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Here we go! The Jurassic Express are in the ring already as they get ready for their match with FTR, but it's not the champs that show's the YOUNG BUCKS! They invite the referee to a SUPERKICK PARTY! That's a finin'. Matt takes a wad of bills and throws it at Tony Khan who's sitting in the gorilla position. They walk past FTR who just smirks at them. Another referee comes in to replace Rick Knox. 

Jungle Boy and Dax Harwood begin but the teams quickly tag their partners until all four wrestlers are in the ring. As they go back to their corners the match becomes a back and forth affair, with FTR using their tag team expertise to confound the young Jungle Boy until he avoids the charge from Cash Wheeler. Luchasaurus comes in off the hot tag and cleans house with a series of kicks and clotheslines. Jungle Boy and Cash exchange roll up pinfalls, with Jungle Jack Perry almost getting the win off a top rope cross body into a school boy. Cash breaks up the pin and takes on Luchasaurus outside. The big dinosaur misses a dive towards Dax. Back in the ring a sunset flip attempt by Jungle Boy on Dax gets reversed by Tully Blanchard. Cash holds Jungle Boy's feet for the three count. [***] A great tag team match with the heels relying on their grit and chicanery to pull off the win by cheating against a very good team. 

Tony says that something in the back happened and we go to Alex Marvez. Matt Hardy is on the ground writhing in pain. Private Party is with him and Chris Jericho shows up alongside Jake Hager to chastise Hardy before their match. 

We're joined by Kenny Omega at the commentary booth as SCU's Frankie Kazarian getting ready to face Hangman Adam Page. Originally it was meant to be a tag team match but Omega says he can't confirm if he wanted to do it. Kaz and Page lock up and go into the corner. Great series of mat wrestling by the competitors. Sunset flip gets two. Drop toehold by Kaz into an STF. Page with shots to the gut until Kaz brings him down with a headlock. Page catches him with a scoop slam. They exchange slaps in the corner until Page gets the better of Killer Kowalski's student. Suplex by Page but Kaz reverses it and gets some shots in the corner. Springboard punch by Page takes Kaz out of the ring. The pescada from the top rope by Page as we go picture in picture! 

Back in the ring we see Kaz putting the Hangman in a headlock. They exchange shots as they head into the ropes. Kaz gets him in the German Suplex but Page uses his momentum to get a clothesline. Kaz gets the boot in the corner, however Page catches Kaz as he comes off the top rope for the cross body. Fallaway slam followed by the Shooting Star Press by Page! He charges for Kaz but eats a boot. Kaz with the jumping DDT off the ropes for a two count. Unprettier attempt blocks by Page but Kaz gets the backslide for two. They try to get up and Kaz hits the Unprettier! Page gets up for two. Sliding lariat by Page and he hits the Death Valley Driver for a two count. Kaz flings him into the ropes and hits another DDT for a two count. They fight each other off with punches until Kaz gets the slam. Page catches him in the cross body and hits a powerbomb for two. Page goes outside the ropes and Kaz slides out of there. Clothesline by Page and then Kaz punches him until Page kicks him off and then...BUCKSHOT LARIAT! 1...2...3 [****] Great match as these two veterans exchanged back and forth moves. Page proved just how great he was as a singles wrestler. 

After the match Omega walks out and Page is wondering what happened to his friend...but that's ok, because he gets a beer tossed to him. Nothing like a cold one to smooth some loneliness. 

MJF makes his way to the ring along with Wardlow. He's facing Shawn Dean who he makes tap in seconds. [*] SQUASH CITY

Wardlow throws Dean out of the ring and gives MJF the mic. He says that because Jon Moxley cheated that he should be referred as the Undefeated, Undisputed, Uncrowned Champion of All Elite Wrestling. He makes Justin Roberts announce him as such. Afterwards he says that in order to grow in AEW one he needs a stable.

Speaking of stables, here's Eddie Kingston with Butcher, Blade & the Lucha Brothers. He talks about how he never lost the battle royal and deserves a title shot. He says that they aren't a stable, a faction they are a family of violence. He sends Butcher and Blade to attack some scrubs. Lucha Brothers with a sweet double kick. Kingston calling the action as Griff Garrison gets the Full Death stomp by Fenix. Kingston has them throw the green haired guy out of the ring. He tells Blade to get his house in order. What does that mean? 

