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It's Wednesday night, you know what that means...

We have a photo tribute to the late great Bobby Eaton. Always one of the best wrestlers to ever lace them up...

MJF is with Wardlow talking about the main event match with Jericho. He tells his bodyguard to get the job done tonight.

Trios Match: The Elite vs. Dante Martin & Sydal Brothers

The Matts start us off, with the Jackson one taking him down. Tag to Nick and he faces Dante who dropkicks him upon entry. Kenny Omega comes in and is double teamed by the Sydal brothers. The faces triple baseball slide kick the Elite out of the ring, followed by a rocket launcher by Dante. Back in the ring, Mike Sydal gets a sunset flip but Omega comes in and breaks it up with a stomp. The faces come in and set up Matt Jackson with a triple bridge (!) but the AEW World Champion comes in with a series a snapdragons. However, Dante gets an impressive standing flip and takes down the Elite with an impressive array of dropkicks. Great hurricanrana off the top rope to the champ! He goes up top and misses the stomp on Matt, only to eat a superkick from Matt Jackson. Omega comes in with the V-Trigger on Matt Sydal, then hits a neckbreaker on Dante, followed by the V-Trigger. One Winged Angel is broken up by an enzuguri by Dante. Tiger Driver 98 turns into a pinning combination by Dante for two. One Winged Angel by Omega, followed by an Elite Trigger gets the 3 count. [**1/2] An amazing array of aerials by Dante Martin, but the expected result nonetheless.

Afterwards Don Callis grabs the mic, and begins to talk, but here comes Christian Cage along with Jurassic Express as we go to break.

We're back and Cage with his crew is in the ring. They announce the Cage-Omega match at All Out. Jag off chants start. Cage also announces that he will face Omega for the Impact title on Friday in Rampage's first ever bout. Also, Jungle Boy announces that Jurassic Express will face the Young Bucks next week for the tag team titles.

Malakai Black talks about his victory over Cody Rhodes last week. He shows off the boot he took from Cody after the match. 

We get Miro who says that he's going to challenge Fuego Del Sol.

Darby Allin vs. Daniel Garcia

They lock up and end up going to the ropes, with Garcia getting a nice suplex as we go picture in picture.

We're back and Garcia uppercuts Darby in the corner, but Allin fights him off. Coffin Drop Elbow stopped by 2.0 but Sting comes in to interfere. Allin tries to jump from the middle rope but Garcia with the rear naked choke. Cutter by Allin, followed by the Coffin Drop Elbow for the victory. [**] This was a paint by numbers match which showed the improvement of Allin and Garcia with a future in this business.

Afterwards Sting and Allin beat down 2.0. 

Death Triangle is with Alex Abranthes. Penta says he wants first crack at Andrade, but PAC says that he will go after El Idolo while the Lucha Brothers go after the tag team titles. 

Best Friends vs. Hardy Family Office

Hardy and Cassidy start us off, with OC going for the pockets. Hardy slaps his hand way and OC puts Matt's hands in his pockets instead. Side Effect by Hardy gets a two count. OC rolls out of the way but avoids Hardy's charge. He goes up top and then the bottom rope and then just drops on Hardy. Tag to Marq Quen who is joined by Kassidy and they miss the Poetry in Motion. Wheeler Yuta is tagged in and hits the knee to Kassidy in the corner. Chuck Taylor with the ripcord to Isiah. Silly String by Private Party to Wheeler while we go picture in picture.

We're back and Private Party is double teaming on Wheeler Yuta. Meanwhile, Nyla Rose attacks Kris Statlander from behind, followed by Jack Evans charging at OC. Chuck Taylor comes in and takes out Private Party with double powerbombs. Hardy breaks up the two count. OC comes back in and hits the spinning DDT on Hardy, followed by the suicida. Chuck tags in Wheeler, who hits a top rope splash for two on Quen. Yuta gets the waistlock while Quen tags in Kassidy. German suplex by Yuta is broken up by Kassidy. 

Private Party goes for a double suplex but Chuck breaks it up. Gin and Juice combo is broken up by OC. Orange Crush to Quen but Hardy comes in and tosses Kassidy into him. Tag, Twist of Fate to Yuta, and gets the 3 count. [**] Too much going on but some impressive spots by Yuta.

Dasha is with Andrade and Chavo, who talks about the disrespect that PAC has shown. They challenge the bastard to a fight at All Out.

Santana and Ortiz talk about their feud with FTR. 

