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It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means...

The Labours of Jericho Chapter 3: Chris Jericho vs. Juventud Guerrera

The Juice comes out to a massive pop, as the two rivals rekindle a 25 year old feud. MJF comes out as well. The bell rings and Guerrera (w/lucha mask) gets some chops on Jericho, followed by a hurricanrana. Great leg drop off the top rope as Jericho goes outside. Elbow by Juventud into a drop kick. Jericho knocks him off the apron and goes to the top...crossbody. Jericho knocks him down with a shoulder block but eats a thrust kick by Juventud. Double axehandle by Jericho gets two and then he tries to tear off Juvy's mask. He kicks Jericho off and then as they go up top to hit the hurricanrana Juventud falls down and is put in the Walls of Jericho. Guerrera gets out of it by grabbing the ropes and hits a neckbreaker. DDT by Juventud but Jericho gets out at two. He goes up top (per the match requirement)...JUDAS EFFECT OFF THE TOP ROPE!! Jericho gets the three count. [**] Juventud was impressive in this match and had to slow down for his long time rival, but Jericho did have a nice way to present his finisher. 

Afterwards Wardlow comes out and demolishes both competitors. MJF announces that Labour #4 is going to be Jericho vs. Wardlow, with MJF as the ref. 

Dasha is with the Lucha Brothers but without PAC. Alex Abranthes says that PAC isn't here due to travel issues. Andrade and Chavo comes out to offer them the opportunity to join him, and they refuse. 

Tony Schiavone is with the Dark Order who talks about last week. Adam Page comes to get a beverage and says he needs to be better off alone. 

2.0 w/Daniel Garcia vs. Jon Moxley, Darby Allin and Eddie Kingston

The former Ever Rise in NXT is making their AEW debut. The match starts and Garcia ties up with Darby, getting a crucifix for two. Suplex by Allin but Matt Leeds was tagged and elbows him. Kingston is tagged in and they have a chopping contest. Knees by Eddie, followed by boot stomps. Leeds and Garcia double team Kingston as we go picture in picture. 

We're back, and Moxley clears house on the outside by hitting Garcia. Inside, Kingston is laboring as he tags in Moxley, who goes to work by hitting Leeds with a clothesline. Tag to Darby, who hits the Coffin Drop Elbow for the victory. [**1/2] Great debut for 2.0, who will hopefully be a part of the Trios division in the future. The right man got the pinfall. 

We get a video of the Brian Cage vs. Team Taz rivalry.

The Elite is shooting hoops and the Good Brothers challenge the Dark Order for the Impact Tag Team Titles next week. The Young Bucks say that they have no challengers for their titles. 

Christian Cage vs. The Blade

They start brawling as Cage throws the Blade over the ropes. He goes outside once Cage regains his footing. He chases Cage and runs into the Bunny but doesn't fall for the distraction and levels Blade with an elbow. He throws Blade into the barricade and then back into the ring. He goes up top and Bunny distracts him again, only for Leyla Hirsch to go after her. Front face drop by Cage gets two. Whip into the ropes and Blade hits a slingshot suplex, followed by a boot. We go picture in picture. 

We're back and Christian lands on the Blade with a double axehandle to the outside. They go back in and exchange punches. Christian with a massive uppercut off the ropes into a sunset flip for two. Diving uppercut off the top. Blade gets out of the Killswitch and tosses Cage off the top. Powerslam gets two by Blade. Frontface suplex followed by a kick. He grabs the turnbuckle and tears off the pad. He goes for the brass knuckles as the ref is distracted, only to eat a spear from Cage for the three count. [***] A solid wrestling match with the right winner.

Santana and Ortiz talk about last week's loss to FTR.

Tony Schiavone is in the middle of the ring about to talk with Dr. Britt Baker. She addresses that J-ville is where the won the title. Before she says another word, Red Velvet comes out, and gets a mic. She challenges Baker to a match. They will fight next week in Baker's hometown of Pittsburgh for the inaugural episode of Rampage.

