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It's (finally) Wednesday night, and you know what that means...

Chris Jericho will be joining the crew on commentary as he comes out to 'Judas.'

Tag Team Eliminator Match: Young Bucks vs. Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero Miedo

If the faces win, they get a tag team title shot. The Bucks come out with Brandon Cutler and they're sporting full mustaches. The bell rings and they start to throw fists. Penta hits a kick off the apron while Eddie gets a roll up for two. Ghetto Clutch for two. Matt Jackson hasn't even taken his jacket off yet as Eddie chops him in the corner. Penta gets up top and double stomps Matt while Eddie holds him down for a two count. Tag to Penta, but Matt drives him in the corner and hits a clothesline. Cannonball kick by the Bucks. Tag to Nick and they hit a double elbow. Penta hits a diving cross body and tags Eddie. He lays shots into the brothers. Fisherman suplex on Nick for two. Knee shot to the midsection. He goes outside and hits an exploder on Matt but eats a kick from Nick. Splash by Matt and Cutler sprays them off. Back in the ring Nick gets a one count. Kingston no sells the double kicks and attacks but eats a knee strike by Nick. Tag to Matt who lays in some punches. He fights Matt up top and headbutts him several times. Superplex by Kingston! Hot tag to Penta who attacks with a series of kicks. Casadora into a DDT! Slingblade by Penta on Nick and then a Code Red gets...two? The fans aren't liking it. Fear Factor countered by Matt into a slingshot. Tag to Nick who gets the hurricanrana. Kick to Penta in the corner but the faces hit a kick into a German suplex counter into a two count. Matt goes outside and hits a diving crossbody. Back in the ring Nick and Penta exchange chops but Penta hits a kick. Nick grabs referee Rick Knox and donkey kicks Penta in the midsection. Matt back in and they hit the package piledriver for two but Eddie makes the save. 

The Good Brothers arrive as Eddie fights them off. Cutler comes in and sprays Matt by mistake. Frankie Kazarian comes in and attacks Cutler. Penta takes Matt and hits the package piledriver. Back slap by Eddie and he pins Matt! [***] A surprising finish with the right result. Kaz coming in to help makes sense from a storyline perspective. 

Before the match Jungle Boy is in the locker room with Christian Cage who gives him encouragement to be the first AEW wrestler to get 50 wins. Luchasaurus and Marko arrive to have an intellectual discussion about dinosaurs.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring with the "Men of the Year" discussing Ethan Page's Coffin Match against Darby Allin next week. Page says that what they are doing is frankly not enough. He wants to finish off Allin once and for all after fighting him in the independents and more. The lights go black and we get snow (in June?) and here comes Sting with a wooden coffin. On the video screen we see Darby lighting up a coffin with a flamethrower. Out of the coffin comes Darby and they attack! Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop and Allin scratches the eyes of Ethan Page. Refs come out to separate the duo. Page grabs the mic and says he can't beat him at 100%. He says the match is off and can't touch him a week before the match, which now is scheduled for Fyter Fest. 

We get a recap of last Saturday night's match between Jungle Boy & Kenny Omega.

Jungle Boy vs. Jack Evans

Jericho isn't feeling the crowd singing along to 'Tarzan Boy,' hmmm. They lock up and JB flips out of into a headlock of his own. Chain wrestling taking place and Evans grabs the ropes. He hits JB with a leaping kick but JB slaps him. Dropkick to Evans as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and JB is still chopping Evans. Dropkick to the knee followed by the clothesline. He charges and eats a boot by Evans. They go up top and Evans slips out and JB moves out of the German Suplex and locks in the Snaretrap and Evans taps! [**1/2] A standard match to give Jungle Boy some momentum. Great idea of AEW to put over the 50th win for Jungle Jack Perry.

Afterwards the Hardy Family Office come out, followed by the Jurassic Express and Christian Cage. He takes down Hardy but the heel escapes when Evans interferes. 

We get a promo by MJF who goes after Chris Jericho, and he challenges him to a match next week. He then discusses facing Guevara tonight. 

Alex Abranathes is speaking with Andrade El Idolo, who addresses Matt Sydal interrupting his promo. He challenges him to a match in Miami next week.

