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It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means...

We are LIVE from Chicago, site of Sunday's All Out PPV! It's the 100th episode of Dynamite.

FTR vs. Santana & Ortiz

Proud 'N Powerful come out with their Dead Presidents face paint.

Dax and Santana exchange hip tosses. then Dax goes over to hug Cash and then he and Santana punch each other, only for all participants to come in. They go outside after PnP lariats them, followed by a dual somersault to the barricade. Ortiz and Cash come in after they're tagged. Cash throws Ortiz into the ring posts. He's favoring that injured arm. Tag to Dax and he stomps on Ortiz's arm. Santana gets back in and double DDTs FTR. He does the Three Amigos and the Chicago crowd loves it. Five star frog splash from the top rope! Dax kicks out at two however. 

Suplex by Ortiz breaks up an FTR double team. He's tagged in and rolls up Dax for two. Cash hits him from behind and Dax with the brainbuster for two. Tag to Cash and they go for a double suplex but Santana breaks it up. Roll up by Santana on Cash gets two. They go for the Streetsweeper but Cash breaks it up. Gory special by Cash gets a two count. Tag to Dax who puts Ortiz on the top rope hits the superplex. Splash missed by Cash but they hit the Shatter Machine for two as Santana breaks it up! Tag to Santana and hit hits the suplex on Cash. Lungblower into the double suplex for a three count! [***1/2] An excellent tag match between two of the best, and hopefully it won't be the last time FTR and PnP matches up.

CM Punk speaks

He comes out to another thunderous ovation at home. As he speaks though, 2.0 and Daniel Garcia comes in to attack Punk. Darby Allin and Sting take their sweet time getting down there and eventually clear the heels out. Sting takes the mic and says that he is going to stay out of the way while Darby and Punk fight on Sunday.

Tony Schiavone talking with MJF earlier in the day. He says that Jericho is holding on to past glory, like Muhammad Ali and on Sunday at All Out it will be the day the music dies.

Orange Cassidy vs. Jack Evans

Before the match Matt Hardy attacks OC and is ejected. Evans attacks with an elbow charge in the corner, followed by some shots. OC fights out of it and hits a DDT. He throws Evans on the outside and hits a suicida. Crossbody back in the ring gets two. Michinoku Driver gets two by OC. He responds with vicious kicks and they exchange standing switches. OC slams Evans' head into the turnbuckle but Evans attacks on the top rope. OC tries to break it up as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and apparently Orange Cassidy rolled up Evans and got the three count. [*] DUD

Afterwards we get the usual jump by HFO as the Best Friends come in. Jurassic Express comes in to break it up. 

Eddie Kingston talks about facing MIRO on Sunday. The TNT champion says he will only lie down with his wife in a hotel.

Jon Moxley talks about facing Shatoshi Kojima.

An emotional Jim Ross doing an in-ring interview with Chris Jericho. Ross questions Jericho's rationale for fighting MJF at All Out, and Le Champion says that he's never been a complacent man. He says that he's always taken risks, just like he did with AEW, and it has been a success. However, he says that no matter how many matches he won, the fact he couldn't beat MJF would stick in his mind. 

We get a video package of CM Punk and Darby Allin.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Brian Cage

The Machine jumps Hobbs from behind and throws him around until they get in the ring. Cage goes outside and runs into Hook, giving Hobbs time to recover and hit him with a hammer fists. We go to picture in picture as Hobbs takes advantage.

We're back and Hobbs keeps charging Cage in the corner. However, the Machine slams him down and tries for the Drill Claw but Hobbs shoulder blocks him with the stampede. Spinebuster by Hobbs gets two. Cage with the knee strike into the Deep Sea Diver. Cage takes Hobbs on the apron and hits a suplex off the ropes. Hook comes to distract the ref and that allows Ricky Starks to his Cage with the belt. Powerslam by Hobbs and he gets the win. [**1/2] Defining win for Hobbs and it will be interesting to see how Cage recovers from here.

Malakai Black addresses Lee Johnson and says he won't have mercy on Big Shotty. 

QT Marshall and the Factory addresses Paul Wight who comes in and cleans house with his fists. The Gunn Club comes in to even the odds. However as Wight turns his back, Billy blasts him with a chair shot. 

Dr. Britt Baker says that Jamie Hayter and Reba will have a two on one match against Kris Statlander on Friday's Rampage. 

Tay Conti vs. Penelope Ford

Conti attacks Ford and The Bunny before the bell rings and then she trades shows with Ford. Backbreaker to Ford gets two. Twisting neckbreaker into a pump kick for two. She goes up top but Ford shakes the ropes to make Conti fall as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Ford throws Conti into the corner and hits a springboard elbow, but misses and hits a charge. She tries again and Conti gets out of the way and clotheslines her. Slam by Conti gets two. Ford throws Conti into the ropes and gets the single leg crab into the Indian Death Lock. Conti reverses and gets the calf slicer. Ford grabs the ropes though. Pump kick by Conti followed by another one. Ford counters out of it and goes for a rip cord into a gut buster for two. As Ford distracts the ref, Bunny goes after Conti but as Ford charges she throws Ford into Bunny. Roll up gets three. [**1/2] Tay Conti is such an impressive wrestler and needs to have that big time match with someone on her level.

Bunny and Ford attack after the match but Anna Jay comes back to help out her BFF.

Thunder Rosa is with Alex Marvez but the Vicious Vixens come out and attack her. 

Jurassic Express/Lucha Brothers vs. The Elite

Don Callis joins the commentary booth. Luchasaurus and Gallows start off with exchanging blows. Tag to Nick Jackson and Fenix as they miss each other with a series of kicks. Matt is tagged in and slams Penta to the ground while we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Jungle Boy is elbowing the Jackson brothers and then goes to kick the Good Brothers off of the apron. Tag to Fenix and he puts on an array of kicks on the heels. Impressive corkscrew off the ropes. Tag to Penta who gets the double stomp to the midsection. Matt Jackson breaks it up, allowing his brother to double kick the Lucha Bros. Tag to Anderson and Luchasaurus, who kicks both Anderson and Gallows. Nick tries to jump him from behind, but Luchasaurus throws him to the outside, and Jungle Boy follows through with an off the back senton to the heels. Luchasaurus gets a chokeslam for two. Cutler with the spray to Fenix. Back in the ring, the Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Fenix but Luchasaurus gets the breakup. Young Bucks miss the BTE. Penta goes for the crossbody but the brothers catch him and hits the Meltzer Driver for the three count. [**1/2] A lot of spots that they typically hit and like many Young Bucks matches it's paint by numbers. 

Kenny Omega (with blue hair) comes down along with Michael Nakazawa. They double team Luchasaurus and the Good Brothers powerbomb him on a set up table outside. Christian Cage comes in but is overwhelmed by the numbers game. Omega gets the mic and says that Tony Khan should be careful where to keep his keys, as Cutler brings in some kendo sticks. They have Callis bring down the cage and the Elite beat down Cage. Dante Martin, Kazarian and Marko Stunt come out but Cutler sprays them to keep the faces out. They handcuff the Lucha Bros and hit them with the Kendo sticks. BTE Trigger to Cage and the heels stand tall. 

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