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It's Wednesday, and you know what that means...

Celebration of -1 Birthday: The Dark Order comes out with a birthday cake for -1 and they celebrate. John Silver not only is excited about the birthday but also about the possibility of Hangman Adam Page joining the cult. The crowd sings Happy Birthday to -1. Chaos Project comes out to ruin the party. Luther says that AEW has become a child care center and they don't like children. They fight and here's HANGMAN! Page leaps off the stage and jumps both Chaos Project and TH1. The bell rings and the match starts. 

Evans takes control for the heels as they attack Silver in their corner. Tag to Page and he lays shots on the heels, finishing with a spinebuster on Angelico. Fallaway slam gets two. The match breaks down as all eight combatants (Reynolds and Cabana join in as well) go at it. Fallaway slam by Page on Serpentico. Meanwhile, Silver attacks Chaos Project on the outside. Beautiful moonsault by Page onto Luther as the faces hold his arms. Back in the ring, Cabana enters the match and the faces execute a triple backdrop on Serpentico for two. He takes control and pushes Colt on the outside. Evans with the 450 splash for two. He tries to do the same to Page but gets powerbombed over the barricade. Luther tries to attack Colt and here's -1 with the kendo stick! Hassan CHOP! Powerbomb onto the cake!! In the ring, Page hits the Buckshot Lariat to Serpentico, followed by the Superman pin by Reynolds for the win. [***] A solid match and quite entertaining given the participants. 

After the match -1 hits Serpentico with the kendo stick and they send Chaos Project on their way. Silver gets on one knee and proposes to Page about joining the Dark Order. He says he's done the group thing and it didn't work out well. He says no and walks away, ruining the celebration. 

Alex Marvez standing with MJF and Jericho. He says that there's dissention and the match could create division. Le Champion says it won't happen and that they will stay a unit regardless of the result. 

Sting Congratulates Darby: Tony Schiavone is in the ring and announces the legend. He comes out to cheers. The TNT Champion follows. Sting is wearing a Brodie Lee t-shirt. He says that he likes it and he congratulates Allin for being the champ. He wasn't there last week to interrupt, but Taz does. He says that they fight street style, and Ricky Starks says they couldn't see them in the streets. Team Taz says let's do a Street Fight. Darby takes the mic and says to be careful what they wish for because it might happen. 

Earlier in the day there was a meeting between the Elite and Young Bucks. The tag champs are greeted by Nakazawa. The brothers walk up on a painting of Don Callis and Kenny Omega. Callis says that last week's decision was a mix up and while Omega is busy meeting others. He asks Marvez and the camera guy to go to the dungeon room. Callis cuts them a check for them to skedaddle. The Bucks aren't having it and decide to confront him. The camera goes black. 

Cody Rhodes vs. Peter Avalon: The bell rings and...CROSSROADS. The music hits and here comes Jade Cargill. The ref's back is turned and Avalon low blows him. He hits Cody in the leg and takes advantage of the fallen Rhodes. Avalon hits a suplex from the top rope and gets a one count. We go to the always imitated never duplicated picture in picture. The match is back on and as Cody slams him he favors his knee. Avalon splashes him and as he charges Cody hits the cutter. Clotheslines by Rhodes into the powerslam for two. He throws away the belt and locks in the figure four for the submission. [**] 

Tully is with FTR and says that they are ranked the #1 team in the world. Jungle Boy along with Jurassic Express. Dax challenges him to a one on one next week. 

Unscripted Violence plays and here comes Moxley! He's in the ring with Nick Comoroto, who's making his Dynamite debut. Moxley headbutts him and gets the offense early with elbows and chops. Comoroto catches him and hits a slam. He's a student of the Nightmare Family. Nick hits a fireman's carry for two after being bitten by Mox. He goes for a charge but misses as Mox moves out of the way. Kick to the chest by Jon and he just lays in the boots to Comoroto's chest. German suplex by Moxley but the clotheslines don't sell. Moxley locks in the sleeper and finishes the match. [**] Elongated squash. 

After the match he grabs the mic and says anything can happen on Wednesdays. He calls out Omega and the Good Brothers from Impact for attacking him last week. He says that no matter what, all roads through wrestling lead through him. 

Dasha is with Eddie Kingston and next week he will face Lance Archer. He says that he just prepares and here comes the Murderhawk Monster. Jake Roberts gets in his face and says it needs to be one on one with no interference from Kingston's "monkeys." 

