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It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means...

Tonight we are LIVE from New Jersey, and one week away from the big event in Queens!

Cult of Personality blasts on the loudspeakers as CM Punk arrives to do commentary. 

Adam Cole vs. Frankie Kazarian

Huge ovation for Cole as he makes his AEW debut. He goes for a pump kick but Kaz gets a hiptoss into a headlock. Single leg takedown into another headlock. Cole dumps him over the ropes with an impressive backdrop. He goes outside and throws Kaz into the apron. He goes back in and bows. Kaz with a legdrop on the head of Cole. Sunset flip but Cole attacks with a pump kick. Fists by Cole into a headlock of his own. Roll up by Kaz gets two. Single leg lock by Kaz but Cole kicks him off. Neckbreaker gets one by Cole. Thrust kick blocked by Kaz into a roll up for two. Cole into the corner and Kaz hits a double knee to the back and Cole rolls him up for two. Cole goes into the corner...SWEET CHIN MUSIC, get two. Panama Sunrise attempt is reversed into an Alabama Slam and a mid rope legdrop for two. They exchange punches and Kaz hits a kick and a lariat. Neckbreaker by Cole gets two. They go to the ropes, exchange punches, and Cole takes him down with a kick. PANAMA SUNRISE, he takes off the kneepad, Running knee strike for the three count. [***1/2] Great debut match by Cole, working with a veteran like Kaz was the perfect opponent. 

Afterwards, Cole calls out Christian Cage and the Jurassic Express to a match next week in Queens on Rampage. 

The Lucha Brothers challenge Butcher and the Blade to a tag title match this Friday on Rampage. 

Tony Schiavone is with Sammy Guevara and Fuego Del Sol. Sol challenges MIRO to a TNT Title match this Friday, with his car on the line. 

MJF Speaks

He runs down New Jersey, talks to Brian Pillman about what he's going to do to his son next week. Pillman Jr. outsmarts MJF when his music plays and brings out a chair, chasing the heels away. 

We get a JR interview segment with Brian Pillman Jr., and he asks him about what needs to be done to beat MJF. 

Alex Marvez is with Jurassic Express and Cage, who says that they are looking forward to fighting the Elite next week. 

Dante Martin & Matt Sydal vs. FTR

Sydal starts with Dax with a roll up for two. Hip toss by Sydal followed by a hurricanrana. Double dropkick by the faces as Martin is tagged. Dax tags Cash who hits some vicious chops on Martin, but Cash throws him into the corner. Dropkick to Martin as they go back into the ring. Headbutt to Martin followed by a headlock. He avoids Cash's clothesline and gets the hot tag to Sydal, who cleans house with knee strikes. Beautiful flying splash by Sydal and Martin on the outside. Tully Blanchard encourages his team as we go picture in picture.

We're back and Dax has Sydal in an abdominal stretch. Cash comes in to do a double slam and Martin hits a flying bodypress and a kick to Dax. Cash and Martin exchange roll up pins. Sydal gets a roll up pin but only gets two. Elbow by Martin but FTR hits the Shatter Machine for the win. [***] Great exhibition of tag team wrestling, and a combination of spots with mat wrestling as a result. 

Minoru Suzuki and Lance Archer talk about teaming up against Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston next week, and I guarantee his music won't get cut off at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Malakai Black makes his way towards the ring and notices that Rosario Dawson of all people is wearing the Nightmare Family jacket. As he approaches her, Cody Rhodes shows back up and Dawson jumps Black. He and Cody fight up the steps. 

The Bunny talks about her upcoming match against Anna Jay at Rampage. Marvez is interviewing Anna when she's interrupted by Evil Uno. Alex Reynolds comes by and they argue when Anna and Tay Conti leaves.

Dan Lambert with the Men of the Year. Judas plays on the loudspeaker as Chris Jericho and Jake Hager come out. Lambert cuts it off and Jericho responds that they've fought MMA guys before. They will fight next week in Queens.

Jade Cargill vs. Leyla Hirsch

Hirsch tries to take her down and gets a double leg takedown as Jade rolls out. She hits Mark Sterling with the plancha. They go back in and Jade takes her to the corner. Elbow by Hirsch followed by knee strikes for one. Cross armbreaker by Hirsch but Jade picks her up and hits a vicious powerbomb as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Jade is trying to get a fireman's carry but Hirsch locks on a sleeper hold. Jade misses the pump kick and Hirsch tries for a suplex and eventually hits for two. Jade rolls outside and Hirsch hits the suicida. They roll back in and Jade eats a knee strike by Hirsch for two. She goes up top but misses the senton. Pump kick by Jade, and hits Jaded for the three count. [**1/2]

Andrade is with Jose and says that he did not give the order to interfere in his match last week with PAC and can beat anyone at any time. 

At the commentary booth Taz comes out and as CM Punk confronts Taz, he is jumped by Powerhouse Hobbs. HOOK locks in the dragon sleeper, with Hobbs hitting a powerbomb onto the announce table. 

Shawn Spears calls out Darby Allin, reminding him that he handed Darby his first loss in AEW. 

Darby Allin vs. Shawn Spears

They brawl outside and Allin spikes Darby to the corner. Spears gets some water and a cloth, trying to wipe off the face paint of Darby's face as we go picture in picture.

Back and Spears has Darby in a Scorpion Deathlok but he grabs the ropes to break it up. Kick by Darby and he takes down Spears. Code Red by Darby gets two. He is limping but goes up top, where Spears joins him. Darby sweeps Spears knee and starts to hit it. Spears throws him off the top and tries to hit the C4 onto the steel steps. Suicida by Darby, he throws Spears back in the ring, hits the Coffin Drop Elbow for the victory. [***] A lot of energy in a match that could benefit from a lot more time. 

Afterwards FTR enters the ring and attack. Tully gets a chair and strikes Sting, but he no sells it. FTR attacks Sting and takes him down. Darby tries to help but he's beaten down for his troubles. Spike piledriver by FTR onto Sting! Tully has a rag full of water and wipes the face paint off of Sting. 

Tony Schiavone in the middle of the ring and he introduces Bryan Danielson to the Jersey faithful. As Danielson begins to talk, Don Callis comes out along with Kenny Omega. Callis says that Danielson isn't ready for him, and Bryan interrupts him, saying he wants to fight Omega but Callis refuses. Omega gets the mic and says yes. 

MIRO responds and says that he will fight Fuego Del Sol on Rampage. 

Matt Hardy says that he still wants to cut Orange Cassidy's hair. 

Jon Moxley/Eddie Kingston vs. 2.0

As the buddies make their way to the ring, Jeff Parker, Daniel Garcia and Matt Lee attack from behind. Parker and Moxley get inside, where Moxley strikes him. Parker tags Lee and Moxley hits him with a suplex. Moxley bites him and Lee goes outside, where Parker joins him as we go picture in picture.

We're back and Parker throws Moxley in the corner, then takes a cheap shot at Kingston. Hot tag to Kingston who takes shots at the heels and smacks their chests. Exploder suplex. Back hand slap by Kingston but Lee hits the DDT. Tag to Moxley and they hit the clothesline suplex combo for the win. [*1/2] An elongated squash.

Afterwards Minoru Suzuki comes out (with full music this time) and shows the seven stitches he got last week. Archer comes from nowhere and attacks Kingston from behind. Suzuki and Moxley go at it as we fade to black. 

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