Tonight, it's AEW's third edition of of their Double Or Nothing PPV! Expect a lot of surprises in store and excitement as we have full capacity at Daily's Place in Jacksonville. 

Riho comes out to a HUGE pop, followed by the 703's own (Northern VA in the house!) Serena Deeb. 

Riho beat Deeb in the Womens' Tournament a few months ago to set up this match. They lock up and Deeb gets the push off into the headlock. Dueling chants already as Deeb goes for the quick cover. Riho bridges out and extends the handshake, but Deeb takes her sweet time and then slaps her. Riho retaliates but Deeb hits a series of uppercuts to a chorus of boos. Dropkick by Riho into a running knee strike. Riho goes up top and connects with the crossbody. Deeb goes for the Serenity Lock but Riho grabs the ropes. Leg whip by Deeb takes down Riho. Slingshot into the ropes by Deeb! 

She poses while her challenger is down. European Uppercut by Deeb to Riho followed by the Romero special. Grab of the nose by Deeb and the stomp on the knees. Abdominal stretch by Deeb but Riho counters with an arm drag. She charges at the ropes but Deeb gets the front chancery. Neckbreaker by Deeb on the ropes! Two count for the champ. She puts Riho in the inverted Gory special and backs into the turnbuckle. Riho on the top and Deeb comes with the European Uppercuts. Deeb joins her up top and Riho lays some shots into her. Diving foot stomps by Riho but she clutches her knee. Kick by Riho followed by a hurricanrana, dropping Deeb on the ropes. 619 by Riho for a two count! Deeb breaks up the full nelson into a flying octopus hold. Front chancery into a suplex reverse by Riho for two! They go to the ropes and Riho goes for the double stomp on the apron but Deeb was ready and moves out of the way. Another dragon screw leg whip into a twisting neckbreaker for two. Powerbomb for Deeb gets two. She goes for the Detox but Riho flips her over in a back body drop. Knees in the corner by Riho followed by the snapdragon! She goes up top again and double foot stomp on the back of Deeb but Riho is slow to capitalize. She goes in the corner and Deeb reverses the charge into a single leg crab. Riho got the ropes though. Dragon screw leg whip by Deeb and she goes for the Detox. Riho gets the roll up for two. Deeb gets the single leg crab and Riho has to tap out. [***1/2] The energetic crowd and great chain wrestling made this an exciting opener. 

JR and Taz comes out on commentary and here we go!

Brian Cage vs. Hangman Page

Page goes right at him and Cage pushes him down. Kick by Page but the Machine isn't feeling it as he throws him into the ropes. Clothesline by Page gets one. Clothesline off the middle rope but Cage takes him out by the apron. Suicida by Page! Cage catches him though and throws him into the buckle. He throws Page into the guardrail. Chants of "Let's Go Hangman" rings throughout Daily's Place as they get back into the ring. Cage drives his shoulder into the midsection of Page and hits a jumping knee strike. He throws Page into the turnbuckle as the Cowboy bounces off. Cage gets some bicep curls in as Page counters into a two count. Page charges off the ropes and they hit dueling clotheslines. Page goes for it again and clotheslines him off the top rope. Page goes up top and hits the moonsault fron the heavens! 

He throws Cage back in the ring and the Machine attacks him as they go up top. Hurricanrana by Page gets two! Cage kicks him off the apron. Cage takes him up for a suplex but Page moves away. Punch by Page gets two. He was going for the Deadeye but Cage gets a knee strike into an impressive one arm neckbreaker. Charge in the corner by Cage and hits the drop onto the top rope. Suplex onto the entrance ramp by the Machine! He puts Hangman on the top and attempts the backbreaker. F5 off the top rope but Page kicks out at two. Cage tries for the Buckshot Lariat (?) but Page knows when someone's trying his move and hits an F5 of his own. Power bomb followed by a Buckle bomb. Jacknife pin by Page followed by a discus punch by Cage. Spinning Liger Bomb gets two. 

Hook comes out of nowhere and distracts the ref, meanwhile Ricky Starks throws in the FTW belt and Cage says no. Page tries for the Deadeye and gets thrown out of the ring. While Cage talks to his teammates...BUCKSHOT LARIAT! 1...2...3 [****] What an excellent match that was telling a great story, expect to see these two guys battling again for the World Title.

Afterwards Cage gets in Ricky's face and pushes Hook aside as he walks away. 

