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It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means...

AEW Dynamite is at the Arthur Ashe Center in Queens, New York for this historic night of action!

We're going right to it, the dream match everyone has been waiting for!

Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega

This crowd is electric as the bell rings and Omega puts the belt in Bryan's face. They lock up and Omega takes him to the ropes and chops Bryan. However BD's not selling it and he takes Omega to the mat in an arm lock. Kick by Bryan and Omega bails. He gets back in and gets a small nelson. They go to the ropes and avoid each other and BD eats a chop by Omega. He bends back Omega's fingers and stomps on it. He chops him in the chest and gets some patented kicks in, as does Omega. He dumps the champ outside and hits a suicida. He takes Omega back in and locks him in an arm bar. 

Omega pulls up Bryan's hair and stomps him, Bryan's chest is beet red. He's chopping Omega in the corner, and he takes Bryan outside. Senton off the top rope by Omega! They go back in and he avoids the Blue Shadow and BD rolls him up for two. Cattle Mutilation by Bryan but Omega uses his foot to grab the ropes. Knee off the top rope by Bryan to the outside! Kicks to the chest of Omega. Omega blocks the kick and hits a snapdragon. He runs to the top of the ramp and delivers a vicious V-Trigger while we go picture in picture!

We're back and Omega is in the ring with his foot on Danielson. Buckle Bomb over the rope. Omega goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for two. Roll up by Bryan gets two. Spin kick to the back of Danielson by Omega. Running knee in the corner. He places BD on the top of the corner and goes for an Avalanche but Bryan fights him off. He pushes Omega off and while favoring his wrist he hits a backdrop to the mat. Kicks by Bryan and Omega exchanges with some shots to the jaw. V-Trigger by Omega, Bryan with the Shoulder Capture for two. The crowd is explosive. 

They go up top and Omega hits the snapdragon from the top rope, and gets two. Omega decides to go from the V-Trigger and hits it. One Winged Angel but Danielson hits a hurricanrana. Omega in the corner misses the V-Trigger and Danielson hits a kick to the head. Powerbomb by Omega into another V-Trigger for two. Omega is depleted but goes up top and misses the Phoenix Splash! Danielson grabs his wrist and hits some more kicks to the chest and the leg. Omega counters with elbow strikes. He stomps Omega in the head. Running Knee by BD, Omega hits a chop and we have a time limit draw! [*****] Energy, ebb and flow, and vicious shots that left you wanting more. This match lived up to the hype and we are going to get a 60-minute match I'm sure in the future. 

Afterwards the Elite attack, but Jurassic Express and Christian Cage comes in for the save.

CM Punk speaks

He comes out and talks about the attack by Team Taz last week. He says that they should've finished the job and on Rampage Hobbs will go to sleep. 

He goes to hug his Heels co-star Stephen Amell.

MJF vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

MJF offers his hand to shake but Pillman attacks with some mounting punches and chops in the corner. MJF reverses and throws him in the other corner. Arm drags by Pillman followed by the hip toss. He tosses him and they exchange chops. Knees by Pillman and MJF slaps him, only to be slapped back. They go in the corner and MJF stomps on Pillman, only to celebrate in the corner. Stomps on the finger of Pillman and MJF throws him in the ropes, and Pillman gets a sunset flip for two. MJF sends him shoulder first to the mat as we go picture in picture. We're back and we see MJF about to attack Julia Hart when Pillman dropkicks him from the outside. They go back in and as Pillman attempts to hit the crossbody, MJF locks in the Salt of the Earth for the submission. [**1/2] Good match.

Alex Marvez is with Chris Jericho and Jake Hager as they take on Men of the Year on Friday. 

