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It's going to be an action filled night of AEW Dynamite, with three title defenses on the card, including the highly anticipated bout between Cody and Warhorse for the TNT Championship.

We are LIVE at Daily's Place, and it starts off with the "Demo God" Chris Jericho and the rest of the Inner Circle as they get ready for their 10-man match against Best Friends and Jurassic Express. Jericho and OC are going to start, but he tags in Hager, and here we go with the shin kicks. He avoids the clothesline from Hager who throws him into the corner. Hands come out of the pockets and he smacks Hager in the head. Tag to Jericho and now everyone comes in and here we go! Poor Refereer Aubrey Edwards as she has to direct traffic to get some sort of semblance. Trent throws Ortiz out of the ring and kicks Jericho. Chuck Taylor with a plancha, followed by a somersault. Luchasaurus tried to fly but Santana rebuffs his efforts, only to eat an ezuguri from Jungle Boy. Marko stunt comes in and is tossed onto Hager. He throws Stunt onto Luchasaurus who does a suicida on the rest of the Inner Circle. Orange CAssidy goes back in and puts on the shades, only to be embraced by a group hug. Sammy tries to dropkick the lovefest, and gets a beatdown from the faces in the corner. Sledgehammer blow from Hager onto Trent, who is still the legal man. Jericho with the kick to the back. Hager back in and he begins to wear on Trent with gut shots, and now Santana's in with some chops in the corner. They battle outside with Ortiz jumping on Trent. Back inside, Santana gets the suplex. Jericho and the rest of the Inner Circle back in and they beatdown on Trent. Chops to Trent in the corner and he boots Jericho. Dropkick from the top rope. Tag to Ortiz who stomps on Trent, cutting off the tag. In comes Santana and they hit the double team vertical suplex for two. Tag to Hager who hits Trent with an elbow shot. Tag to Sammy and he hits a knee for a two count. Sammy with the back body drop. Clothesline and the tag to Hager who gets a full nelson. Punches in the corner and her comes Ortiz with the stomps. Tag back to Hager and he puts Trent in a full nelson. He fights off Hager's charge but the big Oklahoman cuts off the hot tag by hitting the smaller members of the face team, pointing at Luchasaurus. Hot tag to the dinosaur! He cleans house on the Inner Circle. In comes Hager and the hosses go at it. His mask came off and Cassidy sticks up for his friend but he is attacked by Proud and Powerful. In comes Jungle Boy and Sammy goes after him. Tail whip by Luchasaurus. Jericho comes in with the bat but OC throws Le Champion over the ropes. Sammy with the kick and then the running knee. He goes up top and suddenly the music plays. It's Big Money Matt and he pushes Guevara off the top rope. Spin kick by Luchasaurus for win! [***] It was a pretty good match but lost a bit of momentum when Luchasaurus' mask almost came off. The interference of Hardy will lead to a resuming feud with Guevara, so there's that. 

Jon Moxley is in a dungeon near a fence and he talks about the actions of Brian Cage attacking Darby Allin. The champ says that he couldn't let The Machine and Ricky Starks jump Darby without helping him. He says what will they do when it's two on two?