Kingston comes out with Chico's Bail Bonds jersey from the Bad News Bears and the shoes they stole last week from the Young Bucks. Apparently Nick Jackson dyed his hair. No time for that as the faces jump them. Moxley stuffs Matt's face with the confetti. Mox stops to take a beverage of grain while Kingston attacks Nick by throwing him into the barricade. Don Callis is on commentary. Brandon Cutler gives the cooling spray but Eddie isn't having none of that. Cutler is put to sleep and eats a lariat from Moxley back in the ring. Nick attacks Kingston from behind and the bell finally rings. Eddie chops Nick in the chest and hits him with a knee to the mid section. Knees to the back of Nick's head and he tags Moxley. He knocks off Matt and gives him a one finger salute for good measure. The faces double team while the ref moves Matt to his corner. Knee strike to the corner by Moxley and Kingston suplexes Nick for a two count. Kingston takes him in the corner but Nick thumbs him in the eye. The Jacksons double team Kingston after knocking Mox off the apron. 

Matt trolls the crowd and clotheslines Kingston. He mocks Hulk Hogan's pose then gets pulled to the outside by Moxley. Tag to Nick who tries to jump on Kingston but Eddie gives him the Exploder suplex. Hot tag to Moxley and he takes on both brothers with clotheslines. Piledriver by Moxley gets two followed by the Bulldog choke. Double DDT to the Jacksons! Back body drop to Matt. Here comes Karl Anderson of the Good Brothers. Kingston takes out Doc Gallows. Frankie Kazarian goes after Anderson. Meanwhile the ref is distracted and Matt hits Moxley with the cooling spray bottle. He takes Moxley to the outside and they hit the Meltzer Driver on the outside ramp. He gets back in before the count of 10. He beckons Matt to attack him and he obliges with a series of kicks and punches. Senton by Nick Jackson off the ropes gets two. Kicks to the back of Moxley. He counters but falls victim to the double team. However he hits a double back drop (!) and gets the hot tag to Kingston who lays in some shots. Belly to Belly Suplex followed by a enzuguiri kick. Stretch club broken up by Nick but Cesaro's best friend no sells it and knocks him down. Sliced break followed by the running knee strike for two. Nick goes up top for the senton but Kingston has the knees up. Tag to Moxley but he eats a superkick party. Bang for Your Buck is broken up and Moxley has the sleeper hold on Matt but Nick breaks it up with the 450 splash for two. Meltzer Driver attempt broken up. Violent Ground broken up as well. Moxley throws the shoes at Kingston but the ref throws them away. Mox up top...DOOMSDAY DEVICE! Nick breaks it up at 2 however. Superkick broken up into a Paradigm Shift attempt. Nick reverses and locks in the Sharpshooter. Eddie breaks it up with a punch. Clothesline by Matt but Moxley connects with the Paradigm Shift for two. Headbutts by Moxley into Nick's head. Bulldog sleeper but Matt hits a double dropkick. Paradigm Shift attempt again but the brothers hit their Superkick party but Moxley gets out at one. Bucks connect with the superkick. BTE Trigger to Moxley and they do it again and again. [***] Solid match, I'm shocked that Moxley ate the pinfall. 

Update: QT Marshall is replaced in the Casino Battle Royal by Aaron Solow

Casino Battle

Paul Wight comes out as Justin Roberts goes over the rules

Christian Cage comes out first for the clubs group, Matt Sydal is second, Powerhouse Hobbs is third, and Dustin Rhodes (w/bullrope) is fourth. Finally, Caster comes out an eviscerates everyone, especially Cage. 

Sydal was the first to be eliminated, followed by Caster. Next is the diamonds group: Matt Hardy, 10, Nick Comoroto, Serpentico (who gets thrown out there by Luther), and Isiah Kassidy. Serpentico is eliminated, as is Comoroto. Nick comes out and hits Dustin with the cowbell. Hobbs eliminates Dustin. The Hearts group is next: Varsity Blonds, Colt Cabana, Anthony Bowens and Penta El Zero Miedo. Bowens is eliminated. Last suit is Spades: Jungle Boy, Marq Quen, Aaron Solow, Evil Uno, and Lee Johnson. Pillman Jr. and 10 are eliminated. Solow and Uno are also eliminated. Jungle Boy eliminates Penta. Hobbs eliminated by Cage. Griff is eliminated by Quen. The Hardy Family Office attacks Cage and Jungle Boy as we come down to the Joker. 

