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It's you know what that means?

The show starts with not the typical intro but the TNT logo in Dark Order colors.

We start with the AEW wrestlers and staff all on stage with the Huber family. His son is wearing a Dark Order mask. Justin Roberts has the fans rise to their feet with the 10 bell count. 

Jon Moxley shares stories of he and Brodie Lee on the road. 

Matt Hardy/Private Party vs. Young Bucks/Colt Cabana

Chris Jericho is joining on commentary. Hardy is wearing a Brodie armband and Colt was crying on his way in. Great back and forth between Isiah Kassidy and Colt. Tag to the Bucks who get a double chop. Hardy comes in and eats a triple dropkick. Somersault on the ring by the Young Bucks followed by a beautiful elevation splash over the top rope by Colt. Back inside and Matt gets the sleeperhold on Nick Jackson. Tag to Marq Quen and he gets a suplex for two. Kassidy with some kicks in the corner. Hardy comes in with some charges to the midsection of Matt Jackson. Double team by Private Party on Matt but he reverses it into a crossbody to Hardy as he is tagged in. Side Effect by Hardy for two. He avoids the superkick but Matt hits the Twist of Fate! Tag to Boom Boom and he hits the double somersault on Private Party. Hurricanrana to Quen. Sunset flip for two. Hardy throws Nick onto the floor and the heels take advantage. Nick gets back in and kicks Quen to the ground. Hardy throws Colt and Matt over the barricade. Faceplant by Nick to Quen. Kassidy up top...GIN AND JUICE! Twist of Fate into a 450 splash gets the two count. Hardy gets the chair but Quen refuses to use it. The faces intervene and hits the Meltzer Driver on Quen into the Superman pin by Colt...1...2...3

Darby (sans face paint) talks about the first time he saw Brodie Lee in AEW.

Lance Archer/Dark Order vs. Eddie Kingston/Butcher & Blade

Archer comes out dressed as Brodie Lee. Kingston cuts a promo and says that he's going to go after the Dark Order. All six men break into action as Stu and Evil Uno represent the cult group. Double suplex by DO onto Butcher for two. Grayson slams Blade into the corner as we go picture in picture.

Kingston enters the match as we return. He and Uno exchange slaps. Half and Half by Uno. Archer was tagged and Blade's chops have no effect on him. Archer with the choke slam. Blade hits the boot and then Archer reverses it into an elbow. He gets on the ropes....NEW SCHOOL! Butcher comes in and eats a POUNCE (period) and Stu is tagged for the two count. Eddie with the DDT as he looks at Jake Roberts. Tag to Archer and he hits a moonsault. Blackout attempt broken up by Kingston. Meanwhile, Grayson hits the flying bulldog on Butcher. He tags Uno...FATALITY! Dark Order gets the win.

Eddie comes back in and eats a series of fists from Dark Order and Jake Roberts.

They show photos of Jon and Amanda Huber with their family as Dax of FTR speaks. Arn Anderson would share stories of the Huber family. We also hear from Bryce and Colt Cabana.

Hangman Page/Silver & Reynolds vs. MJF/Santana & Ortiz

MJF is wearing Puerto Rican made shorts. Silver and Reynolds throw the PAPERS (watch BTE if you don't get the reference) at the Inner Circle. Page and MJF start us off with kicks. Tag to Reynolds who is attacked by Ortiz. The heels work him in the corner. Page gets the hot tag and clears house while we go picture in picture. We're back and MJF flips off -1 (Brodie Lee Jr.) and hit sthe flip. 

As the match proceeds, Wardlow comes in to attack Reynolds...and here's ROWAN! BLUDGEON BROTHER as Jericho calls it. He and Wardlow go to the back. MJF goes to -1 and pulls off his mask and spits on it. However, Junior hits him with the kendo stick. John Silver hits the discus lariat and gets the pin.

Silver, Reynolds, Page and Rowan are crying as they embrace. Rowan holds up a sign in honor of Brodie.

Eddie Kingston talks about their time in the business. 

Anna Jay/Tay Conti vs. Britt Baker/Penelope Ford

Ford does the Dark Order salute instead of the usual split. Baker and Jay start off exchange hip tosses and Baker eventually gets into a headlock. As they tag to their partners, Baker takes advantage and throws Conti out onto the apron. While the good dentist distracts the referee Conti is double teamed by Reba and Ford with the top rope knee smash. We go picture in picture as Ford takes advantage by dropkicking Conti. We're back and both competitors are on the ring but they gets the hot tag to their partners. Kick in the corner by Jay to Baker. Slingblade by Baker to Conti. She gets Anna in the middle but Jay hits the kick. She gets emotional but Britt attacks from behind and hits the fisherwoman suplex. Jay throws Baker in the corner but Ford tags in and she hits a blockbuster for a two count. Jay gets Ford down and hits the sleeper while Conti attacks the heels. Ford taps and the friends embrace tearfully.

As they leave Tony goes to the ring with a mic to interview Britt Baker. She claims the match was rigged. Thunder Rosa comes out and attacks only to separated by the referees. 

Chris Jericho talks about the time he and Brodie/Luke Harper were in Jeddah. 

Cody Rhodes, Orange Cassidy, 10 of the Dark Order vs. Team Taz

Main event time as this match was chosen by -1 Brodie's son. Hobbs and Cody start us off. He knocks the EVP down with a shoulder block. Starks comes in and they exchange chops. Shoulder smash by Starks. 10 comes in and Stroke Daddy gets the sneak attack. Leapfrog by Starks into a German suplex by 10. Hobbs comes in and the tag to Orange Cassidy. OC comes in and does the pockets deal but Hobbs shoves him down as we go picture in picture. 

We're back and Hobbs slams OC to the floor. Cage comes in and he hits the delayed vertical suplex. He tags Starks and Cody gets tagged in as well. They collide. Cody gets up and tags 10 who clears house. Slam to Starks. He gets Stroke Daddy up and hits the Brodie Bomb. Boot to Hobbs. Spear by Starks for a two count that's broken up by OC. Beach Break turns into the DDT. Hobbs with the Thesz press. Cody comes in with the kick but Cage hits the knee strike into the flatliner. Pump kick by 10. Swinging DDT by Starks for two. Taz comes in with a chair but so does Arn! Orange Crush by Cassidy. Crossroads by Cody. Powerslam by 10 and Bryce comes in to count the pin. Preston Vance is embraced by Cody as he gets the biggest win of his career. 

Hook, Taz's son, comes in to attack Orange Cassidy and Team Taz attacks as well. Lights go out...and it's Darby Allin. Lights go out again...IT'S STING! He and Darby walk to the ring as the snow continues to fall. 

Tribute to Brodie Lee

Cody is in the ring with a mic and chants of his name echo through the ring. He talks about how Brodie impacted so many lives in locker rooms around the business. Rhodes introduces the Huber family, starting off with his son. He walks out to his dad's theme music. The Dark Order's 10 and Tony Khan walks out with him. He places his dad's boots in the middle of the ring along with the famed bandana. Tony presents him with the TNT championship for Life. 

They conclude with a video package of his career from the independents to WWE to AEW.

R.I.P. Jon Huber...

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