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It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means...

We start off with the Young Bucks in a video promo discussing their actions from last week when they turned on Jon Moxley. 

Mike Tyson talks about being the special enforcer for tonight's match, and MJF risks it all by interrupting. He tries to convince the Baddest Man on the Planet to turn on Jericho by giving him a blank check. Tyson tears up the check and chews it up. 

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Young Bucks vs. Death Triangle

They show a recap from the house show where the DT won an eight man match against the Elite. The Jackson brothers are wearing white and grey and Don Callis is with them. Pac and Matt lock up. Pac with the waistlock and Matt forgets that he doesn't go to the far corner anymore and goes to the near corner to tag his brother. Fenix comes in and eats a kick. Tilt a whirl into an arm drag but Fenix eats a clothesline. The Bucks try to backdrop him but Fenix flips over Matt and kicks Nick to the outside, only for Pac to hit a flying tiger drop. Back in the ring Fenix slams Matt and tags in Pac and they double team Matt with a series of thrust kicks to the back and side. Cover gets two. SCU is looking on. Fenix goes up to the ropes but Matt sweeps his leg and knocks Pac off the apron. Tag to Nick who hits an apron kick on Pac. He hits a sunset flip on Fenix and begins to talk trash. Double dropkick by the Bucks. Cover gets two. Pac comes in and attacks with a vicious assault. Brainbuster by Pac gets two. He hits some kicks onto Matt. Nick breaks it up and the brothers take it outside the ring, hitting dual backdrops on the apron. Nick is tagged in and he lays in the stomps to Pac. He throws Pac in the corner and hits a knee strike. Matt fakes a somersault and instead just scratches his back as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Matt has his boot on Pac but as Matt charges he flips the brothers over. Matt knocks out Fenix and talks over Pac. As he comes back in he begins to over react, drawing the heat of the crowd. Pac hits him with a lariat and takes him down. Hot tag to Fenix and he goes to town on the brothers. Cutter for two! Tag to Pac and he hits Matt with the Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Tag to Nick and he eats a back body drop. Waistlock by Pac to Matt and Fenix kicks the rope Matt is holding and then hits a somersault to Nick on the outside. Back body drop gets two! Pac goes up to the top, looking for the Red Arrow but Nick comes in to break it up. Superkicks all around. Nick hits the Canadian Destroyer on Fenix! Pac and Matt exchange slugs but as Pac charges Matt pulls the ropes and they take their fight outside. Nick and Fenix each hit rear hurricanranas. Cutter to Nick by Fenix! He pulls in Matt back into the ring and calls Pac in as the legal man. He puts Matt on the top rope, tags Fenix and then hits a superplex. Five star frog splash by Fenix gets two. RED ARROW! Nick breaks it up in the 'nick' of time. Tag to Nick as is Pac and he eats a superkick. Fenix is tagged and Nick misses the superkick. However, he pulls off Fenix's mask and Rey hides his face. Superkick party by the Bucks to get the win and retain. [****] A well paced match that succeeded despite the obvious botch. The Bucks are showing more heel mannerisms which will be needed to make their eventual loss even more satisfying. This would've been a PPV level match. 

Alex Marvez is with Adam Page and the Dark Order who says he's going to get some egg rolls, or something. That was...something.

Marvez is standing with the Inner Circle and Tyson. Jericho explains that they decided to change their ways and he called Tyson to apologize. Iron Mike said that he's not going to take sides tonight as the special enforcer. 

Jade Cargill vs. Red Velvet

 Instantly as Jade comes in and Red throws punches only to eat a sick kick from Jade. Spin kick from Red. Jade charges and Red pulls over the ropes and hits a tope suicida. Jade grabs Red and hits the fallaway slam onto the other wrestlers. Velvet gets back in the ring and eats an elbow from Jade. Elevated suplex by Jade and the kip up as we go picture in picture. We're back and Red hits a spin kick and avoids Jade's charge into the corner. She clotheslines Jade several times before taking her down. Front face DDT knocks Jade down some more. Standing moonsault gets two. She drags Jade into the corner but misses the moonsault from the top rope. Glam slam ends it! [**] Jade is still growing but looks more impressive as she wrestles more in the ring. Red was the perfect opponent to sell her moves. 

Tony Schiavone is with Dr. Britt Baker (w/Reba) who gives a clear explanation of her rise through the rankings.  

Anthony Ogogo's debut match. They show him attacking Cody at last Friday's house show. He is taking on Cole Carter. They charge into the corner. He punches Cole in the chest and the ref stops the match [*] Only because of the impressive punch it gets a star, but it doesn't do much in regards of putting Ogogo over as a threat. [*] Squash, but his punch game is on point. 

