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Dynamite starts off with the crowd of wrestlers in attendance and Britt Baker chillin in her 'Roll Model' display with Rebel giving her makeup. 

Our first match is for the World Tag Team Championship as Hangman Page and Kenny Omega taking on the Natural Nightmares, who are 5-0 as a tag team. Brandi is with them, but not QT's girlfriend Allie. Justin Roberts makes the ring announcements. Dustin and Omega start us off as they go around the ring. They eventually lockup and Dustin takes the advantage. He avoids the leapfrog but eats a chop from Omega. Elbow by Dustin and he charges into Omega but gets caught in the hurricanrana. He slips out of the piledriver attempt as Dustin retreats in the corner. Tag to Page as QT comes in as well. Headlock by Page. A punch by QT but Page counters with chops. Dropkick by QT and Page is stunned. Tag to Omega who gets slammed by QT. Tag to Dustin who whips Omega into the corner. Irish whip and he gets a two count. QT is tagged back in and gets a backdrop on Kenny from two. Headlock by QT and he tags Dustin, who scratches Omega's back. Sidelock takedown. Kotaro Crusher by Omega! Hot tag to Page who clotheslines QT and Dustin. Fallaway slam by Page and he hits the top rope suicida on Dustin. Two count on the pin attempt. Tag to Omega who steamrolls QT for the two count. Tag to Page who hits Dustin but eats an elbow from QT. However, QT gets a springboard kick and brings down the Cowboy. Tags to Omega and Dustin, who uppercuts Omega and hits Page. Scoop slam to the champs by the elder Rhodes. He goes up top and hits the senton on the champs and ole's them out of the ring as they charge towards him. Another senton by the Natural Nightmares! QT throws Omega in the ring and hits a flying elbow smash. He gets ready for the cutter but Omega blocks it and hits the snapdragon. Dustin is tagged in and hits the Canadian Destroyer. Page comes in to clothesline Dustin and is hit with the cutter by QT. Allie comes down the rope as QT goes up for the moonsault and misses! Omega tags Page and they whip into the corner with a series of elbows. Dustin breaks up the two count. Omega throws him out and is tagged in by Page. Powerbomb by Page and the V-Trigger by Kenny but QT kicks out! Page goes after Dustin. V-Trigger/Buckshot Lariat combo finishes it off! [***] This was a well paced tag team match, with both teams looking strong and QT giving his best performance to date. 

We're back and it's Anna Jayy, giving a vignette about what she want to bring to the women's division. She's making her Dynamite debut as she takes on Abadon. She attacks the Star of the Show as they both trade punches. Interesting note that they are scrolling the results of AEW Dark at the bottom of the screen while the match is going on. Meanwhile, Abadon grapevines Jayy on the ropes. Abadon hits the step up hurricanrana and gets the win. [*] It was an okay match and it will be interesting to see what happens with these two going forward. I think if you're going to feature new women try to give them more than a minute of action. 

After the match the Dark Order comes out Stu Grayson makes his moves towards Colt Cabana. Evil Uno gives Colt a package that has a sheet of paper in it. Colt just looks back up at Brodie Lee as Anna Jayy is helped out of the ring as Brodie Lee takes her by the hand. 

Time for MJF to make his appearance with Wardlow by his side. His opponent is Billy, who is joined by his son Austin Gunn. As the bell rings, MJF jumps out of the ring and taunts Jungle Boy. Back in the ring, Billy no sells the arm drag and hip tosses MJF. Punch by MJF who avoids the clothesline by eats the high boot. Billy picks him up and palms him to the ground. That's enough for MJF as he walks out of the ring and is chased by Billy, who scoops him up and brings him back in. MJF drops him on the ropes and turns his back, only for Billy to hit him with an elbow drop. However, MJF begins to hit knee strikes and works the left leg of Billy. More smack talk as we go to commercial break. As MJF goes to the outside, Austin Gunn goes after the villainous heel, only for him to be cut off by referee Aubrey Edwards. Meanwhile, Wardlow hits Billy's leg on the corner. MJF takes Billy back in the ring and headlocks him. They separate and MJF tries another single leg takedown. Back from picture in picture and MJF knee drops Billy's leg on the ropes. Grapevine by MJF but Billy strikes him to the ground. Charge by MJF and he eats some right hands. Tilt-a-whirl slam by Billy and he goes for the Fameasser but MJF dodges him. Splash in the corner missed by Billy and MJF goes for the calf crusher but has to break it up. He gets in Edwards' face but allows Billy to chokeslam him. MJF tries for a Fameasser of his own and Wardlow distracts the referee long enough to toss MJF the ring. Billy goes outside to attack Wardlow but as he goes back in he is hit with the ring and MJF pins him for the win. [**1/2] Great use of psychology for MJF but I have a problem with the fact he has to cheat so blatantly against a guy he should defeat with no problem. 

