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1) Is Hangman about to join the *gasp* Dark Order? The first match of the night featured a different acting Matt Hardy w/Private Party vs. Hangman and the Dark Order. While the heels scored the win, the question now becomes is whether or not the chemistry Adam Page had with Silver and Reynolds will lead into something more permanent. The Cowboy is still at a crossroads, and having an association with the cult group could mean an opportunity to get back into the title scene. As for Hardy, having a change of music in the end signify a change in character, and will the young duo join him? 

2) Newest Arrival to the Nightmare Family. First, congratulations to Cody and Brandi Rhodes, and after a very inspired Cody came out and handily defeated Angelico, one must wonder what will happen to AEW's EVP. Obviously Brandi will not be taking any bumps for a LONG time, but will Cody decide to focus on family and step away. The promotion's in great shape now, and maybe having Cody focus on life behind the scenes will open more doors. 

3) MIRO continues to be on the seesaw to mediocrity. Last week AEW ended with the MIRO that we all were hoping to see; a vicious, take no prisoners monster who just destroyed everyone in his wake. Tonight, he came off worse than Flex Kavana in 96. Announcing a wedding date is supposed to make the locker room fear his presence? Tony Khan needs to make a decision on how to book him and stick to it! 

4) The doctor makes a house call to her latest patient. Thunder Rosa called out Britt Baker, only to get approached by Rebel, and subsequently jumped by the good dentist. This feud is being built very well, and their eventual showdown is going to be great. 

5) Kazarian got BARS FOR DAYS! The Acclaimed won over SCU and are on an eight match winning streak, but shout out to Kaz for channeling his inner Marky Mark during the rap battle. Great for the young heel team to win and then challenge the tag champs next week for the titles, but there's a problem with that, and we'll get to it in a second. 

6) DEATH RECTANGLE? Tonight we saw the return of PAC as he helped his Death Triangle teammates take down Eddie Kingston, Butcher & Blade. What was interesting of note was how Lance Archer helped out, even if there was a little shove match between Archer and PAC. Where this goes is anyone's guess, but once PAC finishes with Kingston, does he and the Murderhawk Monster cross paths? 

7) Top Flight takes flight. Although the 12 man match was a cluster of crazy proportions, what was the big takeway was how the Martin brothers decided to call out MJF/Jericho next week. It may not end well for the young duo, but credit to AEW for giving these guys more shine on national television. The company obviously sees something in him. 

8) Vicious Vixens get their comeuppance. Big Swole and Serena Deeb got the win tonight over Ivelisse and Diamante, but Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero came out to continue the attack from last week. Great to see Red Velvet come out as well (where was Jade?) and we'll see where it goes. AEW has taken a weakness and now applied three great stories to their Women's division. 

9) FTR makes their point. Perhaps the most impactful promo of the night, FTR came out and said that it makes no sense for the Acclaimed to get a title shot. This is AEW's biggest problem. For a company that said they were going to make the rankings count, they are doing a bad job of such. Hopefully the powers that be were listening and give FTR a well deserved title opportunity. 

10) Don Callis channels his inner Abraham Washington while we are treated to the mother of outlaw mud shows. The main event featured AEW World Champion Kenny Omega in a No DQ match against Joey Janela. It was exactly what you would expect, with the trash can being the star of the night. Callis was his usual self on the mic, but it was a bit annoying to hear him and the champ talk constantly. It's what makes a great heel, but at times it was overbearing. However, it wasn't the match that was the highlight, it's what happened afterwards...

11) Death Triangle comes out, and Rey has unfinished business with the champ! PAC gets on the mic at the end, and says that Tony Khan has given Rey Fenix the match he was denied in the tournament due to injury. On December 30th he gets to take on Kenny Omega. In a whirlwind year like no other, it will be an extraordinary way to finish for AEW. 

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