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Fresh off of the arrival of FTR last week and the Tyson-Jericho melee, we begin another episode of AEW Dynamite! We start off with a nice video package of 'Black Lives Matter.' They certainly do. Then there's a recap of what took place last week, including Cody's open challenge for his TNT Championship, with Jungle Boy getting the first shot tonight, and the Tag Team Titles on the line as Kip Sabian/Jimmy Havoc face the champs Hangman Page and Kenny Omega.

As the pyro kicks off we see Britt Baker (w/Rebel) in a Role's Royce as she's in her own section. We also will get Le Champion taking on Colt Cabana as well as Big Swole vs. Nyla Rose.

The first match is the Tag Team Title match as Sabian (w/Penelope Ford) and Havoc make their way to the ring. Page comes out to a loud pop from those wrestlers in the stands. Dasha is doing the ring announcements. Omega and Havoc start us off with a lockup into the corner. Havoc slaps Omega who headlocks him. Punch and elbow by Havoc but Omega strikes back with one o of his own and as he goes to the ropes Penelope holds his foot long enough to give Havoc the advantage. Havoc hits Omega with a high knee, may have been a botch. Tag to Kip who kicks Omega in the back. Elbow for a two count. Headlock by Kip. Tag to Havoc who hits Omega and grabs his fingers. Kenny fights back and suplexes Havoc. Tag to Page who clears house. Charging clothesline and he tags Omega for a hammer smash. Dueling slaps as they ping pong Havoc. Kip comes in for a springboard but the champs catch him and toss him like a sack of potatoes. Penelope tries to jump in and hurricanrana on Page but he asks the ref what to do and Knox says to drop her, and he obliges. As the ref ejects Ford, Havoc comes in with a wrench and hits the champs for a two count. Charge into the ropes misses and Page hits Havoc and Kip. Havoc continues to work on Hangman in the corner while the British duo double team him with stomps. Page rolls outside of the ring but Havoc is en tow, throwing him back in and Kip gets a two count. Tag to Havoc and he does a sidelock takedown. Dropkick to Omega by Kip and they continue their double team attack on Page. However, Hangman gets his second wind and makes the hot tag to Omega, who comes in and hammers Havoc. Elbow to Kip but he eats a pump kick. Hurricanrana to Kip and Havoc misses the charge! Steamroller to Havoc by Omega and a Backstabber to Kip for a two count. Tag to Page and the champs work Kip in a double team of their own. Kutaro Crusher into a shooting star press by Page for a two count. Kip flips out of the charge and Hangman misses the hacksaw attack by Havoc. Clothesline by Page for a two count. Page throws Havoc out of the ring and tags Kenny, who misses the charge. Swinging DDT by Kip onto Omega. Tag to Havoc who eats a kick by Omega but hits the European Uppercut, tag to Kip who gets the double stomp. DDT by Havoc but Page breaks up the two count. Kip goes for the charge, misses but kicks Omega. Using his nimble speed, he kicks Page on the outside apron. Reverse Hurricanrana and tag to Havoc who goes for a slam but Omega counters into the Snap dragon. Kip comes in and eats a V-Trigger. Tag to Page who clotheslines the duo as does Omega. Powerbomb to Kip followed by Omega hitting the knee to Kip's spine. V-Trigger/Buckshot Lariat combo puts Havoc to sleep for the three count! [****] This was an excellent tag team match and arguably the best one in AEW since the classic bout at Revolution.  

We come back to the classic talk by Tully Blanchard as he ripped into Shawn Spears. Please watch that promo if you haven't. We see Tully coming into a vehicle where Spears is waiting. Tully has a package and says that he has a missing piece. He opens it and it's a black glove...shades of Barry Windham when he joined the Horseman?

"Who Can Stop the Path of Cage?" rings through the area as Brian 'The Machine' Cage enters with Taz. Cage's opponent is 'The Captain' Shawn Dean, who eats a Belly-to-Belly suplex. Driver by Cage and he stops Dean from leaving and hits a top rope suplex. Buckle Bomb into the Drill Claw for the academic three count. [*] Squash City: Population Dean. 

