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Yours truly is back and better than ever! This episode has been a long time coming, and a celebration of everything that All Elite Wrestling has accomplished. Have there been some bumps along the way? Yes, but this has been a celebration of the very good, and how it is the place to be on Wednesday nights. Without further ado, here we go...

The pyro is explosive and we are still at Daily's Place, celebrating the anniversary. We see Penelope and Kip playing arcade games and action is already about to happen in the ring...

Chuck Taylor is looking really festive in that pink vest, and FTR is ready to go! Cash and Chuck starts us off. They lock up and Cash gets the shoulder block for the advantage. Dax comes in and the heels wristlock Chuck. Whip into the ropes and it's Chuck with the shoulder block into an Irish Whip take down. Tag to Trent and the Best Friends get the double team shoulder block. Dax drives him into the corner and hits some Flair chops. Trent delivers some of his own and elbows Cash for his troubles. FTR takes advantage and drop him. Back drop by Cash for a two count. Cash gets some chops. Tony Schiavone having flashbacks to WCW by forgetting what year AEW started but oh well. Cash tags in Dax and he gets the knee drop on Trent. Double team slingshot into the bottom rope. They continue to isolate Trent on the outside of the ring. Back in Dax gets a leg whip and tag to Cash. Abdominal stretch by Cash but Trent fights him off with a clothesline, but can't get the hot tag as Dax cuts it off. He gets Trent on the top rope, hits the super backdrop for a two count. Tag to Cash who gets a stomp and then tries for a body drop from the top rope, but Trent hits the knees. Hot tag to Chuck and he cleans house with clotheslines and then the tope suicida on the outside. Back in the ring Chuck hits the Falcon Arrow (HE DONE THE DEAL!) and gets only a two count. He tries to suplex Dax but Tully trips him up for a two count. Chuck goes after Blanchard but the heels double team Chuck. He fights out and tags Trent. Rising knee strike by Trent and it gets a two count. He hits Cash with the elbow strikes but he eats a clothesline. Dax takes out Chuck on the outside. Assisted powerbomb by Cash gets a two count. Tag to Dax who gets the back body drop for a two count. Dax puts Trent on the top rope but Trent elbows him to the ground as does Cash. The back body drop from the top rope is reversed by Trent for a two count. Chuck comes in and eats a Rolling DDT, but Trent gets one of his own. DDT by Dax for a two count. He calls for Cash to get up for the spike piledriver. However Chuck pushes him off the top rope...STRONG ZERO! 1...2...NO. Cash breaks it up. Suplex on the outside by Cash to Chuck. Trent dropkicks Cash onto the chair. He tries to dive towards Cash but he throws him into the arcade game. Kip tells Penelope to go to the back as Cash brings in Trent to the ring. FTR mocks him as he struggles to get up. Goodnight express is broken up. Trent tags in Chuck and he gets some chops on Dax. Cash comes in to hit him with the belt and misses. However, he didn't miss the second time with the belt shot as the ref is distracted. Dax rolls him up for the 1...2...3! [**1/2] This match was missing something, and it's a shame as the Best Friends came in with their working boots on. 

Afterwards MIRO comes in and wipes out the Best Friends along with Kip, presumably to set up their next feud. Are we really setting up a feud because of a broken arcade set? 

Next match is Miro and Kip in a squash match against Sean Mautla and Lee Johnson. He just throws Mautla all around the area. He throws Johnson around the outside and tags Kip who hits the top body press. Tag to Miro and he gets the CRUSH with the Camel Clutch. [*] Squash City, but it was good to see him finally get a dominating win.

Afterwards they get on the mic, Miro has a Rusev flashback and starts speaking in Russian, but curses in English, and says 'Game Over.'

Suddenly we go to the back and it's Lance Archer beating up on Jon Moxley. Officials come to break it up. Not knowing how I feel about this; usually no one knows where Mox is coming from, so to do this is a little odd. 

MJF comes to the ring, accompanied by Wardlow. He says that people are still booing him but he's accomplished so much. He's not here to get on top, but here to stay on top. He calls out Chris Jericho to the ring. The Inner Circle comes out with him and MJF says that the crowd is off key for 'Judas.' Everyone except for Sammy is wearing their jackets, and he refuses to wear it, until Jericho says otherwise. It fits like a blanket. MJF puts over Le Champion's look and he says it's okay. Jericho asks him to get to the point, and MJF senses hostility. He says that they are the two biggest draws in AEW, making Jericho the Demo God and MJF the Ratings Ruler. It gets crickets, but MJF says that they've never met in the ring. Why? Because they're predators, and they need to work together. He wants to join the Inner Circle. Ortiz grabs the mic and says they don't want him in the Inner Circle. Jericho says that next week they meet one on one, for a steak dinner...

Tony is meeting in a massage parlor with Dr. Britt Baker. She says that her comeback match is being re-written in the record books. Reba comes in and brings in the message board. She screams at the sight of Tony being naked and instead do a chest wax. Baker says that she is coming back to put the entire division on notice. 

The American Nightmare is back in blonde! Brandi and Coach Arn accompany him to the ring. Darby Allin is in the nosebleed seats looking on.

