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Here we go! Dynamite starts off with MJF and Wardlow getting ready for the second round match when Sammy Guevara appears. Sammy throws down the jacket and says that he doesn't want MJF in the Inner Circle. MJF tells him about his promo work and asks him to do something about it. Sammy says he's thinking about doing a lot right now. MJF and Wardlow walk away.

World Title Second Round Match: Hangman Page vs. Wardlow

This was an excellent back and forth match, with Wardlow showing an impressive swanton from the top rope and Page using his speed to keep the big man off balance. Wardlow was able to hit Page with the F10 but the cowboy rolls out of the ring. He recovered long enough to hit not one but two Buckshot Lariats for the win and go to the finals. [***1/2] It had the energy of a PPV match. Hopefully this won't be the last time we see these guys go at it. They have great chemistry in the ring. 

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley is in the gym talking about his I Quit match with Eddie Kingston at Full Gear. He says it's not about the rankings but about making it personal. 

Eddie Kingston vs. Matt Sydal

Kingston comes out with Butcher, Blade & Bunny. He calls out the champ who is staying at home and says "What's up Lance" to the Murderhawk who is sitting in the stands with Jake Roberts. Sydal comes at him immediately with kicks to the chest, knocking Kingston down. However, Eddie counters with a clothesline and then a powerslam, bringing Sydal to his feet. He gets him in a sleeperhold as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Sydal hits the head scissors and goes to the top rope with the diving knees for a two count. Crucifix by Sydal gets a two count. Eddie gets up and hits him with the backhand slap into the bulldog sleeper for the tap out. [**] Standard match fare, and Sydal got way too much offense in this one. 

Excalibur is interviewing the Young Bucks and Matt says that his ankle is okay and with the match finally happening he's going to risk it. Dax says that there's no risk and the winner of their match has cemented their place as the best tag team in the world. Excalibur asks them about their behavior and Matt says that they're not proud of their behavior but says for the past year they've been suffering. FTR says that it's no wonder Excalibur has a job, he's buddies with the Young Bucks, and they walk off. Nick says that his brother has set a stipulation and Matt says that if they don't win they'll never challenge for the titles again.

Town Hall Meeting: MJF and the Inner Circle

Dasha and Tony are here to discuss whether MJF should join the Inner Circle. I hope they break into another song and dance. 

Luchasaurus asks the first question and asks about MJF's earning potential with the Inner Circle. Britt Baker asks about the potential for MJF turning on Jericho, and Le Champion says that he wouldn't let him join if he thinks he would turn. MJF says that he will bring both green and gold to the group. Peter Avalon asks if he could join, and they all laugh. Eric Bischoff ask the last question and it's a three prong question. First one is about what MJF can bring to the Inner Circle. He says friendship to a chorus of boos. Bischoff asks what can they do for him. MJF says that he is the total package and that despite not being the best team player he can learn how to be joining the Inner Circle. The last question from Easy-E is that he has worked with Jericho for many years but he is a prima donna. Le Champion argues about the comment and Tony Schiavone tells him to shut up and let Eric have the floor. He asks what is the chances that they won't kill each other. MJF says that he came out as a sign of respect and says that week after week he has done everything he can done as well as provide the best segment of the year. So he's going to ask Jericho, what exactly hasn't he done. Jericho says that he hasn't beaten him, but they'll meet at Full Gear. If MJF wins, he joins the Inner Circle. Ortiz says that there is no conversation and no one wants him in the group. Next week its' going to be Ortiz and Sammy versus MJF and Wardlow.

Team Taz talks about Will Hobbs winning on AEW Dark last night and says that he has the talent to join Team Taz. The clock is ticking and he needs to make a decision soon. 

