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Tonight is going to be a spectacular show as AEW celebrates its first ever Dynamite Awards! Also, there will be plenty of matches on hand as we get ready for Beach Break. Join us won't you? Come back for updates as the night progresses. 

Eddie Kingston vs. Lance Archer

Kingston pushes Justin Roberts out of the way as he enters the ring. Archer comes with Jake Roberts but sends him to the back, much to the legend's dismay. They go right at it with punches and chops until Archer takes him down. Kingston uses his guile to kick down the Murderhawk Monster to take advantage. He works the back until Archer hits the pounce (PERIODT). Chokeslam onto Kingston sends him over the ropes! He follows Kingston and smashes his head into the camera. Back in the ring he hits a full nelson slam. The match continues to have a slow yet methodical pace as they use their wits to take one another down. Kingston reverses the Blackout attempt but eats a ripcord into the chokeslam by Lance. He walks on the top rope and hits the moonsault but no pinfall attempt. He slams Kingston's head into the mat with the claw but here comes Blade & Butcher, and they've got Jake Roberts with them. Distracted, Lance goes after them, allowing Bunny to slip the good ol' FOREIGN OBJECT into Eddie's hands. While the ref's back is turned, Eddie hits Lance in the face and gets the pinfall. [***] Solid match with the old school heel finish. 


The champ comes out and speaks out the Elite, and questions how that is going to work with the Good Brothers when they fight next week. He's a simple guy, loves his coffee, water and good time with the wife. He tells them to saddle up compadres, and to be ready. Decent promo but it missed the usual fire.

Sting addresses Team Taz by their first names and says that yes he and Darby are hoodlums. Darby says that they are willing to play dirty, and that he's no different than his 61-year-old partner. They smash up some already broken windows and walk off.

MJF grabs the mic before they start and insults Griff Garrison. However, the golden locked Garrison hits MJF instead of submitting. The match begins and the faces take control. Frustrated MJF goes out of the ring and grabs a chair, only to held back by the Inner Circle. Tag to Jericho who eats a leg drop from Griff for two. Pillman comes in and dropkicks Le Champion. MJF comes in and attacks Garrison with a series of punches as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Garrison is taking down the heels with his athleticism. Great clothesline followed by a double splash in the corner. Pillman with a series of thrust kicks to MJF and Jericho for the two count. Fans are rallying for them as Pillman throws Jericho back in the ring. He goes up top but eats a Judas Effect and just for good measure he hits the Lionsault (way better than last week) for the three count. [**1/2] Solid match that was better that it had any right to be, great showing by the young faces.

Afterwards Sammy and MJF get into an argument. Can't we all just get along?

PAC is using the old television that we would see in school as he cuts a promo on Kenny Omega and Don Callis. 

SHAQ called out Cody Rhodes and says to name the place in March. 

I'm guessing Cody isn't going to respond the way Donovan Mitchell did on Inside the NBA. Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Cody and hears the crowd. The EVP says that March 7th at Revolution it would be nice to have his wife and he in a tag match but that's not happening since Brandi is preggers. Cody defers to Coach Arn Anderson, who says that he had to chew him out last week. He tells his mentee that he's about to be a dad and goes back to June 1985 when his dad Dusty fight Tully in LA and get back to Marietta to see his son get born in time. Arn says that you need someone in his corner with the same type of fire, and here comes Red Velvet. She comes out and says that she will team up with Cody to fight the duo. Solid promo by Red.

Hangman Adam Page vs. Ryan Nemeth

Yes this is the brother of Dolph Ziggler. Nemeth takes advantage early but Page with the shoulder tackle. He avoids the leapfrog attempt by Nemeth and hit him square in the teeth. Page with some sickening chops in the corner but Nemeth reverses. Brutal overhand hit by Page followed by stomps. He throws Nemeth outside and hits the clothesline off the apron. Splash off the top rope onto Nemeth. Back in the ring Page misses the charge, allowing Nemeth to hit the dropkick for two. Matt Hardy comes out and is apparently doing some scouting as Nemeth has a nice crossbar. Page with the elbow but Nemeth hits some knee strikes. Irish whip by Nemeth into a neckbreaker for one. Hardy is rooting for Page as he hits a series of clotheslines. Spinebuster by Page and he hits another clothesline in the corner. Sliding lariat gets two. Nemeth fights off the back drop and then the spike DDT for two. Boots by Page and flips out of the German suplex into a spinning fist. Clothesline by Page and the Buckshot Lariat for three [***]  Impressive debut for Nemeth, thus the extra star.