Hager and Quen start but Private Party uses their quickness to subdue the Inner Circle duo. Double suicidas on the outside knocks them down. Kassidy with the flying headbutt on Hager back in the ring for a one count. Private Party use their double suplex ability to bring down Hager. Once Jericho comes in he takes advantage of Quen's youthful mistakes and locks him down. Kassidy comes in off the hot tag and attacks Jericho with a sunset flip for two. Elbow smash to Le Champion but Hager hits him in the back with the bat Floyd when the referee's back is turned. We go picture in picture. 

Hager has Kassidy in a headlock as we return. The former MMA fighter drops him with a body drop and hits Quen off the apron. Both teams tag their partners and Quen hits Jericho with a body drop off the top rope. Private Party goes for the Gin 'N Juice but Hager breaks it up. Jericho gets Kassidy up.... JUDAS EFFECT! 1...2...3 [***] Great tag team match.

Afterwards Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but Quen throws him out of the ring. 

Shida is on the outside as the two competitors in the ring square off. They exchange arm drags and then slaps. Hurricanrana by Rosa but Ivelisse returns the favor with one of her own. Black Widow by Thunder Rosa while Diamante distracts her. Roll up by Ivelisse for two and Rosa rolls out of the ring. Ivelisse gets on the apron and kicks Rosa as we go picture in picture. 

Back in the match and Ivelisse is in the ring kicking Rosa. The champion grabs her leg and hits the dragon screw. Double knees by Rosa in the corner. Back slide by Ivelisse gets a two count. Russian leg sweep by Rosa into an STF. Elbow charge by Ivelisse but gets picked up by Rosa for a DVD and gets a two count. Elbow again by Ivelisse into a face kick for a two and a half count. Ivelisse goes to the ropes but Rosa goes after her and kicks her in the gut. Tombstone Piledriver for the three count! [***] Another strong match for Rosa and this is what the division sorely needs.

Afterwards Diamante attacks Rosa but Shida breaks it up. She picks up the NWA title and hands it to Rosa. However, Shida did admire that belt a bit too long...

We see Miro lifting weights while Kip Sabian talks about the upcoming bachelor party. 

The Murderhawk Monster comes in and chokeslams a scrub while Jake Roberts grabs a mic. He calls out Taz to the ring, and he obliges. Taz says that his team is willing to team with Archer for next week's six man tag match against Moxley, upon the agreement that when Archer wins the title he will give Brian Cage the first shot. 

Speaking of the champ, here he comes! A fan comes to attack him, but it's actually Ricky Starks, along with Cage. They double team Mox and here comes WILL HOBBS with a chair. He cleans house on Team Taz. Mox says that Hobbs and Darby Allin will be his partners. 

Main event time as it's the Parking Lot Battle with the Best Friends facing off with Santana and Ortiz. The Puerto Rican duo have the Dead Presidents face paint on and they just begin slamming each other into the cars. Trent slams the hood of a Chevy on Ortiz. Senton on the hood by Chuck Taylor! Sit out Senton by Trent on the hood. Slingshot by Santana on the head of Trent with the truck bed. There's color on Santana's head as Ortiz throws a sledgehammer into the window of another car. Suplex by Ortiz on the hood of a sedan for a two count. Best Friends drop Santana & Ortiz on the cars. Trent goes for the swinging DDT but Ortiz avoids it and hits him in the head with the dust pan. Chuck grabs a bike rack. Suplex to Ortiz on the concrete. Santana breaks a 2x4 on Trent's back. Powerbomb by Ortiz on the top of the car! The heels pick up Trent and throw him into the windshield! Taylor with the bat and he chokes Santana worse than the LA Clippers. Santana with the flip over the trash can. Ortiz breaks off the remaining 2 x 4 on Trent. Santana is yelling at Chuck and lays his fists in his face. He grabs a steel pipe but out of the trunk comes ORANGE CASSIDY! Superman punch with a steel chain to Santana. He brings him to Chuck Taylor who piledrives him on the car. Trent piledrives Ortiz for the three count. [*****] This is how you end a show with a PPV quality match on an episode of Dynamite. These guys gave their all, and there's no problem with the finish. It keeps the Inner Circle-Best Friends rivalry going strong. 

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