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It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means!

Tonight AEW Dynamite takes place in the city of Brotherly Love, as they celebrate their second year anniversary. 

We go right to it without introductions. Jungle Boy and Nick Jackson start us off. Shoulder tackle by Jackson. He misses a corkscrew kick and JB flips over the ropes and gets the drop kick. Tag to Cole who stomps him in the corner. He goes to gloat and then returns to slap Cole and boots him. Tag to Cage who chops him and another tag to JB who elbows Cole off the top rope. Quick tag to Cage to hammers him and slaps him over the top rope. Cole breaks up the Unprettier attempt but Cage hits some punches on the cage. Matt Jackson comes in and gets flattened. Tag to JB who kicks Matt. He and Cage flip over Omega but JB eats a kick by Cole. Tag to the champ and Omega springboards in to a chorus of boos. He takes JB into the corner and Nick hits JB. Matt tries to interrupt but JB boots both brothers. Chop by JB and a beautiful flip into an arm drag lock. Tag to Bryan Danielson who uppercuts Matt, followed by chops and kicks. Omega comes in and quickly retreats. Tag to Luchasaurus and he throws BD into Matt. The big dinosaur chops Matt. He tags JB who hits Cole and Omega. Cage comes in and spears Matt, followed by the rest of the faces attack Matt in the corner. All eight participants go after each other. Nakazawa tries to hit Cage with the laptop but he no sells it. However Brandon Cutler hits Cage with the spray. Meltzer Driver by the Young Bucks. 

They kick Marko Stunt while Doc Sampson gets the medical staff to attend to Cage. Back in the ring Matt tags Nick and he kicks JB in the corner. Tag to Cole and he gets the Camel Clutch. Tag to Omega who berates JB who suplexes the champ and hits a clothesline. Danielson knocks out Nakazawa and the Young Bucks are double teaming JB in the ring. He hits a double DDT and makes the hot tag to Danielson who boots Cole off the apron. Tag to Omega and they have the standoff. Dual elbows and then Omega boots him in the gut. Danielson slips and slingblades Omega. Running boots in the corner by Danielson, then he hits the hurricanrana off the top rope. Diving headbutt is broken up by the Young Bucks. Luchasaurus comes in and clotheslines him. Cole with the knee strike and Omega with the snapdragon. Tiger suplex by Danielson gets two. Cattle Mutilation by Danielson but Nick hits the senton from the top rope. 

Tag to Cole and to Luchasaurus who cleans house by tossing the heels and boots the champ in the corner. Cole superkicks him but gets goozled onto Omega. He turns around and misses the superkick only to deliver one of his own. Moonsault by Luchasaurus. Tope suicida by Danielson. Omega hits one of his own onto the faces. Cole decides not to do one and gets chokeslammed by Luchasaurus, followed by a moonsault for two. Tag to JB and he eats a V-Trigger by Omega. Low blow to Luchasuarus and they botch the Meltzer Driver, allowing JB to come in and clear house but he eats a superkick, snapdragon and then the Panama Sunrise but Danielson breaks it up. He attacks the Superkliq with a series of elbows. Kicks to Omega's chest and he eats a BTE kick. BTE Trigger to Jungle Boy and Cole gets the pin. [**1/2] It was fun but I took a star off by the botch and too many indy-riffic spots. Taking Cage out of the match early was an interesting twist, so we'll see where that goes.

Jon Moxley is in a basement talking about getting involved in the ladder match.

CM Punk Speaks

He goes to the announce table and then jumps in the crowd. He talks about his beginnings in Philadelphia. He gives them a choice, cheesesteaks or wrestling? He calls out Daniel Garcia to meet on Friday at Rampage. 

Armed Anderson says on Busted Open that Cody has gone Hollywood. He shows up at Cody's house and starts burning up Cody's stuff. Rhodes comes out and says what are you doing? Arn says that he's gone soft and then slaps him. Cody takes off the tie and throws it into the burning trash can.

Bobby Fish gets a promo video prior to his match with Sammy Guevara

They lock up and Sammy gets the waist lock and leapfrogs over Fish to hit a single leg kick. Midsection enzuguri by Sammy but as he gets on the rope Fish boots his leg to take advantage. Fish with a senton for one. Guevara boots Fish in the midsection as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Fish slams Guevara to the mat. During the break he kicked Guevara in the leg on the apron. Guevara gets up and clotheslines Fish, but he backdrops Guevara for two. He charges Guevara and eats a boot. Standing Spanish Fly by Guevara. He goes up top but Fish kicks out the leg of Guevara. Fish joins up on the top of the corner and hits an avalanche Falcon Arrow for two. Exploder suplex by Fish gets two. He misses the kick and Guevara hits the GTS for three. [***] These two could go for even longer and I wouldn't complain.

Afterwards the Men of the Year come out along with America's Top Team. Paige Van Zant comes in and Scorpio Sky attacks Guevara from behind. They attack Guevara and then Fuego Del Sol comes in and attacks Scorpio Sky. Jericho and Jake Hager come out to clear house. Lambert grabs the mic as everyone starts singing Judas, all the way until the end. Lambert challenges the Inner Circle to a six man match next week and Jericho accepts.

The Acclaimed challenges the Lucha Bros to a tag team title match on Rampage. 

