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It's Wednesday Night, and you know what that means....

With one of the most anticipated episodes in Dynamite taking place this evening, there's going to be a lot of action on the road to Revolution. As a matter of fact, the action starts with the match people have been waiting for...

 Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet vs. Jade Cargill and Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq and Cody start us off, the big man comes in with sneakers. They lock up and Cody gets the wrist lock but Shaq pushes him down, wishing it was probably Charles Barkley. Shaq hypes up the crowd and does the Ali footwork. They lock up and Cody gets the stiff slaps, only for Shaq to throw him in the corner and do the same thing. He throws Cody into the ropes and tosses him. Stiff slaps to the chest by Cody, Shaq hits him with the knee in the corner. He goes for another slap and keeps the pimp hand strong. Cody is selling like the Rock. Jade tags herself him and per the rules, here comes Velvet. Jade hits her with boot. Veltet punches back and gets the hook kick. Jade throws Velvet into the corner and then follows through with the hip toss. Boots in the corner by Jade and whips Velvet into the corner. Charge into the corner and Velvet boots her. She slaps Cody and he comes in to knee a distracted Shaq. The Gunn Club hits Shaq with the chair and he tosses both of the Gunn brothers over the railing. Velvet goes up top and hits a moonsault. Back in the ring, Jade gets the figure four leglock and bridges. She...breaks it off? It allows Velvet to momentarily sweep the leg but Jade knocks her down. Jade goes out and gets the table. Velvet follows and knocks her down on the table, then gets one of her own. She gets back in and hits a spinning kick. Tag to Cody and then Shaq comes back in. They fake the test of strength but Cody boots him in the gut. Shaq with the kneelift. Jacknife Powerbomb by Shaq! Cody goe for the slam and can't finish it due to his shoulder. Shaq powers out at the two count. The ladies come back in and trade chops. Spinebuster by Jade and she poses. Cody breaks up the count and then splashes Shaq onto the tables! Jade is distracted and Velvet hits the spear for a near two count. She goes to Coach Arn for advice. She picks up Jade for a slam but she reverses it into a facebuster for the three count. [**1/2] Not the trainwreck I thought it would be, Jade was very green and Shaq was solid for a big man. Credit to Cody for selling to the NBA Hall of Famer. 

Shaq was loaded into the ambulance but when Tony Schiavone goes to interview him, he's not there. Not exactly selling there aren't we Shaq-Fu?

Death Triangle vs. John Skyler and D3

PAC and Fenix go quickly on offense, with Fenix hitting the impressive off the top rope kick. 450 splash by PAC, and Fenix gets the muscle buster for the three count. [*] Squash city, but Fenix is always amazing. 

MJF/Jericho Press Conference

Barstool Sports interviews as Dasha is the moderator. Jericho says that it's one year since he lost the AEW Title, and he says that with his experience with guys like Dwayne Johnson and Paul Wight (The Rock and Big Show for those who don't know) so he has the knowledge of being a tag team champion. The next question is when they'll let Sammy Guevara back in and he's shooed off. Next, MJF addresses the attack on Papa Buck, and MJF says it was self defense. Santana says that they need to do better. The last question is from Eric Bischoff. Easy-E asks about Papa Buck's condition, and in his list of stupid ideas, where does motivating the Young Bucks to come at him rank. Jericho says that no one knows or cares about his condition, and one cue here they come. The Jacksons get off some shots on the mic and they go at it. The Good Brothers and Brandon Cutler come out with a table and Karl Anderson puts Ortiz on there. Nick Jackson goes up and they do a flying elbow to both members of Proud and Powerful. 

They preview the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match.

FTR/Tully Blanchard (w JJ DILLON) vs. Jurassic Express

Tully comes out in his robe and the old NWA Tag Team Title belt.

Tully starts off with Marko Stunt and the old man gets some shots in the corner. Tag to Jungle Boy and Dax and they exchange leapfrogs. Cash comes in with the kick but Luchasaurus goes after him. Snare trap on the floor by JB and Cash taps. While everyone is distracted, JJ throws his show to Dax and he hits JB in the face with it, only gets two. Tully is tagged in and fakes the suicida attempt as we go picture in picture. We're back and Jungle Boy is in the ring with Cash and they double team Jungle Boy. Hot tag to the dinosaur who clears house. Tully comes in and Luchasaurus tosses Marko into him. FTR double teams Luchasaurus and he double suplexes them. Dax gets up and escapes the chokeslam and charge. Jungle Boy gets up top and hits the hurricanrana into a slam for a two count. On the outside Cash hits the Tornado DDT. Jungle Boy goes up top and FTR attacks in the heel corner. Suplex into splash combo gets two. Deadlift only gets two, and Marko breaks up the count. Tully with the SLINGSHOT! Luchasaurus with the spin kick to Tully and they hit the Thorassic Express for two. Splash to an unknown cameraman on the outside and he hits Jungle Boy. Tully and FTR hits the spike piledriver for the three count. [***] Tully had a much better match than I thought.

