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AEW presents their second annual Fight for the Fallen, with proceeds going to COVID-19 relief. In what promises to be an action packed event, featured by the AEW World Championship match between Jon Moxley and FTW Champion Brian "The Machine" Cage. 

The pyro is up and here we go. Everyone is wearing masks on the outside, including Serpentico. 

TNT Championship Match: Cody vs. Sonny Kiss

Our first match is Cody defending his TNT Championship and his 11 match winning streak. "The Concrete Rose" comes out with the Jaguar cheerleaders in quite the celebratory entrance. Justin Roberts with the announcements. Cody with the pump kick and taking the fight to the challenger with punches in the corner. Slingshot suplex and then he shows off with push ups. Coach Arn telling his tutelage to get back in the ring. Disaster kick gets a two count. He turns around and eats and elbow from Sonny, who throws the champ out of the ring. Cody back in and reverses the springboard slap into a full nelson. Tully (?) looking on in the distance. Meanwhile, Sonny with the split and dropkick. Slam by Sonny! Leapfrog by Cody but eats a boot and then an enzuguri. Head scissors by Sonny. Shot to the face by Sonny, and then the axe kick for a two count. Up top, and Sonny misses the split legdrop. Cody goes for the Cross Roads and Sonny reverses it into one of his own! Two count. Up top and Sonny hits the 450 splash for a two count! Cody throws Sonny out of the ring and then dumps his body on the ground. Rolling back in, Cody gets a two count and gets frustrated. He starts booting Sonny to the ground and then hits the vertebraker for two. He takes the belt off  and then puts Sonny on the top for a suplex, connects for two! As he turns to Audrey Edwards, Sonny rolls him up for two. Crossface submission by Cody until Sonny breaks it up with his foot on the ropes. Mounting punches by Cody and then he takes the cover off of the turnbuckle. Bucklebomb attempt and he is thrown into it by Sonny. Kiss begins to throw more punches and Cody comes bakc with some of his own. Spin kick by Sonny. Reverse by Cody and he hits the Cross Roads for 3! [***] A decent title defense as Sonny showed off the full arsenal but the match was never in doubt. I gave it the extra half star because of the heel-level mannerisms Cody began to show and the intrigue of Tully Blanchard being involved. 

Lucha Brothers vs. FTR

Fenix starts off by chopping Dax and he reverses it into chops of his own. They trade shots and Fenix with the kick. Tag to his partner and they hit a double team kick to the face. Pentagon Jr. gets a two count. Dax reverses the suplex and then is tagged by Cash who gets a top rope leg drop for two. Chops by Cash and a tag to Dax, who drops the elbow. They work Pentagon Jr. in the corner with punches and the double team. Tag to Fenix who hits the sunset flip while Pentagon drops Dax in the corner. Double team kick and a running kick off the apron by the Lucha Brothers. They pose as we go picture in picture. Back live and Pentagon Jr. drops Cash but he's able to get the tag. Dax begins to hit him with the bodypress and then suplexes Fenix. Armdrag attempt reversed by Dax and he throws Fenix into the corner. Running uppercut gets two. Dax's chest is showing color. The Lucha Brothers trip up Wheeler and then the elevator press for two! Fenix goes up top to go for the spike piledriver but Dax catches him and tags in Cash for the elbow drop. Gets a two count. Pentagon Jr. brings his brother back to the corner but Cash goes after him and takes him up top. Fenix tags while Cash hits the suplex and then Pentagon goes up for a splash but Cash gets the knees up. Both teams gets up and start trading shots. Fenix and Dax go out of the ring while Pentagon Jr. slingblades Cash. They trade punches on the apron. Cash puts him on the inside and avoids the dive and hits a suicida of his own! Back in the ring Dax takes the mask off of Pentagon Jr. and cradles him for the pin! [****] A great back and forth tag team match that could have gone at least another 10 minutes. 

