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An exciting night awaits as we get ready for night two of Fyter Fest. The pyro is up and here we go! We see the people standing by and Kip Sabian touts his Twitch channel.

Our first match is for the AEW World Tag Team Championship! Private Party enters first, escorted by Matt Hardy. Next up is the Cowboy himself Hangman Adam Page and he gets in the face of Private Party immediately. Kenny Omega enters and starts off against Marc Quen with handshakes. Wristlock control by Omega and then Quen with the enzuguri. Omega blocks the Shooting Star Press. Tag to Page who immediately knocks out Kassidy. The champs team up with chops on Quen. Page with the fallaway slam for the two count. He drags Quen over and Omega is tagged in. Quen dropkicks both of them and tags in Kassidy. He tosses out Quen but Kassidy hits the Silly String. Page throws Quen into the crowd but is immediately dropkicked in the back by Kassidy. Somersault onto the outside! Kassidy comes back in, snapdragon by Omega, and Page comes in to clothesline the duo. German Suplex to Quen. Double Spanish Fly by Private Party for two! Omega and Kassidy trade shots. On the Rocks by Kassidy for two. Tag to Quen who kicks Page down and that allows Omega to clothesline the duo. Steamroller by Omega and tag to Page, who powerbombs Quen onto his partner for a two count. He tosses Kassidy outside and takes on Quen, who chops him into the ropes. Quen pushes him into Kassidy who kicks him in the back. Enzuguri to Page! Quen up top and he misses the 450. Page kicks him and tries for the Buckshot but Kassidy hits him with the Tornado DDT on the stage area! Quen up top, 450 connects! 1...2...NO. Omega saves the day. They put Page up top and try for Gin and Juice but it's blocked. Last Call finishes it as the champs retain! [****] That was Private Party's best match in AEW as they got plenty of their moves in and actually made you believe that they could pull off the upset. It will be extremely interesting to see what they do next with the champs. 

Next up is Joey Janela vs. Lance Archer, who comes out there with Sonny Kiss, carrying him on his shoulders. Immediately he goes on the attack against Janela, slapping him in the chest. As they go back into the ring, JJ with the kick onto the apron, goes up top and dives onto Archer! He gets out the table while slapping Archer in the back for good measure. He puts the Murderhawk Monster on it and then grabs a chair, which the ref tries to take away from him. That allows Archer enough time to come in and attack him with an uppercut then a shoulder block takedown. Clubbing shot across the back, right between the shoulderblades. Stomps on Janela by Archer. Slaps on the chest while Jake Roberts gets on the steps, carrying a black bag. Janela tries to chop Archer but it's to no avail. Massive bearclaw and Janela's back is showing some color. He stomps on him as we go to break. We're back and Archer is continuing to slap Janela. During the break we see Kiss attacking Archer on the apron while the ref was distracted. In the ring, Blackout attempt is blocked by Janela with the takedown for a two count! Roberts up to distract the ref and both Kiss and Janela with dual splashes. Archer kicks out at two! Janela goes up top and Archer smacks him in the chest. Blackout onto the table and that's a three count! [***] The commercial break hurt the flow of the match, but credit to Janela and Kiss for trying to make it a competitive match.

Another video of Darby Allin as he is practicing his Coffin Drop Elbow from a plank into a pool of soft blocks in preparation for his revenge on Brian Cage.

Speaking of which, the challenger for the AEW World Championship comes in with Taz, who's about to be interviewed by Tony Schiavone. They have a special announcement, with Taz carrying a black bag. He says that it is his body of work, it is the FTW belt and he hands it to his tutelage. 