Marvez finds Omega who is sporting the 1977 outfit and he runs into Callis, who is sporting a horribly looking shiner. Omega asks who did it and Don accidentally says that it was Nick and Matt. When Marvez asks for confirmation, he is shooed away.

Matt Sydal w/Top Flight vs. Matt Hardy w/Private Party: Dante Martin takes control of Marq Quen with the arm drags. Impressive double drop kick by Top Flight followed by an impressive triple team move with Sydal on Quen for one. Hardy admonishes his protege and he throws his jacket in Sydal's face. Kassidy is tagged and attacks the brothers but they counter into a triple leg lock. Hardy knocks down Sydal behind the ref's back. Cross body by Quen as we go to the NEW AND IMPROVED PICTURE IN PICTURE! We're back and Matt Hardy is taking control by working Sydal in the heel corner. Kassidy is applying a headlock to Sydal. Top Flight comes in and Dante hits an impressive topa suicida on Hardy. They break up the Silly String but miss the double team move. Side Effect by Hardy to all three faces. He tries to pin all three and gets a two count. Quen with a kick to the head of Darius Martin. Front flip into a Hurricanrana for a two count. Top Flight takes Quen up top but Hardy breaks it up. Kassidy hits Dante with the chair and Quen is surprised but decides to hit the impressive 450 splash for the win. [****] Great match and expect Top Flight and Private Party to clash again in the future, this time with greater stakes. 

After the match Sydal starts yelling with Private Party and they jump their foes. Hardy hits the Twists of Fate and send a message. 

MJF and Wardlow visit the Inner Circle and says that he wouldn't be having the match tonight, but wants to bring the group together. Sammy says we're not there yet. 

Legit Leyla Hirsch vs. Penelope Ford: Orange Cassidy is in the stands watching as Chuck Taylor is now their young boy and wearing a butler suit. Sidelock by Hirsch using her massive ground game. During the match Miro tells Taylor to trip up Leyla but he trips up Ford instead. We go picture in picture. We return and Hirsch hits her with a knee to the face into a deadlift German suplex. Double knee strike for a two count. Ford misses a clothesline and Hirsch goes out to hit a moonsault on Kip and Taylor. She goes back in and is hit in the face by Ford. Kip holds the foot as Ford pins Hirsch. [*] 

After the match Miro calls in Taylor and says that he's a nice guy but needs to go higher. He asks for 'Charles' to grab the mic and tell Orange Cassidy that Miro is his best friend now. Taylor takes the mic and says Miro is his best friend now. Cassidy walks away sad. 

The Good Brothers are attacking Penta on the outside. Omega joins in the fray with Callis calling the shots. He takes off those boots and hits him in the face. Omega looks into the camera as they walk off. 

AEW announces a Womens' World Eliminator tournament to determine the number one contender to the Women's Championship. 

Inner Circle tag Team Turmoil: Before the match we get "The Red Rocker" Sammy Hagar putting over the duo of Hager/Guevara. Google it kids. 

The match starts off with Jericho and Sammy locking up, but Le Champion refuses to hit him. Arm drag until Jericho slaps him, Sammy responds with a chop, flip and drop kick into the clothesline over the ropes. He poses in the ring. Back in Jericho hits the kicks, but Sammy slingshots him into Hager's fists for two. Tag to Santana as Hager takes control. Ortiz comes in and they double team the brute, and Jericho makes the blind tag. Sentons by Santana and Ortiz for two. We go picture in picture. 

As we return the the Inner Circle is on the outside. Guevara hits a flying senton on MJF. He goes back in and hits a hurricanrana on MJF and a Spanish Fly on Ortiz. Jericho gets the bat and Hager stomps him out. MJF grabs the ring and Hager knocks him out for it. Santana and Ortiz attack but eat a double clothesline. MJF breaks up Sammy's pin. Jericho with a sloppy lionsault for one. Ortiz with the drop kick on Jericho and hits the flatliner for two. Codebreaker by Jericho gets two. Tag to MJF and they double team Ortiz but he DDTs them. Hager tags and his the moonsault. Guevara with the splash but Ortiz breaks it up. Wardlow comes in and distracts Guevara long enough for MJF to roll him up, grab some tights and get the three count. 

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