Tony Schiavone in the ring with Aubrey Edwards who is holding something in a bag, and it is the TBS Championship for the Women's Division. She pulls out the championship and it looks amazing.

JR is with Darby Allin about the promo with MJF. Allin talks about why he paints his face. He talks about what happened with his uncle when he was five, and he paints his face to hide the pain, and says that MJF has never met someone like Darby Allin, and speaking of which...

Darby Allin vs. Nick Camoroto

He wipes out Camoroto with a senton off the top rope. Back in the ring he hits a springboard elbow and lays some shots in the chest of Camaroto but he overpowers him with a slam as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Darby boots a charging Camoroto from the corner. He goes up top and hits the Coffin Elbow for the three count. [*1/2] SQUASH

Afterwards QT Marshall tries to hit Sting with the cutter but he no sells it and boots him. Scorpion Deathdrop by Sting!

The Dark Order is back together and Evil Uno says that from now one they vote as a family. 

Tony Schiavone in the ring with Dante Martin. The young lion gets the mic and challenges anyone...and here comes Malakai Black! He spits mist into Dante's face and kicks him into...nothingness. The lights come on and he accepts, with Dante laying out on the ground. 

FTW Champion Ricky Starks is in the ring and he holds up the belt. He calls out Brian Cage and here comes the Machine who jumps the champ and Starks bails with the rest of Team Taz.

The women's locker room led by Thunder Rosa, Skye Blue, Ruby Soho and Jade Cargill all say they're going for the TBS Championship.

They lock up and Shida hip tosses her. Wrist lock by Deeb and Shida takes her down with a leg drop. Deeb slaps her and Shida responds with a kick. Thrust punches on the top of the corner. She takes Deeb on the apron between the ropes and hits the running knee. Shida takes the chair and tries to launch and Deeb throws the chair away. Back in the ring she catches Shida in a front bacelok and hits a neckbreaker and we go...picture in picture without anyone realizing it on commentary.

We're back and Shida hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into an airplane spin. She goes up top and hits the missile dropkick for two. Deeb gets the octopus hold. Shida hits an elbow thrust but Deeb rolls her up for two. Swinging neckbreaker for two. She hits a chop block but then goes for another one but Shida avoids it and hits the flatliner for two. Falcon Arrow by Shida gets two. Katana is blocked by Deeb and she hammers on Shida's kneecap. Rake of the eyes by Deeb into a dragon screw whip. Deeb drop gets two. She locks on the Serenity lock, and Shida taps! [***] Excellent match and it gives Shida a great storyline going forward to get that inevitable win.

Afterwards she breaks the award over Shida's head.

Alex Marvez says that next week MJF will face Darby Allin, and Allin accepts. As he walks away, he's attacked by a black masked-Pinnacle. Wardlow hits the F10 on Allin to the railing. MJF rides the skateboard and knocks him down as they depart.

Lio Rush addresses Dante Martin and says he wants to talk business to get him ready to face Malakai Black.

Tony Schiavone is with Dr. Britt Baker and her entourage. She says that the TBS title is good for those who can fight over a title they won't take from her.

The first two participants are Orange Cassidy and PAC, who doesn't take too kindly to his hands in pockets. He throws down OC and gets a waist lock. OC is chillin in the ring while PAC gets frustrated. He goes outside and then back in, only to eat a backbreaker by PAC. He throws OC out of the ring near the table. PAC grabs the ladder and goes back in only for Andrade to enter next. He throws in the ladder but is kicked by PAC. He goes to place the ladder in the middle of the ring but Andrade comes back and joins him on the ladder. Sunset flip off the top of the ladder. He tries to attack PAC but here comes OC who hits the hands in pockets and kicks Andrade. Enzuguri by OC followed by a dropkick to PAC. Matt Hardy is next. He cleans house with the ladder and tries to climb but OC stops him. He slams OC's head into the ladder as we go picture in picture.

Lance Archer is next as we go into the break, and he's carrying Jose with him. He slams OC's head on the apron. Blackout attempt reversed by PAC. Hardy tries to attack but he eats a Black Hole Slam by Archer. We're back and he slams OC on the ladder. He hesitates from going up as Jon Moxley's music plays and they start slugging it out on the outside. Moxley throws a chair at Archer but he blocks it and goes back in the ring. OC puts the ladder around Archer's neck. Moxley throws OC out and the final entry is...HANGMAN ADAM PAGE!

He clears house until PAC hits him with a chair to the back. PAC gets a table and brings it into the ring. He puts Hangman on it and tries to climb the ladder to hit the Black Arrow. Andrade goes up and gets booted off by PAC onto the ladder. It gives Page enough time to get up and lays in some elbows. DEADEYE OFF THE LADDER ONTO THE TABLE! Moxley with the Paradigm Shift to Page and grabs the ladder. Orange Cassidy gets up and they start brawling. Hardy pushes them off. Moxley gets back on the ladder as on the outside Hardy hits a legdrop on Cassidy on the table. Archer takes Moxley off the ladder. He attempts to climb the ladder, BUCKSHOT LARIAT BY PAGE!

Moxley hits the chair on Page's back. He climbs up but Page joins him and they trade shots. Moxley stumbles and Page sees his opportunity and seizes it! Page is the new #1 contender. [****] An excellent match with several brutal spots and the surprise that everyone was expecting. 

Afterwards he celebrates with some beer as the fans cheer. 

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