Cody Rhodes vs. Malakai Black

Cody looks at the jeering crowd and he goes for a single leg takedown. Slam by Black. Brandi (who accompanied Cody to the ring) gives him a number one salute with the middle finger and is attacked by Cody from behind. He takes Black outside and eats a knee drop as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Cody tries to roll him up for two. Black Mass by Black and Cody rolls out of the ring. Black goes outside and tries to pick up Cody. Rhodes gets back in and grabs the ropes with his feet at two. Brandi cheering her man on. Cody with the chop block. Black misses the kick and he's limping as Cody gets the dragon screw. They go back in the ring and Cody gets a leg drop to several boos. He chops Black in the chest. Spinning Elbow by Black but Cody counters. He charges and Black tosses him to the corner. Brandi cheers on her man. Black kicks out of the Cross Rhodes and Cody hits the cutter. Cross Rhodes! Black kicks out at two. Arn gets on the apron. He picks up Black and is tossed into Arn. He goes to check on him and he yells at Black. He gets Malakai in the corner and hits some body shots. The ref tries to pull them apart and Cody hits the ref. Black hits some mist in his face and rolls him up for the finish. [***] They did a great job of telling a story of a man who looked confused by the boos, and the distractions took its toll on Cody, leading into the finish. 

Next week Sammy Guevara faces Miro for the TNT Championship. 

FTR vs. Sting & Darby Allin

Dax and Darby lock up and Allin goes back to his corner. He tags Sting and Cash comes in as well. They lock up and the Icon backs Cash into the ropes. He lures Sting in and while the ref is turned FTR double teams Sting but he recovers with some clotheslines and fists into a slam. He misses the Stinger Splash and they double team Sting in the heel corner. Leg drop by Dax gets two. Shoulder block by Sting into a inadvertent head drop to th enads. Tag to Darby and he gets a couple of kicks to Cash and a Coffin Splash, knocking FTR to the ground. He tries to Coffin splash but FTR drops him as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and FTR intercepts the tag by Darby and he slides away to get the hot tag to Sting. Spinebuster by Sting to Dax gets two. Sting goes up top and hits the crossbody on Dax. Cash hits Sting on the ropes and Dax gets a roll up for two. Dax goes for a piledriver and and Sting reverses. Cash comes in and Sting hits a Stinger Splash on Dax and Cash. He misses but Tully has a chair in the corner and Sting avoids it, and throws Dax into the chair. He hits Tully and then locks in the Scorpion Deathlok. Darby hits the Coffin Drop Elbow on Cash and it allows Sting to sit on the move, forcing Dax to tap. [***1/2] Some might be disappointed in the result, but the pop that Sting was getting, followed by how he was going in the ring, it was the right call. 

AEW Women's Title Match: Ruby Soho vs. Britt Baker

The bell rings and they lock up as dueling chants start and she slams Britt's head into the ground. Britt grabs Ruby but it's reversed into a side headlock. Knee to the chest of Baker. The champ is dazed and she walks outside. Soho goes up top and splashes on the duo of Reba and Jamie Hayter, only to eat a kick from Baker. Swinging neckbreaker by Baker as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Britt has Ruby on the ropes but Soho reverses it. Charging kick on Britt, followed by another one. Back heel trip is blocked and Baker hits an elbow. Fisherman's neckbreaker reversed into a backdrop and kick to the face by Soho. Cross kick by Baker. Soho and Baker exchange shots. Russian Leg Sweep by Baker but Soho gets out of it. Slingblade by Baker and she asks for the glove, which Reba obliges. Soho gets out of the stomp and gets a single leg crab. Catapult by Soho into an enzuguri. Soho goes up top and gets the splash for two. Chops to the chest of Baker but as she charges Baker boots her and gets the fisherman suplex. Kick to the head of Soho for two. Baker goes up top and Ruby joins her. Suplex attempt on the ropes by Soho but Baker breaks it up. They go to the top and Soho is picked up by Baker and hits a vicious Air Raid Crash! Soho gets out at two. They go outside and Baker hits her face first on the steel steps. Soho goes back in and Baker hits the stomp for two. Baker complains to the ref and Soho rolls her up for wo. Soho hits Reba and Hayter attacks when the ref is distracted, allowing Baker to gets the Lockjaw for the submission. [***1/2] Excellent match with the numbers game becoming too much for Soho to overcome.

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