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Tonight starts off with with Cody (w/Coach Arn) already in the ring getting ready to face his mystery opponent. Before Justin Roberts can make the announcement, here comes Eddie Kingston! 

The 18 year veteran cuts a promo about how he had to survive and that Cody couldn't last a day in his shoes. Everyone Cody had to face was a child, he's a grown man. He is going to put Cody in the ground and smile. Kingston shoots on the fact that it his relationship with Tony Khan that got him the title shot. He says that it's going to be a no-DQ match. Kingston jumps him before the bell rings and they go to the outside. Chops by Kingston but Cody reverses. Kingston with the headlock but Cody throws him on the ring apron. They get back in the ring where Kingston takes Cody's leg down. Chops in the corner by Eddie. Cody with the kick and the uppercut. Kingston misses, and Cody hits the Disaster Kick! Kingston is reeling and Cody goes for the mid-rope suicida. Shots to the jaw by Cody. He throws Eddie back in the ring. Dropkick from the top rope. Off with the belt and Cody chases him outside. Kingston take soff the belt and whips him with it! He removes the mat to expose the concrete but Cody flips him over. Cody punches him but Eddie throws him in the ring. Back body drop! He hits Cody in the corner with hard body shots and knocks him down in the middle of the ring. Kingston is favoring his left knee as he stomps on Cody. Headlock by Kingston and a whip into the ropes. Cody tries to fight him off with some punches while Arn looks off in concern. Snapmare takedown by Kingston. Cody gets up and he chops Kingston. Cody goes for the knee and slams his head in the turnbuckle. Kingston with the hit to the nads! DDT by Kingston. He goes outside and looks for the plunder and pulls out a bag of thumbtacks! He whips Cody in the chest and attempts to slam him but Cody dropkicks him and reverses it into a POWERBOMB ONTO THE THUMBTACKS! Oh the horror! Back body drop but Cody hits the adrenelin clothesline. Kingston smacks Cody out of the Figure Four but he hits Eddie in the face and puts on the Figure Four! Kingston taps! [***1/2] It was an old school match with solid psychology and the thumbtack spot was sickening. Great win by Cody who always puts on a great story in the ring. 

The champ is located somewhere, and he's talking about how he loved the feeling of snapping the arm of Brian Cage. While he is disappointed that he didn't pop Cage's tendon. He says that next time, he's not going to let go.

Here comes MJF, along with Wardlow. He's taking on Griff Garrison, who's making his Dynamite debut. He asks for the mic and says that it's not complicated at all that he is going to give everyone the opportunity to talk about Jungle Man. He says that's not his name, it's Griff Garrison. The IVY League MVP says that he did lose the match at Fyter Fest, and MJF hits him with the mic and the bell rings. He throws Garrison into the corner and tosses him with a suplex. Knees to the back of Griff as we go to picture in picture. He tries to punch MJF but it's to no avail. Camel Clutch by MJF. He bits the finger of Garrison. Back to action and MJF throws Garrison into the barricade. He grabs the mic again and says that they got off on the wrong foot and that he lost his temper. He's never been pinned or submitted. He tells Griff to let the people at home that he's undefeated and Griff smacks the mic. After a couple of more chances, Griff refuses and knocks the mic. Schoolboy for two! Clothesline and mounting punches by MJF. Heatseaker! One. Two. Three! [****] The match itself was only 1 star but the promo work by MJF alone made it way more entertaining that it should have been. 

Tony Schiavone is with Rebel (NOT REBA) who talks about the extensive surgery that she had to undergo. Rule #4: Never count out a role model. Conspirators aside, she's set for the biggest comeback of all time, not unlike Tiger, or Rocky, or even MJ. She is Michael Jordan, do not count her out, particularly at All Out.

Taz is with "The Machine" Brian Cage. They recap the attack on Darby Allin on AEW Dark. Taz says that Cage was close to firing him, but he explained why he threw in the towel last week. He took responsibility and says it was a business decision. He gives Mox credit for doing what he was going to do, and was not going to let Cage's bicep torn a second time. Cage is not wired to tap, and that's why he's the FTW Champion. Here comes Darby again with his skateboard, and Ricky Starks with the attack from behind! Powerbomb by Cage and Starks gives Cage the skateboard. Before they can attack here comes Mox with the barb wired bat straight out of The Walking Dead. 