And it's....LIO RUSH! He comes out to a huge pop. Unfortunately it's not for long as Hardy eliminates him. Side Effect by Hardy to Jungle Boy but he strikes back with a clothesline. He eliminates both members of Private Party with the help of Cage. 

It's Hardy, Jungle Boy and Cage. Hardy pleads his history with Cage but it's for naught as Cage eliminates him. Jungle Boy is quickly attacked by Cage but the veteran goes to the top rope and hits him with an elbow. Cage hits a faceplant and then sets up for the spear. They end up on the apron and JB kicks him in the face. Nice swing by Jungle Boy and he throws Cage over the top to win the Battle Royal! 

Cody locks up Ogogo's arm and then kicks him into the uppercut. He eats one of Ogogo's punches and then an Olympic slam for two. Cody into a nice bridge to lock up the arm. Ogogo rolls outside but punches Cody as he tries to roll outside. Standing switch by Ogogo into the German suplex. Elbow drop by Ogogo for one. As the ref is distracted QT Marshall hits Cody as Ogogo covers for one. Arn Anderson chases QT with a chair, only for QT to fall. Cody clutches the ribs while he attacks. Driving back drop by Ogogo gets two. He's covering the left eye while he's showing color. Cody goes to Arn for help. Cody gets the bulldog and targets the laceration of Ogogo. Cody cutter off the middle rope! He places Ogogo on the top and he attempts a suplex but Ogogo hits him with the right hand and Cody drops. He goes up top and hits a 5 star frog splash for two. Drop kick by Cody into a Figure Four but Ogogo sticks Cody in the face a for a two count. Uppercut by Ogogo knocks Cody out but his hand is under the ropes so it breaks up the pin. He drops Cody but only gets two. Governor's Hammer misses and Cody sets him up for the Vertebreaker for the win! [***] Given that Ogogo has only two matches under his belt, I gave it an extra star because he really impressed me. Nice to see Cody get the pin with a totally different move, never think I saw Dusty hitting the Vertebreaker though. 

THAT being said, I still think that Cody had nothing to lose by letting Ogogo become a true star by getting the pin. 

TNT Championshp: Miro vs. Lance Archer

Archer flies right at him as the bell rings. He throws some shoulder blocks in the corner. They collide with clotheslines and Archer goes Old School into the senton for one. They go outside and Archer throws Miro into the posts as he breaks the table with a spinebuster. Miro goes back outside and Lance chases him, only for the champ to hits him with a belly to belly on some of the AEW talent over the barricade. He lays in some shots to Archer and throws him back in the ring. Miro pumps up the crowd as he sets him up with some kicks to the sternum. Helicoaster by Lance gets the two count. He misses the moonsault press. Fallaway slam by Miro gets two. Behind him comes Jake (in leather drip) with the snake. Lance tries to attack and eats a thrust kick. Miro takes the bag and heave hoes it. He charges for Jake and eats a chokeslam from Lance for two. He takes Miro up top and goes for the Blackout but Miro powers out of it and chops him down with some kicks. The Pounce by Lance. Miro with the low kick followed by the snap suplex. The kicks by Miro. He stomps on Lance's back and locks in the Game Over. Lance passed out. [**1/2] Solid big man match with the right result. 

Baker comes out to a HUGE pop. Shida is a bit emotional as she enters. Baker shoves Shida in the face as Baker rolls her over. Shida misses with the knee strike. A roll up by Britt gets two and Shida reverses. Dueling chants. Surfboard by Shida but Baker rolls out. Shida follows her but Reba taunts her. Hurricanarana by Shida into a drop kick and the doctor rolls out. She throws Baker into the barricade. She gets a chair and attempts the rising knee strike. Baker moves out of the way but Shida connects on her and Rebel with the reverse crossbody. She places Baker on the apron and hits the knee strike but Baker saw it coming and countered with a swinging kick. They go back in the ring and Shida strikes with a kick. Baker reverses it and stomps Shida in the back. She goes for the glove from Reba and attempts the lockjaw. Shida moves away but Baker suplexes her for two. She kicks Shida in the corner and stomps on her for good measure. Shida fights back and lays some shots into Baker. She throws Baker into the turnbuckle and hits some brutal knee strikes. Shida beckons for the camera as she works Baker's nose. A two count for the champ. A running knee strike gets a two count. She gets Baker up and they exchange shots. Enzuguri by Shida. Fisherwoman's suplex by Baker gets two. Shida counters for the stretch muffler but Baker grabs the ropes. Thrust kick by Baker into the slingblade. Vertebreaker by Baker gets two. Lockjaw attempt is broken up as Shida tries for the ropes. Shida gets her up but Baker drops off. German suplex by Shida followed by a diving elbow strike. She takes Baker up top and goes for a Death Valley Driver. Baker slips away but Shida goes for it again and connects for a two count. Baker rolls her up for a two count. Shida's got a roll up for two. Reba distracts the ref and then goes for the crutch and then hits Baker! Shida with the Falcon Arrow for 2! Reba goes for the ref with the belt and throws it in the ring as the ref ejects her. Baker with the curb stomp on the belt for two. Shida with the running knee strike for two. Crucificx by Baker for two then she gets in the Lockjaw. Shida Taps! [****] Best Women's Match in AEW history, bar none.

