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Dynamite kicks off with the pyro and we're starting off with the lumberjacks already on the side of the ring (including recent signee Ricky Starks!) as the first match will be between Wardlow vs. Luchasaurus. They show us a recap of the brawl last week which led to this long awaited battle. The big hosses go for it throwing punches as Luchasaurus hits the elbow and a series of kicks. Clothesline by Wardlow! Lucha rolls out of the ring and is followed by Wardlow who shoves Jungle Boy out of the way. Back in the ring Wardlow charges at Lucha in the corner, and the big dinosaur rolls out of the ring, only to get attacked by the heels. He shoves them off and MJF stops his progress. Wardlow suplexes him back in the ring. Toss by Wardlow. The faces chant "Luchasaurus," and he responds with a kick to the mid-section, but Wardlow counters with a Northern Lights Suplex into mounting punches. Wardlow goes after the ref and when he turns around eats a chop and a spin kick by Luchasaurus. Shooting Star Press gets two. Chokeslam attempt into a big boot, but is led back into the ring by Wardlow. They go up top, and Wardlow with the superplex! Only gets a two count. Rising knee strike by Luchasaurus but Wardlow with a hurricanrana! Crossbody by Luchasaurus only gets two. They go outside and Wardlow slams the big dinosaur onto the entrance ramp. Jungle Boy goes to help his partner and is thrown to the heels, but Marko Stunt with the suicida. Meanwhile, the 6'5 guys are throwing punches and all of a sudden Brandon Cutler (?) tries to attack Wardlow and he's fed to the heels, as well as Marko Stunt. Roundhouse by Luchasaurus! He then does a shooting star press to all the heels on the outside. They go back in the ring and Luchasaurus hits another roundhouse. Chokeslam to Wardlow but MJF interferes and here's Jungle Boy with the spear to MJF! With the ref's back turned, Wardlow low blows Luchasaurus and hits the F10 for the win. [****] An impressive old school hoss fight with modern day athleticism. Wardlow really expanded his range here, and I have a feeling this feud will continue. 

After the match the lumberjacks start to engage with one another in the ring while the victorious Wardlow walks off. 

Meanwhile we get a video of Taz giving a video of Brian Cage's Drill Claw finisher. 

Back on the show and heeeeerrrreeeee's Shida! The AEW Women's champ walks up to her opponent at Fyter Fest Penelope Ford, who smacks her before the referee separates them. Frustrated, she goes after her opponent Red Velvet with a quick knee strike and then the Falcon Arrow for the quick pin. [1/2] SQUASH

Afterwards, she goes right back after Ford and they go to blows, with Kip Sabian and Ricky Starks separating the combatants. 

They have a press conference with Cody's entire crew. Arn talks about how Jake may be 50 feet away and all he does is talking smack. He says how Jake is not ready for this match with Cody. When this match is all said and done, Cody will still have the title. More questions from PWI's Matt Brock, asking Cody how does it feel to be the first TNT Champion, to which Cody talks about hope, and brings up Ricky Starks coming to Dynamite with $3.16 in his pocket but left with a job. He brings up how his whole life has been wrestling and the hope that the business provides. As he continues, Hager and his wife finally shows up. He walks up to Cody, stares at him and they pose, until Jake gets a cheap shot and out of nowhere his wife throws water in his face! Press conference apparently is over. 

They do a Janela/Sonny Kiss vignette in which they beat up some guys at a gas station. OK. 

Time for their match with Colt Cabana and his tag team partner Mr. Brodie Lee of the Dark Order. It's Lee and Sonny to start us off as they trade blows, and a springboard attempt into the corner is blocked off by the Exalted One. Tag to Janela who is immediately shoulder blocked to the ground. Tag to Colt who is double teamed by the Jersey duo. Hart Attack into a leg drop. Lee comes in and tosses Sonny out of the ring, but does a split to stop his momentum. As the ref is distracted, Alex Silver attacks Sonny and Colt takes advantage as we go to picture in picture. The (somewhat) Dark Order begin to attack Sonny as they tag in and out. Back from commercial Kiss avoids a clothesline and tags Janela who hits Colt with a crossbody and then goes after Lee. Somersault by the faces onto the heels on the outside! Janela takes Colt back in the ring and charges into him with the rising uppercut. Tag to Sonny and they hits their 450 splash combo and Lee breaks up the three count. Janela sends Lee over the top rope and Sonny follows up with a boot to the face of Lee! Tag to Janela and they go for a clothesline combo but Colt ducks and gets a roll up. Kick by Janela and Sonny goes up top but Reynolds and Silver pull Colt out of the way. Kick to the face by Lee but Lee counters with a lariat. He pulls Janela back in the ring...DISCUS PUNCH! He allows Colt to get the pin and the victory [**1/2] Not a bad match. While Sonny/Janela are very entertaining, there just wasn't enough of a consistent flow to rank it any higher. 

After the match Lance Archer attacks Sonny Kiss and Janela throws a chair at the Murderhawk, who punches it out of the way and then beats him down until Jake Roberts calls him off.

They go to a video with Shawn Spears showing his victory over Pineapple Pete last night on AEW Dark. 

