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It's Wednesday night, you know what that means...

Christian Cage vs. Frankie Kazarian

Cage kisses the mat as he enters for his first match in seven years. They lock up and Kaz takes him to the ropes. Cage takes him down with a headlock. Wristlock by Cage takes down Kaz as he focuses on the arm, and counters with a headlock. Kaz gets up and knocks him out of the ring. Cage looks winded but as Kaz chases, he eats a chop. Kaz hiptosses him over the ropes. Chops by Kaz and he throws Cage into the corner. Punches by Kaz. Cage counters with the back elbow and goes up top. Kaz pushes him over the top and onto the floor. Cage tries to get back on the apron and Kaz hits a leg drop. Rear sleeperhold by Kaz and he follows with the backdrop. Kaz puts his head on Cage's neck. He throws Cage into the corner but as Kaz charges Cage boots him. Swinging DDT from the top and gets a two count. Whip into the ropes and Cage hits him with a few punches. He steps on Kaz's neck. Diving European uppercut for two. Cage is limping as he takes Kaz up top and hits some mounting punches. Kaz takes him onto the ground. Cage gets up and tries the Killswitch but instead hits the reverse DDT. He goes up top and misses the splash. Kaz gets a sleeper hold and turns it into the crossface chicken wing. Cage gets the ropes to break the hold. Kaz steps on the chest as chants of "Let's Go Christian." Roll up by Cage gets two. Kaz hits the second rope legdrop for two. He pushes Cage into the corner and gets some slaps. Kaz takes him up top for a superplex but Cage fights him off. Headbutt by Kaz. He hits the Flux Capacitor! Cage kicks out at 2.95. Killswitch attempt is broken up and Kaz pushes him off. Second rope legdrop attempt misses. Cage goes up top...frogsplash gets 2.99! Kaz's back is turned and he gets the chicken wing attempt. Cage pushes him into the corner....KILLSWITCH! Cage gets the victory [****] This was a wrestling clinic worthy of a PPV. Both guys put on their working boots and didn't try to wow the crowd but instead use old school psychology.

Darby Allin and Sting have a video package talking about Matt Hardy's money doesn't mean anything. 

Jade Cargill with a video package of how good she is and her promise to beat Red Velvet again. 

Exhibition Match: Cody Rhodes vs. QT Marshall w/Arn Anderson as referee

The Nightmare Family is around the ring. They try to do a lock up and go into the corner. Leapfrog attempt by QT turns into an armlock by Cody. QT punches him down as we go picture in picture. We're back and Cody reverses a powerslam. He refuses to hit the Crossroads on him and QT slaps him. He misses the crossbody. Cody escorts him back in the ring and he punches Arn! QT hightails it out of there as the rest of the Nightmare Family looks on. Sudddenly, the younger wrestlers start beating down the older veterans! Nick Camoroto hits the powerbomb on Lee Johnson off the ropes. QT beats down Arn on the outside. They get the steel steps and puts Dustin on the ramp. QT puts Dustin's head on the steps and piledrives him. They beat down Cody some more and QT grabs the chair. He goes for the shot and Red Velvet goes out to break it up. [*] The match itself wasn't much, but the post angle rebirth was...something. We'll take it bit by bit.

Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky say that AEW has overlooked them long enough and it starts on Monday. 

As Red Velvet is talking to Dasha she gets jumped by Jade Cargill.

Jon Moxley vs. Cesar Bognoni

Before the match he complains about having to face Cesar. They trade shots and Moxley gets knocked down. Cesar with shots in the corner. He knees him in the corner. Mox takes him down and gets a single leg crab. Mox kicks him in the chest and as he goes to the ropes Ryan Nemeth trips him. Cesar DDTs him and gets a two count. We go picture in picture. We're back and Cesar throws Moxley into the ropes and goes for a charge. He misses and Moxley starts clotheslining him. German Suplex by Moxley. Clothesline in the corner! He takes Cesar up top and hits the superplex for two. Cross arm breaker and JD Drake goes to interfere. Nemeth tries to attack but eats a Paradigm Shift. Cesar hits him in the back of the head. Pumphandle slam reversed into a sleeper and that's it. [**1/2] Solid match by Moxley. 

Team Taz with the team sitting down saying that everything is fine. Starks gets up and says that last night he would like to hear Brian Cage's thoughts. The Machine says that if he was tagged in earlier things would've ended earlier. 

MJF's gift to the Pinnacle

He introduces the team's personal stylist and an interior decorator. They open up the door and it's the Inner Circle in the bathroom and they attack! MJF tries to escape but Jake Hager is at the door waiting. They fight into the hallway, with Guevara giving Spears the Go to Sleep! Wardlow and Hager go at it with Jake hitting the Rock Bottom on the table. Proud and Powerful are throwing FTR around the building. They attack Tully and they bloody up Dax. Jericho attacks MJF and puts his head in the toilet. He throws MJF through the soda machine and drinks some bubbly. Jericho tells the Pinnacle leader that this is their locker room and they throw him out of here. They replace the Pinnacle sign with the Inner Circle logo. 

The Young Bucks are talking with Alex Marvez when Don Callis shows up and says he wants to talk to Matt. He cuts down Matt when he attempts to strike him but stops. 

