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It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means...

TNT Championship Match: Darby Allin vs. Joey Janela

Darby is sporting new body paint. They lock up and they go into the corner, where Janela mocks him. Allin with the off the rope arm drag into a dropkick. They go on the apron where Janela hits the suplex followed by the elbow suicida to the outside. They get back in the ring and Allin hits the elbows in the corner. Leg lock by Janela but Darby fights it off. They go to the ropes where Janela hits him in the eyes. Back body drop by Janela is reversed into a dropkick. Allin pulls his arm on the ropes, knocking down Janela. He hits a tope suicida and takes him back in the ring for two. Armbar attempt is broken up. Coffin drop elbow is reverses into a German suplex and a thrust kick for two by Janela. He looks at the championship and Darby drags his arm again. Punches by Janela followed by a clothesline. Darby reverses the suplex into a stunner for two. Magistral roll by Darby for two. Piledriver by Janela for two. He takes Darby up top as he favors the left arm. Darby elbows the arm and hits a Code Red for two. Hammerlock take down followed by the Coffin Drop Elbow by Darby ends the match. [***] Solid match with both guys showing out. Had a few too many spots but it's a minor nitpick. 

Jon Moxley talks about the events of last week. He says that if KENTA wants the title then he's going to have to meet him in the ring. They will meet on February 26th. Tonight's match is unsanctioned and he says that this is just for fun.

Sammy Guevara returns to the Inner Circle locker room after what happened last week. He says he needs a minute alone with MJF and the guys leave. He says that MJF wants to take over the Inner Circle. MJF says that he realized that it's more sinister than that, and it's that he hates Chris Jericho and wants to take over the Inner Circle. He finds out that MJF is recording it and throws the phone to the wall and decks him!

Avalon/Cesoni vs. Cody Rhodes/Lee Johnson

Before the match Cody goes over to Arn Anderson's son. Rhodes takes advantage of Avalon early with the armbar and tags Johnson. Cesoni with the blind tag and he knocks down Johnson. Avalon back in and misses the charge and Johnson uses his athleticism to leapfrog and dropkick him to the ground. Jawbreaker to Cesoni who tags Cody but his elbows aren't working but his the falling clothesline. Pumphandle slam by Cesoni as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Avalon springboards Rhodes but he gets him in the fireman's carry. Rhodes continuing to favor the arm. Hot tag to Johnson and he hits clothelines and a hanging neckbreaker. Benoni charges and missed. Great tilt-a-whirl by Johnson to hit him on the outside. Neckbreaker by Johnson gets two. Benoni throws Rhodes out of the ring and chokeslams Johnson. Avalon misses and Johnson rolls him up for three. [***] Beautiful moment after a solid match.

Chants of Lee as the Nightmare Family joins him as well as Tony Schiavone interviews him. He says he didn't have the words to say but he gives the Rhodes family credit. 

Dasha is with the AEW Tag Team Champions. Before they talk, The Good Brothers come up and gives a report on last week's ratings. Anderson says that they were there to distract the Private Party. Matt Jackson said that they want to defend the titles against Santana and Ortiz next week. They don't want to do the Too Sweet on camera, but Nick obliges. 

PAC vs. Nick Nemeth

They lock up and PAC gut kicks him, followed by a snap suplex. Elbows into the corner and PAC goes up top. Massive dropkick and he stares at his fallen opponent. Elbows by Nemeth but it's all for naught as PAC hits some vicious kicks and Nemeth rolls out of the floor. PAC follows him and throws him out into the ring. Nemeth with a dropkick into a DDT. PAC rolls out of the floor. Kick to the gut when Nemeth goes out. PAC takes him back into the ring and boots him in the corner. Nemeth is selling as PAC drags him. He goes up top...BLACK ARROW into the Brutalizer and Nemeth taps. [*] Squash City

The new couple Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford is with Miro to talk about what the Best Friends did last week. Miro says that he's going to put Orange Cassidy in the hospital to join his friend Trent. 

Dasha is with Jericho and says that MJF is missing but he shows up with Santana and Ortiz. MJF says that Sammy attacked him. 

MJF/Jericho vs. The Acclaimed

Caster comes out and rips them on the mic. MJF has taped up ribs as he ducks out once Caster hits him. Jericho tells his partner to get back in there. Caster with the boots to Le Champion followed by a shoulder tackle. Bowens with the elbow drop for two. Jericho boots him as he charges. MJF comes back in and Bowens backdrops him. Tag to Caster and he charges MJF into the Inner Circle duo's corner, and they rake him as the referee is distracted. They double stomp Caster as we go picture in picture. We're back and MJF has Caster in the abdominal stretch but he reverses it. Tags to Jericho and Bowens respectively. Chops by Bowens to their opponents and he gets MJF in the rack. Ortiz tries to interfere but Bowens knocks him down. Caster hits Jericho with the Boombox...1..2..2.99, NO! They go for Acclaimed to Fame but Hager pushes Caster down while the ref is distracted. JUDAS EFFECT! Jericho pins Caster. [***] Great showing by the Acclaimed, who have a future ahead of them. 