Eight man tag action at it's Butcher/Blade and the Lucha Bros vs. FTR and the Young Bucks. Pentagon Jr. and Nick Jackson start off and Jr. throws his glove at Cash, who gets tagged in and Dax distracts him. Armbar wristlock by Dax but Jr. chops him and they trade shots. Tag to Cash and he comes in with a hammersmash. We see Tully and Shawn Spears checking out FTR. Another slap by Jr and he tags Fenix who works in a quick double team move with kicks and stomps. Springboard kick for a one count. Slapping that chest is Ray Fenix. Cash recovers and tag Dax who gets a lift for one. Matt tags himself in and holds up Fenix long enough to give Cash a slap. Ole through the ropes and Fenix tags Blade. Double dropkick onto Fenix and then onto the Butcher by the Young Bucks. Blade with a pump kick and backbreaker by Butcher. Powerbomb for a two count. Dropkick to the face of Matt and then the tag to Butcher. He covers but is not the legal man in the ring. Tag to Fenix who takes Nick onto the ropes. Hurricanrana from the top rope gets a two count. Cash and Nick double team with the dragon suplex. Blade come in and then the Butcher does as well and they clean house as all craziness breaks loose. The ref tries to gain control and we go to picture in picture. We see the ref getting everyone back to their spots and then Blade is controlling Dax in a headlock but he tosses Blade up and gets the tag to Matt while Fenix is tagged as well. Double body press and clothesline to the Lucha Bros. He kicks the Butcher and Blade and slams Pentagon Jr. Matt up top and splashes B&B. Jackson up top with the Macho Man elbow. Tag to Cash and then the Butcher comes in, only to eat a double kick. Missile dropkick from the top rope by Fenix. Goodnight Express from Nick Jackson and Dax! FTR tries it themselves but the Butcher breaks it up. Goodnight Express again! Pentagon saves the match by pulling away Cash. Suplex by Cash onto Blade. Tag to Nick and the double suplex into the double splash. Senton for the two count! Fenix breaks it up. Pentagon and Matt the legal men in the ring as they trade chops. Ciera miedo attempt stopped and Nick with the enzuguri. Fenix with the Canadian Destroyer. Matt with the kick attempt to Pentagon but he hits Cash instead! Ciera Miedo to Matt for the win! [****] A great match that highlights the depth of AEW's tag team division. The booking was correct with the Lucha Brothers looking strong and creating even more division between FTR and the Young Bucks for their eventual showdown. 

Big Swole comes to talk with Alex Marvez but is served papers saying that she is suspended for harassing and kidnapping Britt Baker. She is none too pleased.  

Meanwhile, Nyla Rose makes her entrance to the ring as she takes on Kenzie Paige and KiLynn King in handicapped action. Shida and Penelope Ford are watching in opposite areas. The duo doesn't know who is going to start first and Paige unwisely charges at Nyla who bodyslams her and then follows up with the legdrop. Charges Paige into the corner and then another slam. Tag to King and she tries to get around Rose with the sleeper. Rose ain't having it as she throws Paige into King and then the German suplex to Kenzie. She throws Paige into King and then picks up Paige. Beast Bomb to Paige as she pins both ladies [1/2] SQUASH

After the match Nyla grabs the mic and says that actions speak louder than words. She says that with all of the talented women in the division she is going to hire a manager. She says that all of the wrestlers with managers, they have championships and she will be one of them. It will be interesting to see what develops.

Colt Cabana is with a trainer stating that he is sporting some injured ribs as a result of an attack last week. He is cleared to wrestle, and the Exalted One thanks the trainer for his service. The Dark Order (Lee, Grayson and Colt) enter the ring as we go to break. 

We're back and it's SCU, who have not teamed up as a trio since January 1, but sports a 5-0 record. As Colt walks over to his friends, Lee escorts him away as the bell rings. Grayson and Daniels start us off in the lockup. Collar elbow tieup by Grayson and the reverse armbar by Daniels. Elbow by Stu as the other members of the Dark Order applaud. Chops by Stu. Dropkick by Stu for two. Tag to Kaz who gets the stomp and brings down Stu with a scissors trip for the two count. Armbar by Kaz and the tag to Sky as they double team Stu. Stomp to the head by Scorpio. Stu avoids the clothesline with a Pele Kick. Tag to Colt who avoids Sky's attack until he gets a waistlock. Lee asks him to toughen up. Whip in to the ropes and Sky hits him with the kick. Grayson kicks him in the back and the ref tries to get order. Kaz jumps on Alex Silver and John Reynolds. Colt gets the two count as we go picture in picture. 