Lucha Bros w/Laredo Kid vs. Kenny Omega/Good Brothers

Alex Abrahantes takes a break from QVC to translate their promo. As the match stars Laredo Kid somersaults over the trio and Fenix hits a moonsault of his own. The bell rings and they triple kick the trio and eventually Omega for a two count. Triple somersaults onto the outside. LK throws Omega into the ropes but the AEW World Champion and takes him down with an elbow. Tag to Gallows and Anderson distracts him long enough to hit the spinning kick. Chokeslam in the corner followed by punches. Gallows gets an elbow on him as we go picture in picture. We're back and Gallows slams Laredo Kid to the ground and tags Omega. He and Anderson attack the faces and hits a triple drop for a two count. LK hits a DDT on Gallows. Hot take to Penta who hits double slingblades. Tag to Fenix who DDTs both. Casadora by the Lucha Brothers. Double stomp from the top rope. Senton on Gallows for two. The heels come back in and attack. Triple drop on Fenix gets two. Anderson and Fenix are the legal men. Anderson hits the Claymore for two. Penta breaks up the Magic Killer. Omega comes in to clothesline LK. Fenix hits the 619 into the Penta Canadian Destroyer. Spinebuster by Anderson gets two. Omega and LK gets tagged. He throws Omega into the corner and goes for the drop kick but Omega catches him and hits the V-Trigger. One Winged Angel is broken up. Topa suicida. The Good Brothers and Lucha Bros start to fight in the ring. Penta hits the senton off the turnbuckle. Back in the ring Omega breaks it up and eats a top rope kick by Fenix. Powerbomb attempt by LK gets only two. He goes for a 450 but misses. V-Trigger into the One Winged Angel gets three. [***1/2] This was the sugar rush after a carefully planned night so far. Lots of spots and by now that's what we expect from a Lucha Brothers match.

After the match Moxley comes out and is invited into the ring by Omega, but joining him are the Young Bucks. 

Dr. Britt Baker and Reba talk about AEW Dark: Elevation and puts down Thunder Rosa's win over her not counting. 

Nyla Rose/Bunny vs. Tay Conti/Shida

The Dark Order comes out to assist Tay and the heels attack before the bell rings. Rose knocks them down with a shoulder block. Slam by Rose gets none. Bunny comes back in and kicks Shida in the head. She grabs her hair and throws her into Tay's boot. Arm bar by Shida. She puts Bunny's head on the apron and hits the running knee strike. Hardy comes to distract Shida as Nyla hits Shida from behind. We go picture in picture. 

We're back and Shida suplexes Bunny into Rose. Tag to Tay who tosses the Bunny around. She hits some vicious knees on Bunny and a kick from the apron. She goes for a back breaker in front of Hardy and his crew. The factions attack each other on the outside. Back in the ring. Tay hits the Tay-KO and Rose breaks it up. Shida goes for a splash and is caught by Hardy's crew. Conti does the same thing and knocks them down. She goes back in and the ref is distracted by Vicki Guerrero. Bunny uses the kendo stick to hit Tay and hits Down the Rabbit Hole for three. [1/2] I hated everything about this match. Why didn't the referee throw the groups out to remove distracting the ladies? Conti hitting the tired splash ruined all of those guys who caught her, it buried them. Horrible all around and no one benefitted from it. 

Arcade Anarchy: Best Friends vs. Miro/Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford)

The bell rings and they're going at it. Quickly they go to the outside and I guess it's no DQ. Chuck suplexes Kip into an arcade game. Miro throws OC into the wack-a-mole and hits him with the hammer. He takes the barricade but Chuck Taylor attacks. Miro makes them both eat a suplex onto the barricade. He throws Orange Cassidy into the ring and goes to get a chair from the prize rack. Tony Schiavone points out that it's worth 20,000 tickets. He throws Orange Cassidy through the propped chair. He goes after OC but Chuck jumps off the Mortal Kombat arcade to attack Miro. OC hits Kip at the wack-a-mole game. They each get a kendo stick and a trash top from the ticket counter and double team Miro. They use the barricade as a battering ram then dump the table on Miro. Kip breaks up the count and lays some shots on Chuck and then kicks OC. German suplex onto Chuck and kicks OC through the wood. Chuck slams Kip down and takes the bear (?) from the ticket counter. They go back in the ring and Chuck pulls out Legos out of the back of the bear! Taylor takes him up top and Kip reverses into a powerbomb on the Legos for two! Beach Break by OC but Penelope Ford pulls Aubrey Edwards out of the ring. OC goes after her and eats a kick to the nads for his troubles. Out of the ball rack comes Kris Statlander! She hits the Michinoku Driver off the apron! Miro comes back and tosses OC onto the floor. He boots Chuck and grabs another steel chair (no tickets needed to win that one). He hits both of the Best Friends with it. He removes the cover off the table and sees the Best Friends crawling away. Suddenly, a van pulls up and it's TRENT!!! His mom drives the van and kisses her son. The Best Friends attack Miro and triple team him with punches. He pushes them out of the way and hits Chuck with a kick. He waves at Trent's mother then heads for the van. Trent attacks Miro and then heads back to the Mortal Kombat II game. He picks it up and misses the swing on Trent. He throws a chair at Miro. He charges at Miro and they break the table! Kip gets up and Chuck slams him into the table and gets the three count. [***1/2] I thought the stipulation was outlaw mud show but man did they pull it off with the returns of Kris Statlander and Trent. It will be curious to see where they go from here. 

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