After the match the Butcher and Blade taunt FTR about the truck but are attacked by the Young Bucks from behind! They bring the keys back to FTR and are joined in the ring by Kenny Omega, who brings a cooler of brewskis in celebration. However, FTR ain't about that life, and spills beer all over Omega. The Young Bucks hold their partner back as FTR heads for the truck. 

Le Champion Speaks! 

Jericho makes his way to the ring with 4 out of the 5 members of the Inner Circle (#bringbackSammy). He talks about how he had one of the best matches in AEW history against Orange Cassidy. He brags about how he is the king of the demos and is the demo-god. He knows the concept of drawing money and says that the fans, advertisers and promoters want a rematch and they aren't getting one. He hears the chants of "You're scared!" but he rebukes the audience. They pour out the orange juice in memoriam of his dead career. However, the king of sloth style comes out from the steps and Jericho tells the crowd to shut up. He calls out Orange for being lazy, soft, entitled and there will never be a rematch. So take those sunglasses, fold them up and shove them up and get out of his arena. Orange doesn't exactly move and gives him the thumbs down. Jericho has no idea what he is doing and then orange juice comes down from the ceiling, and Ortiz apparently doesn't know how to maintain verticality by slipping like a member of the Three Stooges. Jericho demands a towel but it's has Orange Cassidy's face on it. 

The Jurassic Express are in the back with Alex Marvez and Marko Stunt starts talking about the hilarity of the last segment, and Luchasaurus wants them to get serious as they are facing the Elite. Jericho joins the commentary booth to lament the destruction of his expensive coat as Taz is off to the back. 

The Elite vs. Jurassic Express

The bell rings and Jungle Boy locks up with Nick Jackson. Cartwheel into the Greco Roman knuckle locks JB and then reverses with the top rope arm whip. Kick to the midsection by Nick. Faceplant by Nick and Jungle Boy gets up. They tag their partners and Kenny Omega throws down Marko Stunt. He taunts Marko and then offers a hand shake and pulls his hand away. Marko with some fiery punches, chops and then an enzuguiri on Omega! Kenny throws his shirt at Marko, who goes to tag Luchasaurus. Matt Jackson tagged in and is thrown down. Thunderous kick by the dinosaur gets two. Jurassic Express with perpetual motion attacks on the Elite. Nick has a superkick party of his own. Omega tries for a snapdragon but Luchasaurus brings him down. Omega waits for everyone to line up while he hits the suicida from the top rope. 

Back from break and Matt Jackson is working Jungle Boy on the ropes but he reverses it with an enzuguri onto the Young Bucks. Omega with the attack as they go outside. Jungle Boy is able to tag Luchasaurus and he cleans house with a series of clotheslines and kicks. Superkick to the Young Bucks! Chokeslam into the shooting star press. Meanwhile, FTR is in the back joined up with Adam Page. Omega is tagged in and he hits the V-Trigger on Luchasaurus. Snapdragon to Lucha! Snapdragon to Marko! Snapdragon to Jungle Boy! Marko with the enzuguir. Double team by Jurassic Express for the two count. Superkick by the Young Bucks and the Elite hit the triple piledriver for a two count. Marko and Nick are both tagged in and Nick goes to work with punches in the corner. They go up top and Jungle Boy gets tagged. He hits the hurricanrana and Marko with the 450 for the two count. The Young Bucks throw the Jurassic Express to the outside but as they go on the attack Luchasaurus googles them with the chokeslam. Marko gets on Luchasaurus' shoulders and hits the Canadian Destroyer on Nick for two! Omega back in and he snapdragons Marko. Boot kick to the head. He goes to the ropes but Omega with the V-Trigger to Luchasaurus and Marko. One winged angel is countered into a roll up. They get up, and Kenny hits the One Winged Angel for 3! [**] Too many flips for my liking but the right team won and the right person was pinned. I like how Kenny used some heel tactics after it was over. 

Marvez in the back and Shida is asked about how 4 of the 5 ranked women in AEW are out due to various reasons, and if she will give Nyla Rose her rematch. She says that whomever wants to challenge can step on up. 