After the match MJF/Wardlow get into it with Jurassic Express, leading a to a pull apart brawl. 

Alex Marvez asks Le Sex Gods about their attack on Orange Cassidy, and Jericho says that he had the audacity to interrupt. Sammy Guevara says they beat the pulp out of Cassidy. They say that they are more than best friends, they're blood brothers.

Tony is back talking with Britt Baker. As he announces the Fyter Fest AEW Women's title match between Shida and Penelope Ford. Baker is upset that she was dragged into this and calls a friendship timeout. Baker is ready to leave and calls for Reba, but it's Big Swole instead driving the cart and escorts her away. 

It's time for the TNT Title Open Challenge to take place, and Cody is escorted to the ring by Arn. He gets on the mic and questions that he is getting no support from the Elite or the Nightmare Family and tosses the mic to Arn. The coach says that he's done his research, and it's RICKY STARKS! He says that he is the hottest free agent in the business and says this is his opportunity to get into the door. For those who may not know, Starks is known for his work around the globe and more recently in the NWA as its TV champion. They lock up and Cody gets the wristlock. Drop and the uppercut by Cody, but Starks slaps him. They start exchanging blows but as Ricky goes to the ropes Cody dropkicks him. Kick to the abdomen by Cody as he holds Starks on the ropes. The top rope suicida by Cody as Hager looks on in the back. Whip into the ropes and Cody kicks him but as he charges, Starks hits him with the gut punch and throws him on the apron. Legdrop to Cody and they roll back in as Starks gets the one count. Knee to the head of Cody and as the 8-year veteran charges, Arn pulls his tutelage out of the way. Starks recovers and gets the swinging DDT for a two count. Charge into the corner by Starks and they both headbutt one another in a collision. Another swinging DDT by Starks but Cody ducks it and hits the powerslam. Off comes the belt and as he goes for the Cross Rhodes he is hit with the knee but executes the suplex for a two count. Cody goes for the moonsault but Starks goes after him. He goes to suplex Cody and brings him down, hitting his head as well. Cody gets back up, but both he and Starks goes over the rope as Starks hits the body press. They go back in and exchange punches. Cody misses the Disaster Kick and Starks hits the spear for a two count! Cody rolls him up and gets a two count. Starks for for the clothesline and is caught in the Cross Rhodes for the three count! [****] Even in defeat this was how you do a debut for a potential star in AEW. Starks showed that he has the goods to be a force if the rumors are true that he is signed by AEW. As always, Cody brings it in his matches and they told a great story of counters and psychology. Great job all around. 

Time for tag team action as the Superbad Death Squad takes on the Young Bucks. Havoc brings out some pliers but as the bell rings he puts them down. The match starts with Havoc working the injured ribs of Matt Jackson in the corner. Single leg takedown by Matt and he tags his brother who double chops Havoc and then Sabian. Each team goes back to their corner and now it's Jimmy and Nick Jackson going at it. They whip Havoc into the corner and hit the double team flipping neckbreaker. Suddenly, the Blade and Butcher come out to taunt the Bucks. As Matt's back is turned (as is the referee's) Havoc hits him in the back with a wet floor sign and gets a two count. The heels work the younger Buck in the corner as we go to picture in picture. Back in the match and Havoc is slamming Matt in the corner. Havoc throws him outside of the ring. As the Butcher and Blade come out, FTR walks out and the heels walk away, while FTR goes into the corner of the Bucks. Meanwhile, Sabian continues to beat down Matt Jackson in the corner. As Havoc comes in to taunt Nick, Sabian slingshots Matt into his partner for a two count. However, Matt hits the dropkick and goes up top. Sabian comes in and is powerbombed by Matt. The hot tag to Nick who has a kick party of his own. Bulldog clothesline combination on the heels. He takes Havoc to the outside and hits the facebuster. Splash to Havoc! Sunset flip onto Sabian into a sharpshooter. Kip heads for the ropes but Matt gets an elbow drop. Havoc comes in with a mallet, distracting the referee long enough for Penelope to hit Nick with the caution sign. Tag to Havoc who hits the Fisherman DDT for a two count. Havoc and Kip hit the assisted swinging DDT for a two count. Kip is showing color as he misses the foot stomp. Superkick by Nick and tag to his brother. Matt with the Northern Lights Suplex. Risky Business combo for a two count by the Bucks. Havoc with the hip toss into a butterfly suplex. Tag to Kip who hits the double footstomp for a two count that is broken up. Havoc slams Matt who then counters with a double suplex on the heels! Tag to his brother and it's SUPERKICK PARTY TIME! Double kick and knee to Kip for the three count [***1/2] Great tag match where both teams raised their game even with the attempts at interference. 