After the match Taz grabs the mic and says how the World Champion Moxley was mocking him last week. Beat him if you can, survive if he lets you. Just like that, the champ's music plays and here he comes from the stands. Taz says that before he enters the ring that the champ better be careful. Mox says that the reason he's smiling is the thought of stepping in with Cage makes him happy. He says to be very clear, stepping into the ring for the title is not a game. Mox puts Cage over, but he's a different machine entirely, and that at Fyter Fest they will find out. 

Just a programming note: Fyter Fest will be a two week affair, with night one being on Wednesday July 1 and night two will be on Wednesday July 8. 

Alex Marvez goes to interview Lance Archer as he's beating up a luckless soul. He grabs Marvez and says that after 20 years in the business one loss isn't going to stop him. Jake Roberts even apologizes for the intensity of his tutelage. Short and sweet promo.

Jim Ross discusses what took place in last week's match between the Elite and Private Party. Isiah Kassidy was hurt during the match and they go to a video of PP at the bar. Hardy shows up to check on his knee and Kassidy says his knee is doing better. Hardy puts them over and says that they remind him of he and his brother back in the day. He says that if they need anything to let him know. Quen suggests a 'Hardy Party.' As Hardy leaves he runs into Sammy Guevara, still on his roller after the Stadium Stampede. 

We go to Cody discussing his title win as we go to break.

As we return we get a video package of Brian Cage vs. Jon Moxley for Fyter Fest, and then the Jericho video of his bringing up a WWE angle from 10 years ago. It was dumb then, it's still dumb, I don't care how many mentions it got on social media and on TMZ. They show backstage footage of Jericho blaming Colt Cabana for stepping in his way of hitting Tyson, leading to tonight's match. Short, sweet and to the point.

As Jericho comes out Sammy Guevara just completely ruins the song, and we see Allie flirting with QT Marshall. In the ring, the two 20 year veterans begin pushing each other and Jericho hits some fits until Colt counters. He throws Le Champion out of the ring and follow through with chops of his own. As Hager steps to him Cabana goes to the apron and hits the Asai Moonsault on the Inner Circle duo. As Referee Aubrey Edwards' back is turn to Jericho, Hager smashes Colt's head into the ring post and he falls back outside as we go to break. 

Back from break and Jericho has his boot to Colt's face. Cabana tries to fight back but eats a running elbow coming off the ropes for the two count. Slaps by Colt and throws Jericho into the corner coming off a running bulldog attempt. Punches are traded and Colt hits the clothesline. More punches by Colt into a bionic elbow. Flying Apple splash in the corner. Splash from the top rope gets a two count. Jericho elbows him and misses the Lionsault. Superman splash missed and Jericho reverses it into the Walls of Jericho. Colt grabs the ropes. Aubrey reminds him that he has not win and argues with the ref. Jericho eats a slap and Colt hits the hurricanrana. Avalance Frankensteiner gets a two count. Crucifix by Colt gets a two count. Colt misses the rope jump and then Jericho hits the Judas Effect for the three count [**] If this match was ten or even five years ago they probably put on a classic, but this was a slow, plodding match that did pick up after the commercial break but it wasn't something to remember. 

After the match Jericho gets on the mic and addresses Tyson as Sammy roots on. He calls out the World's Baddest Man and asks for him to come to the ring now. Someone comes out, but it ain't Tyson, it's Orange Cassidy. He puts Jericho's hands in his pockets. OC avoids Hager and Jericho's attack to hang out with the Best Friends as the rest of the Inner Circle comes out. 

We get a recap of the events from earlier tonight and then the return of Britt Baker as she is trying her hardest to get back into shape as she uses the 'Roll Model' wheelchair. Why is Tony Schiavone there to root her on?