Back from break and the Dark Order are in the control as Lee is planting Sky on the ground, allowing Stu to get a two count. Tag to Colt who double teams Sky in the corner. He oles Stu on the apron. Hanging neckbreaker by Colt. Tag to Lee and Kaz, who greets the Exalted One with the tornado DDT. He misses the guillotine and eats a gut kick by Lee. Kick by Daniels for a two count. Tag to Daniels and SCU tries a double team but Lee boot kicks both them. Sky comes in and so does Stu. Cutter by Kaz! Sidewalk slam by Lee! Daniels goes for the plancha to Lee. Back in Daniels with the slam to Stu and then the BME. Colt with the save and Daniels asks why, then hits him. Discus lariat by Lee and he then puts Colt in for the three count. [**1/2] A pretty good match as both teams had fluid action and the right result. 

The commentary booth discusses Fight For the Fallen next week. Cody's open challenge and the Lucha Brothers vs. FTR! The Elite will take on Jurassic Express, including the AEW World Championship. Dr. Britt Baker sends a note saying that JR needs to plug her merchandise. Big Swole comes in to attack her accuser and throws the notice in Britt's face. The good doctor is screaming as we go to break. 

It's time for the main event as Orange Cassidy faces Chris Jericho in the main event. He hands the Best Friends his shirt and shades as he leaves. Le Champion enters with a suave jacket and here we go! Hands in the pockets and he headbutts Jericho. Dropkick to Jericho and he throws him into the barricade. He tries for a bodypress but Jericho reverses it into the Walls of Jericho. Cassidy heads to the ropes and finally grabs it. Ortiz smacks him with the baseball loaded sock and Jericho gets a one count. Back body drop to OC. He mocks Freshly Squeezed with the sunglasses and kicks him around. Back breaker to OC and then he is thrown into the corner. He avoids the charge and gets the inside cradle for two. Single legdrop takedown by OC. Jericho reverses but misses the corner splash. Superman spear misses by Orange Cassidy. Kick onto the apron by Jericho as we go to break. 

Back from break and we see Jericho reversing a suplex to clothesline OC. He puts OC in a stretch. Punches by Cassidy as he heads to the ropes, but Jericho again reverses it and places him in the abdominal stretch. Cassidy reverses it and hip tosses Jericho to the ground. They trade punches and Cassidy tries for a leapfrog but ends up on the apron. Jericho charges and knocks him down to the barricade. Chops to Cassidy and Jericho throws him back inside. Punches to Cassidy and he is on the ground. Jericho pulaces him in the corner but Cassidy with the chops, the boot to the face and then the enzuguri. Hands in the pockets and then the soft kicks, followed by a superkick to the face. Jericho kicks out at two. OC goes up top, but Jericho chops him and goes for the superplex. OC knocks him down and splashes Jericho for a two count. Le Champion goes for a corkscrew but misses! Cassidy splashes the Inner Circle on the outside. Diving DDT gets two! OC sets up for the Superman shot and Jericho reverses it into the Walls of Jericho. Inside cradle by Cassidy gets two and he elbows Jericho. Ortiz throws juice in his face but Best Friends come out to attack. While the ref is distracted Jericho hits Cassidy with the baseball bat but only gets a two count! Kick to the gut by Cassidy but Jericho with the elbow. Lionsault misses. Falcon Arrow gets a two count by Cassidy! He tries to punch Jericho some more and adds some elbows. Series of clotheslines by Cassidy. Cutter by Cassidy. Swinging DDT by Cassidy gets a two count! Clothesline missed by Cassidy but Jericho hits the Judas Effect for the three count. [****] If they let Cassidy keep wrestling matches like this, maybe he can be taken seriously. This was an incredible match and Jericho made him look like a million bucks. Great way to end Fyter Fest.

ANALYSIS: 8.0 Fyter Fest night two had some great matches (8-man tag, tag title match, main event) sprinkled in with some meh bouts. I'm ranking it based as the B-level PPV that it is, and on that merit it earned its grade.  

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