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We start off with a recap of the two teams that won last week as the Nightmare Sisters as well as Anna Jayy/Tay Conti advanced in their respective matches. Tonight, we have the remainder of the first round, with a very special surprise in store as we check to see who goes on to the second round. Earlier in the day, Dasha Gonzalez is with Big Swole, who pulls her chip as she gloats over the fact Dr. Britt Baker isn't there. Lil' Swole arrives to sing Happy Birthday and says that they will be a team. We also see Rache Chanel who is teaming up with Lila Bates.

The Swoles come out as we are joined again by Tony Schiavone and Veda Scott on commentary, with Shaul Guerrero doing ring announcements. Shout out to SHIMMER! Lil takes advantage of Chanel early with elbow to collar tie up. Tag to Bates and she is quickly rolled up. They take it outside, and Big carries Lil back in the ring and asks for the tag. Big with the clothesline on Bates for a two count. They bring back in Lil and she gets a Kimichi lock. Chanel comes in to interrupt but here comes Big Swole who executes a sick clothesline/swinging neckbreaker combo with Lil for the victory.

We get a promo for AEW Heels as well as for All Out. Also, Madusa Miceli tells Dasha that she will be teaming up with Rachel Ellering, the daughter of famed manager Paul Ellering. Their opponents are Ivelisse and Diamante, who fought one another two weeks ago.

Ivelisse mocks Dasha and then hits her with an elbow. Tag to Rachel who brings her down with a nice hiptoss and shoulder takedown. Diamante comes in and is rudely greeted with a clothesline for two. They go into the corner and Dasha gets the blind tag. Double suplex to Diamante and she gets in an elbow drop for two. Whip into the ropes but Dasha counters with a kick. Diamante pushes her into the ropes where she's kicked by Ivelisse. She stomps Dasha in the corner and brings her out for a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Lotus lock by Ivelisse but Dasha gets a pin count for two. Frustrated, Ivelisse hits some mounting punches and tags in Diamante. Headlock to Dasha followed by a kick to the back of the head. Tag to Ivelisse and they hit some splashes in the corner. Kick to Dasha and the heels get an elbow smash combo. Double body drop for two. Ivelisse throws Dasha in the corner but she escapes to give Rachel the hot tag who gets some chops and a double kick to Ivelisse for two. Splash in the corner by Rachel for two. The faces whip Ivelisse in the corner. Tag to Diamante who hits a wicked cutter! Two count for Diamante. Scorpion kick by the faces. Canadian (or is it Puerto Rico) Destroyer by Ivelisse gets the 1, 2, 3!

Marvez has post-game interviews with the Swoles, who talks about the chemistry that they've had already. Next he interviews Dasha who talks about what it's like being on the other side of the microphone. 

So next week the semifinals will be: The Swoles vs. The Nightmare Sisters, and Anna Jayy/Tay Conti vs. Ivelisse/Diamante. Should be a good one! 

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