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Tonight is a special night of Dynamite as we will hear from both Sting and Shaq! 

The Young Bucks vs. The Hybrid 2: The match starts with the heels in the ring, and they attack as the Bucks turn their backs. Bucks apparently raided the Rockers' closet from the 80's. Spears on the outside by the Bucks to a loud crowd. Dropkick from Matt, followed by Nick with the sunset flip. Back in the ring the brothers flip Evans and hit the double dropkick. Angelico in and Nick arm drags him to the ground. Tag toehold and Matt with the leg drop. They brawl some more and they toss Angelico into the Acclaimed, who are sitting outside! Tag to Matt and they hit the double flapjack for a two count. Tag to Evans and he hits a kick of his own. 450 off the top rope for two! BT Bomb in the corner by the Young Bucks. Angelico breaks it up. Matt goes up top, and they hit the Doomsday Device on the outside. Superkick party to Evans and the flip for a two count. They try again and Matt comes up limbering. Navarro death roll by Evans and Matt is seriously selling the leg injury. Nick breaks it up. Evans with the beautiful 450. Meltzer Driver from the outside! Superkick to Angelico and the BTE Driver finishes it. [**] Good match and TH2 really showed out in their big Dynamite opportunity.

Afterwards the Acclaimed comes out after them but SCU enters to prevent the attack. 

We see Darby Allin doing a Rorshach test. He's identifying the members of Team Taz, including Brian Cage. Finally they show him Sting, and he laughs. 

Cody now getting the gate of Heaven with his intro. Tony Schiavone joins him and Coach Arn in the ring. He asks them about last week, and IT'S STING!!!

Arn steps out of the way (Never trust a Horseman) and Sting hugs Tony (shoutout to WCW!) Cody says welcome back and he asks what he's doing here. Sting says that he's here he will never tell. We see Darby in the stands as Sting walks away, much to Cody's dismay.

FTR vs. Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison. The heels quickly go to work and they isolate Pillman in the corner. Using their fundamental offense, they are able to control the match. Pillman eventually gets the shoulder drop off the top rope and tags in Garrison. He uses his length to hit a splash on FTR in the corner. Tag by Pillman and he attacks but it is for brief as FTR takes control and ends the match with the Shatter Machine.

Afterwards they bump into The Jurassic Express and they brawl.

Alex Marvez is at the bar talking with Adam Page asking him who will he team up with as he faces Matt Hardy and Private Party next week. Out of the bar pops Reynolds and Silver of the Dark Order. After some pestering, he decides to tag up with them for one match.

The Dark Order's 10 goes to the ring with the cult group as we go to break.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Dark Order 10. Lee Johnson joins Dustin. Rhodes throws 10 outside of the ring and they hit the guardrail. 10 counters and drops him on the apron. Back in the ring, spinebuster by 10. He does the Dark Order symbol as Johnson yells from the side. Pump kick by 10 knock Rhodes to the outside. Aaron Solow hits 10 in the back and he pump kicks him. As he goes back inside he's attacked by Dustin with a series of punches. Running bulldog gets three. [*] Squash

Afterwards Evil Uno comes out with a mic and offers him a spot in the Dark Order. He takes his hand up and slaps him to the ground. Uno calls off the cult group and says when the time is right he will do what is right.

Tony Schiavone is with Brandi Rhodes (w/sling) and SHAQ! Brandi is not a fan of the intro. Shaq says he was a fan of Jade but not what she did to Brandi last week. Rhodes said that she didn't deserve that and that they want to stop this. Shaq says that he was just joking with Cody on Twitter. He will be there to see when they eventually fight. As Brandi walks away Shaq makes a joke about her sling and she takes the water and splashes him with it! Somewhere Charles Barkley is smiling from ear to ear. 

The Inner Circle come out and they solve their differences. Ortiz convinces Sammy that the best thing to do is accept the hand that was given. He reluctantly shakes MJF's hand. Also, Jake Hager and Wardlow (somewhat) settle their issues and they all give each other the finger in unity. 

