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It's time for AEW Dynamite, and here we go!

The show starts off with a video recap of the Jon Moxley/Brian Cage matchup, and the arrival of FTR to AEW as they take on the Butcher and the Blade. JR, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur are in the booth, and Justin Roberts is back doing the ring announcements. Before we start off the show, they are joined by Le Champion (and Floyd) to provide extra commentary as only he can. 

Our first match is the Butcher/Blade taking on FTR in their Dynamite debut FTR make their arrival in the same truck that they did two weeks ago. Cash and Dax brush off their opponents as they come to the ring to much fanfare. Blade starts off against Dax and they lockup in the corner. We see Tully, Arn and Jake Roberts all scouting the teams (still social distancing). Nice move by AEW. Takedown by Dax but Blade gets up and they exchange chops. Roll up by Dax for a two count. Inside cradle by Dax for two and then he goes into a headlock takedown. Tag to Cash who gets a hammerlock and tag to his partner. Stomps by Dax and Cash gets a Northern Lights Suplex. They continue to fight into the corner as the tag is made to the Butcher. Chants of FTR from the crowd at Daily's Place. Dax grabs the Butcher's foot, allowing Cash to attack with an elbow smash. Butcher doesn't go down from the shoulder strikes but a dropkick brings him down. Roll up by Cash gets two but Butcher hits a body press. Tag to the Blade and they work Wheeler in the corner. Jericho calling for more of the old school ground-and-pound tag team style in AEW. Butcher punches Wheeler and tag to the Blade who hits him with stomps. Elbow comeback by Wheeler but Blade gets the headlock takedown. Jawbreaker by Wheeler but Blade cuts him off. Powerslam by Wheeler to counter the leapfrog. Hot tag to Dax who gets in some jabs to Blade and a back body drop. Neckbreaker to Blade and then a leg whip to Bucther. Brainbuster (shades of Tully) by Dax. Butcher shoves Harwood off the top rope but Cash comes in to give them the double DDT. Tag to Dax and they hit the suplex-splash combo for two. Butcher interferes and Blade gets a roll up for two. Double team combo for two. Cash comes in and stops the double suplex attempt and they set up the Shatter Machine for the three count! [****] This was tag team wrestling the way it was meant to be. No flashy flips but great scientific moves with strong counters. Great debut by FTR. 

After the match Tony tries to get in a word with FTR and they are interrupted by the Bucks who say they aren't there to steal their thunder. Matt Jackson needles them by saying they could have introduced themselves. He says they are the best tag team in AEW and how they were carrying tag team wrestling for years. Butcher and the Blade come in as well as Kip/Havoc to attack. Kenny Omega and Hangman Page join in the fun (Page of course carrying some brew) and the Bucks separate them. 

We're back with Dasha interviewing the Natural Nightmares as they will face Omega/Page for the tag team titles, and Brandi asks why Allie is wearing the family jacket, but QT defends his girl (?). Dustin says QT needs to get his head in the game. 

The women of AEW get ready for tag team action of their own as Penelope Ford and Nyla Rose face off Kris Statlander and AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida. The Galaxy's Greatest Alien boops everyone at ringside, including Jericho's rival Pineapple Pete. Once Shida comes in the ring the heels attack and boots to their opponents. Statlander throws out Ford and a single leg dropkick to Rose for a two count. Tag to Shida hits a flying elbow and another tag to Kris who goes for a body press but misses. Clothesline by Nyla for two. Elbow to the back of Kris' head and she connect with the legdrop as we go to commercial. 

Back from commercial and we see Kris and Nyla trading blows. Back kick and clubbing shot by Statlander. Tag to Penelope while Shida gets tagged too. Running knee to the gut on the top rope. She puts Ford on the ring apron and hits another running knee strike. Flying dropkick from the top rope. Suplex by Shida for two. Tag to Kris and she hits the shooting star press for two. Ford blocks the suplex attempt with her knee for a two count. Tag to Nyla and she goes for a torture rack but Kris fights out of it. Penelope goes in and hits a cutter. Tag to Shida who hits the suplex on Nyla from the top rope. Tag back to Kris who hits the axe kick for two! Shida is in now and she goes for the Falcon Arrow but Nyla reverses it and puts Shida on the rope as well as Kris. Leg drop from the top rope to both ladies! Tag to Penelope but Kris interferes. Running knee strike by Shida. Ford is tagged in but eats the Falcon Arrow for two. Kip stops the Running knee strike. Nyla tosses Penelope the title and she hits Shida with it. Fisherman (woman?) suplex gets the three count! [***] Great mix of counters and communication by both teams and Penelope made her presence known in this match. 