Cody vs. Warhorse: TNT Championship Title Match

The Indy darling comes out first and he's rocking with the crowd. The champ is escorted by his Coach Arn Anderson. The bell rings and they lock it up. Cody gets to the ropes and they break up the hold. Cody with the wristlock but Warhorse kicks out of it. He throws the challenger in the corner and refuses to slap him but Warhorse doesn't oblige. Roll through gets a two count and an arm drag by the challenger. Slam by Cody but he gets put in another armlock. They trade leapfrogs and Cody slides out of the ring in frustration. Arn coaches his tutelage and he goes back in. Cody with the strong headlock takedown. To the ropes and Warhorse with the clothesline! Picture in Picture time. Warhorse takes advantage with a headbutt and an arm drag. Cody trips him up in the cornerd and hits him with a charging elbow. He puts Warhorse up top for the superplex and connects! Pin attempt gets a two count. Cody wastes time with some push ups. He grabs the leg of Warhorse and slams it down. Stomp on the leg from the corner. Scoop slam by Cody and he connects with the grapevine leg lock. Warhorse grabs the ropes. Figure Four but Warhorse turns it around. Cody grabs the ropes to break it. Dropkick by Warhorse, followed by a clothesline! Whip into the ropes and he elbow strikes Cody. Stomp on the leg and he goes up top. Cody slides out again but Warhorse with the double stomp on the back of the neck. Back in and he hits the flying elbow for a 1...2...NO! Cody kicks out! Cody gets up with the Alabama Slam, jacknife gets a two count. Another Figure Four attempt but WArhorse pins him in a cradle for two. Cody charges in the corner but eats a boot! Warhorse up top and misses the double stomp and he kicks the leg. Warhorse blocks the Figure Four attempt and the Indy darling taps! [***1/2] Given the circumstances of the match, it was a pretty standard match but Warhorse was impressive.  

After the match the Dark Order attacks Cody but here comes MATT CARDONA! He rips off his shirt and attacks Silver and Reynolds. He hugs Cody as they walk off. 

Tony is out getting ready to talk about All Out but here comes the Inner Circle! Jericho ain't happy and tells everyone to shut up. He says that they are about creating ultimatums. In two weeks on August 12 there will be a rematch. Jericho vs. Cassidy, and after he wins OC will pay $7500 for the jacket. He says next week, he's going to challenge Orange Cassidy to a debate. Santana confirms that the jacket smells like cat piss. 

Back to Schiavone and they cover the FTR contract signing and he asks for a tag team specialist to join them, and it's Coach Arn! They call for the tag team rules to actually be enforced. FTR said that August 12 is tag team appreciation night, hosted by FTR. Adam Page comes in with some whiskey to celebrate. Arn says not anymore. Mid-Atlantic represent! 

 AEW Tag Team Championship: Dark Order vs. Hangman Page/Kenny Omega

Stu Grayson and Evil Uno come out accompanied by The Exalted One, Colt Cabana, and Anna Jayy? They walk towards the announcers booth as we go to break. As Omega comes in to his entrance, Page isn't messing around and jumps them as Kenny does his theatrics. Uno attacks Omega and throws him in the corrner. Tag to Grayson who hits the splash for two. Chops by Kenny but Stu with the big boot. However Omega connects with the boot to Uno. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and he tags Page who double teams Stu with the boot for a two count. Omega with the hammerlock. Uno comes in and eats a double chop by the champs. Uno and Page are tagged and he is no match for Hangman who clothelines Stu and then hit the fallaway slam to Uno. Punch to Stu on the apron and he tosses Uno out of the ring. Cross body by Page but Uno throws him in the corner. Back in the ring and he gets a two count on the Hangman. Wristlock to Page and a tag to Stu. Double chop by the Dark Order and Stu charges in the corner. Kick to Page for a two count. Elbow strike by Stu and he tags Uno. They isolate Page and hit him with some slaps. Page fights off the suplex attempt and they drop him for a two count, but Omega interrupts the tag attempt. We go to Picture in Picture. 

Back on and we see Page slams Stu to the ground and tags Omega. He hits the steamroller on Stu and then the moonsault for a two count. The Dark Order attempt to double but Omega ducks and tags Page. Enzuguri by Grayson. Boot by Uno to Omega. Senton bomb gets two. Tag to Grayson and they hit Fatality for a two count! Page breaks it up. Belly to belly throw in the corner. Somersault by Grayson gets a two count. Tag to Uno and they go for Fatality again but Omega fights out of it. Punch to Page and it gives Omega time to hit the Snapdrago. Lariat by Page followed by a powerbomb. Omega with the V-Trigger for a two count. Last Call finishes it! [***] That was the best tag team match by the Dark Order and as always Page/Omega brings it.

After the match the Exalted One grabs the mic and hits his servants. He addresses the champs, saying that they have their friends are there. Minions surround the ring to attack but here comes FTR! They jump the Exalted One and he calls them off. 

