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We have an explosive episode of Dynamite, highlighted by the second bout between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy, as well as the TNT Championship between Cody and Scorpio Sky. The pyro is off at Daily's Place and here we go!!!!

First match of the night is the #4 rated tag team the Young Bucks and they are immediately attacked by the Dark Order's minions. Stu Grayson and Evil Uno come out after the beatdown and the bell rings. Uno attacks on Nick Jackson while Matt is still recovering. They throw Nick out of the ring and the minions attack while Matt hits a plancha on the group. Back in the ring, Grayson throws Uno into Nick and then a slam for a two count. Tag to Matt and he hits a cross body on the heels. Double clothesline by Matt takes both members out. Whip into the ropes and the faces double elbow onto Stu. Swinging neckbreaker on Uno by Matt. Back elbow by Nick and he follows up with a background kick. Matt comes in and Grayson with an impressive flip kick into a Uranage. Tag to Uno who gets a backdrop for a two count. Neckbreaker by Uno on Matt. Tag to Stu and he flips on Matt from the apron. Tag to Uno and he scratches Matt's back. Punches by Matt and Uno scratches the eyes while the ref isn't looking. Tag to Stu who is immediately punched by Matt but he dropkicks him. While the ref is distracted. Thrown back in the ring and Stu gets a two count. Tag to Uno and they begin to trade punches and chops. Matt gets some momentum and kicks out of the double team in the corner. He takes Stu to the outside and goes under the ring to avoid the minions. He tries for the tag but Uno with an impressive neckbreaker using the ref to hold Matt's feet. Spear by Matt and Uno counters with the boot. Reverse hurricanarana to Stu and the tag to Nick! Bulldog combination lariat. Faceplant to Uno. He goes out to throw Stu over the barricade. SUPERKICK PARTY! Tag to Matt and they get a slide kick combo to Uno in the ring. Risky Business for two! Swanton by Nick and Uno's foot is on the ropes at two. Stu gets a top rope hurricanrana and the Young Bucks collide! Ying and Yang combo by the Dark Order for two! Suplex attempt by Uno. Brainbuster into a 540 kick for a two count. Stu is throwing Matt out of the ring while the minions block him from coming in. Fatality attempt miss and Nick rolls up Uno for the three count. [***] On Tag Team Appreciation Night it was a great start as everyone brought their A game. Grayson is one of the most underrated workers in the business. 

Wardlow knocks on the door of MJF and he comes out with his entourage. He's pleased at the new gum he's received and pushes Lee Johnson out of the way. Another podium is set up in the middle of the ring as he makes his way. He addresses the crowd as he encourages people to use the hashtag #MJF2020 and #NotMyChampion. He tells Nina to smile. The poll says that MJF is up on Moxley 500% to -1000%. He says that he cares about your well being because dictator Jon Moxley is not there for the people. He says that he takes partial responsibility for the fact Jon is not there. He's not used to working with people more talented and won't be willing to stare at the lights. He lies down on the mat and they shoot to a nice image of him saying that Moxley wouldn't know what to do if he caught a tire. He's caught the nicest tire of all, the AEW Title. He says for Jon to fork the keys over to someone who is better than him. We deserve better!

Moxley's music plays and MJF sends his entourage to the stairs where he usually comes out. While everyone is gone, Moxley comes from the tunnel and attacks MJF. Paradigm Shift! He throws MJF through the podium and grabs the mic. He says that after what MJF almost cost him last week, he says they're not close to being even and on September 5th he will have his revenge.

We go to the attack by Sammy Guevara on Matt Hardy, including the steel chair throw into Matt. Alex Marvez asks that how does it feel, Matt says that he's alive. He says that on Saturday August 22 he challenges Sammy to a match. He sees someone who looks like Sammy and then throws him into the garage door. It is actually Mike Posey instead. 

Scorpio opens the door to represent his break through to this match. Cody comes out with the entire Nightmare Family. Between both competitors, they only have one loss in AEW this year. This match gets the big announcement from Justin Roberts. 

