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It's Wednesday night, you know what that means...

5 Labors of Jericho: Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Spears

Per MJF's stipulation, Spears can use a chair and Jericho cannot. Speaking of which, MJF joins the commentary booth. Jericho charges at Spears with an elbow in the corner and as he goes to pick up a chair it's taken away. Spears takes advantage and clotheslines him. Jericho takes him outside and grabs the camera to pan the crowd. Spears tries to return but is knocked off the apron. Jericho goes for a Liontamer but eats a chair throw from Spears. 

They exchange shots in the middle of the ring. Jericho goes up top and eats a toss by Spears for two. He takes Jericho's arm on the ring post and slams a chair on it. Back in the ring Spears chops Jericho in the corner. He goes for a charge and misses. Shoulder tackles by Jericho and he goes up top with a hammer elbow. Back up top with Jericho and he hits an impressive hurricanrana. Counter slam by Spears gets two. Chair slam on the back of Jericho. He puts the chair to Jericho's throat and is put in the Walls of Jericho. Tully goes up to intervene and Spears grabs the chair but here comes Sammy who pulls Tully away. He takes a swing at Guevara and misses. Spears smacks Jericho with the chair and hits the C4 but Jericho kicks out at two. 

Spears goes to grab the chair and place it in the corner. He picks up Jericho for another C4 on the chair but Le champion slips out and throws Spears in the chair. JUDAS EFFECT! Jericho gets the win. [***] Entertaining match and they used the stipulation perfectly.

Afterwards MJF grabs the mic and says if anyone helps him again the deal is off. The next labor is going to be a No DQ against Nick Gage. 

Miro (w/Bulgarian TNT belt) and says that he will fight on August 4. 

Doc Gallows vs. Frank Kazarian

Collar elbow tie up and Gallows takes the early advantage by throwing Kaz on the outside. Karl Anderson clotheslines him while the ref is distracted and we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Gallows has him in a sleeper hold. Eye gouge by Kaz and he strikes with some shots of his own. Shoulder tackle by Kaz followed by the backdrop. Big lift legdrop gets two. Karl Anderson tries to attack but misses. Powerslam by Gallows gets the three count. [**] Quick and effective, the Good Brothers needed a win even if they aren't AEW wrestlers per se. 

After the match they jump Kaz and hit the Magic Killer. AEW World Champion Kenny Omega comes out with Don Callis. Omega grabs the mic and talks trash but before they can attack Hangman Page (w/liquor) comes out. Callis says that he's outnumbered but tells him to hold his glass and he gets jumped by the Good Brothers but the Dark Order comes out to chase the Elite out of there. 

Dasha is with Brian Cage. They see a video of Ricky Starks winning the FTW title. He's inviting everyone to a celebration party in Charlotte next week, and Cage says he loves celebrations. 

Wheeler Yuta vs. Darby Allin

Allin is selling the ribs from last week and they start off with exchanges before he gets a crucifix pin on Yuta. He concentrates on the injured ribs with some shots in the corner. Allin counters with some kicks. Elbow spring by Yuta into a German Suplex bridge pin for two. He goes up top but Allin counters. Superplex by Allin. Outside Orange Cassidy and Sting do the kick montage. In the ring Yuta rolls Allin up for two. Stunner by Allin and he hits the Coffin Drop Elbow for the quick three. [**] Would like to see them have more time to go, but given the rib injury it makes sense for this one to be short. 

Afterwards, The Blade hits Orange Cassidy with a set of brass knuckles.

We get a video of Archer vs. Moxley for later tonight. 

Nyla Rose vs. Britt Baker: AEW Women's Championship

Before the bout we get a video of Rose putting Baker through a table.

Justin Roberts with the big match announcing. They lock up and Rose hits Baker with a shoulder block. Waistlock by Rose but Baker rolls out of it and gets an armlock. Charge in the corner by Nyla. Roll up by Baker gets two. Shots by Britt but Rose hits a Gorilla Slam and a senton. She places Britt on the ropes and goes for the legdrop but Reba pulls her out of the way. Baker slams Nyla in the corner and we go picture in picture.

