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It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means...

We are LIVE from Daily's Place in Jacksonville and there's a packed card on the docket tonight. 

Ricky Starks vs. Hangman Adam Page 

Taz joins the commentary crew. They lock up and Page takes advantage with the headlock scissors. Leapfrog by Page and he lays some boots in the corner. He throws Starks out of the ring and hits a plancha on the outside. Hook challenges Page but thinks better of that. Fallaway slam by Page gets two. Starks hits the clothesline and then puts Page on the ropes with a shove. He hits Page with a forearm shiver to the back. He jumps on the rope and Page hits a clothesline, followed by an elbow. Another fallaway slam gets two. Misses the sliding lariat and Starks hits a powerbomb for two. He's favoring his ankle. He tries again for the powerbomb but Page drives him into the corner. They go up top and another fall away slam by the Cowboy. Clothesline by Page gets two. Misses the Buckshot Lariat and Starks hits the spear for two. He hits Page on the back to go for the Rochambeau but Page reverses and gets a rear chin lock for the tap out. [**1/2] Solid match that you know would've been much better if not for the ankle injury. 

Afterwards Taz tries to distract Page to allow Hook to attack from behind. As Brian Cage comes out for the triple team, the Dark Order comes out to aid the Cowboy and Team Taz splits. 

Penta El Zero Miedo (w/Alex Abranthes) vs. Trent?

Penta gets control with the arm lock but Trent gets the ankle take down. Chops by Trent but Penta gets him in the ropes. Double knees takes down Penta. Clothesline by Trent takes Penta out to the ring and he follows with the tope suicida. Back in the ring, Penta with the crossbody followed by the slingblade. Elbow by Penta is reversed by Trent who catches him with the tornado DDT. Destroyer by Penta as we go picture in picture. We're back and Penta is laying in shots on Trent's head. Reverse in the ropes and Trent hits the half-and-half. Flying knee strike by Trent gets two. In the corner Penta hits the back stabber for two. Penta hits the pumphandle sit down for two. They go on the apron and exchange chops but Trent hit a suplex and then a spear on the outside. Alex grabs a mic and says that his friends suck and even his mother. Trent says that's enough and grabs a chair but Orange Cassidy comes in. While the ref is distracted Alex hits him with a mic and Penta hits the Package Piledriver for the win. [**] Good match that was hurt by the break. 

JR with the Pinnacle

JR asks for their reaction to last week's promo. Instead of a scarf, Tully gets him another one, courtesy of Wardlow. Speaking of which, the big man addresses how Jericho was scared to say his name. MJF says that Jericho got one thing right, it was that he is a mark, but not for him but his spot. 

AEW Women's Championship: Hikaru Shida vs. Tay Conti

They show an awesome package before the match. They bow to one another and here we go. Lockup and Shida hits the knees to the mid section of Conti. Tay takes her down with a leg scissors but Shida grabs the ropes. She takes Conti onto the apron and then hits the running knee. She throws Conti into the barrier but the Brazilian turns around just to eat a running kick. Back in the ring and Shida gets the Bow and Arrow into a leg scissors of her own. Transitions over into a camel clutch. We go picture in picture. As we return Shida hits Conti with a knee off the ropes. Suplex by Shida but Conti quickly gets up and hits her patented thrust kick. Running clothesline followed by arm drags and judo throws into a German Suplex. Running thrust kicks into the corner. Missed the rip cord but Shida pulls the hair to throw her in the corner. Conti kicks her on the corner. Senton on Shida's back gets two. Shida charges in the corner and hits the running knee. Falcon Arrow gets two. She puts Conti on the top rope but headbutts her. Drop across the top by Shida onto the floor! Back in the ring she misses the kick and Conti counters with the Tay-KO! Shida kicks out at two. Sit out powerbomb by Shida gets two. Elbow stirkes by Conti but Shida slaps her and the backbreaker connects into a Kotaro knee for the three count. [****] This would have been a PPV level match it was so good. You can really see the growth in both competitors and they gave their all. 

Afterwards Dr. Britt Baker comes out and shows the rankings system and guess who's number one? Shida throws her kendo stick at Baker as the doctor departs. 