The bell rings and here we go! They lock up and Sky gets the side headlock takedown. Leapfrog and Sky baseball slides over Cody and he goes outside of the ring. He invites Cody to come back into the ring and then closed the ropes on him. Whip into the ropes and the shoulder takedown comes to naught. Hiptoss by Cody outside of the ring. Cody invites Sky back in but he's like No thanks. Kick by Sky and whip into the ropes. Cody takes him over the ring rope and they go outside. Cody takes advantage and hits him in the ribs. Back into the ring Cody gets the gut kick and uppercut. Scoop slam by Cody. We go picture in picture as the combatants fight in the corner. Cody trips up Sky and gets an armlock. Cody continues to work the arm. Extended suplex into a drop by Cody. We're back and Cody has the surfboard on. Sky gets a lateral press into a one count. Cody gets a sunset flip for two. Sky drops Cody on the ribs via a bearhug. He puts Cody into the tree of woe. Stomps by Sky and he goes out on the corner and whip Cody into it. He goes back into the ring and gets the abdominal stretch, working the ribs in the process. However, Cody hiptosses him and Sky throws him over the ropes. TKO on the outside! Sky rolls him in for a two count. Inside cradle is reversed by Cody and he puts Sky on the top rope. Cody hits the superplex. Inside cradle by Sky for two! TKO into a Cross Rhodes! 1...2...NO!! Piledriver position is reversed by a slam by Sky into a two count. Sky goes outside for another TKO but Cody reverses it again for another Cross Rhodes. 1...2...3 and Cody retains! [****] This was a PPV worthy match and there must be a rematch.

Afterwards we get a video with Brodie Lee, who is holding the original belt. On Saturday Aug 22nd he challenges Cody for a title match. Tick tock...times up! 

We get Private Party discussing who their favorite tag team and they bring up the Hardy Brothers.

The bell rings and it's Omega taking on Jungle Boy. They go into the ropes and instantly Marko Stunt comes up to bother Omega, who slaps him when his back is turned. Trip by Jungle Boy into a cradle for two. Armlock by Jungle Boy for two. Jungle Boy takes down Omega with a low kick for two. Tag to Luchasaurus. Double team for two. Punches in the corner by Omega but Luchasaurus reverses it and strikes him in the corner. Tag to JB and he gets a nice splash for a two count. Dropkick attempt by Jungle Boy is missed and here comes the Hangman with a lariat. Snap suplex by Page for two. Tag to Omega and he hits Jungle Boy in the ribs. Tag to Page and the champs begin to chop him until Jungle Boy retaliates. He tries to go on the ropes and falls, allowing Page to clothesline him and kick Luchasaurus down as we go picture in picture. 

Back to action and we see the big man Luchasaurus kicking the champs. Slam attempt onto Page and Omega tries to break it up. Roundhouse kick by Luchasaurus into a shooting star press for a two count. We get an image of Kaz. Tag to Omega and he throws Lucha into the ropes. V-Trigger into a Snapdragon! He goes outside to Marko...snapdragon! Jungle Boy goes for a suicida...snapdragon! He goes back in and hits the cradle suplex for two. Hurricanrana attempt by Jungle Boy results in a suplex by Page. Tornado DDT by Jungle Boy. While he distracts the ref Lucha tosses Marko onto Kenny! Kick elbow combo by Jurassic Express for two. Omega breaks it up. Page misses the clothesline and Page tosses him on the outside. Senton by Omega on the Express! Gutwrench powerbomb gets a two count. Tag to Omega and they hits the Last Call for the three count. [***] A solid tag team match and as always these teams bring it with counters.

Santana and Ortiz talked about their actions on Best Friends last week. They also stole their luggage and poor Clorox over it while turning on the shower. They refuse to apologize to Trent's mom. 

The Butcher and Blade talk about how the Road Warriors are their favorite tag team.

