Yes, we may know they have history together, but the casual fan doesn't. If Moxley can't beat this guy in 90 seconds, how are they supposed to buy him beating someone like Cage? Even if he wanted to let his friend get some offense in to make him look good, that should have been shot down in a heartbeat. 

ANALYSIS: 4. Although many AEW Dark matches are squashes, there was some nice development with Angels and the Sonny Kiss/Christopher Daniels match had some great chemistry. 

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