We're back and Nyla hits a bodyslam and places Britt over her knee, followed by a fall away slam. She goes for a charge but misses. Britt with a roll up but Nyla gets out at two. Britt asks for a glove but gives Rose time to recover. Roll by Britt gets two. Nyla with the DVD and hangs Rose again to set up for the knee drop but Britt kicks out at two. Swinging neckbreaker by Britt followed by the kicks for two. Another chokeslam by Nyla and she drops Britt for a two count. Crucifix bomb gets two for Britt. Rebel gets up and distracts the referee, allowing Britt to grab the belt. Beast bomb y Nyla but it only gets two. Another attempt but Britt slips out and gets on the Lockjaw for the submission. [**1/2] Somewhat sloppy but it got the right result.

FTR and Santana/Ortiz have a conference in preparation for their match next week in Charlotte. Santana with the photos of his mom.  The teams collide. 

Tony Schiavone in the ring with Andrade El Idolo. He has his helper with him. Andrade says that he a surprise for everyone as he hands the mic back to Tony. They announce the new advisor which is Chavo Guerrero! Being in Texas he gets the huge pop. He grabs the mic from Tony and says that AEW is the place to be, putting over the talent, but they don't match him. Death Triangle comes out and PAC has a mic. He says they hide from no one. Guerrero says that if they want to be champions, listen to Andrade. He says that instead of working for PAC, they should work for him. PAC says that they are a team. They rush the ring and Andrade retreats.

Alex Marvez is with the Nightmare Factory and QT says he will apologize to Tony next week.

Orange Cassidy vs. The Blade

Cassidy doesn't come out of the entranceway but from the crowd and attacks the Blade. The feed goes out temporarily. When we return we see the Blade attacking Orange in the corner and he slams his head in the post. Crossbody into a DDT. Bunny tries to interfere but Kris Statlander comes in. Cassidy goes for a dive outside but they pull Kris in the way. Blade attacks and throws him in the ring. He catches Orange in the DDT attempt and drops him on the ropes, followed by the inside out clothesline. Corkscrew piledriver only gets two. Bunny tosses in the brass knuckles and distracts the ref. Blade misses the punch and hits the Orange Crush punch to get the win. [**1/2] Not a lot of selling but the back and forth at the end was really good.

Afterwards Orange hits the Orange Punch with the brass knuckles!

Marvez is with Jericho and he has his back turned. He says that if he's going to bring in Gage, he will bring the PainMaker. 

 Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer: IWGP US Championship Match (Texas Death Match)

Archer comes out with Kendo sticks and throws them in the ring. They start throwing blows and Moxley hits him with those sticks. They exchange more shots and Moxley eats a pounce (PERIOD!) and they go outside, where Archer hits him with the sticks. The winner will face Hikuelo next week. Moxley charges at Archer and goes up the stairs. Archer leaps at Moxley and throws a plant at Moxley. Back in the ring Moxley goes for the clothesline but is hit by Archer. They expose the floor and Moxley hits a Paradigm Shift and celebrates in the ring. Jake Roberts (w/fancy outfit) tells his client to get up and he does. Moxley has a fork in hand and stabs Archer with it. He's showing color as we go picture in picture.

During the commercial we see Archer stabbing Moxley with the fork btw. 

We're back and Archer is on the ground and Moxley has a chair around his leg. He is on the top and Pillmanizes the leg of Archer. There are chairs and trash cans in the ring, and Moxley uses a lid to hit Archer in the head. They exchange blows as now Moxley is bleeding. He bites Archer in the head but Archer retaliates with a trash can blast to the head. He gets Moxley up for the Blackout and Moxley hits the low blow. He gets the chairs and Archer chokeslams him on it. Boot to the head of Moxley. Charge by Archer and Moxley clotheslines him. Double arm suplex but Archer gets back up. Moxley uses the fork again and then he breaks out the barbed wire. It's on the tables. He goes back into the ring and places Archer on the ropes for the Paradigm Shift, but Archer stabs him with the fork. Chokeslam by Archer through the barbed wire! Moxley can't answer the 10 count and Archer wins. [****] It was everything a Texas Deathmatch is supposed to be, and credit to Moxley for being more of the heel, knowing that the hometown guy had to be the face. 

Afterwards, Hikeulo comes in the ring and they stand face to face. 


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