The final stop to Full Gear is upon us, and tonight's episode of Dynamite offered some answers, but also some interesting takeaways from the show as we get ready for Saturday night's PPV, such as:

What was the impact of PAC's promo? We haven't seen PAC since the pandemic hit stateside and quarantined the bastard to his native England, but tonight he cut his first promo in seven months. It was short, sweet and to the point. What was interesting was that they played the clip of Eddie Kingston asking "Where's the British guy?" when he recruited the Lucha Bros. We don't know if that means he'll be in Jacksonville anytime soon, but when he does, we have a good idea of who may be his first opponent.

Kingston and Moxley put over their 'I Quit' match with ferocity. What makes a great match isn't just the action in the ring, it's the story behind it. There should be a reason fans want to see two competitors go at it, and Kingston has sold this match with a verbal jousting that few in the business can match. Although the champ held his own and told the story of their history together, Kingston gave the emotion that sold it. Expect a barnburner at the PPV.

Has Cody turned? At the end of Dynamite, the TNT champion looked up into the seats and addressed his opponent Darby Allin. Saying that he pushed to recruit Allin when the AEW executives didn't believe in him, and that he proved that Darby belonged in the company. There was a confidence that bordered on arrogance, and it created what could be one of the most interesting dynamics. Darby had a very interesting video leading up to the match, and it could unleash a side of both competitors that hasn't been seen before.

Team Taz called out the ranking system. During the evening Taz came out with Brian Cage and Ricky Starks, asking why they didn't get a chance to be on the PPV. What is of note was how their manager complained about the fact that despite his client's stellar records, they aren't on the PPV and even worse, aren't getting in the rankings to get their title shots. For the first time in the show's inception, someone actually called out Tony Khan to take the rankings seriously. One will see if this changes the title landscape going forward. 

Jericho and MJF took their match up another notch. At the beginning of the show Le Champion and his Inner Circle crew called out MJF as not being tough enough to be a part of the stable. He and Wardlow went out and proved them wrong with a convincing win over Sammy Guevara and Ortiz when MJF made the latter tap to the arm bar. Afterwards he went right for Jericho who was doing commentary before getting separated. It was an edge that we haven't seen from MJF and a far cry from the song and dance routine they did two weeks ago. 

What will be the better Women's Title Match at Full Gear? Dynamite attempted to sell the Shida-Nyla Rose title match by having Rose squash Red Velvet and having her manager Vicki Guerrero chastise both Brandi Rhodes and the Women's Champ. Despite little build, AEW went all in on this match, but when they were promoting the show, an announcement was made that NWA Women's Champion Serena Deeb will be taking on Allisyn Kay, who was once their champion during the buy-in. On a strictly mat based style, one could argue that their match will be better than AEW's own women, which says a lot.

The Elite Unite? After the Young Bucks defeated Private Party, their PPV opponents FTR stormed the ring and attacked them. However, Hangman Adam Page came after the tag team champs, and not long after that, it was Kenny Omega who came in to assist. The two who are fighting in the finals of the World Title tournament met for the first time since breaking up, and it was peaceful for the most part and not the typical throwing of fists. However, Page wanted more of an explanation and Omega wasn't having it. Will the results of Saturday begin the unification of the Elite? 

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