We go to Darby Allin (who's still not cleared to wrestle) getting encouragement from Tony Hawk on getting back to skateboarding. Not going over so well in the beginning but eventually he recovers. 

Next is the latest video by the 'Roll Model' Dr. Britt Baker of her recovery efforts. She talks about her struggles are way more difficult than Big Swole. We'll see how that goes. 

Here comes the Inner Circle as they get ready to take on the Best Friends w/Orange Cassidy. The IC jumps the Best Friends and Hager just unloads on Orange Cassidy. Jericho "Hager looks like he's beating up the 15 year old version of himself." Classic! Match starts for real and Santana starts chopping on Trent, as Chuck is out helping Orange Cassidy. Santana misses the corner splash and Trent elbows him. Swinging DDT misses by Trent and Santana dropkicks him. Back Body Drop by Trent and Santana tags his partner. Half and Half combination by Best Friends. Chuck hits the top rope suicida. Spear by Trent to Ortiz. Back in the ring, Hager attacks Chuck and tags in Ortiz who kicks him in the head. Tag to Hager who goes for the Vader bomb for two. As we go to picture-in-picture Santana headlocks Chuck while the ref is distracted. Tag to Santana and he and Ortiz double team Chuck in the corner. Chuck avoids the charge and the hot tag to Trent as Hager himself is tagged. Chops to Hager and as he goes into the ropes Santana plants him on the ground. Tag to Ortiz, who suplexes Trent. He goes over to Orange Cassidy and removes his glasses. Trent avoids the charging Hager and gets the swinging DDT as we're back from commercial. Trent tags to Orange Cassidy who does his usual schtick but Hager won't allow him to reach for the pockets. As he goes after Cassidy he falls through the ropes. Swinging DDT to Santana! He hits the double hurricanrana to Proud 'N Powerful. Powerbomb by Hager for two. Hager catches Trent's knee strike and he throws him out of the ring. Tag to Ortiz and Santana hits the cannonball onto Cassidy. Streetsweeper attempt blocked by Chuck. Crucifix pin by Orange Cassidy and he gets the win [**3/4] Considering that they need to keep Best Friends strong going into Fyter Fest, it's the right move. The match itself was all over the place, however. 

After the match Jericho leaves the booth and uses Floyd to take out the Best Friends. He brings in a bag of oranges and puts it in a bag. They beat Orange Cassidy bloody and hits him in the head with the bag. Jericho says that the OC has just been juiced. 

Tony goes to interview Billy Gunn but fortunately MJF comes in to interrupt. He states that in spite of his perfect record he hasn't gotten a title shot. He's a shark in a sea of minnows. Gunn tries to interrupt and MJF calls on Wardlow. Tony takes it back to the booth. 

We see a recap of the interaction between Colt Cabana and the Dark Order. Time for the next match as Colt takes on Guevara. As Cabana comes to the entrance he pushes aside Sammy's roller. Guevara responds with the middle finger as does the 20 year veteran. They exchange leapfrogs and Colt with the Hurricanrana but Sammy throws him out of the ring and hits the top rope suicida. He goes back into the ring and its time for some picture-in-picture. Colt goes back in the ring but eats an elbow from Sammy. He places his feet on Colt's head. Headlock takedown by Sammy. Colt gets up from the two count. Another takedown by Sammy. Back to the action and Colt reverses the back drop attempt for a two count. Elbow to Sammy but he chops down Colt with the boot. Double axe kicks to the abdomen by Colt and he hits his flurry of punches and elbows. Splash in the corner by Colt and he gets the body press for two. Sammy takes Colt to the outside but is thrown back in the ring. Moonsault press from the top rope by Colt for two. However, as he takes Sammy to the top rope for Chicago Sky, Colt slips. Quick thinking by Guevara with the GTS for the three count. [**] It was a pretty good match but nothing special. Great to see Guevara on the winning side.