Afterwards the cameraman takes off the mask and it's Shawn Spears, with blonde hair! Arn comes out and gives a Four Horsemen salute. 

Tony comes out and awkwardly discusses the new AEW Dark Elevation show while FTR and the crew walks off. He introduces Paul Wight, who comes out with a 'No More BS' shirt. He says he's really excited and is looking forward to being in the ring and commentary for AEW Dark: Elevation. Wight says that he has a scoop that they signed someone big that will debut at Revolution.

Nyla Rose (w/Vicki) vs. Ryo Mizunami: AEW Women's Tournament Final

Shida is on the outside next to the trophy. They lock up and go into the ropes. Shoulder block by Rose and they exchange shots. Nyla knocks her down with the shoulder block but is tossed by Ryo. Charging elbow by Ryo and bows before the referee. Another chop by Ryo, followed by a mime act and then another elbow for a one count. She eats the big boot by Nyla and Rose follows up with the cannonball for a one count. Powerslam by Rose gets a two count as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Rose is stepping over Ryo as she goes to the top rope. She misses the swanton as Ryo moves out of the way. She charges and knocks Nyla out of the way. Trip up by Ryo on the apron! Guillotine legdrop by Ryo! Nyla gets in at the nine count. Legdrop again gets two. Clothesline by Rose. Death Valley Driver gets two. She goes up top and hits the legdrop off the rope for two. Ryo fights out and hits a nice exploder suplex. They go to the top and Nyla hits the superplex for a two count. Ryo with the German suplex followed by the spear. Mizunami goes to the top rope and hits the leg. 1...2...3! [***] Solid match with a surprising winner 

After the match Shida comes in and presents the trophy, but Ryo obliges, only to strike the champ. Shida elbows her and knocks her down, holding the belt in the process.

Tony Interviews Sting

The Stinger says that he didn't know if he was ready but once Brian Cage powerbombed him two weeks ago it got the nerves out. He's ready for the street fight. Ricky Starks comes out by himself and says that he saw something last week in Sting with the attack. He says that Sting is still no icon and slaps the legend. Sting lays into Starks and hits him with the Stinger Splash. Scorpion Deathlock to Starks. Here comes Will Hobbs and Hook to break it up. Cage comes in with Taz and he attempts the Drill Claw but Darby Allin comes in and attacks. The heels leave. 

Max Caster vs. 10 (w/-1)

Scorpio Sky is on commentary. Caster comes out with a freestyle referencing Lady Gaga's dog walker and the fireball incident to Ronnie Garvin (Google it kids). They go to the outside and 10 takes Caster's head to the apron. Dropkick to the head of 10 as we go picture in picture.

We're back and 10 is laying into Caster with a series of clotheslines followed by a spinebuster. Spear by 10 gets a two count. Caster counters the charge into an armbar until 10 grabs the ropes. Brainbuster by Caster. Misses the mic drop elbow. 10 charges but Caster boots him. Powerbomb by 10 gets two. As Caster distracts the ref, Jack Evans comes from under the ropes and boots 10 with the boombox. Caster covers him for the three count. [**]

Hangman Page/John Silver vs. Matt Hardy/Marq Quen

Silver overpowers Quen and takes him down with a slam. Hardy is tagged in and gets the sleeper on Silver, throwing him into Page. Hardy wants no part of it and tags Quen. Final picture and picture of the night as Page starts stomping on Quen. We're back and Hardy hits the Side Effect on Silver on the outside. He shoves Silver's head into the apron. They go back in where he gets the two count. Quen and Page go at it after each are tagged. Kicked to the knee by Quen but he ends up booting Hardy when Page ducks out of the way. Fallaway slam to Quen and he splashes Hardy. He throws Hardy in and Quen stomps him out. Death Valley Driver by Page and Quen rolls to Hardy, only for Hardy to tell him to get back in there. Quen sets up for Hardy to get the neckbreaker. Backdrop counter by Hangman. Low bridge to Quen and Page tags Silver for the spear. Twist of Fate is reversed into a brainbuster for two. Quen and Page are fighting on the outside. Quen drops Silver on the ropes and Hardy hits the neckbreaker. Quen with the massive dropkick. Tag to Page and the faces hit an impressive double team. BUCKSHOT LARIAT! Page gets the pin and the win. [***] 

After the match Hardy pounds into Page with the mic and attacks him. Dark Order comes in and attacks Hardy, only for the other participants of the Casino Battle Royale to come in and all go at it, with -1 approving from the top of the ramp as we go to black. 

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