We gets Britt Baker with Reba, who hands a note to Tony. She grabs the mic and says that although Big Swole is in the Women's Tag Team Tournament but won't keep her name out of her mouth. She says that Big Swole can fight her after beating an opponent of her choice. 


Diamante cuts a promo about how she's wrestled in the independent leagues for 10 years, waiting for her shot. Nice way to introduce her as she faces Shida, the AEW Women's Champion. 

The champ goes to shake her hand and Diamante ain't having it as she slaps Shida. They go into the ropes and Shida knees her but Diamante hits her in the face with a flurry of fists and throws her out of the ring. Diamante chases her and it dumped on the outside. Shida drops her on the barricade and hits the running knee lift. Back in the ring and Shida with the missile dropkick for two. She hits some forearm strikes to Diamante who responds with some blows of her own. Kick to the midsection and Shida attempts a suplex but Diamante blocks it and takes her to the top rope where she runs Shida on the apron. Chops to Shida and the stunner for two. Leapfrog by Diamante into a straight kick. Sunset flip but Shida grabs the ropes. They get to the middle of the ring and Shida gets the Falcon arrow but Diamante kicks out at two. She goes to the ropes, running knee strike for the win. [**1/2] It was a good showing with a couple of mistakes but Diamante showed promise going forward if AEW signs her.

Dasha is with Nyla Rose and Vicki. Nyla draws purple for the Women's Tag Team Tournament and asks who else drew the same color. Dasha says that it's Ariana and they will be teaming up. 


Wardlow knocks on the door and here comes MJF. He walks around like a Presidential candidate, refusing to shake hands of course but has the sign "MJF 2020 we deserve better." Back from Picture in Picture and he is going to address the state of wrestling.

He addresses the truth that wrestling fans are not that bright. He goes into the fact that despite AEW being a land of opportunity, people like him have been held down by guys like Dictator Jon Moxley. Long story short, he's calling for his candidacy to become the AEW World Champion. This will be interesting to see where this goes.

Time for the main event and Darby is announced but he doesn't come out but the AEW World Champion sure does! JR says that Darby is not in the building as a result of what happened last week. Tony says they are going backstage and there is Taz with Cage and Starks. Absolute Starks grabs the mic and says that he is everything your baby mama wishes you were. 

As they come out Darby attacks with the Coffin Drop Elbow! The heels quickly recover and attack, with Cage throwing Moxley in the ring. Darby goes after Starks. As soon as they enter the ring the match starts and Darby tries to cross body Cage but the Machine does not sell it as he catches the enigma. However, Moxley hits a suicida to knock down Cage. Starks spears him on the apron and the heels take advantage as we go one more time with picture in picture.

Back to the action and we see Cage dropping both faces and he throws Darby into Starks, who misses the catch on the German Suplex. Moxley comes back in and throws a chair at Starks. Elbow by Cage. Boot to the face by Cage. Spear by Starks but Mox with the clothesline. Lariat by Cage. Drill Claw is reversed and Mox gets the suplex. Piledriver for a two count. Cross Armbreaker by Moxley but Starks breaks it up with a dropkick. Cage throws in a trash can. The heels try to double suplex Mox but he gets out of it with a kick. Mox is dropped onto the trash can for a two count. Cage tosses Darby into Moxley. Coffin Drop Elbow by Darby gets a two count! The Machine rolls out of the ring. Darby grabs some thumbtacks and puts them on his skateboard. He takes it onto the top rope and does a dropkick with the skateboard onto Starks for the three count. [* 1/2] Too many botches by Starks to make this any higher. The match was so disjointed and it didn't look like they were in synch.

Afterwards it is announced that next week Darby Allin will take on Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title. They stare at one another as the show ends.

ANALYSIS: 6.5 It was not one of Dynamite's best efforts as the matches didn't stand out and in most cases it looked as if they tried to fit everything in one episode. The two biggest stories to come out of it was the FTR signing with Arn Anderson in two and MJF's promo challenging for the World Title. 

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