Afterwards here comes Sammy to a huge pop and he has the mic! He's surrounded by the Inner Circle. Jericho confronts him and Sammy says that if one more thing happened, he's done. He says that's enough and he's leaving. He walks out of the face entrance. Very good stuff.

After the break, Alex Marvez catches up with Guevara who says that he needs a break from this place. 

Hangman Page is with Hardy and they're out drinking. Hardy pretends to drink and tries to get him to sign a contract. Page does so and Hardy heads out.

Schiavone with Sting:

The snow falls, and here comes the Stinger. Before he talks, Team Taz is on the tron and they got Darby Allin in a body bag. The truck drives him as they pull away. Sting doesn't talk and just heads out.

Marvez is with Kenny Omega who is on the golf course. The AEW World Champion is on the sandtrap and hits it on the green. Omega says that it's professional wrestling and he's the best so he doesn't need to prepare. 

Women's Eliminator Tournament First Round: Leyla Hirsch vs. Thunder Rosa

They lock up and Hirsch gets a waistlock. She and Hirsch get some mat moves in a series of reversals. Thunder roll by Hirsch but Rosa breaks out of it. Slam by Rosa into a sitdown drop for one. Hirsch rolls her around with a front facelock. Rosa with the wristlock. Hurricanrana by Hirsch and she hits the suicida on the outside. Rosa hits her head on the barricade. They get back in the ring and Hirsch with the cross armbreaker. They go to the ropes where Rosa hits the neckbreaker. We go picture in picture. 

We're back and Rosa is attacking Hirsch in the corner with an elbow into a double knee strike. Double stomp onto Hirsch but it only gets a two count. She gets a waistlock on Rosa but she elbows out of it. Hirsch goes to the corner and hits a crossbody for two. She goes up top for the moonsault but Rosa gets the knees up. Hirsch hits her with a knee strike, and then another. Another moonsault misses and Rosa strikes back with a kick to the face. Cross Armbreaker attempt by Hirsch but she hits a Thunder bomb into a Tiger Driver for the three count. [***] Solid match from two very strong women's wrestlers.

Tony Schiavone is with Jungle Boy. He says that two weeks ago that he had a match like Dax and came out of it a different man. When they get the opportunity they will defeat them. Next week FTR will face Matt & Mike Sydal. 

Main Event Falls Count Anywhere: Kenta/Kenny Omega vs. Lance Archer/Jon Moxley

Moxley brings the IWGP US Title as he enters the ring. Kenta is carrying the IWGP US Heavyweight Challenger Briefcase, which he uses to bludgeon Moxley when his back was turned. He smacks Archer but the Murderhawk Monster isn't selling it. Crusher by Omega who cheap shots Moxley as he and Kenta argue. They agree to throw Moxley in the corner and double team him with a series of kicks but Archer hits Omega with the POUNCE (periodt). The faces trade clotheslines. Hurricanrana by Omega onto Archer but Moxley knees him out of the ring. He and Kenta exchange elbows and boots. Omega comes in there with a trash can as Moxley goes for the Paradigm Shift. Steamroller by Omega who goes up top and grabs the trash can. Moonsault onto Moxley! He holds the trash can for Kenta who hits the double drop kick. 

Archer brings in a ladder and tosses Omega into it as we go to picture in picture. 

We're back and the match goes outside. Kenta is slamming Archer when Avalon interrupts. GO TO SLEEP! Omega comes in with an elbow but Archer chokeslams him on the bed for a two count. Moxley comes in and strikes Kenta and slams him. They take the fight outside. Meanwhile, Archer goes up the steps to follow. Kenta slams Moxley into the soda machine for a two count. Moxley slams him on the kitchen table. He sets up for the piledriver but Kenta reverses it into the DDT. STF by Kenta but Archer hits him with a sack of potatoes! Omega hits Archer with a plastic trash can. They somehow make it back near the ring and Moxley find a kendo stick and whacks Omega with it. He goes up top to hit him again, and Omega hits the V-Trigger. Archer and Kenta return while we see Omega hit another V-Trigger. Archer takes Kenta to the announces table and they all clear out. He takes Kenta for a powerbomb but he slips out and hits Moxley with a flying double stomp. Archer walks into the ring as Omega enters with the kendo stick. He strikes Archer with it but it's to no avail. Archer flips him over and hits a clothesline. 

The Good Brothers come in and hits the Magic Killer on Archer. Moxley comes in with a barbed wire bat but Kenta hits him with the GO TO SLEEP! They help Omega get Archer up for the One Winged Angel and that's all she wrote. 

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