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The pyro is firing up, and here we go!! 

No time for intros as the 12-man tag has already started. Nick Jackson is taking on Brodie Lee, and quickly Nick gets his brother in as the Exalted One takes a clothesline. He shoves in one of his minions to be a sacrificial lamb as he is double teamed. Nick throws him in the corner and gets a hurricanarana off the top rope. Tag to Matt and he tags in Dax who gets a hammerlock. We see Anna Jayy and 10 standing next to the commentary booth. Back in the ring the faces continue to tag one another, contiuing with the tag champs double teaming the minion until Grayson and Uno interrupts the proceedings. The faces get a 4-on-3 vertical suplex. Omega gets a two count until Colt Cabana breaks it up. Omega chases Colt on the outside but eats a superkick from Lee. He shoves Omega back inside and then Uno/Grayson gets a boot to Omega. Backbreaker by the heels as Grayson gets a two count. Nick breaks it up. Dark Order cuts the ring off and allows another minion to come in and get a splash for a near fall. Omega whips him into the ropes and gets the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Tag to Cash Wheeler and he elbows 5. Headbutt for a one count as Grayson breaks it up. Tag to Dax and he points at the heels while he continues working on 5 with a slam. Back suplex and clothesline by Dax to 5. Page comes in to help his new friends but Dark Order breaks it up. Grayson is double teamed in the faces' corner. The champs come in with a double chop while the Young Bucks hit a double suplex. Matt hits a somersault on the outside to the heels. Apparently, Cash hurt his knee on a gutwrench powerbomb by Uno and the faces attend to him while Omega gets curbstomped by the rest of the heels. Page attends to FTR and leave in the back while the Young Bucks wonder what exactly is going on. The heels take advantage and pounce on the remaining members of the Elite. Colt Cabana gets a splash on Matt for a two count. Tag to Uno who is chopping on Matt in the corner. Neckbreaker for a two count by Uno. Tag to Lee who dominates the faces. Matt fights back with a dropkick to 5 and the hot tag is broken up by Uno. German suplex by Grayson on the outside to Nick. Matt decides to do it himself and takes out the entire Dark Order. Back the in the ring he goes for 5 and is suplexed. Here comes HANGMAN! He lariats each member of the Dark Order and they try for Last Call but Uno breaks it up. 5 kicks Page on the apron. Page goes up and moonsaults the heels! Lee is staring at him but refuses to engage. Finally he tags his minion and they stand face to face. PUnches by Lee and Page retaliates. He goes to the ropes and the Dark Order pull him out. Plancha by Lee. They put Page on the top rope and Colt drops him with the wheelbarrow. Omega breaks it up and attacks the Dark Order. Moonsault by Grayson on Page gets two. Tag to Lee and he goes for the attack and it's....SUPERKICK PARTY! The Bucks go to work. Snapdragon by Omega. Lee comes in and Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat, and misses!  Discus punch by Lee and he gets the 1,2,3! [***] The Hangman fan in me is very disappointed that he took the pin, but in the long run it made sense. The Dark Order had to re-establish themselves as a force with a win. That said, the match was pretty good considering the amount of people that were in the ring. 

We see the Best Friends (being driven by Trent's mom) going to the ring.

AEW World Champion Moxley is sitting by the steps saying that there were times he could've listened to people and then there are times that he's glad he hasn't. He talks about the last time he faced Darby he almost broke his neck. He doesn't want to hurt his favorite wrestler in AEW but he signed the contract for the title. He has to do what he has to do. When it's time to stay down, Moxley tells him to just stay down, even though he knows Darby isn't going to listen. Because he wouldn't. 

