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A great back and forth match that saw the ground game of Kingston mix it up with the striking ability of PAC. The action started off fast with PAC attacking his rival and kicking him through the ropes. Once they got back in the ring, Kingston uses his submission abilities to hold down PAC. However, Kingston seemed to be favoring his shoulder and after PAC hit the Falcon Arrow, that was the end of the match!

Chuck Taylor started out like a house of cards and attacked the muscular MIRO. Once he gets back in the ring, however, it was all the Bulgarian Brute. As he hit a series of clotheslines and suplexes, Taylor was overpowered and could not overcome the GAME OVER Camel Clutch.

Dasha interviews Private Party with Matt Hardy, who gives them a life lesson in how to manage their finances. They accept what their new manager is saying and keeps it moving. 

After some simple new year's resolutions by each group, LE Champion and MJF declared that they are going for the tag team titles, which led to a bit of tempers flaring. Next week Jericho suggested that it will be them verses Santana/Ortiz vs. Sammy/Hager. If you don't get the joke, you don't drive 55.

Alex Marvez interviews the Dark Order as to what they are going to do afterwards. They pull in Adam Page and he says he will decide next week if he will join them. 

Dasha interviews The Elite as they will be in six-man action. 

In the ring already is Griff Garrison, Brian Pillman Jr. and Danny Limelight. Don Callis introduces The Good Brothers instead of the Young Bucks, and the Bucks are watching in the back (along with Tony Khan) don't approve. Quickly they attack the faces and Limelight gets in a swinging arm toss on the champion. Clothesline by Doc Gallows. However, the faces double team the champion with a series of arm holds and kicks to Omega. Limelight comes in and Omega takes charge with the block and some shots exchanged. Gallows with the kick to Limelight's back and Omega hits the bulldog. Tag to Anderson and he wails on Limelight. We go picture in picture.

Omega with the chops as we return but Limelight with the hurricanrana. Pillman gets the hot tag and cleans house. Garrison tags in and Pillman hits the flying neckbreaker from the top rope. Griff with the splash and misses, allowing the Elite to take control. Boot by Anderson gets two. Garrison breaks out of the back drop and tags Limelight who eats a spinebuster. Magic Killer from the Good Brothers and that ends it. [***] Credit to Omega and the Good Brothers for giving the faces some shine.

Afterwards Jon Moxley's theme hits, and here he comes! He comes in and charges after them, the numbers game becomes too much. However, here comes the Lucha Brothers! They even up the odds and several officials come to separate them. The Young Bucks come in to stop Moxley's momentum. The Lucha Brothers gives them their own superkick party! Omega and Callis leave the Good Brothers to their fate as they leave. 

If you've seen this on AEW Dark, you know how it's going to go. Britt makes the audience think they got something under their chairs, they still fall for it. Reba plays the Ed McMahon role quite well. When they introduce Cody they bring out sparklers to fulfill contractual obligations. So they're keeping the Snoop Dogg remix. Britt says that Cody's child will have an action figure long before she does. Before the EVP speaks, Britt introduces Jade Cargill who shades and says that Cody did her a huge favor. Where is her opponent? 

She smacks Cody and he's not going to retaliate, but Red Velvet does, and she attacks, and apparently so does the entire AEW Women's Division. We see a clip of Britt attacking Thunder Rosa, and Rosa says that she will eventually have to wrestle. Tony Khan grants their wish on February 3rd at Beach Break. 

Jurassic Express comes out to Tarzan Boy by Baltimora. Marko starts off with Dax who easily overpowers him. Slaps by Marko but it's for naught. Tag to Cash and he eats a drop kick by Marko followed by an enzuguri. Double drop kick into a hurricarana by Marko takes FTR to the outside. Senton by Jurassic Express as we go picture in picture. We're back and Dax has Marko in a side headlock. Spinebuster by Cash gets two. Jungle Boy comes in and shows off his excellent array of clotheslines to take down the heels. Dax fights him off and pushes him down. Hurricanrana by JB but FTR breaks it up. Rollup of the trunks gets two. Wheelbarrow by Marko on Dax gets two. Marko goes for Sliced Bread but Dax breaks it up. Eventually he gets the Sliced Bread for two. Dax grabs him but Mark fights him off. As the ref's back is turned Tully hits the head of Marko. Cash clotheslines Jungle Boy and throws him outside the barricade. Shatter Machine gets the three! [***] Great tag match and the heels get a much needed win.

They lock up (think this is the first match tonight that has done it) and Conti with the wristlock into the abdominal stretch. Hip tosses by Deeb and they roll into a two count. Leg lariat take down and Conti has her locked in the ankle lock. However, Deeb uses leverage into a chin lock. Shoulder throw by Conti. Hand lock and Deeb turns it into a wrist lock. Triangle choke by Conti is broken up. Running clothesline by Deeb and as she charges Conti hits the pump kick as we go to the award-winning picture in picture. 

We're back and Conti hits a full nelson stunner for two. Deeb into the crab stretch but Conti breaks it up. GTS by Deeb gets two. She gets Conti up on the ropes and hits the Gory Special. Leapfrog by Conti into the pump kick. Tay KO is reversed by Deeb into the Frontface suplex for the three count [***1/2] excellent match and they showed incredible mat skills. 

They go right at it with Darby attacking with leg kicks to take Cage out. Senton attempt is blocked by Cage and he suplexes him on the ground. Back in the ring and Darby slaps him. Cage knocks him down and then throws him through the table, which breaks in half! Back in the ring he throws Darby around some more just for fun. Cage charges in the corner and hits a suplex. He throws Darby in the corner and the champ is bleeding. Another toss in the corner and Cage wails on Allin. He can't even get up to perform the suplex as we go the supersized one size fits all picture in picture!

We're back Darby tries to hits a splash but eats a body drop by Cage for one. Powerbomb by Cage but defiant Darby gives him the bird. It means nothing as Cage tosses him outside of the ring. He brings him back in and hits a suplex from the top rope but Darby kicks out at one. Cage gets the steel steps and tries to drop Darby on it but he fights out and kicks Cage on the steps. Coffin Drop from the top! They get back in and Darby slaps Cage. He jumps into a bear hug and then bites him. He gets his belt and ties up Cage's legs and flips him down. Missile dropkick into the corner. Hook and Ricky Starks interferes, but...IT'S STING! He uses the bat to knock down Starks and Hook retreats. Cage goes up top, but Darby reverses it into a crucifix for the three count! [***] Excellent match with the table spot and the interference of Sting was expected. 

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