Afterwards, Tony comes out and hugs the new AEW Women's Champion, who gets a huge pop from the audience. 

Darby goes right after them with a suicida and Sting throws Sky into the barricade. Page and Darby go at it while Sky suplexes Sting on the ramp, but the Stinger no sells it and splashes them. The bell rings while order is restored as Darby and Sting double team Sky. Tag to Page and he suplexes Darby. He makes the semi-hot tag to Sting who gets double teamed by the faces but the referee didn't see the tag so she sends him back. Page takes control by getting a wristlock on Darby and then presses him into the crowd. Sting gets him back in at the count of 9. Page with the Ego's Edge but Darby holds on to the ropes and gets a sleeper hold into a stunner. Finally the tag to Sting who comes in like a house of fire. Stinger Splash to Sky and Page. Boot to the midsection and Sting hits a Code Red. Page takes Darby off the top rope and then flip him onto Sting. As he attempt to throw Darby again, Sting gets the Scorpion Deathlock and Darby with the armbar. Sky breaks it up with the heel hook and we get dueling slaps. Fortunately the ref breaks it up. Sting and Sky face off and they exchange punches. He misses the Stinger Splash but counters into the Scorpion Deathdrop for the win. [****] I give this an extra star because to see a 62 YEAR OLD MAN do the things he did tonight is amazing and inspring. Also, the right team won considering they were constantly beaten down by the heels leading up to it. 

Kenny comes out with the belt drip. He attacks OC from the bell ring, transitioning into he and Pac. They push each other as Callis returns to commentary. They have a mid-air collision, allowing OC time to come back in. He gets a pin on both, only to get a one count for each. Chants of Freshly Squeezed erupts. He puts his hands in the pockets but instead gets the hurricanrana. Flying splash to Pac, followed by a swinging DDT for a two count. Omega charges in the corner. Hurricanrana by Pac onto Omega. Osai moonsault by Pac on the outside to Omega. He goes back in and puts boots to OC. He goes up top and dropkicks a returning Omega. Both competitors get up and eats another dropkick. Omega throws Pac into OC then hits a steamroller followed by a knee kick to OC, who's still in the corner. Chants of Kenny by the crowd. He takes Pac by the face and drags him across. Back body drop by Omega for one. Pac hits Omega with some punches but the champ hits a vicious pump kick. OC with a standing roll up for two. Omega chops OC in the chest. He throws OC into Pac, who drags OC out and attacks. This allows Omega to hit a flying senton from the top rope. 

He takes OC back in the ring but eats a Stundog Millionaire. Omega gets rolled up for two. Pac goes up and hits a 450 on both opponents. He springboards over Omega, and the champ hits a snapdragon. Casadora by OC and he eats a snapdragon. V-Trigger by Omega! He goes for another but Pac gets a boot in and throws OC out of the way, only to see another V-Trigger by Omega. V-Trigger onto OC and then he puts him onto the top rope. Avalanche dragon suplex attempt but OC breaks out of it by putting his hands in his pockets to break the grip. Pac gets up and gets the release German suplex! Hands still in the pockets, he hits a moonsault on Pac who's on the outside. Meanwhile, Omega hits the Tiger Driver 98 for two. Pac gets back in and Omega hits a backdrop for two. He pulls down his knee pad and slaps OC in the face. V-Trigger to OC's face, he attempts another one but OC puts his hands in his pockets and drops. Pac recovers and attacks Omega with kicks. Chops to the chest by Omega. V-Trigger! Suplex by OC, followed by Pac with a brainbuster. 

