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Tonight we get the fallout from Full Gear! What will happen? 

As always, we thank our incredible veterans for their service...

A new intro as we head into this episode of Dynamite, pretty cool. We start off with Team Taz coming out and The Machine Brian Cage is ready to fight. Taz points out Darby Allin who is sitting in the bleacher seats, holding the TNT Championship. Taz tells Allin and his friend Cody Rhodes to not interrupt them again. Cage is getting ready to take on Matt Sydal. 

Brian Cage vs. Matt Sydal

Taz  joins the commentary team and Cage doesn't waste time, overpowering Sydal but he uses his speed to attack. Doesn't last long as the power of Cage throws Sydal into the corner, chopping him relentlessly. Continuing to use his strikes, Cage turns a hip toss into a back breaker. Dropkick by Sydal is for naught as Cage catches him and powerslam to the ground. Taz discusses how the FTW title is not a recognized championship but a mindset. Sydal gets off a series of roundhouse kicks but Cage throws him in the corner and clotheslines him. Cage catches the hurricanrana but Sydal reverses it into a powerbomb. Up top and he hits the Meteora on the outside! Sydal throws Cage back in the ring, goes up top and Cage leaps over him. Gutwrench into a reversal by Sydal and more kicks. Shooting Star Press by Sydal for two. Pumphandle slam by Cage countered by Sydal and another roundhouse kick! Clothesline by Cage to take the advantage. Drill Claw reversed into a roll up by Sydal for a 2.9 count. Sydal with the jumping knee strike and goes up top and is caught by Cage in mid-air for the Drill Claw! Three count finishes it off. [***] A match that was better than it had any right to be. Great reversal by Cage to finish.

Afterwards Starks grabs the mic and says that he's going after those in the rankings will feel his wrath. He is a natural on the mic. 

Cody Rhodes Speaks

The former TNT Champion comes to the ring, no Coach Arn or the Nightmare Family in tow. Mixed reaction as he grabs the mic and congratulates Darby Allin for winning the belt on Saturday and will not be seeking a rematch at this time. He wants to pursue another match but before he announces, here comes Jade McGill. She says that she's been sitting on the sidelines week after week and says that Cody has lied, and says that the 'Giant Killer' needs to be more careful about what he's saying. As she leaves she congratulates him on his name. That giant she's talking about is...Shaq? Suddenly, Brandi comes out and goes Real Housewives of Jacksonville on her. As they are separated, Team Taz comes in and attacks, only for Darby Allin to interrupt the festivities. Will Hobbs (w/chair) comes out as well. The segment was too long, but Brandi's clapback will be most remembered. 

Alvarez in the back with AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and he talks about beating Eddie Kingston, but also the responsibility of being champion. He then talks about beating Omega before and says that he can do it again. Their title match will take place on December 2. 

Bunkhouse Match: Butcher & Blade vs. Natural Nightmares

They go right at it as they have the barn yard stuff out there. Butcher tries to powerbomb Dustin but he reverses it into a final reckoning on the chair. Blade is bringing in the ladder as Bunny ties him up. All kinds of mayhem ensues as we go picture in picture. The match returns and Dustin takes Butcher to the outside and gets a bulldog. QT Marshall and Blade (who are bloodied up from attacks by the Bunny) go at it and QT hits the clothesline. Trash can shot to the head. He grabs the ladder and goes to the top. Flying elbow drop gets the two count. Code Red by QT and Butcher breaks it up. Blade grabs the chain and Bunny throws in a chair. Blade (and his crimson mask) and Butcher picks up Dustin and hits Full Death for a two count. QT back in, and Butcher tries to clothesline him but misses. Diamond Cutter by QT but the Butcher rolls out. Blade runs into Bunny and knocks her off the apron onto the chair. Diamond Cutter by QT onto Blade and that's it. [**] Maybe it would've meant more if they turned it into an actual rivalry instead of this being their only encounter. It was okay for what it was.

We get more recaps from the Hardy Compound Match from Saturday night. 