The match starts and Orange stays in the middle as Cody goes for the collar and elbow tie up. He still has the shades on and the hands go in the pockets. Cody slaps him so hard the shades fell off. They lock up and Cody gets the break. Orange sizes him up in the corner. Waistlock into a take down. Hands in the pockets and he drops to kick Cody. Side headlock takedown by the champ. Cassidy with the reversal and he gets the roll up for one. Hip toss into a roll up for one. Vertical suplex by Cody as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Cody goes up top for a double sledgehammer but Cassidy avoids it and gets the kicks. Cody with the uppercut and eats a superkick, taking him to the outside. The Dark Order tries to interfere but the ref ejects them. Cassidy steals the belt from Silver and hands it back to Arn. Back in the ring he hits the crossbody and Cody catches him for the Crossroads. Cassidy avoids it and hits an Ace Crusher. Cody Cutter! They exchange punches and Cassidy with the palm strikes. They go to the corner and Cody hits his leg. It is announced that Darby will challenge for the title at Full Gear. Crossbody by Cody gets a two count. Single leg crab by Cody and he's selling the injuries from last week. Roll up by Cassidy for two but Cody counters with a clothesline. Push ups by the champ. Boos by the crowd. Double underhook by Cody but Cassidy escapes. He pulls Cassidy on the top rope and ties his leg on the ropes. He hits him with a rabbit punch. Suplex on the top rope for a two count. He takes Cassidy's leg to the ropes and is hit in the head on the ring post. Cassidy goes up top and hits the Diving DDT. Orange hits the Michinoku Driver for two. Cassidy goes for the Beach Break but misses. Cody hits the Figure Four in the middle of the ring. However, Cassidy fights it off and reverses it. Cody counters it and grabs the ropes. Beach Break on the apron! They beat the 10 count and Cassidy covers him for two. Double clothesline. Swinging DDT. Casisdy goes for the Beach Break and gets a two count! He goes for a roll up and it ends in a DRAW [***1/2] Great match and they told a story of Cody having to overcome injuries. 

Alex Marvez interviews Archer and Jake but can't get past he first question as Moxley attacks! They keep getting separated. 

Tony is with Matt Hardy and his family. He says that he is 100% healthy but as he does there is an interruption on the screen. Someone is burning his photo, and it's Sammy! He says it was him all along, and he says that with each week he will go after him until he sends Matt home for good. 

Tony is back in the ring with FTR and they are doing a lottery drawing to see who will fight them in a four way match. Private Party, Silver/Reynolds of the Dark Order, Butcher & the Blade, and the Young Bucks. Gee, I wonder who's winning this? Bucks go on a superkick party to wipe out their opponents. 

Sportsman(woman)ship and the match begins. Collar and elbow tie up and Swole gets the advantage. Top wristlock by Swole but the champ sweeps the leg. Nice chain wrestling by the combatants and it concludes with Swole getting a wristlock. Roll up by Swole for two and they get respective hip tosses. As Shida is screaming on the outside Swole hits her from behind and they go picture in picture. 

Back in the ring and Swole misses the charge at the ropes, as Shida hits her with the elbow. They go up top, and Swole misses the sunset flip. Shida falls down and Swole hits a nice cutter through the ropes. Roll up in the ring for two by Swole. Headbutt by Swole and she misses Dirty Dancing. German Suplex by Shida for two. Shida with the knee strike to the head. Falcon Arrow for two by Shida! Misses the running knee and Swole hits Dirty Dancing! 1...2...NO! Shida grabs the ropes and hits the running knee strike for the 3 count. [***] Other than the botched sunset flip, this was a solid title match. 

Before the title match Eddie Kingston and Lucha Bros come to commentary. We get Shawn Spears talking about being interrupted by Scorpio Sky and wants to have his moment back. Should be a nice mid-card feud.

Archer with a new entrance as the glass(?) breaks and he knocks an official through it...pretty cool. No time for introductions as they go right to it. DDT by Mox as he hits the Paradigm Shift but Archer kicks out at 2! They go outside and this is a no DQ match. They go outside to the barricade and throw each other around. Back in the ring, Archer goes for a charge and Moxley hits him with a clothesline. Archer hits a shoulder block that sends Moxley to the outside. Flying sunset flip by Archer on the apron. JR takes us to picture in picture.

Back from picture in picture and we see some soon to be broken tables casually set up on the outside. They trade forearm shots until Archer falls down. Moxley grabs some chairs and throws them in the ring. Chair shot to Archer! The champ sets them up and picks up Archer but he reverses course and slams Moxley on the chairs for two. Moxley with the ankle lock but Archer reaches for Jake who pulls him out of the ring. Moxley charges toward Archer but he hits him with a trash can. They go to the apron and Archer goes for the double underhook but Moxley gets the Paradigm Shift on the tables! Back in the ring and Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift for two! Bulldog Lock by Moxley gets two, roll up gets two. Slam by Archer and he picks up Moxley on the top rope for the Blackout. 1...2...NO. Roll up by Moxley, 1...2...3! [**1/2] Moxley and Archer had a match that if this was at a PPV it could have been a classic. 

Afterwards Kingston comes in and says that he was proud of him and says that they go back in the day. They give him his title and then Kingston backslaps him. He puts him in a sleeper and knocks him out. The Lucha Bros. block the refs from coming as Kingston talks more trash to Moxley as we fade to black. 

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