Tony Schiavone is about to interview Omega. He comes out only with the AEW World Title. He grabs the mic and talks about defeating Jungle Boy among other challengers in AEW. He says that with no more challengers he's going to take a break. Evil Uno and the Dark Order comes out to say that they have a challenge for Omega. The champion rebuffs their request. Uno says they have someone who can challenge him. The crowd says the person that Omega thinks that they're talking about. 

TNT Title Match: Miro vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Before the match, Pillman gives a promo who says that he had support of great friends to get to this point. He gives Julia Hart his jacket and glasses prior to the match. Miro comes out with new music. Pillman starts off with chops to the chest but Miro suplexes him and kicks him in the chest. He sits on Pillman's back. Suplex and he walks around to soak in the boos. He throws Pillman out as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Miro is on the apron slapping Pillman's chest but the spry face gets on the ring and dropkicks Miro to the ground. He uses momentum to attack but Miro goes back into the ring. Pillman with the clothesline off the top rope. He goes back on the rope but avoids the Miro kick and hits one of his own. Miro catches him and hits a spin kick to turn the tide, followed by another one and Pillman falls to the ground. GAME OVER! Pillman passes out and Miro retains. [**1/2] Solid showing by Pillman but Miro continues to be booked as the dominant monster that he should. 

AA is with the Dark Order and Hangman Page who is yelling at them for calling the match. The group says they are there to encourage them. 

Team Taz is in the back and the manager says that Brian Cage will defend the FTW title against Ricky Starks. 

Nyla Rose & Vicki Guerrero vs. Britt Baker and Rebel

Rebel and Vicki are in the ring and they push each other while the bell rings. Nyla comes in and Rebel gets in a sleeper hold. Rose overpowers her and gets a splash. Baker avoids Rose's attack and the monster gets a legdrop on Rebel followed by a slam. She tags in Vicki and we go picture in picture. 

Baker back in and Rose tries for the Beast Bomb only for Baker to score a super kick. Chokeslam by Rose followed by the draping of the ropes. Knee on the neck of Baker but Rebel breaks it up. Rose gets up on the ropes but Vicki accidentally knocks her off the ropes. Baker slaps on the Lockjaw and Vicki taps. [*] DUD

Afterwards Rose gets the Beast Bomb on Baker as Vicki gets the table. Beast Bomb on the table to the AEW Women's Champion. 

MJF vs. Sammy Guevara

MJF runs out of the ring and Guevara spins mockingly. He re-enters and does the Flair strut. Sammy almost blows the leapfrog but mocks the strut with one of his own. Backslide by Sammy gets two but MJF follows up with one of his own. MJF offers his hand but Sammy responds with some shots. He slams his head into the turnbuckle and goes up top. Springboard DDT gets two. MJF goes outside and Sammy follows, but MJF throws Sammy into the barricade as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and MJF has Guevara in a headlock. He throws MJF outside of the ring but as he goes for a baseball slide MJF grabs the skirt of the apron and Sammy falls in it. He escapes and hits a backdrop. They re-enter the ring and he smacks Guevara in the head and goes up top. Spanish Fly by Guevara! Clothesline by Guevara, followed by an enzuguri. He skins the cat and hits a tornado. Cuban destroyer gets a two count. MJF gets a back elbow and then the drop on the arm from the top rope. MJF guillotines Guevara on the ropes and then grabs a chair. Sammy dropkicks MJF in the face. Somersault by Guevara on the barricade. He throws MJF back in the ring. Sammy goes for the 630 but MJF grabs the ropes. He takes Guevara and piledrives him from the top rope for a two count. MJF is clutching the knee and Sammy tries to roll him up for two. Sammy throws him on his knees and rolls him up for two. GTS by Sammy but MJF grabs the ropes at two. Sammy drags him to the middle and goes up top. MJF is up and is begging him not to attack. 630! Sammy only gets two. Spears comes out but Jericho leaves the booth, only for Wardlow to attack from behind. He throws Jericho on the ground. Spears hits Sammy with the chair while the ref is distracted. MJF gets the pin. [***1/2] A PPV level match with a marred finish due to the potential knee injury. 

They do a great video package thanking Jacksonville and Daily's Place for putting on some great shows during the pandemic.

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