After the match the Dark Order comes out (even Stu and Evil Uno) along with the Exalted One. He offers his hand to Colt and then walks off. Interesting he goes into the heel's tunnel. As Sammy goes on the mic he brags about his accomplishment and here comes Matt Hardy. He puts over Sammy as the future of the business but says that he has to get away from the Inner Circle. Guevara ain't having it and Hardy goes into Damascus mode. He says he's going to delete him as the Spanish God exits the stage. 

We get a video of Joey Janela and it talks about his fall from grace since fighting Moxley at Fyter Fest. He is walking in the street when Sonny Kiss picks him up. It's to be continued. Interesting development for both Sonny and Janela...

Back from the break and Dasha is trying to get an interview with Colt who knocks on the door of the Dark Order. 

Alex Marvez is trying to interview the AEW World Champion but Mox says that he's in a bad mood. He is going to shut Taz up once and for all once he beats Cage at Fyter Fest. Great job of putting over his opponent. Taz comes out and talks smack and Mox is jumped by Cage from behind. They go at it in the parking lot and Cage with the spinebuster on the car. Taz stops him before he powerbombs him on the ground, however Cage slams him on the trunk of the car, breaking the window. 

Time for the main event as Marq Quen comes out with Isiah Kassidy and Matt Hardy. I like how they're wearing the BLM straps on their arms. #BlackLivesMatter. Cody comes out with the shirt in a "We Are All Family" t-shirt representing Pride Month. Cool. Arn is with him as coach. 

They shake hands and here we go. They exchange rope breaks and Cody with the arm drag takedown of Quen. Cody throws Quen into the ropes but he hits Cody with the shoulder tackle. Shooting Star Press for one. Cody with the patented kick and upper cut. Quen dropkicks Cody as he tries for the cutter. Cody with the kick to the head for one. Cody works the leg with the surfboard into a dragon sleeper with his leg on Quen's injured ankle. Chants of Private Party as they go to picture in picture. Cody works the ankle with the rope break and takes Quen's ankle on the ring apron. Arn looks on as Cody poses. Quen fights off and tries to jump but the ankle is favored as he falls off. Cody fights him off and continues to attack the ankle by hitting it on the ring post. Quen musters up a kick and goes in for the attack. As referee Aubrey Edwards stops him in the corner, Cody with the cheap shot while she's distracted. He takes Quen up to the corner and a reverse suplex. Quen grabbing the ankle again. Quen launches himself with a moonsault but Cody gets up before the pin. Rhodes tries for the uppercut but Quen steps out of the way and hits another shooting star press. Tornado DDT by Quen for the two count. Cody steps outside and Quen goes for the suicida, but falls on his ankle as he connects. He goes back into the ring and does it again. Quen tries to do it a third time and he can't get up. As Cody comes in the ring Quen throws him out and hits another moonsault suicida. Back in the ring and Cody kicks out at one. Quen tries to go to the top rope and Cody rolls outside, but Quen still hits the 450! He takes the champion back in the ring and tries one more time but Cody grapevines the leg and Quen has no other choice but to tap out [***3/4] It was an excellent match. Quen showed some incredible athleticism and they told the story of the injured ankle being too much to overcome. 

Cody hugs Quen after the match and shakes his hand in respect. Here comes Hager of the Inner Circle. He attacks Arn and drops Cody as if he stole something. Private Party (w/Hardy) comes back in and they attack Hager with chairs as he retreats. The Inner Circle goes at it with the faces as the show ends. Cody says that if Hager wants the title shot at Fyter Fest he's got it.  

ANALYSIS: 7. It was a great beginning to the show with FTR having a strong debut and Quen had a star making performance in spite of the injured ankle. The storytelling of Colt/Dark Order and Moxley/Cage were interesting, with the development of Penelope Ford as a potential contender bears watching.  

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