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It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means...

It's the return of live crowds, and tonight's show is in South Beach! It's a packed crowd at the James L. Knight Center. The pyro of the EVP starts us off...

South Beach Strap Match: Cody Rhodes (w/Arn Anderson) vs. QT Marshall

Cody comes out with his Captain America outfit to quite the pop. Surprisingly QT gets no entrance. Cody jumps out after QT as he goes outside to pull him back in and the bell rings. Cody goes right to the snap uppercut and then grabs the strap to choke out QT. However, QT throws him out and grabs the strap himself. Snap slam by Cody. QT goes for a flip off the ropes and misses. He grabs the strap and hits the corners. Here comes Aaron Solow to distract him, but Dustin goes after him. Meanwhile, QT grabs the strap and proceeds to smack Cody on the back. They go outside and QT slams him into the post. They go back in and the lights go out temporarily. They come back on and QT is showing a crimson mask as he clotheslines Cody while choking him in the corner. 

QT with the avalanche powerbomb off the top rope. He wraps up Cody with the straps and places him on the top. He hits the Diamond Cutter. Cody challenges him to keep slapping him and Cody hits his own cutter. QT fights back and Cody low blows him. As he goes for the last turnbuckle QT slaps him again and Cody hits a series of Crossroads on him and hits the four turnbuckles to win the match. [**1/2] Probably QT's best match to date, and despite the lights going off temporarily Cody sold the comeback spot well and they exchanged spots. Solid match that will hopefully be the end of this feud.

Earlier today Shawn Spears talks about the chair shot he laid out Sammy with in his match against MJF last week. However, he doesn't see Sammy throwing a chair off camera and Guevara says that this is far from over.

Tony Schiavone interviews Kenny Omega

Don Callis grabs the mic and starts to discuss the history of Omega's success and the crowd chants, "You Got Fired!" They say that there are no more challengers to face and they shout "We Want Hangman!" The Dark Order shows up and Evil Uno says why is Omega avoiding Page. The champ asks what is the capital of Thailand and before Uno answers, Omega sends him to low blow city. The Dark Order is then attacked by the Good Brothers, but here comes HANGMAN! He cleans house to a raucous crowd and faces off with Omega, but he runs away.

JR says that this talk of ending one another's career is disturbing. Allin says that their history goes back years, and that Ethan Page is jealous of Allin's success. Page says that he was the reason Allin is in AEW. Next week in Austin, Texas there will be a coffin match.

Six-Man Tag Match: FTR/Wardlow (w/Tully) vs. Proud n Powerful/Jake Hager (w/Konnan)

Santana and Dax go right at each other. Three Amigos by Santana into a German suplex. Tag to Ortiz and Cash enters as well. Cash takes Ortiz into the corner and tags Wardlow who slams Ortiz for a two count. Tag to DAx but Ortiz with ah back trip into a Liger bomb. Santana kicks him and goes after the trio with a series of clotheslines as we go picture in picture.

We're back and Santana drops Cash with a cutter. Tag to Ortiz who hits Wardlow with an enzuguri. Hager with a slam and Santana with a cannonball in the corner. Wardlow breaks up the pin. Hager is tagged in and applies the ankle lock but Dax attacks from behind. Hager with the boot while Cash grabs his ankle. Tag to Wardlow and the big man comes in. They slug it out and Hager gests the ankle lock but FTR breaks it up into a Shatter Machine for the pin. [***] Great match and they got the quick pin. Big win for the Pinnacle.

Konnan goes in to attack Wardlow with the baseball sock. Tully goes behind him and caps the knee Ric Flair style and the heels abandon.

Next week Jon Moxley will take on Karl Anderson in a IWGP U.S. title match.

MJF and Jericho have their summit.

Some fool tries to go in and Jericho lays into him. Jericho says that the Y2J chant is dead and they go back and forth about setting up an eventual match. Jericho agrees to the stipulations that he will face all four members of the Pinnacle before facing him. They shake hands and Jericho hits him with the Judas Effect.

Tony Schiavone speaks to Dr. Britt Baker who says that she blames Tony Khan for Reba getting injured. 