Nyla Rose vs. Kris Statlander

Rose attacks as soon as the bell rings. Roundhouse kicks by Statlander but Rose hits another shoulder block. Release German suplex by Rose. They go to the apron and Statlander hits an impressive moonsault. Orange Cassidy and Vicki Guerrero run into each other, where the siren screams in his face. Meanwhile, Rose drapes Statlander on the ropes but does a handstand to avoid the leg drop. Rose with a spear. They go up top, where Statlander hits a powerbomb. She goes up top and hits the 450 splash for the win! [**] Very short, but Statlander got the impressive victory.

The Young Bucks are with Brandon Cutler back in the basketball court. They wave off Hangman after last week and discuss the state of the tag team division. Nick Jackson goes for a layup and it's BLOCKED by Luchasaurus, with Jungle Boy to finish the layup. They leave and the Young Bucks claim it was a foul, only for Cutler to disagree.

Friday night, on the first ever episode of Rampage, it's going to be Red Velvet vs. Pittsburgh's own Britt Baker. Speaking of which, Tony Schiavone introduces the hometown girl, who sports black and gold to a raucous pop. 

She waves the Terrible Towel as do the rest of the Steelers-loving crowd. Baker talks about facing Velvet, but says she was always the face of the Women's division. As she lifts up the belt, Red Velvet comes out and attacks the champ. Referees break it up as chants of DMD echo through the crowd. 

FTW champion Ricky Starks says that next week he will meet Brian Cage face to face in Houston. 

Impact Tag Team Championship: Dark Order vs. The Good Brothers

Scott D'Amore of Impact is on commentary. Grayson attacks Anderson with a crossbody before the bell rings. As they get in the ring, Anderson boots Grayson. Cutler tries to attack Evil Uno on the outside, only to get attacked by Colt Cabana. As he runs away, Frankie Kazarian drags Cutler from behind as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Grayson hits a screwing plancha onto Anderson. Uno launches Grayson into Gallows in the corner. Backdrop by Uno gets a two count on Anderson. Tag to Grayson and they set up for Fatality but they avoid it. Uno breaks up the Magic Killer and low bridges Anderson. He tosses Grayson into Gallows on the outside. Gallows distracts the ref long enough to give his partner enough time to get out of the Fatality move by throwing in the belt. Magic Killer to Grayson and they keep the belt. [***] Impressive match.

NWA Women's Champion Kamille talks about her upcoming match with Leyla Hirsch on August 28 show Empowerrr.

Tony Schiavone in the ring with QT Marshall and Aaron Solow. QT says that they should owe him an apology but instead he will apologize for what they're about to do to his son Christian, and they attack him, but here comes the Big...err...Paul Wight. QT throws Solow at him, who chokeslams Solow to the ground, while Nick Comoroto and QT escape. 

We see Joey Janela turn on Sonny Kiss during last week's AEW Dark: Elevation

The Labours of Jericho pt. 4: Christ Jericho vs. Wardlow (w/MJF at ringside)

Jericho goes right after Wardlow, which is for naught as the big man throws him into the corner and stomps on Jericho. Le Champion goes up top and hits an axehandle followed by the Codebreaker for a one count. Wardlow smiles and charges Jericho in the corner. He throws Jericho with a suplex and then another one. Clothesline by Wardlow sends Jericho over the rope onto the outside. He continues to punish Jericho with a series of punches and then throws him into the barricade. Stomps onto Jericho's injured arm. He throws Jericho into the ring post. Back in the ring he hits a powerbomb to Jericho, followed by another. He walks around while we go picture in picture.

We're back and Wardlow is still controlling the match as he powerbombs Jericho again with a mocking MJF. However, the Demo God fights back with chops but Wardlow catches the crossbody. F10! He puts Jericho on the top but the Lionheart reverses out of it and locks in the Walls of Jericho. MJF rakes the eyes of Jericho while the ref is distracted. He goes in to give Wardlow the ring but referee Aubrey Edwards ejects Wardlow. Meanwhile, while Edwards is turned around, Jericho grabs Floyd the bat and knocks Wardlow unconscious. Judas Effect to Wardlow and he gets the pin. [***1/2] Credit to Wardlow for selling to Jericho, and they did a great way to set up what should have been an impossible pin by Le Champion.

The Inner Circle members of Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager come out to take out Shawn Spears and Wardlow. MJF says the final stipulation and in that match Jericho can't use the Judas Effect or his music. 

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