We get another promo from Miro saying that eventually, all title holders will answer to him. 

Tony Schiavone interviews the Inner Circle

Jericho grabs the mic and says he's loving the energy in the building. He puts over Mike Tyson's punch of Cash Wheeler. Hager gets on the mic and throws some straws saying that they're going to eat their food through a straw. Sammy Guevara says something in Spanish. Santana says that they don't want to step up unless they had a crew. Jericho then decides to cut a tune on MJF. Great job of putting over Blood 'N Guts in two weeks.

Billy Gunn vs. QT Marshall 

It was a back and forth until Anthony Ogogo came out and gives Gunn the punch. He throws Gunn back in the ring and QT hits the cutter for the win [*] Nothing to see here, other than Gunn selling that punch. 

Afterwards Dustin Rhodes comes out to attack QT with the bull rope. He grabs a chair and almost hits Ogogo with it but here comes Nick Camarotto. Rhodes with the chair shot but Nick no sells the hit. Refs come to break it up. 

The Elite in their trailer

Don Callis says that Kenny Omega is prepared to win the Impact World Championship. They hear that Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston is in the area tonight and while Omega is talking they keep hearing a horn. They look outside and it's the cop buddies, who drive their 4X4 into the trailer! They go inside and the Elite are gone. 

Christian Cage vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

They lock up and Hobbs overpowers him by backing him into the corner. He throws Cage out of the ring. Cage gets back in and is unable to connect the wristlock on Hobbs, who picks him up and throws him to the mat. Cage slaps him but Hobbs ain't selling it. He chases him around the ring where Cage uses his veteran savvy to hit Hobbs and kick him to the barricade. Hobbs shows the power and throws Cage over the barricade. He shoves Serpentico and puts Cage's face on the railing. We go to the award winning picture in picture. 

We're back and Hobbs has Cage in a rear chinlock. He slaps Hobbs a bit and tries for the Killswitch but Hobbs throws him around. Cage hits a splash for a two count. Cage puts his boot on the back of Hobbs' head on the ropes then swings around to elbow him. He goes for a charge then eats the spinebuster. Elbow in the corner by Cage as they go in the corner but Hobbs hits him. As he goes up top Cage drops him with the powerbomb. Cage goes up top and nails the frog splash for two. He drags Cage into the corner and misses the rear charge but Cage kicks out at two. Cage gets him in a sleeper but Hobbs picks him up and tries a powerslam but Cage hits the Killswitch for the win. [**1/2] The old "veteran outsmarts the inexperienced opponent" trick. Works every time. 

Starks comes back in hobbling on his ankle to check on his boy. 

TNT Championship Match: Darby Allin vs. Jungle Boy

They lock up and have a series of reversals. Arm lock by Jungle Boy but Darby flips him over. They continue with the reversals as Darby breaks out of the Snare Trap. JB chest pushes him and Darby hits the punches. As JB retreats, Darby is in pursuit and they trade chops. The ref tells them to get back in the ring, but Darby says nuts to that and they go over the barricade as we go to the often-imitated, never duplicated picture in picture. 

We're back and Jungle Boy throws Darby into the corner. Tiger Suplex gets two. Splash in the corner by Darby but Jungle Boy gets the body scissors to drop him. Tope suicida not once, or twice but thrice to the outside! Darby recovers to get the guillotine submission on the ropes. He goes up top and hits the Coffin Drop Elbow off the apron. Luchasaurus gives Jungle Boy a little assistance and Sting takes exception and he clobbers the big dinosaur. They go into the back through the tunnel. Meanwhile Jungle Boy hits a lariat into a brainbuster. Rear running elbow gets two. Snare Trap by Jungle Boy but Darby fights himself to the ring. Surfboard by Jungle Boy and he goes back to the Snare Trap. He pulls Jungle Boy's hair and then gouge the eyes. Jungle Boy slaps him repeatedly with palm strikes and then throws Darby into the ropes. Darby gets the Last Supper to win and retain [****] Another PPV level match between the heartthrobs of the company.

Afterwards Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky attack the competitors but here comes Lance Archer. The numbers are too much but here comes Sting to even the odds. They split and we fade to black.

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