Time for more tag team action as SCU (who replaced Natural Nightmares due to QT's health) and they take on FTR! Dax and Kazarian tie up and they go to the corner where Cash is tagged in and he takes down Kaz. Tag to Dax who kicks Kazarian in the gut. Knees to the back. Wristlock to Kaz and they go to the ropes, where Daniels dropkicks Dax as he's tagged in. He goes for another dropkick and Cash holds back his partner. Tempers flare up and they start going at it once Kaz comes in. Both teams clothesline each other out of the ring as they go to break. Kaz brings Dax back in the ring as we're back from break. Daniels is tagged as he goes after Dax but he tags in Cash who gets the hot tag punches. Slingshot suplex for a two count by Cash. Body block and Hardwood with the roll up for two. While Kaz interferes with the ref, Daniels rolls him up but Cash reverses it for two. Tag to their respective partners who trade blows and chops. Kick and a lariat by Kaz. Elbow to Dax and a backstabber for a two count. Daniels comes in and they go for knee strike but Dax reverses and tags Cash. Decapitation! Shades of Demolition for the two count. Kaz interrupts and throws Dax out of the ring. Angels Wings for a two count. Suddenly Cash comes in and throws Kaz to the ground. Goodnight Express for the three count! [****] Two great veteran tag teams giving a clinic in tag team wrestling.

Afterwards they grab the mic and Cash says that there are good guys and bad guys and while they may not be the type of wrestlers that JR likes, but they are the best tag team in the business. As they start to call out the entire tag team division, the Butcher and the Blade are in their truck and challenge them to an 8 man tag team match with them, the Young Bucks, and B & B with THE LUCHA BROS! They will fight during the two part Fyter Fest.

We get a preview of the Best Friends match against the champs next week. 

We're back and there's a recap of the Brian Cage/Jon Moxley matchup for Fyter Fest. Cage comes in for his weekly squash match against Jon Cruz. As Cruz is getting tossed around, Taz talks about how Dr. Baker will offer Cage free dental care. Drill Claw to Cruz and well, at least his family got to see him on Dynamite. [1/2] SQUASH

Taz gets on the mic and calls out Moxley ahead of their title match. 

Back on the show and we see Brodie Lee talking with Colt about how he responded to loss with a victory. At Fyter Fest they will take on SCU. 

Night 1 of Fyter Fest: Jurassic Express vs. Wardlow/MJF, Private Party vs. Santana/Ortiz, Shida vs. Penelope Ford, Cody vs. Jake Hager, and Kenny Omega/Hangman Page vs. Best Friends

Night 2 of Fyter Fest: Lance Archer vs. Joey Janela, Nyla Rose, SCU vs. the Dark Order (Grayson, Lee) and Colt Cabana, Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho, Young Bucks/FTR vs. Lucha Brothers/Butcher and Blade, then Moxley vs. Brian Cage.

Tony Schiavone receives another message from Britt Baker and Rebel. She says that even if she was in a dumpster, Big Swole is still the biggest piece of trash on the roster. Swole can't touch her because she is in a sound-proof container, so Britt goes up and dumps a heap of trash on her, spilling her Appletini. Rebel tries to use a leaf blower as Swole laughs. 

Time for Santana (where's Sammy?) vs. Broken Matt Hardy with NEO 1. They lock up and Santana chops him in the corner. Tony admonishes Britt Baker who is apparently throwing trash at the commentary booth. Hardy throws Santana out of the ring and hits him some more. Back in the ring and as the ref is distracted Ortiz trips up Hardy. Picture in Picture Time as Santana takes advantage.

Back from break and Hardy avoids the enzuguri for the waistlock. Santana blocks the Side Effect for a slam. Lionsault by Santana for a two count. Kick in the corner by Santana and Hardy hits him as he goes up top. Suplex attempt blocked and Santana brings him to the ground. Frog splash missed as Hardy moves out of the way. They start to trade punches and Hardy hits an elbow into a shoulder block for a two count. Slams Santana's head into the ropes as chants of Delete fills Daily's Place. Side Effect for a one count. A second Side Effect gets a two count. He clotheslines Santana but Ortiz tries to interrupt, which gives Santana the ability to hit a Death Valley Driver, but Hardy counters the pin attempt for the three count [**3/4] It was a decent match and Santana really showed what he could do as a singles wrestler. 

After the match the Inner Circle duo hits the Streetsweeper and Private Party comes in just as they make their entrance. PP comes in to check on their mentor. 

Main Event Promo Time as Orange Cassidy comes to the ring by his lonesome. 'Judas' is playing as Le Champion comes out (where's Sammy?) and he stares at his Fyter Fest opponent. Jericho talks about how he can't understand how OC was signed to the promotion. He puts over OC's ability to be original but represents the lazy, entitled millenial and if he tries that shin kick stuff he'll beat him in 30 seconds. Freshly Squeezed grabs the mic and just when we thought he was going to say something, he drops the mic and kicks him in the shin. Jericho takes the Ray-Bans and destroys them, prompting Cassidy to attack. They spill to the outside and eventually up to the stands. Jericho gets the camera hang and hits OC in the head with it. He attempts to slam OC's head into the railing but the bleeding Orange hits him with a facebuster and then goes up the stairs. Superman punch to Jericho. Cassidy stands tall as he pulls out some new shades as we go to black. 

ANALYSIS: 7.5. Dynamite did a great job of promoting the two weeks of Fyter Fest by setting up their matches in fine fashion. The show was a mixed bag as they had two squashes but an impressive Lumberjack match and FTR/SCU was a sight to see. 

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