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It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means...we are LIVE from Milwaukee at the UW Panther Arena

Orange Cassidy vs. Matt Hardy

OC starts off with kicks, only for Hardy to make "Delete" movements. Hardy responds by putting his hands in his pockets to pull out some dough. OC does the same thing and dropkicks Hardy to the ground. Elbow suicida to the outside is countered by Hardy with a side slam. He takes OC back into the ring and light kicks Cassidy to the mat, elbow drop gets two. He teaks the money out of OC's pockets and throws him to the ropes for another elbow. 

He throws OC into the corner and Freshly Squeezed flips over and elbows Hardy. Splash Mountain by Hardy gets two. OC breaks up the Twist of Fate attempt and throws him out. Tope suicida by OC! He goes up top and hits the crossbody. DDT by Cassidy gets two. Hardy showing some serious color. Cassidy goes up top and Hardy suplexes him. Cassidy gets the roll up with his hands in his pockets. [**] Paint by numbers match with a series of contrasting styles meshing well. Surprised to see so much color in this match, but it's possibly due a Hardy suffering a broken nose on the crossbody. 

Malakai Black talks about his upcoming match with Brock Anderson. 

Chris Jericho addresses his future

We start with the Judas theme as he soaks in the cheers. He says that last week was big for AEW, but not for him. He talks about losing to MJF for the third time. He says that it bothers him because he's Chris Jericho. He says that the fact that he lost has eaten him. Chants of 'Beat MJF' begin to ring out as he says he's going to get him at much as possible, and asks MJF to come out. He doesn't, and Jericho says that he proposes one more match (That's Christian Cage's gimmick!) and says that if he can't beat him at All Out, he doesn't belong in AEW. He will go to become a commentator. 

MJF comes out and says that Jericho needed the rub from him. He says he was able to tap him out, but he wants another match to end him, so he agrees. 

Varsity Blondes talk about their upcoming match with the Lucha Bros. 

Varsity Blondes vs. Lucha Bros (AEW Tag Team Eliminator Match)

The Young Bucks come out for the festivities. Garrison and Fenix start us off as Griff gets the headlock. Fenix gets the kick and flips over Griff's charging boot. Tag to their respective partners and they exchanges shots until Penta gets some thrust kicks. Hurricanrana by Pillman, only for Penta to counter with one of his own. He chops Pillman as we go picture in picture.

We're back and the Blondes double team Penta in the corner and he stumbles to tag in Fenix. Ray begins to hit some brutal kicks on the Blondes. Pillman kicks Penta off the apron and as he stalls Rey hits a beautiful suicida on the outside. The Blonds recover to hit a double team and get a two count. Lucha Bros hit a double kick on Pillman and hits the double assisted piledriver for the win. [***1/2] An excellent tag match and despite a few slips the right team won. 

Afterwards the Jurassic Express enter the ring and shakes the hand of the Lucha Bros, but the Young Bucks push the Express into the Lucha Bros. Penta and Jungle Boy hit a double suicida on the Elite. 

We get a video package of Andrade as he faces PAC at All Out.

Jamie Hayter vs. Red Velvet

Velvet tries to dropkick Hayter but she counters with a fallaway slam and throws Velvet into the corner. Stomps by Hayter and applies the boot into the corner as Britt Baker looks on. Chops to the chest of Velvet by Hayter, but as she charges Hayter misses and lands on her feet. Velvet goes out and hits a suicida to the outside as we go picture in picture.

We're back and in the ring Hayter is chopping down Velvet, who gets up and slaps Hayter silly while elbowing her. Clothesline by Velvet, followed by a facebuster. Knees to the back of Hayter and Baker gets on the apron, only for Velvet to strike her. It allows Hayter to hits a massive lariat for the win. [**] Despite the rough bump, Hayter looked very impressive and should be a force in the division. 

The heels jump Velvet while Statlander comes in to clean house.

We see the Dark Order who are upset about what happened with Hangman and Silver and Reynolds walk out, blaming Evil Uno for what took place a few weeks ago.