TNT Championship Match: Orange Cassidy vs. Cody (Lumberjack Match)

Similar to last week, they don't lock up until late and even then Cassidy puts the hands in the pockets. It turns into a lockup and then a side headlock on Cody. They go to the rope and then Cody is attacked by one of the Dark Order members. The action spills outside as we go picture in picture. We're back and it's a pier six brawl and both the faces and heels tee off on the competitors. they go back in and Orange has him on the top trying to suplex him but Cody reverses it and they end up on top of the lumberjacks! Back in the ring Cody tries to slam him, Slumdog Millionaire into a Spinning DDT. ORANGE CRUSH! Ref gets distracted, pump kick by John Silver. Suddenly, Arn hits Cassidy with a punch. Cody with the Crossroads for the three count. [***] It was a chaotic but fun match. What Arn did at the end really created a cloud of doubt if Cody has turned heel.

Alex Marvez is trying to interview the Best Friends when Kip Sabian and MIRO show up. Penelope Ford is dressed for Halloween in Orange Cassidy gear and they attack the Best Friends, saying that they'll never forgive them for breaking the arcade game.

NWA World Women's champion (and Northern VA's own) Serena Deeb taking on Lethal Layla Hirsch. They lock up and wrestle a very mat based match, with Hirsch with countering the side headlocks. Crucifix roll up by Deeb for two. Hirsch with the kick and then elbow strike. Double knee strikes into the corner for a two count. Deeb gets a front chancery into a neckbreaker. Crucifix crutch. Hirsch gets some kicks on the arm of Deeb into a cross arm breaker. Working the arm into the elbow of Deeb as we goes picture in picture. We're back and Hirsch with the knee strike into the vertical suplex. Hirsch goes up and misses the swanton. Deeb takes advantage into the swinging neckbreaker. STF finishes it. [****] I'm grading this based on the quality of what we've seen for most AEW Women's matches, and this was an incredible match.

Alex Marvez is with Shida and says that she accepts Nyla Rose's challenge at Full Gear. Short but sweet.

Shawn Spears vs. VSK

Death Valley Driver by Spears and it's match over. [*] SQUASH CITY

Afterwards Spears is beating up someone who is wearing a bulls head. He takes him in the ring and when his back is turned, it's Scorpio Sky! He goes after Spears as Tully throws candy at him. 

Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Kenny Omega

Justin Roberts with yet another over the top entrance for Omega, and here come the sweepers, complete with Halloween masks! Chants for Kenny as Ray Fenix is on the outside. Omega gets the aggressive side headlock and then stomps on Penta. He takes off his Street Fighter shirt and shows his Triple AAA title that he beat Fenix for. They trade slaps and chops, with Penta doing his glove gimmick but Kenny slaps him. Now they go to work as Kenny gets a chop to the back and then the knee slap. Whip into the ropes and he kicks a charging Penta. Slaps to the chest by Penta and then the backstabber. Kenny goes outside and Penta meets him with the diving tope suicida. Penta clutches his knee as we go, you guessed it...picture in picture!

Back in the ring and Penta is kicking him. Charge to the ropes and Omega with the hurricanrana. Penta goes outside to recover but Kenny with the tope suicida. He goes back in but Penta hits the roundhouse kick, sending Omega to the floor. He goes up top and splashes Omega. Back in Penta misses the double stomp but gets a pump kick. Leg Lariat gets a two count. He goes up top and Omega follows him with punches. Penta kicks out the leg and gets a diving stomp for two. Snapdragon suplex by Omega. He tries another one and hits! One more for good measure but Penta elbows out and slaps him. Vicious knee by Omega into the powerbomb. V-Trigger for two! He goes to try another one and connects! One Winged Angel is countered into a leg lariat by Penta. Kenny hits the V-Trigger to the back of Penta's head and takes him up top. Avalanche dragon suplex is countered by a back elbow from Penta. Omega goes on the outside and Penta knocks him down. Canadian Destroyer on the ramp!! Penta takes him back inside, package piledriver gets two. Back elbows by Kenny but another kick by Penta. He charges for Kenny, V-Trigger out of nowhere. Trying to fight off the One Winged Angel and Penta reverses it into the cross arm breaker. He tries to pick up Omega and he kicks him. Charge off the ropes and Kenny elbows him one last time. One Winged Angel!! 1...2...3 [****] What a match. 

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