Miro says he is unable to talk with Kip since the Arcade Anarchy. He's going to pursue his goals with or without him.

Chris Jericho vs. Dax Harwood (w/Mike Tyson as special enforcer)

Before the match, Tully is ejected. Dax and Jericho throw punches and Le Champion knocks down Dax with a shoulder block. He picks up a chair but Mike takes it away. Dax grabs the bat and Mike does the same thing. Jericho grabs Dax and throws him into the barricade. They go back in and Dax boots Jericho in the gut. Chops by Jericho and he clotheslines Dax in the corner. The FTR member walks outside. As Jericho pursues Dax take a microphone and hits him with it. Slam onto the floor by Jericho as he grabs the camera. He boots Dax with the camera on. He throws Dax in the ring but the Ax takes advantage by throwing Jericho to the barricade as we go picture in picture.

We're back and Jericho is in control as he clotheslines Dax and goes up top to hit the axhandle. Lionsault gets two. He kicks Dax in the face as Tyson looks on. Dax charges but Jericho clotheslines him. Dax recovers and hits a rebound powerbomb for two. Harwood goes up top and misses the diving headbutt, allowing Jericho to go for the Liontamer. Cash gets on the apron and decks Jericho but he kicks out. Sammy Guevara flies at Cash and takes him down. In the ring Jericho misses the Judas Effect and hits the brainbuster for two. Codebreaker by Jericho! Suddenly the Inner circle and Pinnacle come out to fight as the ref is distracted. Cash goes up with the bat but Mike ain't having none of it and drops him quicker than Michael Spinks. Jericho hits the Judas Effect and wins. 

After the match Jericho grabs the mic and says that Mike is a member of the Inner Circle. 

Marvez is with the Elite and Callis grabs the mic, saying that it's just the beginning. Matt says anyone wants a shot for the titles, come for it. Callis gives a superkick party to the cameraman. 

We get a video package of Thunder Rosa is going after both the NWA and AEW's Women titles. 

Kris Statlander returns to the ring! She's sporting a knee brace and gives the famous boop to the referee. She's facing independent star Ashley Nova and drops her to the ground, followed by a series of arm drags. Nova's kick is grabbed by Stat and she elbows her. Quick scoop slam by Kris and she's calling for the crowd support. She press slams Nova to the ground and hits the leg drop followed by the moonsault. Charging elbow into the corner followed by a knee strike. Roundhouse kick to the back of Nova's head, followed by the Big Bang Theory for the win. [*1/2] Not much of a match, but it was about seeing what everyone's favorite alien could do in her return. Still has a great arrangement of power moves that really impresses, especially the gorilla slam. 

Dasha is with Team Taz who is waiting for Christian Cage. Ricky Starks says that we cannot wait another second. Brian Cage and Starks are asked to stay in the back. 

Tony Schiavone interviews Christian Cage

Cage gets to the ring and talks about his open challenge. Naturally it doesn't last long before Team Taz comes out with their offer. Cage says that their team is a mess and refuses their offer. Hobbs comes in and almost gets a Killswitch before Hook distracts Cage long enough for the big man to slam him with his brute strength. He throws Cage into the barricade. and then stomps on him. 

Next week Hikaru Shida faces Tay Conti for the Women's title and we get a quick video of Tay fighting her way to the top. Also, Hangman Page vs. Ricky Starks as well as Christian Cage vs. Ricky Hobbs. 

TNT Championship Match: Darby Allin vs. Matt Hardy

They show Darby beating the Butcher during The House Always Wins and the subsequent attack by Hardy. Big Money brings in a chair and hits Darby as he tries the coffin elbow. He keeps hitting Darby with it and sits down to taunt the champion. Darby showing some serious welts on his back as he retaliates with punches. Hardy knocks him down as gets a one count. He gets Darby's head up and slams it on the chair. The rest of the Hardy Family Office comes in to attack but quickly Sting and the Dark Order aids Darby as we go picture in picture...

The factions have apparently cleared out as we return. Matt has thrown Darby over the table. Lance Archer has joined the fray as Sting was about to drop Private Party when Archer hits him with the Blackout. Matt drops a powerbomb onto the table in the back but only gets two. Darby grabs Sting's bat and lays into Hardy on the announcer's table. He goes up to the ladder and hits a 20-ft coffin drop for the three count. [**] Not a fan of the different people coming in, which distracted the match from the main competitors. It was a solid match for what we saw. 

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