Dasha is with Andrade, and Chavo brings out Fuego Del Sol, who asks him to shine his shoes. Andrade drops him and Chavo says that the Lucha Brothers need to join him or they will never be champions.

Tony is back in the ring with Adam Page, who earlier tonight said he wanted to go on his own. The Elite come out and Page says he's had something to say for a while. Omega enters the ring and says if he's trying to join the Elite but it's not happening. He smacks Omega and they attack. The Dark Order comes out but Evil Uno and Grayson stops them. Kaz comes out to help but he's overwhelmed by the numbers game. Omega takes the belt and beats down Page. 

We get a video of Lance Archer beating down Dan Lambert, who says he will be back next week, and he's bringing backup.

TNT Championship: Lee Johnson vs. Miro

Johnson goes right at him and eats a clothesline for his troubles. Miro stomps him down and shoulder blocks in the corner. Uppercut by Miro and we get dueling chants. Lee Johnson tries his best but to no avail. Miro no sells the punches and levels Johnson. They go back in and he kicks Miro. Lee goes up top for a crossbody and is caught for a slam. He slides out of there as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Miro has Johnson in a bear hug. He weakly chops Miro but counters a hug into a DDT. Miro is straggling and Johnson kicks him, sending the champ to the outside. Back to back suicidas from the mid rope, followed by a senton. Miro goes back in and Lee goes up top and hits a crossbody for one. He tries to clothesline Miro but the champ throws a suplex, only for Johnson to counter with a kick. Miro misses the splash and eats a kick. He goes up top while Miro is down and hits a frogsplash for two. Miro chokes him and hits a brutal front kick to knock Lee down. GAME OVER and Lee Johnson passes out. [***1/2] Lee Johnson came to work tonight and even though you knew he wasn't going to win, he put on an amazing match. Miro never fails to disappoint.

Tony Schiavone is with Christian Cage, who is now the new #1 contender for the title. He will be in Pittsburgh next week.

NWA Women's Eliminator Match: The Bunny vs. Leyla Hirsch

The Best Friends are out with Hirsch, who goes right after Bunny with an elbow smash on the arm. Elbow by Hirsch but Bunny counters into a slam. She throws Hirsch to the outside. Dropkick to Hirsch into the barricade. She runs into NWA champion Kamille as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Hirsch gets a suplex. Meanwhile, Nyla Rose and Kris Statlander begin to argue on the outside. German suplex by Hirsch followed by the knees in the corner for two. Cross armbreaker by Hirsch but Bunny hooks the hands for two. Vicious kicks by Hirsch but she completely misses the moonsault. Bunny with the Death Valley Driver for two. Hirsch with the Cross Armbreaker again and she has to tap. [***] Don't know if the botch was intentional but it was a great match by both competitors. 

Afterwards Kamille comes into the ring and challenges her #1 competitor.

Meanwhile Jade Cargill is with Mark Sterling who says that they are focusing on #JadeBrand. She will be back on AEW Dark Elevation next week.

Malaki Black vs. Cody Rhodes

Black comes out sporting a dope mask as we go to break. Cody comes out with Dustin Rhodes. Fans are on their feet as the bell rings. They lock up and Black pushes him off and kicks Cody in the knee. Ankle pick into a knee bar by Black but Cody fights it off. Figure four is broken up with an eye scratch by Black. Enzuguri by Rhodes. Low kick by Black into a single crab but Rhodes breaks it up. He comes out of the charge but breaks up Cody's attempt at the Crossroads. Cody goes up top and Black hits him straight in the knee and he falls into the table. He sits in the middle of the ring as he waits for Cody. BLACK MASS! He steps on Cody and finishes him for the three count. [*****] The atmosphere, the expectations, the delivery. Black entered and left as a star. Nothing else left to be said.

Tony Schiavone comes out as a crutch is handed to Cody. Rhodes says that legacy is a funny thing and puts the crutch in the corner. He shakes Tony's hand and then talks about the origins of AEW. As he appears to leave his boots in the ring, Black returns and smashes him with the crutch! He stands tall to end the show. 


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