Afterwards Hardy congratulates Page calls him and he comes back into the ring, as does Tony Schiavone with a mic in hand. Hardy says that he wants to be in his corner, saying that he's been concerned, since he was lost and conflicted. He says that the Elite burned him and he doesn't deserve it. Hardy says that he's a good person and deserves to be happy. He says that Page is more than welcome to dress next to him. Tony says to take him up on the offer, and Page doesn't say a word. Interesting to see where this goes. 

Dax 'The Ax' Harwood vs. Jungle Boy (Tully and Cash are handcuffed to Luchasaurus) 

Dax and JB start us off with a series of reversing headlocks until Dax hits the shoulder tackle. JB looks for the leg lock but Dax slips out of there as Tully reaches for him. Back in the ring. Everyone is singing Tarzan Boy in the crowd. They lock up and Dax with the boot kick, followed by chops. Kick to the head by Jungle Boy and he beats him down into an armlock. JR putting over the term 'Dax the Ax' and the Ax hits him with an uppercut. Counter by Jungle Boy with the back drop into the clothesline. Sliding kick misses and Dax throws him into the barricade. We go to the award winning picture in picture. 

Match is back on and Dax gets off a huge back body drop from the top rope for two. Boots to the head of JB. He ducks a back body drop and hits a brutal clothesline to Dax. Rollup gets two. Rope assisted powerbomb gets two for Dax. Backstabber into a series of German suplexes by JB, followed by a clothesline. They exchange punches until Dax hit the DDT for two. Chants of Jungle Boy echo in the crowd. They go up top and Jungle slaps him in the chest and takes him down. A series of reverse rollups gets two for each. Nice bridge by Jungle Boy to break up the pin and he gets into an STF. Dax taps [****1/2] A great PPV level match. This is how you build a star! 

Afterwards FTR gets their heat back, as Tully hits Lucha with the POWDER! They handcuff him to the ropes and beat him down as well as Jungle Boy. Marko Stunt, SCU and Top Flight come out to chase the heels off. 

Team Taz is back and they run up on some guys selling Sting merchandise. Hook steps up to them and they attack. Hustling ain't easy as Brian Cage throws a stage hand into the AEW truck. 

Dr. Britt Baker vs. Shanna

Shanna gets off a series of reversals using the leg lock, but Baker gets a cheap shot in the corner. Wrist lock into the hammer lock. Shanna hits some arm drags into an enzuguri. She misses the dropkick as Reba pulls her out of the way. She goes to confront Reba and Baker takes advantage. She throws Shanna into the apron. Slingblade by Baker as we go picture in picture. Back in and we see Shanna getting some kicks on Baker and a clothesline for a two count. Series of roll arounds into a crucifix by Baker for one. Snap swinging neckbreaker for two. She asks for the glove and and gets rolled up for two. Stunner by Shanna and the kick to the head. Reba distracts the ref and allows Baker to lock her in the Lockjaw, making Shanna submit. [**] Not bad as Baker continues to improve ever so slightly in the ring.

Afterwards Baker and Reba attack Shanna some more, putting her in the lockjaw again but here comes Thunder Rosa and the ladies break camp. 

MJF goes to speak with Sammy who says that he told Wardlow not to interfere with his match last week. Sammy says that he's a manipulator, and he sees exactly what he's up to. MJF asks if he wants to play it that way and Sammy says that he's not playing. 

Dasha interviews the Bullet Club as they get ready to take on the Dark Order. Omega comes in and says they need to talk. Don Callis (now with full bandages) says that they assaulted him last week. 

Television has some issues loading so I'm recapping in the beginning of the match. We get back to see Stu Grayson as he hits some forearm shots and takes Doc Gallows out of the ring and hits the frog splash on Karl Anderson. We go to picture in picture. We're back and Nick Jackson misses a kick on Grayson who tags in Silver. Cannonball onto Anderson. He hits a northern lights suplex on Nick Jackson for two. Evil Uno comes in and hits a neckbreaker for one. He goes up top and misses the senton. Matt comes in and hits a double suplex. Clothesline to Silver and Reynolds. Evil Uno comes back in to attack Matt...FATALITY. Gallows breaks it up. Nick gets up and hits the escalara on the Dark Order for two. Powerbomb onto the apron. They get back in the ring and introduce Grayson to a superkick party. Magic Killer on Uno into the Meltzer Driver for the three count. [**] Standard fare if not underwhelming for a main event. 

Matt Jackson grabs the mic and says whoever wins the Tag Team Battle Royal will get a shot at the titles at Revolution. The Young Bucks say that if they win they get to choose their competition at the PPV. He looks at Gallows and Anderson. Here comes Ray Fenix with the double dropkick. Good Brothers with the Magic Killer attempt but Fenix kicks out of it, and here comes MOXLEY! He clears house just in time to catch Kenny Omega coming after him. Moxley gives him the Paradigm Shift and the heels clear house as the show ends. 

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