Andrade El Idolo vs. Matt Sydal

Andrade comes out with the Black Mask to a loud pop. Sydal gets the wrist lock and wraps up Andrade with a roll up for one. Twisted brainbuster by Andrade and Sydal follows him to the top. Moonsault press by Andrade gets two. Sydal gets a press of his own. We go picture in picture.

We're back and they're exchanging kicks. Andrade misses the knee in the corner but Sydal attacks with a lariat. He goes for a body press and Andrade hits a lariat of his own. Sydal goes up and is caught in the ropes. Andrade misses the double stomp and Sydal responds with the meteora. Driving knees in the corner by Andrade and hits El Idolo (hammerlock flatliner) for the three count. [**1/2] Solid, if unspectacular match, for Andrade's debut. He gave Sydal a lot of offense but showed why he's such a revered star.

Afterwards, Andrade grabs the belt and ties Sydal's arms in submission. 

We get the history of Christian Cage and Matt Hardy. They will fight at Fyter Fest Night 1 next week. 

Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Arn Anderson. The lights go out again...but when they show up it's TOMMY END! He hits both Arn and Cody with the Black Mass. His name is going to be Malachi Black in AEW. 

Ricky Starks has security in the ring to protect himself. Team Taz comes out to ask why Starks is doing this and he says it's to prepare for next week's match against Brian Cage for the FTW title.

Bunny/Blade vs. Orange Cassidy/Kris Statlander

Pockets starts with the light kicks on Bunny and she tags her husband. Orange tries for the kicks again and instead goes for the hands in the pockets kick. Blade grabs him for a waistlock but OC hits the Stundog Millionaire. Kris comes in as does Bunny. Kris spears her and chops her in the corner. She goes to the ropes and Blade grabs her feet while Bunny attacks. We go picture in picture.

We're back and Orange Cassidy is on the outside but flies back in with the body press into the DDT for a two count. He goes up top but Bunny pushes him off. Kris goes on the top rope and hits a 450 splash. OC goes for the pin but Bunny drags him out. While the ref is distracted, Blade grabs the brass knuckles and slugs OC. However, since Kris made the tag the ref wouldn't allow it and the women had to fight. Kris pushes Bunny into Blade and hits the Big Bang Theory for the win. [**] Good match but it was hindered by the break and confusing rules.

 Jungle Boy receiving a reward for winning his 50th match. 

Tony Schiavone is with the American Top Team. They go out into the ring and Dan Lambert does a shoot promo on the history of Championship Florida Wrestling. He talks about greats such as Eddie Graham and Barry Windham but soon Lance Archer has heard enough and gives him a Blackout.

Tag Team Title Match: Young Bucks vs. Penta El Zero Miedo & Eddie Kingston

Kingston throws the trash can at the Bucks and here we go! The battle goes outside and Penta is attacked by Michael Nakazawa. Kingston chases after Brandon Cutler who is trying to attack with a spray but the Bucks hit the chair. Penta and Matt Jackson get on the apron and Penta hits the Canadian Destroyer on the table. We go picture in picture.

We're back and Nick Jackson is hitting Kingston with a chair into a senton. Kingston misses the back slap and Matt with the kick in the corner. Penta breaks up the bang for your buck and instead hits the half and half. Kingston with the sleeper. Nick hits a 450 on the ref then breaks up the hold. Nick calls out the Good Brothers and they attack Kingston and Penta. When they go outside, Penta hits the senton on them. He goes back in and sets up for the Fear Factor and misses. Cutler goes up and helps out but Kaz powerbombs him on the table. They hit the Fear Factor and a substitute ref comes in but Nick breaks it up. Kingston grabs the tacks and sets up Matt for a powerbomb but Penta throws a trash can in his face. Nick goes up with Penta and hits the hurricanarana on the tacks for two. Kingston breaks it up. Kingston chops them up but they eat a superkick party. They throw the tacks in Penta's face and puts the backs in the mouth of Kingston for the three count. [***] This was violent but not too bloody. They actually had you believe they were going to lose for a second, it was an enjoyable way to end Dynamite. 

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