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It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means...LIVE from Cincinnati!

We get a recap of what happened at All Out from Sunday to start the show.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Malakai Black

They go right at it before the bell rings. Rhodes gets a stomp and a boot to take the early advantage. He avoids Black's kick and hits a German suplex. Elbow to the chest as he throws Black outside. He drops Rhodes with a kick to the knee and continues to boot him as he goes back in and out. They go back in and Black locks on the grapevine. Stomps to the back of Rhodes as Black follows through with more kicks. He tosses Dustin to the ground and Rhodes struggles to continue. Black mocks Dustin as he walks around him. He catches Black and hits a lariat followed by an uppercut into a scoop slam for two. Dustin picks up Black and sunset flips him for two. Shots to the head of Black in the corner, and Black pushes him off. Running knee strike by Black gets two. He goes under the ring and pulls...Cody's boot? He throws it towards Dustin and dares him to strike with it. Rhodes throws him in the corner and hits the Canadian Destroyer for two. Rhodes limps as he gets Black up for a suplex but Black slips out of the way. Rhodes gets him in the corner and misses the Bulldog DDT. Black Mass! Black gets the three count. [**1/2] Solid match as Dustin should've been expected to give Black his greatest challenge. The next one will be where does Black go from here.

The NEW tag team champions the Lucha Bros with Alex Abranthes talk bout their victory Sunday.

CM Punk speaks

He starts off by thanking Darby Allin, Sting and the crowd. He says he didn't know what wrestling would be like, but it's like riding a violent bicycle. Chants of "You Still Got It!" by the fans. He shouts out Linda Pillman, who's in the audience. He asks who's next, and Taz grabs the mic to a chorus of boos, saying that Punk better not call out any member of his own team. He challenges any member of Team Taz, saying survive if he lets them.

Tony Schiavone interviews Ruby Soho but she's quickly interrupted by Dr. Britt Baker, along with Jamie Hayter and Reba. Soho says that she helped her break into the industry. Baker reminds her that she spent the last four years in catering and walks off. 

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Dante Martin

The match starts and Hobbs quickly slams him to the ground. He catches Dante's crossbody, and when he tries to hit a suicida, Hobbs catches him by the neck, hurling him into the ground. He slaps Dante on the outside and throws him into the barricade as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Hobbs has Martin in a bear hug and throws him onto the mat. Knees to the chest by Hobbs. Dante climbs the top rope and gets some serious air with a dropkick for two. He gets a running pump kick. Hook gets in the way of his senton, so Dante flips OVER Hook to connect. Enzuguri followed by a dropkick. However when he goes for a crossbody, Hobbs hits his spinebuster and gets the three count. [***] Hobbs is getting some serious momentum and showing to be a true force in AEW.

Dan Lambert interrupts with the Men of the Year, cutting down the crowd. They challenge someone to fight them. 

Matt Hardy and the HFO says that he wants to cut Orange Cassidy's hair. 

MJF Speaks

He cuts down Cincinnati while saying there's a conspiracy against him. He cuts down Linda Pillman and Brittany Pillman before Brian Pillman Jr. comes out with his dad's old Bengals jersey and defends his hometown. MJF challenges him to a fight and Pillman obliges. Wardlow slowly helps MJF with the beatdown as Griff Garrison comes out to help his partner.

Jamie Hayter vs. Ruby Soho

Soho and Hayter tie up in the corner, Jamie responds with a slap. Soho locks her up with an arm drag, followed by an elbow strike. Knee strike by Soho. Hayter tosses her to the ground. Stomps on Soho as we go picture in picture.

We're back and Soho gets some kicks off the rope, followed by a DDT for two. Hayter breaks up the Saito Suplex but Soho gets a face first flatliner for two. Neckbreaker by Hayter followed by an elbow for two. Soho hits another flatliner for the three count. [**1/2] Solid debut for Soho

Afterwards Baker and Reba attacks, only for Riho and Kris Statlander to come in and break it up. 

Ricky Starks and Brian Cage talk about facing one another.

Trios Match: FTR & Shawn Spears vs. Dark Order

It's Silver, Grayson and Evil Uno for the cult. Spears and Silver start off and Spears hits a shoulder block. Slam by Silver and he tags in Stu. Grayson with a kick and Spears tags Cash who hits a clothesline. Pele kick by Stu and he tags in Uno who hits a leg drop. FTR takes down the Dark Order and they surround Silver, who hits some knee strikes and a German suplex for two. He charges for Dax but runs into Uno. Tag to Cash and Spears. Triple DVD gets the win. [**1/2] Short and sweet, giving the Pinnacle a much needed win. 

Evil Uno pushes Silver after the match and its all out war as the faction begins to split. Anna Jay and Tay Conti come out with disapproval. 

The women who were in the Casino Battle Royale speak about what's next. 

Tony Schiavone is with Tully Blanchard, who wants to Tony Khan to book Shawn Spears vs. Darby Allin, and he tells Sting to be aware.

Sammy Guevara comes back with the signs as we go to picture and picture, talking about what happened over the summer. 

Alex Marvez is with Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. Brian challenges MJF to a match at Arthur Ashe in two weeks. The Acclaimed come in with roses and Max Caster says he will face Pillman on Friday on Rampage.

Tony Schiavone talks with the Elite

Don Callis talks about Kenny Omega getting the #1 wrestler of the year in PWI. The Elite introduce Adam Cole, who tells Tony Schiavone to get out of his ring and not to look at Britt Baker funny. Cole says that he will be wrestling next week. 

Omega grabs the mic and says he hates to be interrupted, only for Rise of the Valkyries to blast and here comes Bryan Danielson. Omega tells his buddies to get out of the ring so he can address Danielson himself. Thunderous YES chants as he enters. Danielson grabs the mic and asks the fans do they want to see him fight. Omega charges and Danielson gets him in the Yes lock. The Elite come in to attack but quickly the Jurassic Express and Christian come out to break it up, with Danielson getting the knee strike on Brandon Cutler.

Minoru Suzuki vs. Jon Moxley

The hometown boy comes in to a thunderous applause. They exchange shots, and pump kicks. Moxley knocks Suzuki into the ropes as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Moxley is laying in some chops but Suzuki knocks him down. Moxley blocks his kick and bites him, only for Suzuki to do the same thing. They exchange head butts. Sleeper by Suzuki and he goes for the Gotch piledriver but Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift but only gets a one count. Suzuki is showing color in his right eye. Dropkick by Suzuki. Sleeper by Suzuki but Moxley fights out of it. Another Paradigm Shift wins it. [**] It was too short due to time but it was violent for what it was. 

At the end of the show, Moxley celebrates with the hometown crowd.

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