As Butcher and Blade come in, FTR counter attacks and hits the Goodnight Express on the Butcher. Meltzer Driver by both teams on their rivals! They stare down one another. 

We see Taz and Brian Cage outside talking about their upcoming bout at Fyter Fest. Back from commercial and now the champ responds with a promo of his own as he calls himself the judge, jury and executioner of AEW. 

Next week we will have Sammy Guevara vs. Matt Hardy and Brodie Lee/Colt Cabana vs. Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela. Also, there will be a lumberjack match between Luchasaurus vs. Wardlow in a lumberjack match. FTR will take on the Natural Nightmares. 

Meanwhile, Rebel was looking for Britt and she's in a trash dumpster. Rebel apologizes and Britt demands that Tony will show up for the exclusive. The doctor addresses the camera and says that she will get her revenge on Big Swole. She asks for Rebel to get her out of here. 

Main event time and Matt Hardy joins the commentary booth. Sammy still can't sing Jericho's theme as Le Sex Gods come out. Fortunately we don't have to hear the rest as we go to commercial. 

Back from commercial and here come the Best Friends. They start off attacking Le Sex Gods on the outside and Trent spears Guevara. Back in the ring Taylor gets the neckbreaker. Guevara jumps out of it and tags Jericho. Taylor stomps Jericho in the corner but eats an elbow as he charges. Dropkick by Jericho and he gets a two. Knee to the head of Taylor. Tag to Guevara and he hits the drop kick. Headlock takedown by Sammy and he tags Jericho who suplexes Taylor. He fights back but Jericho hits him with the dropkick for a two count. Jericho cuts off the tag attempt and elbows a charge attempt. Lionsault misses and he tweaks his knee on the attempt. Both men tag their partners and Trent chops Sammy in the chest with authority. Shoulderblock takedown by Trent off the ropes and he hits Jericho off the apron. Sammy misses a splash on the corner. As Trent charges he eats a boot but gets the backdrop suplex. Dropkick to Jericho but as Trent jumps to the outside, Jericho hits him with his bat Floyd. As we go to picture in picture, Jericho throws Trent back into the ring and clotheslines him. Knee to the gut of Trent. Slingshot suplex for a two count by Jericho. Tag to Sammy and they whip Trent into the ropes and hit a double elbow. They pose and Sammy kicks Trent to the ground. He misses the charge as Trent hits a double knee and tag to Chuck Taylor. Elbow to Jericho, Falcon Arrow (He's done the deal!) for a two count. Taylor goes up top but misses the moonsault, only to hit the powerbomb for a two count as Jericho breaks it up. Trent comes back in and they do a fallaway slam combo. Jericho breaks up the hug attempt. Knee strike by Trent but his tornado DDT attempt is countered into the Liontamer. Guevara launches at Taylor. Meanwhile, Trent grabs the ropes and breaks the hold. Clothesline by Trent. Jericho tags Guevara who superkicks Trent. As he goes up top, Trent drops him on top of the corner. Taylor comes back in for the double superplex. Lariat by Trent but Jericho breaks up the pin. Taylor throws him out and while the ref is distracted Jericho hits Trent and the pulled tights pin only gets two. Taylor goes after Jericho outside and pulls out a chair but as the ref removes it, Guevara uses the bat on Trent. Shooting Star Press from the top rope only gets two. As Guevara goes to the ropes, he trips over the cameraman's wire and Trent hits the Piledriver for the three count. [***]. Great match and both teams really showed their skill in this highly intense matchup. The right team won the match to face the champs in a few weeks at Fyter Fest. 

Come to find out that the cameraman was Orange Cassidy and THERE'S NO HANDS IN THE POCKETS! OC goes off on Jericho with a series of punches and the heels escape. It is announced that at Fyter Fest Jericho will take on Orange Cassidy as the show fades to black. 

ANALYSIS: 8 This was an amazing episode of Dynamite, with their focus on making the tag team division the linchpin of the company. Great debut by Starks by having him go up against Cody. We saw continued story development and even the women's squash match had some level of intrigue with the Dark Order. The road to Fyter Fest is becoming clearer. 

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