CM Punk interviewed by Tony Schiavone

The arena explodes for the man who sold out the United Center as Cult of Personality blasts over the screen. CM Punk chants all over the arena. Schiavone asks him what's one thing that brings him back, and he says he can't hear Tony due to the cheers. He says that he has to answer Tony and he says it was Penta, Rey Fenix, Jungle Boy and one guy, but before he says that, he says he is retiring the Voice of the Voiceless because there are people that listen (Tony Khan). 

He says that it has to be Darby Allin and it's because he asks himself, "Does CM Punk still has it?" He says he sees him and that would've been his favorite wrestler if he was 15 years old. Darby isn't the biggest but he has heart. He gets a Yes chant and he says to "Be Patient." He shouts out his wife as he leaves.

Miro talks about his wanting to have a meeting with Eddie Kingston.

Eddie Kingston, Jon Moxley and Darby Allin vs. The Wingmen

JD Drake (in Big Bubba Rogers gear) stars off with Darby and they brawl outside. Moxley and Kingston enter the fray as the other Wingmen. We go picture in picture. 

We return to see Darby hit the Code Red on JD Drake from the top rope. Pretty Peter Avalon poses outside and runs into Sting. Meanwhile, Cesar Bononi throws Allin into the corner, but Cesar is booted out by the two good buddies. Nemeth comes with a chair but gets double teamed for his troubles. Darby hits a flip stunner, Coffin Drop Elbow for the three count. [**] Quick and effective. Letting Darby get the pin is great for his setup with CM Punk.

Afterwards, Danny Garcia jumps Allin and escapes before the cavalry arrives.

It is announced that the Women's Casino Battle Royale will be on the Buy-In for the PPV. Tay Conti is with Alex Marvez but is interrupted by The Bunny, who offers her a spot in the HFO. Conti teras up the contract, and she's slapped for her troubles.

Dax Harwood says that Cash Wheeler suffered severe nerve damage, but they say they want at least one more match. 

Tony Schiavone is with Kenny Omega and Don Callis, who takes the mic and yells that they will defeat Christian Cage. His music comes on and out comes the Impact World Champion with a mic. He shows a video of their days in Winnipeg. Omega grabs the mic and says he's always been a better athlete. Callis says he fired Cage but isn't like other promoters and he chose family over talent. He says that Cage will always be considered second best. The Elite stomp on Cage as Callis gets his pink scarf wrapped around Cage. Frankie Kazarian comes in to break it up as the heels leave. 

We get Moxley who says that no one has stepped up through the forbidden door. Satoshi Kojima is the only one who signed the open contract to fight Moxley at All Out.

Gunn Club vs. The Factory

Paul Wight is on commentary as the Factory gets no entrance music. Billy is in the ring with Nick Comoroto, who eats a shoulder block. QT Marshall knocks down Colton as we go picture in picture.

We're back and Paul Wight distracts QT from the commentary booth, allowing Colton to get the pin on Marshall. [*] DUD

Dan Lambert shoots down the AEW crowd with the Men of the Year surrounding him. 

Malakai Black vs. Brock Anderson

Before the match Alex Marvez interviews Arn Anderson who says his son is tough but in over his head.

Brock jumps Black from the bell and hits him with some punches. However, Black quickly recovers and throws him in the corner with some Muay Thai strikes. Discuss punch by Black and he backs off to check his hand as he looks at Arn, who's sporting a towel on his back. Black takes Brock and Arn thinks about throwing the towel but puts it down. Black tells Arn to throw it in, allowing Brock to take shots towards the quads of Black. Malakai hits the Exploder suplex and then the Black Mass to the crowd's delight. He pins Brock with ease. Arn comes in to console his son but here comes Black with a chair. Arn challenges him to a fight and blocks the first Black Mass attempt but he boots Arn in the gnads and then hits him with it again. Lee Johnson comes out and goes after Black who walks out of the ring. [*] Quick but effective. 

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