FTR is with Marvez and they state that they are invicible when united. Their goal, regain the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Eddie Kingston comes in with Butcher & Blade as we go to break.

Lance Archer runs in there and attacks the heels with a splash. The Lucha Bros come in and join them. However during the match Penta injures his ankle and has to be carried out. However, Fenix and Archer continue their assault on the heels and the Murderhawk Monster dominates in the corner while the match goes picture in picture.

Back in and Archer backdrops the Blade. Tag to Fenix and he hits a plancha from the top rope. Dropkick to Kingston followed by a topa to the outside. Back in and Blade kicks him the stomach. Suplex-neckbreaker combo finishes it. Lance Archer attacks with the Blackout on Blade after the match.

In the back we see Jade and Nyla Rose beating down Red Velvet. Serena Deeb and the other women break it up.

Abadon walks to the ring and takes on a scared Tesha Price. Abadon quickly attacks and throws some rights in the corner. Toss into the center of the ring and she resumes crawling. She knocks her down and then his a front leg sweep. Black Widow into a neckbreaker combo for the academic three count. After the match she attacks by pounding Tesha's head into the mat, but here comes SHIDA! Kendo stick in hand, she gets in the ring and knocks Abadon clear out, but she gets up and the ladies high tail it outta there. 

Dasha asks the Inner Circle (w/o MJF and Wardlow) and Jericho says they will be at ringside for the main event of MJF/Orange Cassidy.

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega is flying in a helicopter for an interview. He comes out and along comes Don Callis. Marvez asks a question and says that they will see him in the ring. Justin Roberts does the intro (w/extra sweeping girls) and now Omega's coming out of the heel entrance. He holds the belt aloft and Tony Schiavone asks about what happened last week. He says he was disgusted with the events and Callis grabs the mic. Don says welcome to the wrestling business Tony Khan. They said that because of the Omega/Jericho match was the reason AEW exists. 

Omega talks about his accolades and how he didn't need to get on his knees to get a job. He tricked everyone in AEW and now he holds the biggest title in the business. Great promo and the Callis/Omega duo has promise.

 MJF vs. Orange Cassidy for the Dynamite Diamond Ring. MJF jumps him immediately and breaks the shades. Suplex for two. He takes the shirt and chokes Orange with it. Stundog Millionaire by Orange and he jumps over the ropes. Cassidy went for the Orange Break on the apron and MJF moves out of the way. Double powerbomb on the apron. He gets in Trent's face asking him to hit him and the Inner Circle backs him up. MJF puts Cassidy's fingers on the ropes and then attempts to break it. They go back in and he gets a one count. Charge in the corner and Orange avoids it. Back body drop by MJF for one. He throws Freshly Squeezed out of there and as the ref is distracted the Inner Circle attacks! We go picture in picture. 

Back on and MJF is mocking OC, and now some of the other faces have come out on the apron. He challenges OC to hit him and he does, knocking MJF to the outside. Driving crossbody into the DDT by OC. Diving DDT for two. Punch in the corner by MJF. Shoulderbreaker gets two. He throws OC to the ropes and Cassidy tosses him over when he attempts the Heatseeker. Cassidy with the flip onto Wardlow and Hager. OC goes over to the faces. He comes back in and hits the Heatseeker for two. As the ref is distracted they throw the bat in the ring and play the Eddie Guerrro bit but it doesn't work. Orange Crush for two! Brawling occurs on the outside with the heels and faces. As the ref is distracted MIRO runs in and attacks. MJF covers and gets the pinfall.

Afterwards MIRO crushes everyone in his path while Kip is celebrating alongside his partner. MJF says he pinned him clean in the center of the ring as we fade to black. 

ANALYSIS: For a show coming off the hype of Winter Is Coming, there was as with most shows, more good than bad. The tag team match and main event were great wrestling matches, while the rest was just filler in terms of in-ring action. However, the Omega promo and Shaq/Brandi incident progressed things very nicely. One thing's for certain, it opened the door for more to take place next week. 

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