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It's Wednesday Night, and you know what that means...

Jon Moxley is headed to the ring while Ryan Nemeth is already there waiting. Tony Schiavone announces that Paul Wight will show up on the new AEW Dark: Elevation show starting on Monday March 15th. Nemeth cuts a pre-taped video. They head to the ropes as the bell rings and Nemeth gets a waistlock. He charges for Moxley and eats a shoulder takedown. Chops in the corner by Moxley. Nemeth eats a clothesline but responds with a dropkick. He goes for the neckbreaker but Moxley gives him a weaker-than-usual Paradigm Shift for the win. [*] Elongated squash. 

After the match Moxley grabs a chair and a mic and says that he will crawl through barbed wire to get the title. He says that he's addicted to the feeling of coming out through blood, sweat and tears every time to the ring, so the idea of an exploding barbed wire deathmatch is too attractive to resist. Win, lose or draw he will be ready for Revolution. 

They show clips of Moxley/Omega feud through the year. 

Some random interview guy named Alex talks to Rey Fenix and Lance Archer prior to their match tonight. Archer talks trash and Fenix responds in Spanish, saying he's the worst partner he's ever had. They begin to tussle backstage. 

Earlier today we see the Young Bucks with Mama Buck and Papa Buck. They pose for a photo and...that's it. 

Varsity Blonds vs. Team Taz

Starks locks up with Pillman and he tags Griff. The faces get the double team. Pillman comes back in and double dropkicks Starks out of the ring. Pillman goes for a sunset flip but Starks hits him in the face, and Cage powerbombs him into the turnbuckle as we go picture in picture.

We're back and Cage is hitting Pillman with a fallaway slam. Tag to Starks and he kicks him to the ground. Cage back in and the heels begin to double team in the corner. Starks charges with the misdirection and hits Griff. Pillman gets the hot tag and Garrison cleans house. Front face drop by Griff gets two. Pillman with a dropkick gets two. They clear Cage out of the ring. He comes back and gets the blind tag, allowing Starks to get the spear and he clotheslines Pillman. Cage with the Drill Claw and that's all she wrote. [**] Solid tag team match. The AEW Tag Team Division has so much depth. 

After the match the lights go out and we see a black and white video of Sting driving with a bodybag. He stops to open it and it's Darby smiling with the TNT Title. The snow comes down and here's Sting dragging a body bag. It's Hook in the bag! He points to the rafters and here's Darby coming down the harness. He knocks out Starks while Sting goes to town on Cage. Stinger Splash! Scorpion Death Drop! 

Tony Schiavone is interviewing Kip Sabian, Penelope Ford and Miro. They say how uncomfortable this interview is. Miro says that he will crush Orange Cassidy yet welcomes Chuck back in the fold. Tony is handed a note saying the Best Friends want to challenge them to a match at Revolution.

Jake Hager vs. Brandon Cutler

Cutler unloads with Hager and tries to charge at the ropes but eats a wheelbarrow suplex. He takes Cutler into the corner and hits him with a few punches. Hager bomb in the corner gets two. He sends Cutler into the corner and Brandon uses his quickness to take Hager out of the ring, followed by a tope suicida. They go back in the ring and Hager hits a leveraged gutwrench suplex. Vicious lariat by Hager gets the three count. [*]

After the match the rest of the Inner Circle comes out (sans MJF and Jericho) to attack Cutler. The Bucks come out to clean house. Matt grabs the mic and says they don't have to wait until Revolution, he calls out MJF and Jericho. They show up at the screen and say that they ran into someone, and it's Papa Buck with some of the worst movie blood I've ever seen. They throw him into the truck, mock the Bucks' pose and then split. Matt chases them down but to no avail. 

There's a video package for next week's Jade/Shaq vs. Cody/Red Velvet. We see Shaq working with Jade in a ring with some random jobber. 