Santana and Ortiz taking on the Best Friends, who are 11-1 in their last 12 matches. Match starts with Santana and Chuck exchanging headlocks. Irish whip by Taylor gets a two count. Tag to Ortiz who is Irish whipped and armlocked by Chuck. Tag to Trent who armlocks Ortiz. Double knee smash by Trent into a Northern Lights Suplex for a one count. Tag to Chuck but Ortiz quickly knocks him down. Tag to Santana who misses the charge but chops Trent. Reversal by Best Friends leads to clotheslines on Proud and Powerful. They hug as we go to picture in picture. We're back and it's Trent chopping Ortiz. He elbows Santana on the apron and Ortiz brings him down. Trent is thrown into the barricade. Chuck is still on the outside, not being helped by the Librarians. Santana gets a pin for a two count. Tag by Ortiz and they get a double suplex and try another one but Trent escapes, boots Ortiz and clotheslines Santana. Tag to Chuck and he comes in to clear house. Headbutt by Santana and he tags Ortiz. Suplex by Chuck gets a two count. Chop in the corner by Chuck and he tags in Trent. He takes Ortiz up top but is attacked by Santana. Chuck throws him out and they hit the electric chair drop! Santana throws out Chuck and in the ring Ortiz scratches Trent's back. Santana is up in the ring and they double team Trent with a powerbomb for a two count! Streetsweeper attempt broken up by Chuck and Trent rolls up Ortiz for the three count. [**] It was a decent match and credit to Trent for being the best in the business when it comes to taking a beating. 

We are LIVE at MJF Headquarters and the MJF 2020 signs are being shipped all across the world. MJF said that the poster doesn't look level and it's Lee Johnson who is working on his M&M's. The polls show that MJF is favored to Moxley 100% to -88. Accurate. He says that Tony Khan has given him the match at All Out for the World Title. The interviewer says what if Darby wins. MJF scoffs at the 125 lb emo kid winning the title.

Next we get Matthew Hardy talking about coming to AEW and helping the younger wrestlers, such as Private Party. He then addresses Sammy Guevara, asking him to dump Chris Jericho. He says that instead of desiring to help Sammy, he wants to hurt him. Sammy sneaks from behind the ring and Hardy says he's ready for him. They go at it and Hardy throws him through the barricade and on the table. He gets the table and attempts to put Guevara through it but he attacks Hardy and slams him in the corner. He throws a chair at Hardy! Hardy on the the table and Guevara goes up on the ring entrance and hits the 450 on the table. Hardy is showing color! Sammy walks away, or rather limps away. 

We see Santana and Ortiz with a sledgehammer, and they're destroying Trent's mom's van. That's no way to treat a mother, how else are they going to get around, especially in a pandemic? 

The Dark Order looks to continue their winning ways as they take on Matt Cardona and TNT Champion Cody. Big pyro for Cardona's intro as he makes his AEW debut. Cody is accompanied by Coach Arn. Cody starts off with Reynolds and takes him in the corner. Shoving match going on but then Cody drops with the uppercut. Drop suplex by Cody. Tag to Cardona who is looking buff these days. Slams Reynolds in the corner. He hits Cardona with an elbow but Matt responds with a flapjack. Silver comes in and is immediately armlocked by Matt. Tag to Cody and they double team Silver. He throws Cody into their corner but the champ baseball slides out into a kick by Reynolds. Back in the ring and Cody boots Silver. Cody elbows both of them from the ring apron. Silver attacks the ribs and the heels double team Cody with elbows. Cody scratches the eyes of Silver but he counteracts with a punch to the ribs. Reynolds comes in and throws Cody in the corner. He cuts off Matt with an elbow. While the ref escorts Cardona back in the corner, the Dark Order double team Cody in the corner. Roll up for a two count. We go picture in picture. We're back and we see the Dark Order dropping Cody with a back drop. Cody still selling the ribs. Silver tries to strike with kicks but Cody is no longer selling it and hits the scoop slam. Tag to Reynolds and then the hot tag to Cardona. Dropkick from the top rope and Cody back in with a cutter. Bridge by the Dark Order and Reynolds almost gets a two count. Cody throws out Reynolds and tries for Cross Rhodes but Silver suplexes him out of the ring. Back in the ring Silver goes in with the attack, and Cardona hits the Rough Ryder! 1,2,3 [***] Credit to Cody for excellent selling and make the Dark Order more important, even in a loss. Cardona is ready made for the AEW stage.

Afterwards, Cody walks to the back and SCORPIO SKY HAS ESCAPED AEW DARK! He motions for the TNT title and walks off. Just remember, yours truly called that match two months ago, only here at Wrestling News World.

The Best Friends are not happy about the destruction of the van and says that they will make Proud and Powerful apologize to Trent's mother. If they put her on a pole, I'm done!

We see Sammy Guevara coming out with his signs as we go picture in picture. 