This summer 16 women will form 8 teams for the Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament. This will be interesting.

Alex Marvez is with the Inner Circle and Jericho says that his jacket is ruined because of Orange Cassidy. He says that he's going to ruin his career then turns his attention to their opponents the Jurassic Express. (WHERE'S SAMMY?)

The Young Bucks roll up in the kitchen to take on the Butcher and the Blade, who are cutting that meat. They go at it and Blade powerbombs Nick on the table. Matt throws meat at the heels and they reverse by suplexing Matt on the table for a two count. They take it to the outside and try to charge with a dolly but misses. Matt gets a sheet pan on Butcher and Nick kicks him in the face! Butcher throws Nick into the side of the truck. They throw Matt into the truck (MUD SHOW SIGN!) and Nick attacks from behind, giving Matt enough time to pull off a somersault onto the duo from the truck! They slam the Blade onto a nearby bar stool. They put the Butcher onto the table and use a leg drop with the sheet pan. Blade tries to get away and they superkick him onto the escalator. We go to break. 

Back on and the Young Bucks are taking the Butcher to the ring, hitting knee strikes and suplexes along the way. The Butcher throws Matt's head into the apron and slams Nick. Blade comes back with a chair and lays into the Young Bucks. Superkick party by the Bucks to the Blade and they grab the table. Suplex attempt to Butcher but he reverses it. Blade attempts a suicida but he misses everything! Butcher slams Matt's body into the table and it breaks. He takes Matt into the ring. Matt trips him up and Nick throw a chair. Enzuguri into another drop kick gets a two count. Blade comes back in and suplexes Nick. They go outside and Blade is knocked down by Matt who grabs a table. Nick gets one of his own as he exchanges punches with Butcher. The brothers reverse a double suplex and superkicks the heels. Another superkick to Butcher on the table. Double kick to Blade! He's put on the table and they do the same to Butcher. They go up to the top of the screen, and each hits a double senton on the Butcher and Blade! Young Bucks get the pin [****] High flying and street fight action. No it won't satisfy the diehards, but sometimes wrestling just needs to be entertaining, and that's what this match delivered in spades.

Marvez catches up with Lance Archer and Jake Roberts who is none too pleased. The Murderhawk Monster takes Marvez by the tie and drags him into the locker room where he drops a bunch of scrubs. Roberts complains that they aren't getting enough action and Archer cuts a sinus-infected promo. 

Puerto Rico represent! Next up is Diamante vs. Ivelisse. Instantly they trade shots and Diamante gets the arm drag. Ivelisse with the Irish (or is it Puerto Rican) whip and suplexes Diamante. Meanwhile, Big Swole says she's going to give out the consequences. Eventually they'll have to meet in the ring. Back in action and Ivelisse throws Diamante in the corner and she throws her outside of the ring. Ivelisse chops her near the ring apron and Diamante answers with an elbow strike, followed by chops of her own. She throws Ivelisse back in the ring and they fight on the apron. Kick to the head by Ivelisse gets a two count. Kick to the spine by Ivelisse, followed by a headlock into a sleeper. Diamante reverses it into a snapmare and Ivelisse goes down. She follows up with the slam for a two count. Ivelisse gets a waistlock and a powerbomb for two. Small package by Diamante gets the win! [***] This is the type of women's match they need more of on Dynamite. It was an even match up and they each showed potential. 