Hangman Page vs. Isiah Kassidy

Before the match TH2 comes out with Hardy and Kassidy. Page charges after Hardy but Kassidy jumps him from behind. He stomps on the Cowboy and chops him in the corner. He charges Page and eats a clothesline. Page talks smack to Big Money Matt. Kassidy goes up to boot Page but misses. He goes outside but Page hits a over the top rope splash. Matt goads him as he goes after Kassidy. Clothesline over the barricade. However, TH2 distracts the referee allowing Kassidy and Hardy to attack Page's arm. John Silver and Alex Reynolds comes in to warn the referee about what happened and she ejects Hardy. Kassidy gets off an arm lock while we go picture in picture.

We're back and Kassidy is taking advantage of the arm. Page goes for the eyes but Kassidy hits him with an elbow. Rope drop by Page while the Dark Order encourages him. Boot to a charging Kassidy. He goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Kassidy hits him. Rolling elbow strike by Page gets two. Spinning kick to the jaw by Kassidy and as he charges Page hits the Death Valley Driver. Page charges in the corner and sells the arm. Kassidy with the kick to the knees but Page hits the brainbuster for two. Rear frankensteiner gets two for Kassidy. He gets the armlock on Page but he grabs the ropes. Page kicks him and goes for a springboard kick but Kassidy slingshots him on the ropes. He goes up for it again, and Page catches him....DEADEYE!!! 1, 2, 3 [***] Great match with strong psychology. Kassidy is really impressive in his solo debut.

After the match Hardy comes out and says he's going after the people Page cares about so much, and he brings out Alex Angles and throw him over the table.

Alex Marvez is going to interview Kenny Omega while he's constructing what Don Callis calls "The Moxley Extermination Chamber." Omega comes out with his welder outfit. 

Nyla Rose vs. Britt Baker: Women's Eliminator Tournament Semi-Final

Nyla overpowers Baker with her strength. She slams Britt and the doctor suddenly walks out, throwing a temper tantrum. She walks back in the ring and eats a Samoan Drop by Rose. She puts her boot to Britt's face. Rose charges and Reba grabs her arm. Rose picks her up off the top rope and drops her to the mat. As she goes outside Reba distracts her, allowing Baker to kick her and we go picture in picture. 

During the break Britt uses the exposed turnbuckle to attack Rose's knee. Charge by Britt but she eats a clothesline by Rose. She goes up top but Reba distracts her. Rose with a clothesline to Reba on the apron. She charges Britt and hits a suplex for two. Reba comes in and Rose hits her in the corner with the cannonball senton. She charges for Britt and hits the exposed turnbuckle. She goes for the Lockjaw but Rose breaks out of it. Magistral cradle for two. Lockjaw attempt misses again and Rose hits the BEAST BOMB! 1...2...NO. Baker kicks out. Rose goes for a Tombstone but reverses it into another BEAST BOMB! Rose gets the three count. [***] Solid match by both competitors with a very surprising result. 

Rey Fenix vs. Lance Archer

Archer hits him with the fist and Fenix counters with some kicks of his own. Fenix goes to the top and hits a tieras. Flip by Fenix off the ropes but Archer takes him down. Archer goes outside and Fenix hits the flying senton onto the barricade. As he goes up top Jake Roberts grabs his ankle and he falls. Fenix flips over Jake and onto Archer! Chops to the chest of Archer but he takes Fenix down as we go picture in picture.

Back inside as Fenix and Archer have a chop contest. Archer tries to chokeslam Fenix but instead clotheslines him on the apron. He throws Fenix into the barricade. He takes him back in the ring and goes for the Blackout but Fenix gutshots him in the abdomen. Double stomp on the back of Archer's head for a one count. He tries to pick Archer up but eats a release German Suplex. Archer goes on the ropes and hits the senton for two. He throws Fenix into the corner and charges. He tries again and Fenix kicks him. Archer misses the high boot and Fenix hits him with boots. He walks the rope and kicks him in the side of the head. Archer kicks out at two. He takes Fenix up to the top, and he hits the Spanish Fly! Archer kicks out at two. He grabs at Fenix's face mask and chokeslams Fenix for a two count. He takes Fenix up top and goes for the Blackout. He connects and gets the three count! [***] Can any Rey Fenix match be boring? Great main event with another surprising winner.

After the match the competitors bump fists as we go to black.

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