Omega takes Pac up top with Pac on his shoulders but he reverses. He takes Omega to the other top and hits a brainbuster. OC throws him out of the way and gets a 2.9 count. OC turns around to see a ticket off Pac, and here comes the kick to the sides, only for Pac to answer with one of his own. He htis a suicida on the top rope. BLACK ARROW! 1..2...NO. Omega breaks it up. Pac takes him back in and tries one more time but Omega moves out of the way. One Winged Angel attempt reversed by Pac into a brutalizer. OC with the Orange Punch into the Beach Break for two. Pac catches OC for a Liger bomb but OC counters with an Orange Punch to both for a loud pop. Callis pulled the referee out at 2. OC goes up but Omega breaks it up. OC headbutts him for good measure. Pac catches him with a suplex into a brutalizer. Omega comes back in and kicks him but Pac refuses to release the hold. Omega hits the ref and clobbers Pac with the title, then another one, then another one, and just for good measure Don gets him the AEW title and does it again. Orange Punch! Aubrey Edwards comes in as OC gets the pin for two but Omega rolls him up in the crucifix for a three count. [****] What a match! Excellent spots and the heel did what heels do. I really thought OC was going to do it for a second there. 

Tony Schiavone announces that MARK HENRY will be a coach for the company and the new announcer for the show AEW Rampage starting on August 13. 

The Inner Circle are coming down from the top of the stadium on wires. They attack the Pinnacle's limo. FTR arrives in their truck and we're underway. Sammy and Spears start in the ring that's in the middle of the stadium. MJF comes out of the limo where Jericho's waiting for him. Meanwhile the tag teams for each group attack each other. MJF hits Jericho with the fire extinguisher. Le Champion chases him into the kitchen where MJF throws hot coffee on him. Jericho counters with a megaphone and then hits him with the table and trash can. We get an Urban Meyer sighting as he hands Jericho a laptop. Where's Trevor Lawrence when we need him?

Wardlow and Hager are going at it in the basement of the kitchen. Wardlow grabs an icepick as they throw each other into the meat lockers. Sammy is looking for Shawn and he's sitting in a room of chairs. They have a fight with nothing but metal chairs. Sammy flipped off the wall and hits a nice kick on Spears. He chokes Spears with a set of wires. He goes up top but comes down only to eat a ladder by Spears. He grabs some handcuffs and ties Sammy's hands to a shelf. He sees a pair of wire cutters.

Santana and Ortiz are in a club where they and FTR are in there with Tully. They clear everyone out and meet at a table. Tully offers them all a drink, and they start fighting. Konnan is the DJ and he stops Tully from attacking. LAX reunion! Santana takes the belt and whips Cash with it. Dax and Ortiz start throwing fists. Cash throws beer bottles at Santana as they go into the elevator. 

Meanwhile, Wardlow has Hager on the ground. He picks up a wooden palette and misses throwing it on Hager. They go on the cart and Wardlow dumps his body on the top. Chokeslam through the crate by Hager. Back at Jaguar HQ, MJF is working the arm and he hits an image of Shad Khan. Jericho says that he's in so much trouble. He staples a sign to MJF's head. Piledriver on the table by MJF gets two. He grabs a claw hammer and takes it to Jericho's arm but he gets a trash can to the head of MJF. He opens up the cabinet and what do you know, Floyd the bat is there. He chokes MJF with it then throws him through a glass window.

Spears is looking Tully but then runs into the Inner circle motorcycle club who run him into another room. Jericho takes MJF into Daily's Place. He places MJF between the staircase. MJF slams Jericho's injured arm on the railing. He tries to dump Jericho over the railing but he gets out of it and throws a stage light over it. Powerbomb onto the table! 

Spears is now being chased by a golf cart driven by Sammy. He catches him and throws him into the ring. Death Valley Driver broken up but as Sammy goes up he eats a chair shot by Spears for a two count. He goes to pick up the chair but Sammy remains defiant. Spears clobbers him for a two count. He puts the chair in the corner but Sammy recovers and hits the GTH. He takes Spears' head and slams it into the steel chair. He goes up top and htis the 720 senton for the win. [*****] It was crazy, wacky, violent and all around fun. If the Inner Circle was going to win, it had to be Sammy who did it. Perfect ending to the PPV. 

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