The special moderator for tonight's debate is ERIC BISCHOFF! Here comes Freshly Squeezed, followed by Chris Jericho. He is followed by Jake Hager, who is holding the stained jacket. Jericho blasts Cassidy for being a joke, and Orange does not respond. Bischoff asks who is the biggest star and Jericho says that he would have bullied him in high school. Cassidy does not respond. Next Bischoff asks about rising sea levels and Jericho says that has nothing to do with wrestling. However, Orange gives quite the dissertation on the cause of global warming and what can be done through legislation. Next question is how Orange Cassidy became a star. Le Champion says that Cassidy is a boil on the buttock of wrestling and will get popped, not to mention he's paying back that $7000 for the jacket. Cassidy says nothing. Last question, why does this match mean so much. Jericho begins to talk and Cassidy tells him to shut up. He says that Jericho tries to embarrass him but he doesn't care about the debate but he cares about the match. He takes off his sunglasses and demands Chris to look at the man who is going to embarrass him next week. He approaches Jericho and puts on his glasses. Bischoff says that Cassidy won the debate and Jericho says that he hasn't liked Easy E for 22 years. Bischoff says it's actually been 24 and walks off. Hager attacks Cassidy and Jericho gives him the Judas Effect. Best Friends arrive as their friend is on the ground. 

We're back with Tony talking with Dr. Britt Baker who is accompanied is Reba and Will Hobbs. Baker says that Big Swole's opponent will be...REBA! The match starts and Swole goes right after her with a headlock. Reba tries to reverse and Swole knocks her down. She goes to talk smack to Baker and Reba attacks from behind. Suplex by Reba and she celebrates. Elbow in the corner. She takes to the top rope and then the second rope and misses the impressive moonsault. Swole responds with Dirty Dancing and gets the victory. [**] It was a squash but it had a storyline meaning to it so it gets the extra star.

Next week we have the following matches: Cody vs. Scorpio Sky for the TNT Championship, Hangman/Page vs. Jurassic Express, Young Bucks vs. Dark Order, and Jericho vs. Cassidy. Plus, appearances from the Rock N Roll Express.

It's time for the World title match between Jon Moxley and Darby Allin. The skateboard rider comes out with a Moxley cut out over his face. Next out comes JAAAAAAAAAAN MOXLEY! Love that introduction by Justin Roberts. Moxley rips off the cutout off Darby's face and Allin slaps him. Elbow by the champ and Allin's mouth is bleeding. Jacket comes off and here we go. Whip into the ropes and Allin uses his versatility to escape Moxley's attack, but he is clotheslined for his troubles. Moxley takes him in the corner and slaps him. Hip toss by Moxley and throws Darby across the ring. Nut stomp by Moxley. Powerslam by Moxley followed by an elbow for a one count. Back flip attempt reversed by Allin and he hits the flip DDT. He takes Moxley to the outside and hits the suicida from the middle rope. Moxley throws Allin into the post and we go to picture in picture. We're back and Moxley has a headlock on Allin in the middle of the ring. He suplexes Allin and walks around while giving his opponent some mercy. He tells Allin when I tell you to tap you tap. Elbow shot by Darby. He hits the champ with some mounting punches. Inverted STF by Darby and then goes back into the ring. Mid rope suicida! Moxley throws him back into the ring Darby takes his hand and hits it on the top of the corner. Somersault by Allin and it appears that Mox broke his finger. They go back in the ring and Allin goes up for the Coffin Drop Elbow but Moxley throws him back in the ring. They are both on the ground, and Wardlow shows up to distract the ref. Here comes MJF with the belt and he smashes Moxley with it! Darby goes up top...COFFIN DROP ELBOW! 1....2....2.25...2..75...NO! Moxley kicks out and he is bleeding. Darby dropkicks Moxley and then flips Moxley. He goes for another one and Moxley catches him in the sleeper. Darby fights it off and Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift. Darby gets up at 2. Moxley is frustrated and hits another one for the three count. [****] They did a great set up of the big man/little man dynamic, and the introduction of MJF into their feud is a winner. Great match and tonight Darby showed he belongs in the main event

ANALYSIS: 8. AEW rebounded with a stronger episode from last week, establishing the MJF/Moxley feud as the center of the show, which it should be. The Cody/Scorpio Sky match is also going to be highly anticipated, as well as Jericho/Cassidy coming off an entertaining debate. 

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