IN the ring we get the Young Bucks with the Rock & Roll Express, along with FTR and Tully/Arn Anderson. Dax says that he's a big mark for these legends. He thanks them for how they set the path to allow them to do what they do. Ricky Morton grabs the match and puts over FTR. He says that the Young Bucks have dominated tag team wrestling similar to how they did it in the 80's. Coach Arn grabs the mic and says that he doesn't blow smoke and says that he praises what the Young Bucks as well as puts over the Rock & Roll Express as the tag team of the millenium. Arn says that right now FTR is the best. Tully grabs the mic from Ricky and says that he doesn't want to start something he can't finish. Tully says that these guys can't call themselves the best unless they have the titles. He also tells Arn that he still has a beef to pick with him from what he did last Labor Day between Cody and Shawn Spears. His tutelage comes out and Arn says that he knows what's going on and leaves. Meanwhile, Ricky pops Tully in the mouth and they start battling. While the Bucks escort Tully out of the ring, FTR attacks the Rock & Roll Express! Goodnight Express to Ricky Morton, still takes the best beatdown in the business. The Elite comes out and wonders what's up. 

Marvez is interviewing referee Mike Chioda to get his thoughts on Cody-Sky from earlier when Jericho interrupts. He says that he has twice helped Mike keep his job and asks him to call it down the middle during his match with Orange Cassidy.

SHIDA! The AEW Women's Champion comes out against Heather Monroe, making her AEW debut. She attacks the champ in the corner and then places her leg on Shida. Punches and a throw into the ropes. Knee strikes by Shida and then mounting punches onto Monroe. She throws Monroe in the corner and misses the splash. Kicks by Monroe and a back elbow. She throws Shida on the ground for a two count. Suplex for a two count. Shida gets her up and hits a suplex of her own. Monroe's strikes are for naught as Shida gets her up in a Falcon Arrow but Monroe reverses it for two. Black Widow cradle by Shida for the submission. [*] Squash, but it was good to see Monroe get some offense in her debut. 

Afterwards Tony is talking with Shida and says for her opponents to bring it on as she gets ready for All Out.

Jake is talking while Lance Archer is beating up some scrubs. He tells his manager to tell them, he hasn't yet and Archer rips off his shirt to reveals the words "Everybody Dies."

A stacked event for next week but for now it's time for the main event...

Inner Circle and Best Friends have been banned from ringside. The bell rings and Pockets begins his schtick and Jericho attacks. Punches in the corner by Cassidy. Plancha in the corner and they go to the outside. Cassidy whips Jericho into the barricade. Cassidy elbows Jericho. He goes back in the ring, gets on the post, hands in the pockets and cross bodies Jericho. He throws Le Champion back in the ring. Tornado DDT for two. He goes for the Superman Punch and Jericho kicks him. Nails Cassidy with the boot. Springboard kick to Cassidy as we go picture in picture. 

We're back as Jericho hits the suplex for a two count. He picks up Cassidy and he begins to get some momentum with a great dropkick. Cassidy goes up top and hits the cross body for two. Leg whip dragon screw by Cassidy but as he tries again, Jericho gets the Walls on him! Cradle by Cassidy for a two count. Ankle lock by Cassidy. Reverse by Jericho. Suplex into a DDT counter by Cassidy. Codebreaker by Jericho for two. He slaps Cassidy and then grabs Floyd the bat but Chioda takes the bat from him and he is rolled up by Cassidy for two. Michinoku driver for two. Kick to the face by Cassidy and he hits the flying elbow. The Best Friends are attacked by the Inner Circle and while the ref is distracted Jake Hager comes out and hits Orange Cassidy with the Oklahoma slam. Nut shot by Jericho while he distracts the referee. Pin attempt get a two count by Jericho. Mousetrap by Cassidy, 1...2...3! Orange Cassidy Wins! [***] Shenanigans notwithstanding, they put on a solid match. 

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