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On what was an good episode of Dynamite in the ring, there were several interesting developments from a storyline perspective. We'll break down the major questions coming out of AEW after tonight... 

1) Pinnacle makes their presence known on the ring and on the mic. Although the match between FTR/Shawn Spears vs. Varsity Blonds/Dante Martin wasn't a mat classic, it's what happened afterwards that sticks out. Led by MJF the group cut a promo on the Inner Circle, questioning their presence while promising to go after gold of their own. We now wait to see when the IC will get their revenge.

2) Where does Hangman Page go from here? Page beat Cesar Benoni in a ho-hum match. Now, what do they do with him going forward. AEW needs to set him up for a serious top level feud if they're preparing him to become the man in the company. Question is: who can they have him face?

3) Britt Baker establishes herself as the true face of the AEW Women's Division. After an incredible match last week that will be remembered for years to come, Baker was interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Her promo was one of impact and direction, as she soaked in the boos. Despite losing in the Women's Eliminator Tournament and last week, she has become even stronger in the eyes of many, and it's only a matter of time before she holds the title. It's the right thing to do.

4) What's going on with QT Marshall? As one person said on Twitter, "They're not going to do the Larry Zbysko/Bruno Sammartino angle from 40 years ago aren't they?" Unfortunately they are, and even if this results in Cody being on the shelf for a while, it will not get QT over. 

5) Christian's first match on AEW. Next week, Christian Cage will take on Frankie Kazarian. Cage is sure to win but how will he be perceived? As face or heel?

6) Sign Laredo Kid now! After being gone from AEW due to injury, the Laredo Kid put on a show tonight with the Lucha Bros as they beat Brandon Cutler/Young Bucks. We don't know the extent of PAC's injury but if this means more time for AEW to sign and develop a new star, then this author is all for it. 

7) Tay Conti: Next AEW Women's Champion? Tay Conti has been one of the most improving wrestlers over the past year, and kudos to AEW for putting her over Nyla Rose in a solid match. They're going to keep her strong and having her face off with Bunny will only build her up even more. Even though she is now the #1 contender, I'm sure a certain wrestler will be 'Swole' about it. 

8) John Silver and Darby Allin tear the house down. Speaking of matches, the best one of the night was the main event for the TNT championship. This is what AEW needs to keep doing: featuring young talent in big spots. Silver earned this opportunity to take on a star in Allin. 

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