Le Champion comes out and the chorus to 'Judas' is on point tonight. He walks on the podium and says that for the first time since its inception on October 2, 2019. He calls for the rest of the Inner Circle and everyone comes out except for Sammy. Jericho is surprised, but the show must go on. MJF comes out with Wardlow, and he's emotional to an extent. He talks about coming up from humble beginnings of his dad giving him the small sum of $1 million dollars. In five long hard years he has become a success, and has poetry to express his feelings. He copied Drake and Ortiz says that he has no right to be in the Inner Circle. Jericho says that MJF earned the right to be there. MJF claims that he doesn't know who Drake is but he does know he's in the Inner Circle. They say that it's a celebration for Jericho turning 50. MJF says that next week they're going to Vegas, and it's on his dime. They do a group hug and Ortiz isn't participating much. 

Alex Marvez interviews the NEW tag team champions the Young Bucks and he flinches when they show up. He asks what's next, and the Jacksons talk about taking on up and coming team Top Flight, which will be next week.

Shawn Spears vs. Scorpio Sky

Will this be the night Scorpio finally wins a solo match on Dynamite? JR gives us a weather report. Sky goes after Spears with a drop kick and the heel goes to the outside. Chops by Sky and bites Spears. Clothesline by Sky as they go picture in picture. Spears goes up top to throw him to the ground as Tully Blanchard looks on. Back in and Tully is encouraging Spears as Sky falls off the top. C4 attempt is blocked and Sky throws him to the outside and hits the plancha. Cutter off the top rope by Sky for a two count. He goes up top and Spears gives chase but Sky jumps off the steel steps and eats a kick. A drop onto the steps by Spears. Back in the ring TKO attempt is reversed but Sky hits the sharpshooter. Spears grabs the ropes to break it up. Tully goes to distract the ref and throws a foreign object in the ring and Spears connects. He gets the three count. [**] An OK mid-card match but I got a feeling this won't be the last one in their feud. 

They go to Dasha who's supposed to interview Kenny Omega but he didn't show up. Alex Marvez is able to track him down and asks him about the December 2 match. Omega has said he's knows that he needs to step into the championship spot. He's heard the whispers and where's the Omega that gave the 7-star matches. He said that he proved it at Full Gear, and he's ready to prove it with a regular match, with regular rules. 

Tay Conti w/Anna Jay vs. Red Velvet w/Brandi

The bell rings and they lock up, Velvet forces her in the corner. Roll up into a bridge by Velvet. Hip toss by Conti. Headlock into a shoulder tackle by Conti. Velvet with a spin kick into a shooting star press for two. Back kick by Conti as they go picture in picture. We're back and Anna throws in a chair but Tay says she didn't want to use it. Spinning kick by Velvet for two. Pump kick to the face by Conti with the Gory special into the knee for the three count. [**] Good match and it'll be interesting to see what Tay will do later on with her relationship with Anna Jay. 

Marvez is talking with the Inner Circle. Sammy says that he got an email from MJF saying to go to the beach. MJF gives Sammy his ticket to Vegas. 

Eddie Kingston comes to the ring and he gets cheered. He says that he knows his name and wants to speak. He says that although he said that 'I Quit' on Saturday, he won't stop until he is World Champion. He introduces...

Ray Fenix vs. Penta El Zero Miedo Round 2

They go into a roll up and a series of reverses. Fenix sends him outside but as he goes for the attack Penta throws him over the ropes. Rolling dropkick by Fenix. Standing submission hold by Penta, a reverse cloverleaf. Penta almost rips off Rey's mask and hits a vicious kick. Headlock by Penta as we go to the last picture in picture. We're back and Penta with the package piledriver that gets reversed. Great spin kick by Fenix in the corner. He hits Penta with another kick over the ropes for two. Springboard cutter for a two count. Now he rips off Penta's mask partially. Penta intercepts the kick and hits a flip DDT for a two count. Penta gets taken down by Fenix and then the spinning plancha to the outside. Back inside, Fenix goes up top and hits the senton for two. Penta takes him outside, package piledriver onto the apron. Referee Rick Knox checks on him and Penta hits the Mexican Destroyer. He rolls Fenix back in, hits the second package piledriver and ends the match. [***1/2] It didn't have the pizazz of the first match and the mask ripping hurt it in my opinion. 

Eddie comes out, calls us all marks and congratulates Penta, kicking Fenix out of the ring, calling him dead weight. As he talks to him, PAC shows up!! He's out to confront Kingston and the refs separate them. Next week PAC makes his return vs. the Blade as we fade to black.

ANALYSIS: 6. The show for the most part looked like a reset, with many of the matches being nothing to write home too but the storytelling kept me engaged and looking forward to another action packed show next week. 

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