We're back and Jon Moxley says that he's been out of shape but he gets to purge and gets a few hits because the title is on the line. He says that he's going to rip the formerly torn bicep of Cage right off the bone. 

The Nightmare Sisters in Action

They are facing Kenzie Page and MJ Jenkins. The match starts with a pump kick from Brandi Rhodes to Page and throws her in the corner. Tag to Allie and they hits the sliding clothesline. Allie with some knees of her own. Blind tag and Brandi hits a side kick. Page takes advantage of the arguing and attacks with the clothesline. Jenkins is tagged in and so is Allie. Bulldog by Allie and Brandi with the slingblade. Allie comes in and hits the curtain call for the three count. [*] SQUASH! 

We're back and Dasha Gonzalez is in the ring to announce Nyla Rose. Dasha asks her who is going to be her manager. Rose says she's not telling her anything about it, because she's going to let her say it for herself, and to no one's surprise, it's VICKIE GUERRERO! Dasha asks Vickie about her strategy and says she will not reveal it, but says that when she and Nyla will go after the AEW Women's title, they will get it. From this moment on, she is begging the women to admit that they're not good enough to win. Nyla is going to steal every opportunity they've ever dreamed of. 

AEW World Championship Match: Jon Moxley vs. Brian "The Machine" Cage

They go right at it and they throw punches at one another. Cage with the clothesline! He runs Moxley in the corner and overpowers him with more clotheslines. Moxley tries to get the armbar but Cage reverses it into a fallaway slam. Cage throws Moxley in the corner and hits the uppercut. Moxley knocks him away and hits the top rope dropkick. Working the ropes, Moxley works the arm by hitting it to the ground. Knee to the chest of Cage. Cross armbreaker by Moxley but Cage hits some mounting punches. Back body drop on Moxley. He tries a suplex on the apron but Moxley hits the arms again and Cage retreats. Moxley goes for the suicida and connects! Cage favoring the arm as they go through the barricade. Chops to the chest by Cage. Mox takes his arm and hits it on the barricade. He takes one of the barricades and attempts to suplex Cage into it but the Machine reverses it and throws the champ into it. Cage picks him up as we go picture in picture. He throws Mox into the ring and punches him but Mox gets a sleeper. Cage breaks it and knocks him down. Boots to the throat of Moxley from the ropes. Another back body drop by Cage gets a two count. He places his leg on the neck of Moxley and throws him into the corner. Camel Clutch to the champ! Knees to the back of Moxley. Backbreaker by Cage and he drops Moxley for a one count. Another camel clutch onto Moxley but he fights out of it and gut punches him. Cage knocks him out on the apron and into the barricade. Cage goes outside and Moxley uses the chair to suplex him, but the Machine reverses! He throws Moxley back into the ring. He goes for the Drill Claw but Moxley rolls him up for two. Another roll up for two. Moxley fights back with elbows but a powerslam by Cage. Moonsault misses. Moxley with the running knee. He quickly recovers with a clothesline of his own, but the champ gets one too. Jumping knee strike. Paradigm Shift! Cage kicks out!! They go into the corner and Moxley tries for a suplex and connects. Cage kicks out at two. Armbar by Moxley but he buckle bombs Moxley into the corner! Superplex from the second rope. Drill Claw attempt is rolled up and another arm cross breaker by Moxley. The champ grabs the fingers but Moxley picks up Cage and brings him down to work the arm even more. Taz talks smack to Moxley and the champ gives Taz the finger. Taz throws in the towel and Mox wins by submission! [****] This was the definition of old school ring psychology! Moxley used his brilliance to counteract the power of Cage and it worked brilliantly. That said, they somewhat protected Cage by having his manager throw in the towel rather than having him submit, which Taz can use to say he was looking out for Cage. 

After the match Cage begins to attack Moxley but the lights go out, and here's Darby! He jumps Cage with the skateboard and Taz takes his tutelage out of there. 

ANALYSIS: 8. Fight for the Fallen had two excellent matches and outside of the Brandi/Allie segment, the other two were pretty good with interesting storylines. 

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