Young Bucks vs. Top Flight

Instantly the Martin brothers came out with a flurry of kicks and flips taking the Tag Team champs off their game. They almost pulled out the victory when Nick Jackson got rolled up for a surprise two count. However, the champs get the BTE Trigger for the win. A great showcase for the young team making their debut on national television. Expect to see them more in the future. After the match TH2 attacks Top Flight, maybe they're getting a chance to return the favor, say with a new contract from AEW?

Next was the Inner Circle doing Vegas. Everclear was drank; hilarity ensued, and Wardlow still doesn't get along with Jake Hager. 

Jon Moxley talks about his upcoming match with Kenny Omega, but tonight they have a contract signing to do in preparation for their December 2 match. By the way, congratulations to Jon and Renee on the announcement of their child!

Orange Cassidy vs. Kip Sabian

Cassidy won with the mousetrap pinfall.

Omega/Moxley "Winter Is Coming" Contract Signing

Omega makes it to the ring, but the champion is laid out in the back. The challenger signs and has no idea what happened, but he'll be waiting for him in two weeks. 

More from the Inner Circle's time in Las Vegas. The vodka is kicking in as they introduce an Elvis impersonator as the newest member. MJF says that they are blood brothers, and Sammy Guevara is about to cut himself up to prove it. We get a Hangover moment where they wake up in all sorts of places, including Sammy in a bathtub and is married to three wives. There's a vertically challenged person looking like a baby. I was expecting Mike Tyson to show up and knock out Jericho but oh well...

PAC vs. The Blade

PAC jumps the Blade and throws him to the outside. From barricade to barricade he takes Blade for a trip. Back in the ring he slides out and gets in the Butcher's face, allowing his partner to slide kick PAC and throw him in the barricade. Chops to PAC and Blade his the slingshot suplex on the ropes. Rope assisted DDT by PAC. Throws Blade into the ropes and goes after Bunny. Butcher attacks from behind and throws PAC into the ring. Doctor bomb by Blade as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and they are exchanging chops in the corner. Powerslam by Blade gets a two count. They go to the corner, up top, and PAC hits the superplex. Shoutout to Eddie Kingston for the Barry Windham reference during commentary. PAC goes up for the Red Arrow and Bunny distracts. Blade rolls up the tights for a two count. He tries again...Shooting Star Press into the Brutalizer! Blade taps. 

Afterwards PAC grabs the mic and looks at Eddie Kingston. He calls him out but then the Butcher attacks from the rear. Eddie gets the mic and goes to work on the promo. He's going to put him through the gauntlet, but then Rey Fenix attacks Kingston! The heels take advantage. Here comes Penta, with chair accessories. They call for him to hit his brother...and he goes after Kingston. DEATH TRIANGLE REUNITES!

We go to the back, and it's Jade McGill pillmanizing Brandi's arm and Vickie Guerrero with Nyla Rose holding back the refs. Big Swole comes back to confront her. 

NWA World Championship: Serena Deeb vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa is in her Mexican flag gear. They lock up and go to more of a mat based style. Rosa gets the flapjack for a two count. Drop toehold to Deeb on the ropes. However, the champ takes advantage of Rosa's haste and dropkicks her as we go to break. We're back and Rosa elbows Deeb in the corner. Slingblade to Serena! Drop knee to the chest by Rosa. Two count by the challenger. She begins to favor the knee and Serena attacks from behind. Snap neckbreaker over the ropes. Rosa recovers and tries to hit the fireman's carry but Deeb with the spear on the apron! They go back in the ring and Rosa with a gutwrench powerbomb for two. Deeb is kicked to the outside and she's distracted by REBA! While the ref breaks it up Rosa is attacked by Dr. Britt Baker. Deeb hits the powerbomb for two. After a series of roll ups Rosa hits a double stomp. Deeb kicks out at two. Backslide attempt is reversed by Deeb and she hits the facebuster for the win to retain the title. 

Afterwards she takes out her frustration on the good doctor by laying her out. 

Next week Anna Jay takes on Shida for the AEW Women's Title. 

Main Event: Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin vs. Team Taz

Cody comes out with a shirt apparently mocking Shaq. Allin and Starks exchange locks and when Cage is tagged Allin brings in Cody. The Machine gets in a few punches and tilt-a-whirl. Dropkick by Cody. Avoids Cage's charge and hits the moonsault off the top rope. Taz drops the headset and joins his tutelages at ringside as we go picture or picture. We're back and Cage gets a backdrop on Cody and Arn has been removed from ringside for interference. Starks goes in and lays shots to Cody in the corner. Darby is tagged and cleans house on Team Taz. Jack knife pin for two. Cage suplex both Allin and his partner. Cody goes after Taz and then disaster kick to Cage. Spear by Starks. Cage comes back to slam Allin and the TNT champ hits a destroyer for two! Cody comes back in and hits Starks with the Crossroads. Cage gets back up and plants Cody on his head and clotheslines Allin. He puts him on the top in a waistock. Darby hits some elbows to stop it and brings Cage to the ground. Starks grabs the boot of Darby. Cage gets him up...DRILL CLAW from the top rope! 1...2...3

Afterwards Team Taz lays out the faces and here comes WILL HOBBS w/chair. He holds the FTW title up...and lays out CODY. He's joined Team Taz! The manager talks smack to the EVP as we fade to black. 

ANALYSIS: The show started off with a high paced tag team match and really ebbed and flowed throughout the night. Strong build with the lead to Moxley/Omega and with the Women's division finally getting some storylines to follow. It will be interesting to see how Will Hobbs develops with Team Taz. Great show all around. FINAL GRADE: 7


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