Next up is Number Alan FIVE Angels of the Dark Order taking on the Hangman! His first solo match in AEW since January. Five misses and Page chops him into oblivion. Back body drop misses and he trips up Five on the leapfrog. Boot to the face. Suplex by Page gets two. Five whips Page into the ropes and gets the rising kick but he knocks Five off the apron. He throws him in the barricade and suddenly the Dark Order come out as we go picture in picture. Five takes advantage of the motivation and dropkicks Page in the corner. Elbow on the ropes by Five. Back in and Five is hitting some mounting punches. He goes up top and the moonsault misses. Page slaps him but Five with the enzuguri. Page lariats him inside out! Page in the corner with the charge but Five boots him. Fall away slam by Page! Discus elbow for a two count. Powerbomb by Page for the three count. [***] Page gives a clinic in every match he wrestles in. He doesn't mess around and when the opponent gets some offense in, they don't get too much. 

Brodie Lee is accompanied by Colt Cabana after the match. The Exalted One says that he's impressed by Page but not his lack of friends, especially when he's in immediate danger. Lee is offering protection to Page. While the Hangman says he's appreciate the offer, he's not ready to join a cult right now. Lee says that he's made his bed and now may have to lie in it. The Dark Order comes for the attack and Page goes to work. FTR comes in there with beer coolers and throws it at the Dark Order. Kenny Omega comes in and checks on his partner while Page drinks.

Main event time as the Jurassic Express take on the Inner Circle. Jericho looks up to the ceiling to look for orange juice. The bell rings and it's Jericho vs. Jungle Boy to start off and the veteran unloads on Jungle Jack Perry. Chops in the corner. Arm drags into a dropkick by Jungle Boy. Tag to the big men and they trade punches in the corner. Luchasaurus with the clothesline and they trade gut kicks. Chokeslam into an ankle lock attempt by Hager. Tag to Le Champion and he works the lower leg of the dinosaur. Jericho with the trip and tag to Hager. Punches by Hager into a sleeper. Grapevine lock onto the ropes. He shoves Luchasaurus around into the corner. He fights them off but Hager with the spear. Dueling clotheslines! Tag to Jericho and so does Luchasaurus. Enzuguri to Jericho for two! Suicida to the Inner Circle and he clotheslines Jericho for a two count. Marko Stunt with the dropkick and JB covers for two. He knocks down Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt as well. PICTURE IN PICTURE TIME!

Back in action and Jericho gets the suplex for a two count on Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus' ear is badly bleeding. They go up top and Jericho tries for a suplex but Jungle Boy throws him down. Crossbody gets a two count. Lariat by Jericho! Tag to Hager who hits him in the mid section. Jungle Boy's sunset flip is reversed and Hager misses the turnbuckle. Hager neutralizes Jungle Boy by hitting Luchasaurus and tag to Jericho. He brings in his bat but the ref stops him. Back in the corner he back body drops Jungle Boy. Small cradle by Jungle Boy gets two. Clothesline by Jungle Boy! Enzuguri to Jericho. Hager cuts off the hot tag and knees Jungle Boy. Sleeper to Jungle Boy, who fights back with elbows. Tag to Jericho and the Inner Circle crew try the double body drop but he gets off the DDT. Hot tag to Luchasaurus who cleans house with kicks to Hager. Chops to Jericho! Chops to Hager, followed by the clothesline. Double chokeslam, he follows up with the spin kick. Hager slams him down. Jungle Boy is flying towards Jericho and knocks him down. As the ref's back is turned, Marko Stunt with the dropkick from the top rope. Shoulder knockdown by Luchasaurus for two. Santana gets on the apron and Jungle Boy gets the Frankensteiner on Santana. Suddenly, Serpentico hits Luchasaurus with the bat! Jericho gets the pinfall. [***] Solid tag team match, and each team showed great action without doing too much. Interesting to have a proverbial jobber be the difference in a very event match.

BUT WAIT...Serpentico goes up top, hits the 450 splash, gets in the ring, takes off his mask....and it's SAMMY GUEVARA! The Spanish God is back as the Inner Circle celebrates. Orange Cassidy comes down the ramp along with the Best Friends as the heels retreat. Next week the trios will collide. 

ANALYSIS: 8.5 Although it wasn't a PPV in name, it had that same energetic feel. Great matches and the right balance of storytelling. There are so many intriguing plots, and the Women's Tournament might be just the thing AEW needs to boost the struggling division. 

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