Time for the Women's Division to shine as Big Swole is about to face Nyla Rose. This is Swole's first match since March 4. Shida is in the crowd. Swole tries to suplex her but then transitions to the side headlock. Rose hits her in the stomach but Swole maintains the headlock. She's unable to take her down. Swole goes for the rollup for two. She tries for a shoulder block and Rose no-sells it but gets put in the abdominal stretch. Toss by Nyla Rose and as she goes for the charge Swole ole's her over the ropes. Rose takes advantage of her opponent's eagerness and throws her into the ring as we go to break. Back from break and Rose is controlling the pace of the match but Swole begins to slap her around and headbutts Rose. Charge into the sternum and Swole hits the cutter for two. Backhanded slap for two. Rose misses the charge and Swole pump kicks her. Rose throws her into the ropes and tries to suplex her. Swole reverses and kicks her in the back of the head. She goes to the ropes but Rose spears her and tries the Beast Bomb. Swole reverses and rolls her up for two. Dirty Dancing attempt is reversed into a spinebuster by Rose for the three count [***] This was a pretty good match. Swole got a lot of offense in but Rose was able to show her power. Nice way to present a mix of wrestling styles. 

After the match Tony goes to interview Swole but Baker rolls her cart into the bike rack. Swole goes for a chair and the Doctor asks for Rebel to help her leave. Even MJF backs up at Swole's anger.

We see Tony interview Darby Allin, and the doctors have not cleared him yet. Allin says that he will exact revenge on Cage. 

Back from break and Tony is interviewing FTR. They say that the meaning of the initials. It is 'For the Revolution' and they say that now they have the best tag team wrestling. They put over all of the tag teams and takes a shot at Lucha Bros for not knowing how to tag, and then Tony brings up the Young Bucks. Shot at Dave Meltzer by FTR! They say they can beat the Young Bucks in three seconds. When Tony asks why they didn't hit them last week, they say that when it comes time to meet them, there will be no excuses. As the interview ends the Butcher and Blade come out and are quickly separated. Dax throws a bottle of water at Blade and says they will see them next week. 

We get next week's lineup as Sammy Guevara takes on Colt Cabana and Mark Quen will face the TNT Champion as well as the first match of FTR.

Alex Marvez is with Colt Cabana who is frustrated that he can't get the big wins. Brodie Lee approaches Colt and says that how one responds to losing is what matters. They give him a bottle of water but Colt says he doesn't want to join them but still.

Time for the main event as Jungle Boy takes on Cody. As the TNT Champion comes out (w/Arn) we see MJF looking on in disgust. The bell rings they avoid the lockup and Cody does the waistlock takedown as Jungle Boy grabs the ropes. Headlock by Cody into a take down. Jungle Boy pins him for one on the reverse. Cody with the shoulder takedown. Jungle Boy to the ropes and hits the hurricanrana. Slaps by Jungle Boy but Cody responds with the elbow smashes of his own. He takes Jungle Boy into the corner and misses the charge. Cody gets the slam though for a one count. Stomp onto the fingers and then the thigh by Cody. Figure Four by Cody and Jungle Boy gets the ropes. As he goes outside Cody misses the Disaster Kick. Jungle Boy with the Springboard DDT for two. Cody goes to the outside, only for Jungle Boy to hit the mid rope suicida. He tries again but Cody catches him and dumps him into the Gunn Club as we go to our final break.

Back from break and Jungle Boy is on the outside as Cody goes out and headbutts him. Cody tries again but Jungle Boy avoids the second headbutt. MJF begins to talk smack as Cody shows color. He throws Cody into the turnbuckle and hits the cut with punches. Cody hiptosses him but Jungle Boy dropkicks him and pins him for two. Pump kick by Cody! He picks up Jungle Boy and throws him to the ropes but eats a clothesline for a two count. Mounting punches by Jungle Boy as he goes to the top rope. Dropkick by Cody and then he goes up top and suplexes Jungle Boy for a two count. Cody takes the belt off and throws it away. Another Figure Four attempt but Jungle Boy kicks him off. Cody goes up top but Jungle Boy joins him. They fall to the table on the outside. The ref goes to the outside to check on them as Cody gets up. He throws Jungle Boy back inside the ring and hits the sunset flip. Crossroads on Jungle Boy for the three count! [***] Solid match and a great way to end the show. They each had some brawling and technical expertise mixed in for a fun main event. 

Afterwards the Nightmare Family and Jurassic Express go out to check on the competitors. He hugs Jungle Boy in a sign of respect. 

OVERALL: 8. Tonight's episode of Dynamite was a strong mix of storytelling and buoyed by two great championship matches. The Women's match was pretty good as well and worth checking out. 

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